Wednesday, 24 June 2015


Halo Precious people. What Gwan?

Trust we doing great. My sincere apologies for this late post! My Oga almost flogged me.
Yea, I sure think he'll make great a me, I am not washing you as you always say/think...

So guys, Welcome to Wednesdays with MariamOre. Thank you for the love you all showed last are amazing!

Today, we would be talking about a word: it's BOTCHED. Anybody heard of it?
I am an advocate of looking good, smelling nice and creating a lasting impression. But I am thinking, in our bid to look good, is there a limit? Especially for us ladies, we love, love, make up, nice dresses and all that! All these in themselves are good but my concern is, Should there be a line between make up or altering a part of us to get our desired look and when it's excess?

Back to the topic for today, Botched!

  • It simply means to carry out a task badly or carelessly
  • To perform poorly or ruin through clumsiness
  • Badly done or badly planned and therefore unsuccessful.

Anybody heard of Botched Plastic Surgeries?
I read Apryl Brown's Story and I was close to tears, as I looked at some other pictures, I felt soooooo.... its a negative word, don't wanna say it!
In as much as i believe we all are free to do whatever we feel comfortable with, but I still think beauty or a desired physical appearance is not worth my life! I am sooo in love with my looks and I am greatful to God for all I have...So so so Grateful.

Apryl Brown 47, lost her arms, legs, and the flesh around her buttocks after injecting fillers into her posterior in an effort to get rid of her flat butt. In 2004, Brown was a successful hairstylist and happy mother of two. But despite living the good life, she still had an itch to fix the "one flaw" she was teased about as a child - her butt. So when a client offered her a silicon injection for cheap, she jumped at the idea. This beautiful woman was injected with an industrial grade silicone used in bathroom sealant, as a result she had a staph infection that cost her her hands, limbs...she went through 27 surgeries just to save her life. this is an example of a BOTCHED SURGERY. But indeed, I am so glad she made it alive to share her story:

While some patronized in-experienced surgeons, some people like some celebrities have done surgeries that didn't turn out well. In my opinion, they looked better before the surgery. "In a bid to maintain a youthful look, unfortunately some cases, some stars come out from under the knife with a face full of mistakes.

Many people are suffering from botched surgeries after spending so much to look beautiful. Some have caused death.

My dear friends, when I say I love you guys I mean it, you all look beautiful and handsome the way you Bloggorrati says...appreciate yourself!
Don't kill yaself to impress no body!

Much love guys...



  1. Hiya Gang.... I watch Botched sometimes and i still don't understand why nobody can tell these people to stop wasting money trying to play God....... We're beautiful the way God made each and every one of us and until we understand that and love ourselves for that, our lives have not begun
    Well written Mariam, i love what you're doing here

    1. Hi Esther, I do too. On E!
      We are beautiful the way we are, I agree with you. But apparently, not everyone shares that same opinion. It is well.
      Thank you for your kind word.
      Stay beautiful!
      Much love.

  2. I love watching botched because it makes me laugh. Watchingit sometimes make me laugh so hard at these people who think that their actual problem is their looks but in actual sense it is dia inner self.. Its dia inner person that needs a surgery not their physical. Just imagine if we all accept ourselves the way we are. The world would indeed be a better place..

    1. Helo Ifeoma. Laff ke?me I don't find it funny ooo! I'd cry rather Dan laff. But I understand ur point...its d inner self...hmmm...dats a food for tot.
      Thanks dear.
      Remain beautiful.
      Much love!

  3. They already know that when they die and go to heaven, even God might not recognize them anymore, too bad!!!

  4. Dearest PAT. Lmao! Lol
    Thanks dear. You are the best!
    Stay beautiful.
    Love you loads!

  5. wow!!!! so not a flattering side of plastic surgery.. Mariam!!!! ama gonna report you toJjackson Avery and Mark Sloan

  6. My dear Favour. Whatsssss upppp????!!!
    Been a lonnnng whileeee! How have you been?!
    My dear sister, it's no news...its open to the world!
    As many that can learn from them had better do.
    Thanks for checking in darling.
    Remain beautiful always!
    Much love.

  7. Nice one.
    Well, I'm indifferent about plastic surgery though.

  8. Beauty emanates from the inside. No matter the drama going-on outside, the inside is the most important. It reflects to the outward and makes the individual radiate with beauty and confidence :o)

  9. Well said Mariam, appreciate YOURSELF. Enough said.
    How are you lovely? It's a great and positive post, its nice of you to share!

  10. Hmmn Donatelli Versace is the boss of botched surgeries. The only person that have seen that got away cleanly with these them surgeries is Nicki Minai others are...

  11. Isn't that what killed Stella Obasanjo? I didn't say anything oh. This is what you get when you're not contented.

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