Wednesday, 10 June 2015


Hello beautiful people.

Thank God It's Wednesday! I used to be scared of time but not anymore.Am used to it running. The next thing, it's the month of July. Just Great! I have decided not to bother my head unnecessarily about time but to take one day at a time and enjoy every bit of it while also being, proactive,smart, focused and hard working. In short sha, welcome to Wednesdays With MariamOre... I am so loving this phrase...ever since one chic thought I was Mr Duru (more than one sef), as in...I knew I had to start writing my name in BOLD 

So, my Oga at the top dedicated a post to me last week, so I decided to dedicate this to him too. Am happy we have tolerated each other for this long...It can Only be God Ooo. We Humans can be so so different. But I love and appreciate the diversity of the human race, one of the many reasons I love blogsville. Different people, different perspectives and views. It's really beautiful. Isn't it?!
Well, I ask questions alot. I was probably one of those kids who asked questions like: "mummy, why is the sky blue" or "mummy, why is the water cold?" yep! I ask questions alot, it's the easiest way I learn. Of course I am more mature now so I know well not to ask lousy questions.
But then, I wonder why! Yes, WHY?

The rich man who can afford to take care of a dozen children has none. He spends almost all he has in a bid to get just one child while the poor beggar on the street has a dozen children and begs to take care of them.

A 40 year old woman who has been single all her life seeks one to marry her. She is bitter that she is single. while a young wife is bitter about her own marriage and feels she has married the wrong person. She is bitter that she is married.

Some young people who claim to be in love, moved and clouded by the fire works and all the mushy feelings but suddenly become strangers when responsibility strikes, like when the babe becomes 3months pregnant or when the Unknown surfaces.

Some people loose a loved one like a mother or father, they miss them all the time, wishing they were around and believe things will be better if they were around, on the other hand, some who have mother and father have made enemies of them. They even wish they didn't have parents or would have preferred if they were born into another family.

Some people are in the hospital, sick and helpless wishing they would be well again, soon, while some healthy individuals don't value their health and live carelessly.

Those who have, do not appreciate what they have meanwhile, some others don't have at all and they only wish they had that same thing another person has and doesn't appreciate.

Leaders ask for power, when it comes, they loose sight of what it means to be a leader, meanwhile some others who have integrity and capacity aren't given power or don't have interest in leadership.

One person's dream is to go to school, get a degree, if eventually he does, he'll be the 1st graduate in his family. But school fees is a struggle for him. On the other hand, another person is in school, his parents can afford it but studying is just a big struggle. He wished he didn't have to stress himself to get this "so called" degree.

There is so much... BUT WHYsss
Answers please...
As for me, some answers aren't black or white.The world out there if you look closely, is SOMETHING.
Never loose sight of the people and what you do have.
 If you can be contented with what you have, you are a happy person.
Don't stress, Don't Sweat, One Step at a time. all IS WELL.
Whatever the case, Jesus loves us all!

Till Next week, God's Grace!
Much love... MariamOre.


  1. Insightful thinking Mariam. Thats the irony of life my dear, this life is a mystery.

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  2. Babes, Big Irony. You can say that again.
    Thanks lovely.
    Have a beautiful day.

  3. Hmnnnnn... that is life for you dear. The irony of life. I love inquisitive people and you, my dear, are very inquisitive. i likey.... its not a bad thing afterall *winks*

  4. Nothing more to add to this beautiful post than life is just pot of beans.

  5. Wow!! Bravo Mariam! Bravooo!! Mmmmeeehhnn this is some deep shi oh! asin aYam shocked like Nepa Wire... Its funny how i am such a big fan of your writing, biko can i be like thee when i haf mature?! Please oh! So wait you wihh just sit down and think all these many many ghen ghen things.. Chisos!! Some people haf Talent shhaaaa! Issorait... I dont think my Brain can work fine fine like this sha.. ayam tellsss you... You guys are super hero's biko...

    In other news Mariam.. Truth is.. humans are just insatiable beings.. Never really valuing what they have until they actually lose it! Look at it now.. I am madly in Love with my Ex.. and she is probably in love with someboRRy else.. Life is just an unbalanced scale.. and until we are able to appreciate our very own status in life.. We will always be asking for more and ungrateful for what we have.. Just like Oliver Twist... Cheers Ore mi.. This was a ghen ghen read as always.. and the crowd goes.... Yyyyeeaaah mehn!

  6. Hi Duru *whistling by* :)!

    1. Be whistling oh! Cee.. Be whistling well well.. Sha know that in all this many many Heart breaks you are heart breaking me up and down ehhnnn.. Diarisgoddooo **Crying in spanish.. :(

  7. this is one of your best post so far son, i am proud. you spoke what people need to hear and i am pleased.

  8. That is just the way this life rolls. The princess looks out the window unto the city below and wishes she could play dirty like her agemates does. The 'ordinary' children look up to the castle set upon the city and wish they could spend a day in there... make the best of what you have at hand no matter how bad it seems.. Hiya D&M!

  9. You have a long way to go, but I think you're on the right track.
    Just keep swimming! ;)

  10. That is why it is called LIFE! People say Life is not fair but what I think is Life is balanced. I'm not insinuating anything but looking at how life is one would realize there is regular shift in both happiness and sadness. Happiness and sadness are always balanced though some people might think they are unfortunate but if they look within they will start counting their blessings.

    What I hold on to is don't do anyone bad because life will adjust itself to compliment d bad you did and this might fall back on the person or his generation to come.

    Very thoughtful article Mariam.