Wednesday, 17 June 2015

What's for Grub?!

Hi guys!

How are we?
Am so happy, cos am having plenty of fun. Remember I talked about taking a break? Yes ooooo! It's been 10 days of no stress, I sure needed the brake.
I wasn't sure what to write about. Some topics were popping in my head but they just didn't seem right.
I believe God answers prayers because He saw in my heart that I searched for a write up, then gbam!!! I saw it!
This is the gist, I was standing at the bus stop when something caught my attention. Some guy was cutting watermelon in bits and then he poured it into his bowl of rice, stirred it and food was ready. I was still pondering on that scene when his Friend or brother brought another plate of food, this one was rice, yam and beans. Am like "what is it with these strange food combinations?"
I stylishly held my phone above him and took the shoot:

So what's for Grub?
The importance of good food cannot be over emphasized. A Lot of us have favourites but I don't, I love good food.
However, there are sometimes when, maybe out of lack or hunger, we create strange food combinations. Don't get me wrong, cooking in it self is a creative art but when we come up with weird combinations then...I rest my case.

These are a list of some I could gather.

1. Rice and Yam and stew.
2. Semo, Eba and Egusi Soup
3. Eba and beans
4. Noodles and bread
5. Bread and pap
6. Bread and coconut
7. Yam, Eba and Vegetable soup.
8. Beans, Boiled eggs, fish and bread.

If you notice, these combinations are imbalance.
Rice and Yam??? Noodles and Bread??? Semo and Eba???
Ah ah! Hunger is not a good thing.
But then, people say they taste great!

Nos, 5 and 6 I can testify that they taste nice.
My sister suggested No 4, that was so funny. I had a good laugh but she said said it tastes good. Imagine stuffing bread with noodles and eating the combo. Whoever thought of that? And when did noodles become bread spread?

I'll link this here, everything you see around you has an origin. Someone some where thought about it, carried out the research, spent time and energy till it was created. Lets think about it.
  • Electricity
  • Computer
  • Air planes
  • Fashion, trends.
  • Food recipes
  • Cars
Even other things like;
  • sponge
  • Tooth brushes
  • Soap
  • Shampoo
  • Skin care products

It's beautiful! The human mind. Our ideas, imaginations. It's beautiful!
Utilise your mind's capacity. All you need is you! If you can think it, you can do it.

Which of the above food list have you tasted, please be honest ooo! Or maybe you have other suggestions.

Food is good, but good food is the best.

Stay healthy guys... Stay inspired...

Much love, MariamOre.


  1. None and i'll never taste any. Amen! In Kano, I saw people fry noodles in egg (which is already an "ewww" for me) and then put it in between a loaf of bread. Ayama

    1. Amen Anu, Amen!!! I love this post,it will identify the ajebos and pakos! And you Anu are an Ajebo!
      Noodles in egg is still very sane but in bread?! Kai...I wouldn't say Ayama. That may be someone's favorite food ooo!lol!
      Thanks Anu.
      Much love! Stay healthy.

  2. Hmmmmnnn... see this one... **points at Mariam and ghen ghen Anu.. Stay there and be sleeping on bicycle.. bread and Indomie is the shizzle oh... I ate a lot of it at Uni... mehn with the kinda suffe I suffered then ehhhnnn... If I didn't die then... I wihh not die again.. that being said... I think it's a sign of abnormality mixed with some winchie winchie from the village for a man... No a FULL GROWN MAN to put water Mellon inside rice... Shuo!! Who died biko?! Eezzz neFer that deep jo... all in all yeah... food is good ba... but good food is great. Wait!! **Scrolls up... Eba and beans... **Faints...

    **sent from Festac...

    1. Uncle Duru, you too?! ahhh! Like you said "if I didn't die then, I wihh not die again. Eba and beans is for real. What would you say about Rella's Combo?!
      Welcome to Naija, the land of
      Stay healthy!

  3. I've eaten 4,5 and 6. They aren't the kinda food i'd wanna eat regularly but they were worth the try. I once ate white rice and garri as a kid, I've also taken semo with milk, and I also cooked rice, spaghetti, beans, titus, all together bcos I had them in small quantity. Btw, it tasted nice ;)


    1. Hehehhehehehehhe semo with Milk... hahahhahahahaha Mannie... your own case ehn... It needs laying of hands... lmao

    2. As I read these comments, I couldn't help but laugh out loud! Mr mannie, I salute your courage and creativity. Maybe you if you had macaroni, you would have added it.
      Thanks for checking in bro.
      Stay healthy.

  4. Mariam Mariam! ,your burti game is beyond this blog and world. Those meals you listed above are too nice and tush nau. Talk about geisha and eba. yam, beans and spaghetti, Ogbono soup and white rice. I have seen peeps eat all these. See just yesterday, I was looking for tomatoes and pepper so I could make a lil sauce, couldn't be around the neighbourhood. One of the jolly good women that run small shops to me to just slice onion fry and add then add crayfish with enough curry to add colour. Sharpaly I hollered God forbid! Something I didn't do in school wanna do at home. Not happening!

  5. My Rella oooooooooo! Just when I tot Mannie's combo was funny! Your list is hilarious. My goodness. Onion, crayfish n curry?! Ah ah! I hope you got tomatoes. Tomatoes is kinda expensive now. If you see the small thing they sold to me today. It's a matter.
    Thanks Rella.
    Stay healthy, stay inspired!

  6. Lol. I love experimenting with food as I get tired of these normal foods sometimes.
    I've tried noodles and bread b4, spaghetti and beans, bread and golden morn, macaroni and beans. I've heard of rice and ewedu b4, sounds yucky tho! Ewww

    1. Hi Morayo. Experimenting with food? Yes! I love to experiment too but sincerely I don't think d above food combos r "experimenting"'t think of a word to describe it. rice n Ewedu,rice n ogbonna, rice n okra...dats not funny at all. A big NAY!
      Stay healthy dear.
      Many thanks

  7. All bad combos. I wouldn't mind trying bread and coconut sha. Weirdest I've seen is yam and okra soup. I do noodles with sausages, thought it was cool, until a friend said it looked strange to him.

    1. Eni, on this matter, I agree with you!"all bad combos" whether they taste nice or not, they are nobodys' dream meal. Okra n yam is unimaginable! Haba! D tot of it sef...Kai!
      Babes r u kidding me? Sausages n noodles? Dat is a great combo!i love,love it. Am a big sausages fan anyway,i can almost eat it with anything. That your friend is d strange
      Thanks Eni! I guess I'll dedicate this post to YOU! ENIWEALTH (OLA). HEALTH IS WEALTH.
      Stay healthy! Stay inspired!
      Thanks darling.

  8. I can also testify that 5 tastes good. Often used pap as a substitute for oat. Someone dear to me has actually suggested 6 to me but I'm yet to try it. Every other one on the list??? NEVER!!! As the Lord continues to provide. Too imbalanced for a health nut like me. That beans, boiled egg, fish and bread is just the worst.. Just don't find yourself seated beside someone who just finished consuming the combo in the bus, the kinda bombs that will be dropping ehn, even a dead body will react

  9. Lol @ you held your phone slightly above his head to take the shot. Bia Duru ekwe kwanla ha jide gi oo ebe i na eme snooping. I also think that hunger is not just a determining factor on how we combination food. Our background, environment, greed....... play a great role. Please don't kill the guy he only wanted to fill his hungry stomach. Bless him.

  10. Really great thoughts. There's nothing like having a good and balanced diet, which involved eating a wide range of foods including grains,dairy and starchy as well as fruits and vegetables. Finding the right balance is key.

  11. I was just about to type nah haven't tried any but then I just remembered I have actually tried yam, rice and stew. It's that long ago I have totally forgotten. There are much more strange food combos out there, just yesterday I read someone say they wrap bacon around pawpaw and microwave...

  12. All these food combinations ehn... Na wa ooo, I have only tried cold eba and hot beans as a kid and seriously it's because of financial constraint. Mehn...any of this combo, I would rather take garri without sugar everyday. Nevertheless, I love what you got out of it- every na creativity.

  13. What a happy person you are. Always looking at the bright side of things.
    Stay happy.

  14. I have tried eating indomie and bread and i love it, i still combine both.

  15. Belle no de talk wetin in chop... anything goes for me, as far as the taste is good. I love exploring with food. Though I haven't tried most of the combinations mentioned above. But I love to experiment. Baahhmmm!