Thursday, 30 July 2015

#FeatureThursday_ To Stay or To Go?! by the amazing Ify

Duru: Whoop! Whoop!! I cannot frigging afford to attempt to keep calm guys.. The legendary Ify penned down for the gang.. Ahhhhh!!!! I am literally screaming.. Ooossshheeey turn uP!... When she sent in this post yeah.. It broke every hard part of me.. Its an amazing read guys.. aswear... See you at the End… #ItcanonlybeGOD

So I finally met this guy that made me feel happy after years of searching... We enjoyed talking to each other, as we would just spend hours on the phone talking beautiful nonsense and random stuff. Our first date was more like the first day of the relationship. We Shared some kisses and hugs, the smooching was a tad intense but oh dear! I had to save the sex part for when we finally made it official. Three months into the relationship, I discovered some things were beginning to take an ugly shape. He first started with being rude to me and then he would get agitated at every and any little thing I said or did and then it slowly transformed into not just mental abuse but physical as well. 

Five months into the relationship, it only got worse… at this point of course my friends and family had started to notice what I was unconsciously drowning into, and they continuously advised that I left the relationship. But it wasn’t all so easy, as each time I tried to break up with him, he would become the sweet, charming young man I hopelessly fell in love with again.. He would become all the things I wanted in a man all at the same time.. He would become exceptionally charming, caring, and so compassionate and loving to the extent of showering me with very expensive gifts.. He would then put the cherry on the cake by displaying pictures of me on his Instagram page with so much praise in the captions to spice them up. You know now.. He knew all the mushy mushy words that get a girl Awwing… But Sadly… After few weeks, when he’d be sure he had won my heart back, it would return back to the status Quo of pain and hurt, it would go from bad to worse.

Some nights while he slept, I would pick his always passworded phone, and after series of trials i would get through... As a sign of love.. His passwords always informed something involving me (My Birthday, best colour, best food etc), but scrolling through his Gallery would be a literal Peep 'PORN' Show, as it would be filled of naked pictures and videos received from varying ladies, some with him in them as well… Obviously these ladies did not care if he was taken. At other times the phone calls would not just stop rolling in. I mean I literally went from “being strong to acting strong” and then I finally lost it. I got to the elastic limit… Insecurities started creeping in and I started to feel low about myself, I felt I was worth nothing all just because he made me feel that way.. All because he treated me, a Priceless Jewel in the eyes of my family and Friends, he treated treated me like Trash... He would constantly complain and insult my character to the point of hitting me again and again. 

Finally i realised I had had enough of the overdose of foolishness.. I needed to breathe and stop drowning within my very own body… How could love hurt so much?! How could the only sign I have of being in a relationship with the man I love be the scars on my body, and the constant Tears running down my cheeks?! What was I to do?! Stay or Go?!

Hi! I am Ify.. and that was a story of my life a while ago… Now I know many might be going through similar or even worse situations than above. Some of you are married to such men, some of you probably have kids for such. Some of you are forced into such relationship.. and worse still forced to stay due to financial indebtedness… Well if you are in any of the cases above… Then I know it must fell nearly impossible to walk away… It might feel a little difficult to leave the relationship because you have ties binding you both like strings of galvanized copper. But let me ask you.. Is it worth it?! The pain, the tears and the emotional trauma on you and your kids, Is he worth it?!

I must say that in my own case I had to weigh my options, I had to weigh the good and the bad. He said he loved me, he said he wanted to get married to me.. We were deep guys.. and he had introduced me to his family. Coming from a family of means.. he effortlessly showered me with nice expensive stuff, and everyone knew we were an item.. More like they saw us as the perfect couple on the outside, but on the inside we knew exactly what we were.. I knew what we were! As I was always abused and bruised physically and emotionally… But I loved him still and my only source of happiness was him being same.

Dearies, one thing you must know is that love is not enough. There are ingredients that make up love which include respect, trust, understanding, communication and kindness. I am no love expert, but If these key ingredients are not there, then it’s not love, and even when it’s so hard to move on, the first step is to first find your own strength and tell yourself you deserve better because you’re human and most importantly, a woman. The second step is becoming less dependent on such a man.. Make him see that you want him and not need him… Cause like I always tell my friends…… get busy, don’t stay idle. The third step is building your esteem again. It does not matter your age or your color, self acceptance is key... you don’t want to look back on your life at some vantage point and hate yourself for the decisions you had to make just to keep a man happy. You don’t want to be in the shower one day and suddenly feel yourself touching the scars that reminds you of the pain you constantly went through… you don’t want to be sitting at the park one day and comparing yourself to other women just because you’ve been mentally abused, you don’t want to turn down guys one day because someone has constantly said you’re not good enough. So i advice that instead of put up with the above.. I advice that you surround yourself with positive people that bring out the best in you, that you engage in things you love, be it painting, writing, reading, fashion, make up, clubbing, travelling or hanging out with friends. Whatever they may be, just go back to your old hobbies; exercise, eat healthy, dress up, make up and look good for no reason...

By gradually imputing all these into your daily life, you have to then ask yourself again; To stay or To go? And as a lady my advice would be to leave as quickly as possible because it doesn’t get any better.

I am Ify… And I tell you not to stay.

P.S: Thank you Nonso Duru for this platform to err my perspective.. You are a darling.

Instagram: @naaya90


Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Celebrity Guest Post: Can we have Sex?! by Ms. H&M

Duru: Hiya Guys.. How is the week going?! Okkaaayyy... I have been uber excited about this post all week.. annndddd... I just couldnt wait to read it! Dont ask why... Wait first oh! readers Discretion is hugely adviced.. and it Eezz not kuku for readers under the age of **scratches head... ehmm.. ehhmm. ehhmm.... Biko whats the legal Age?! !8 or 21.. Well sha.. If you haf not sha reach the age of Shagging..... Please Dont Read. **Rubs Palms... Ms. H&M Has been my Friend for Ages... This should be a fun read... See you at the End Gang.. #ItcanonlybeGOD

What’s up peeps? How are we?! I do hope the week wasn’t been too stressful..*sneers* what am I saying? It has jare... Nowadays sef, life seems to have just gotten harder.. its work! Work! and more work! Oh Saturday.. I love and miss you... sadly its so hard to differentiate between weekdays and weekends as well for me, because every day is freakishly busy. I feel like we are all racing and hurrying but I still don’t know where to nor what to or what after..But in spite of the busy- E- ness *lol..** see o! new English **winks… Ehen.. as I was saying.. Despite of the Busy-E-ness, we shall survive.. So when JdB asked that i pleaassee do this post on this topic for him.. I was shocked! but having that he just kept hyping and raving about this post, I knew that I sha had to do it… Plus its kind of hard to say No to JdB.. He is such a cute boy... So here goes…  Wait! I am beginning to feel like I am going to mess it up, but since i am "young and confused" and this is how we just pour it all out on here and “Dance like no one is watching” ehn.. Please manage and endure what I dish  Ah!! that reminds me.. JdB, thanks for showing your fine face and delectable though smallish body at my house the other day. Was super-duper-tuper-luper cool having you over!! *In DBanj’s voice (for those who still remember who that is though)…. Oshey! thanks for turning up!!! man.. chop knuckle.. lol....Oops...see me rambling on and on without letting you in on what I actually want to say abi na write about.. yeah..**adjusts my seating position** Clears throat** Lets Do this.
Recently  Dearies, I was discussing with a male friend of mine about Sex… I mean I don’t want to say we were having a sex chat or  naughty sex conversation although we were.. But Sex Experiences were shared, as that was the Basis of the conversation.. And  he told me that he had just recently lost his virginity.. mehn! ** My jaw literally dropped at the statement.. I mean here I was thinking this guy was a player player all those years, just to realize he was a virgin for almost 25 years before doing the do…  mehn! Oh Well as we kept talking.. and the gist got more sultry and all, he came out clean and went… H&M… I believe EVERYONE should taste the cookie before buying the whole damn box.. can u imagine his nerves... and did I add that I was a tad older than this kid?! Sitting down in my apartment.. I slowly began to wonder how many cookies he believes we should sample before we choose what flavor or brand to eventually purchase that will not make our stomach boil and keep us confined to the toilet for hours.. *wrinkles nose* in case you don’t get my point.. i’m speaking in FBI codes in case my younger ones happen to be reading this.. I don’t want to be the one who disvirgins their minds..

Having that I am not really a Spiri-Koko like that, I for one believe that Sex is a very important part of love.. I mean the sticking in and out, the senseless moanings,  the mushyness.. and the sweatyness and all.. butttt I seem to belong to the school of thought that if we all keep tasting the cookie before we buy them, we are going to eventually get too filled up to want to buy the product at the end... let me quote my friend above on his first experience.. and his line of Argument as to why he didnt wait... and I say this with my *face burning and getting redder by the minute;

when I had sex for the first time some months back, I poured into the girl in barely 45 seconds... hence my point is; sex is important so that one can satisfy his future spouse/ partner, i totally agree that is is wrong morally but I hear of marriages that are ending cause the wives are sexually  starved having their men cannot keep an Erection before they Orgasm”....

Hmmm... can you imagine having this kinda discussion with your junior?! Hehehe mehN! **in JdB’s voice.. The World e haf spoil finish…

Thinking back at the conversation, I see and totally understand what his point is, but i really don’t think it works that way. Lets think of it this way shall we?! if the seemingly sex-starved partner had never had a man inside of her prior to marriage, hence hadn’t been sampling other type of cookies before that time.... She wouldn’t argue about being satisfied or not… heheheheh I can see your eyebrows shooting up and you wanting to ask me if i am alright… hehehe Truth is I am alright.. and I am not insinuating that half of the world and a bit more aren't having sex before marriage... No! that’s not my point.. Neither am I saying that a woman should be sentenced to a life of bad sex all because she closed the gates between her leg all the while.. oh no!! i won’t fall into that argument with you.. I mean *In Falz the bad guy’s voice*, izzs no borry’s buzziness wat u do wit ur boury… bur iz ashually between you and your creator... Heaven forbid i become your counselor or spiritual guide.. But this i will say, if you are yet to experience various levels of orgasm, how can you tell when you don’t have it or not?? How can you tell if the Sex is good or not?! How can you know if you can be satisfied more than that or not?! Plus Honnays... It is not basically about the number of times that you get shagged or the number of bonking you get that makes you an expert bonker, it is the skill and diligence you apply in the Bonking.. The communication on how to satisfy each other.. So i Totally disagree with my Friend above.

The idea of this post isn’t to judge or condemn anyone, So I would say enjoy sex if you want to, but do not hide under the auspices of practicing for marriage, because in case you score 20 and your marriage partner scores a 10, your "expertise” or “hunger” won’t be the same and then you will start singing the “i don’t get satisfied in bed" hymn...

There is a looott more to say about this Sex talk.. But lemme take a breather here till next time…  But before I go… let me quickly add this for the men.. Brovers.. it aint what yo gifted with that makes you special, Not the length.. Size or colour… But how you use the ‘gift´ that matters... Having sex before or after marriage won’t guarantee that your partner is satisfied..*wears evil smile* My advice is to make sure you try these few tips i give you to achieve that..

1. Always aim to please your partner, talk about what you both want and how you like it and work with that.. if i go all out to carry out your fantasies, you get satisfied whether you cum or not..oopss...yeah yeah.. I finally said it didn’t I?? ..well sha!! wharever!!!

2. This is absolutely important.. Make sure you are totally into the person.. You don’t understand why i said that shey?, let me  explain.. if i tell u my fantasy as my Husband... and you are not into me like that, it would be hard for you to carry it out... yep!! think about it, you know its true...

Thirdly… As for my last tip, i will keep that for those that really want to know how to rock her/his world.. **winks… see me personally in camera and I will tell you... OMG!! dat sounded like a lecturer saying, see me in my office for your extra- curricular activities*winks*...

P.S: I am no sex Expert eh! I am just a Lagos Girl who loves to live. :)

Monday, 27 July 2015

15-for-15 Challenge_Family (July Post): Padre.

Pre-Script: Hiya Gang.. Insha Allah yeah.. We have a ghen ghen guest post tomorrow.. its gonna be fun.. Whoop Whoop.. I cannot keep calm...

**Current Situation 5: 29 AM… hehheh **in the voice of the narrator of 24 ** “the following activities happen in real time..” hehehe lemme form Jack Bauer small… **Takes off confused Bracelet.. Ooooooooosssshhheeey Turn uP! Hiya Gang.. Whats up?! What’s cracking?! What’s good?! How was your weekend?! How was the Turn uP?! Biko who went to Owambe?! Biko who got laid AGAIN?! hehehe okay iKid.. lmao!  Mehn my Weekend was Crazzyyy..  Please who read Ijagz and the Legendary Cladora’s post last week.. Awesome I tell you Gang! Awesome.. I was Awed.. Ijagz is just a Fish aswear! Heheheh and Cladora izz just an Amazing lady aswear… She sweet pass sugar biko. Mehn my Weekend was **In the beauRRiful Enikoko’s voice.. WORKIC! I mean I just kept jumping from meeting to meeting mehn! And while some meetings didn’t just turn out good sam sam sam.. Others were Slayed.. hehehe **Takes off Brown Wrist watch.. Someone saw me yesterday and said Duru you like Black oh.. And I was like yes nah! Aye Axe men something.. hehehe ifaye! If I tried to even Try to be a cultist ehhhn.. my father would have killed me long ago.. That man literally knows me intoto.. I think he is using jazz sev. When you wanna do bad thing he wihh just call you :(… talk about a fathers love yeah?! I mean he knows when I have sinned big sin.. If you sin and come back.. He wihh nah come and goan be looking at you one kain..

Mehhn gang.. my Oga e haf come back.. hence without many many plenRRy PlenRRy Adoooos.. lets Dance like no one is watching shall we?!

**in Moby’s voice… Wait! Holl up! Holl uP! Holl uP!! How can I buy 8 Pieces of Tomato for Naira 150?! And how can Pounds be Naira 352 against 1 GBP.. I was talking to My Baby about how crazy the Foreingn exchange is.. hehehe (Baby is a Generic term for me oh, aYam kuku still single and unlaid)  Although She is "PRO PMB", so we argued through most of the 15 minutes conversation as she is of the opinion that too many people died during GEJ but my kweshion is this: are we getting better as a nation?! I mean how do parents send their kids to the UK for better Education under such strenuous Forex conditions?! And the Bombings are now every day oh!  To all who Voted PMB.. Well.. here is your change.. Are we happy now?! GEJ wasn’t great but is this better?! Time will tell I guess.

So the 15- for -15 challenge as initiated by the legendary Janyl Benyl is still on.. and I aint quitting on it.. Hence here is my July Entry.. and its about  Padre AKA Daddy.. That guy is my Everything.. And seeing us both age just makes me realize that truly truly yeah… “A son is father of man..” hehehe **Wears Evil smile… I guess this could be a good time to pay him back for all the “Junior Kneel down and carry that Table..” and all the Koin Koin shoe that landed on my ishi gogoRo… But Nahhh!! Had I not carried all those Tables and had all those Koko due to Koin shoes.. I might not have been the man that I am becoming and not be as Rich as I will become Insha Allah.. So here goes.. I love You Daddy.. Thank you for all the Punishments and for Flogging Shoe on our head..  For all the 2 Hours Advice… You made us who we will become Sir.. And we 4 are nothing without you Dad.

Know Your Right:

JdB: Hello Daddy, Good evening sir. How is Enugu Sir?! How was your day?!

Padre: It was not good oh.. I have a head ache... These Police people Arrested me **deep sigh

JdB: Aha Why nah!

Padre:  They said I took one way!

JdB: Ah! Ehya Pele sir… Did they collect money?!

Padre: Aha! yes nah! They jumped into my motor and asked that I follow them to the station. After driving for a while they asked that I park and pay them Naira 20K.. I told them I was just coming from the clinic and all I had was 500 Naira… **Clears throat... They said I should give them 10 k.. I showed them my Drugs.. they said I should give them 2K and carry them back to their check point.. I showed them the 500 Naira note that was with me.. They said I should bring it, I told them I needed 200 from inside it, hence all I could give them was 300 naira.. They asked that I take them back to their check-point.. I told them my vehicle wasn't good.. and I don’t have Fuel.. heheh they took the Naira 300 and left.

JdB! Ah.. hahahahahahaha hehehehehe Daddy oh! Okay! Good night Sir.. Be safe.

Padre: How are you people over there?! Have you people eaten?! .

JdB: We are Fine Sir. Yes Daddy.

Now my Dad never ever lets people Rip him off.. This he says is a paramount Rule in life.. He teaches us that we might not be Rich yeah.. But we should not be stupid cause of that.

Cook Your Own Food:
Oshey jolof rice toh Sure :) Heheheh half meat is beRRa than Chin Chin :)

Padre: Junior learn how to cook so that No woman will come and do shakara for you (2009)…

These are golden words my Dad taught me.. Growing up yeah, he has made me understand that Women are important but not mandatory.. I mean Dad always says that A man should not go after a woman till he is ready.. he tells me how he wished he had achieved more, Invested More, Studied more etc  before getting married.. and although having that my cravings are crazy AF at this age.. I think Dad is right.. I mean why marry a woman.. no Scratch that! Why even date a lady when you can’t take care of her properly?! When you cant fly her to Venice and to the Eiffel in Paris?! Why bother then when you cannot make her feel like a Queen?!.. Simple and Plain! If you no get Money.. Or Job .. Or last last Masters Degree.. DON’T MARRY!


JdB: Daddy I hate this school.. I mean it is not where I want to be.. There are little or no Laws.. Anything and everything goes here! I want to quit... I want to go to Covenant or Thames Valley (2008)

Padre; And who will pay your school fees?! That’s the thing with you Junior.. You give up too easily… You have the brains but not the guts and strong will… Look You have to understand that everything in life is in phases and for a short while... See this too shall pass..  Just endure.

Gang that was  7 years ago.. and thinking about it yeah.. Had I not gone to that school.. I might never have gotten this job... Check am nah... #ItcanonlybeGOD


Later on at the end of my 5 years.. this ensued…

Junior: Daddy why does GOD hate me so much?!  Why do I have Bad luck like this?! 

Padre: Junior don’t say that, GOD has blessed you beyond many of your peers, don’t use your lips to bring pain on yourself… This too shall pass.

Dad teaches me that GOD is not just all I have, but all I need.. and that no matter how Bad a time is, GOD is there with us. Plus he has over the years taught me to honor, serve and pray to GOD.. because GOD has all the answers.. and we are NOTHING WITHOUT GOD.

Live on..

Padre: If we didn’t Die when we lost the House, we will never Die again. (2012)

Padre teaches me that no matter what or how bad a time is yeah, this too shall pass. He teaches me that at the end of everything, everything will be alright so if everything is not alright now.. then we are not kuku at the end. He teaches me to not compare my life with another.. But live one day at a time.

Mehnn I dunno what Love is yeah Gang.. But I Love you Sir.

Thank you for the past 7 minutes of your Time gang.. You do ma a great Honor with it… My prayer for you this week is that heaven will give you the grace to ignore all those Useless Awon Oniranu people that will be looking for Quarrel on Instagram.. But instead the love to show them that you are way classier than them and that Instagram is just a means of happiness.. and not a source of it **In Ijagz Voice… Oshey! See me going all Speakerish on y'all... heheheh. A Nefer hexspErred it.

P.S: I am really sorry I have been kinda AWOL on some blogs gang.. Trying to grow the blog has been harder than I anticipated.. Plus I have a new Oga that keeps me on my toes 24/7… For the next 16 months 15 days ehn..  Insha Allah yeah.. We will keep trying to get beRRa as a Blog…

P.P.S: Please gang…  I am sorry that this is coming late… The winners of the #YnCStrike2 Top 5 to comment contest are:

Guys I am sorry I haven’t gotten across to you.. Ego e haf finish.. Please eweliwe.. I cross my heart.. Insha Allah yeah.. When they pay me my small salary on Friday, I will get across to you guys ASAP.. I sincerely apologize.. :( Cc. @King Ice Law and @Padi mi MoRayo Please forgive me.. Biko...

**Reaches for Dextron Journal

Blogger Status:

Yo! Gang! Have you guys met Sharon Ifeoma and Scarlet Xianne?! Meeehnnn these are very ghen ghen SomeboRRies and I totally love how they write.. It is so apt and relatable to.. I mean you can literally hear them speak.. and put yourself in their line of thought..  heheh I mean Blogger is just an amazing place… Aswear.

Ibukun Writes: Mehhnn Gang! I met the legendary Ibukun via Instagram.. And I cannot geRRoVer her writing **Winks.. Yep! She is bad Ass like that… :).. She writes Prose and reality.. and her writing reminds me of how the super awesome Esther Koko and my Bae and 24/7 crush Onyilola write.. Mehn! Just in case you haven’t been there… Plllllleaaaseee Gang! Check Ibukun's page out.. It is ovvveeer worth it aswear. Oya Thank me later…

Tolu Falode: Now if you are in Nigeria.. then you should know this child.. She is amazingly Young and smart.. and I just love how her heart flows with love and compassion.. I haven’t been to her Blog yet yeah.. But I have been reading a lot of her lately on Instagram.. She is so young and driven…  and what I admire about her the most is how she has been able to turn the Pain of Dubai into so much strength and drive… that she empowers young people to live to the fullest.. and Live for GOD… Check out her Blog and Buy her Book if you can gang.. Trust me.. It’s a worthy read.. amma head over there ASAP.. Cheers.

Instagram: @youngandconfused_byjdb

#Udo #ItcanonlybeGOD

Friday, 24 July 2015

Weather for 2... :)

Hellur pple, hows every? It's been like two weeks gone and I've missed you guys. How’s your week going sha? Good/Bad? The Lord is in control. As its TGIF, we gast to all Turn up whether it is by sleeping or partying, sha make it worthwhile. How was Sallah, not even one of you offered me meat, Diaris god… I'd do my own back. That aside mehn last week was too Turnt, I got to meet the vibrant Ellahillz and the over pretty Ralleyat. I know I manage to be fine small, but those girls are hella pretty and so are their hearts too. We got to care for orphans and also hangout and fulfill the cravings of our tummy (and that's pizza and ice cream and if only we were more flamboyant we would have added crepes, cake and shakes. Don't judge me nah, person no fit like better thing again!). And a big thank you to my brother in the Lord, my uncle, my guidance counselor, and class captain DURU for making all this possible (P.S Duru I still don't like you sha), we appreciate.

Anywhichways, the raining season is back with its cold night and wet mornings. I just have to admit, its my favorite time of the year, cause I don't have to be working under the scorching sun (asif I never black reach, this sun would now just be misbehaving. Abeg it's not a competition oh Dear Sun, I know I'm hot *joker smile* but Dear sun you are the hottest now, so stop harassing me, chimo). So as we all know, the sweet sweet weather is also known as weather for two according to our generation but weather for planting/farming according to my Dad’s generation. I think I'd agree with our generations own to an extent (yes I agree I'm a lazy ass). Oh well as it implies weather for TWO (meji, biyu, deux).) a sombory and another somebory, not girl and girl or boy and boy oo (yes again I don't support gays or lesbians, but no hard feeling it's their choice), It's a he and a she matter. So do you have you a second sombeory that completes your duo?! if no then buy a double tog duvet and make several cups of hot tea for cold nights, if yes I have few words of advice for you. *wears evil smile*

1. Do not visit each other too much, it might be dangerous

2. Do not stay in secluded area, what are you looking for 

3. Do not dress over sexy, whose eye do you want to remove 

4. Condoms and birth controls are not too expensive, except if you have money to buy pampers be forming your pull-out game is strong

5. Go out on romantic walks the breeze is wonderful and you'd keep fit

6. Two much hugging and looking into each others eyes is prohibited for the mean time

7. Try gardening together it's fun and weather compatible

8. Don't be stingy and buy small umbrella instead family size will do just fine

9. No break up sex, postpone it to when the sun is really hot, I bet you’d be through in seconds and out of each others lives forever

10. Try cooking meals together the heat in the kitchen will keep you warm (and the kitchen table is for kitchen activities not otherwise so back off.....errrr didn't I say back off so what are you still imagining, chai shildren of this generation yaf spoil)

Do not let this beautiful weather deceive you if not you will have a lot of explanation for your unborn child. You don't need him or her to keep warm in bed, a simple duvet will do, but instead when the cravings for such comes… Do a lot of activities together like cooking, gardening, exercising, dancing (I don't mean under the rain before you say my advice gave you cold and catarrh). Indulge in positive things and community service. That’s what weather for two should mean, not the generally perceived meaning of keeping each others beds warm. But if you are sha married you are free to keep warm any how you want in or out of the bedroom.
Closing remarks: thank you for wasting 3 minutes and 34 seconds of your time reading this. I didn't have inspiration to write anything today, cold was catching me too much and NEPA decided today is not the day for No Power supply, so I am just looking at the ceiling in my room and shivering (my duvet is not thick enough incase you are wondering). Enjoy your weekend and do stay blessed.

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Thursday, 23 July 2015

#FeatureThursday: MotherHood by the legendary Cladora :)

Duru: Turn uP Turn uP ladies and gentlemen... I cant keep calm! Cladora wrote for us.. **Shines teeth.. See y'all at the end gang **Wears Mr. Nigeria smile. Please see her blog here:

When Duru Adolphus invited me the first time to post a guest post on this ghen ghen blog, my liver almost failed me. I began to sweat all over, from head to toes. It brought back all the memory of the crash program I took last Spring. I was praying silently for it to be a big fat joke unfortunately, while I was hiding and praying for him not to respond to my half-hearted acceptance, there he was asking again in the manner that will melt even the hardest of all hearts. Duru I don't know where you got your charming approach from, but I must tell you, it gat me this time :) Thanks for the wonderful opportunity to chat with the gang. Thanks a million :)


The topic "Motherhood" is not a topic that I can exclusively cover in just one post. It is a very broad topic. As far as I'm concerned, Motherhood is a life time experience. That is, so long as one is alive and her children are alive, the experience continues. It differs from place to place, and from person to person. Changes can arise based on the stage in life the mother is in, or the children are in. So many things can influence, or affect ones experience as a mother.

However, based on what I said above, I will base this writing on a small part of my own experience. When I was a child I thought that being a mother was like bread and butter. I used to imagine that I was a mum while playing alone with my baby dolls. Sometime, I would imitate the roles of both mummy and daddy, since, I played alone 99.9% of the time(lastborn syndrome, lol), Kudos to all lastborns in the house :) I would role play bathing my baby, feeding her, making her hair, and sometimes taking her to school...I won't tell you her name tho, lol:), Life was good.

Though I'm not completely wrong however, when reality hit me in 2007 and I got married, I didn't have any child then but I slowly by myself began to have a change of heart about my perfect fantasy world. I began to feel the tint of the responsibility it requires to be a mother. Mind you, being a mother doesn't end at giving birth to your children, nursing them and making sure that all is well with them. It also involves taking care of the biggest baby of the family, and making sure that he is happy...wink! to all husbands, lol.

Unfortunately, my sweet husband was not living in Nigeria, so it took me 2 years to get my Landed (Visa) to join him. Having done series of deliverances in MFM (correct 3days dry fasting) with complete "fall down and dies, and serious scabashing"!  I immediately became double on my first month in Canada, that was when my life actually changed. I use to think that nothing would wreck my beautiful figure, and that my Boobs will always be on standing ovation, hiiyaah!( hope no kids are reading this post), oh boy I was wrong. By the end of 9 months, my thighs, and my belly looked as if I fought a tiger. But by the time I was presented with my bundle of joy, my whole heart melted. I forgot the steep price I had paid to get to being called a mum. Tears filled my eyes. I could not stop smiling and crying at the same time.


As I was going home after my discharge from the hospital, I did not know where to start. Or how to start, I was filled with so many "how do I  do this and that's". My mum could not come, I was left alone with a tiny little guy that knows how to press my buttons to make me cry (Yep! mums do cry too, lol)  Though I grew up in my sisters house in Lagos, I thought that I knew it all about taking care of babies, but by the time my baby handled me ehnnnn... I realized that I was as new to babies as I could ever be. I also realized that each baby differs in some ways. My first 3 months were full of HIGH ups and plenty plenty LOW downs but they were all worth it.

From where do I start? Do I talk about the sleepless nights or the unstoppable "Ear Ringing" cries (my first baby cried a lot), what about the poopy diapers. As if the troubles were not enough my boobs swole up like balloons that would pop at the slightest touch, and they were really tender. My whole world was transformed completely. I suddenly transited from merely existing to living my life for him, As my baby would determine when I ate, slept, where I went etc. One thing I discovered was that as days went by and as my baby grew, I saw my self grow too as a mother and as a woman.

I had to make lots  of changes to suit my little guy. I could remember the first time he was sent to the daycare, while he cried out his heart when I was leaving, I as well cried and felt so guilty for leaving my child in the hands of another person. We tried for about 2 months before pulling him out from daycare, because he was finding it so hard to cope. Things were so bad that he literally became sick. Though the daycare fee was ridiculously expensive,  withdrawing him wasn't the smartest choice either. I had to chose to work night shifts only so as to be with him by day while my hubby takes care of him by night. Hubby and I made lots of sacrifices to make life more comfy for our little ones.

As the family continued to grow, my responsibilities and experiences as a mother also grew at the same time. Considering the part of the world where I reside, helping hands are very hard to come by. Hence I automatically became the wife, the best friend,  mum, playmate, cook, cleaner, house-help, the chauffer , the lawyer, the judge, and even the jury(lol!).

At a time the stress of all these responsibilities began to take its toll on me. I tried to pray it out but I found out that there are some things one needs to learn practically instead of scabashing. So I resorted to blogging to help me ease stress. This task of blogging was not an easy one at first, but as soon as I send my little ones to bed, I hijack my laptop and get on the internet, ZAAHM! all the stress is off through the window. Automatically I become refreshed and ready for the next day.

I'm not trying to scare anyone about being a mother, but I'm trying to be as frank as possible. In the midst of all my imperfections, and confusion, I see perfection and order being developed in me and my family. We help mold each other into better people, and most of all God himself is helping to bring out the best in us. 

Whenever I look back and see how far I have come as a mother, my heart is filled with joy and pride that is embedded in the gift of MOTHERHOOD. 

 Oh boy! I have gone off course, too much jiba jaba. As  my very good friend in my university days would say," at this juncture" I rest my case. Till next time:)

Food for thought: "Motherhood is a great honor and privilege, yet it is also synonymous with servant hood. Every day women are called upon to selflessly meet the needs of their families. Whether they are awake at night nursing a baby, spending their time and money on less-than-grateful teenagers, or preparing meals, moms continuously put others before themselves."

Ada Egungwu-Anigbogu's photo.

My Take:
I dedicate this post to all mums. You are an amazing gift to this world. God bless you all. Wink! Wink! to all Dads:)


Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Ehiz_Preaches: A Tale of Fists.

Whoop Whoopp.. So i get to be the first person to post in this New Young and Confused year.. :).. Just in case you missed the long Loooonnnggg Epistle our CEO posted.. Please check the last post.. **Covers face... Happy New Year to us.. Thank you everyone for making out time to always read.. Comment and Share our posts.. Thank you guys for making teh Young and Confused gang what it is.. In Duru's voice.. You Rock.

I would like to thank everybody who took out time to read the post on Domestic Violence, this is like a part 2 of the post as we aim to share the expetrience of a Survivor of same... Hopefully unlike the famous Nollywood movies, there shal be no Part 3, 4 nor 5, so cool down. lol.. Thanks  to all who took out tim e to err their views, I see the guys came out in there numbers to defend themselves.. lol.. Thanks everyone.. You all are the best.

During the week, I was privileged to meet with a survivor of domestic violence, who didn’t mind sharing her story as long as she was granted anonymity.
I had quite a short interview with her, but I learnt a whole lot and would love to share the “crucial info” as a friend would call it, with you guys.

Me: Good morning ma

Tracy (real name withheld): Good morning Blessing. How are you?

Me: I’m fine ma, you?

Tracy: I’m very fine, thank you. And please I am Miss Tracy (real name withheld).

Me: Okay Miss Tracy. So you said you were once a victim of domestic violence. Can we hear your experience?

Tracy: Hmm… I got married in 1998 to my ex-husband, we had courted for about two years, I was fresh out of school, we met during my final year in school. Getting married just after service, was like the best thing, I had so many friends who were not yet married and so I was considered lucky especially with the fact that I had just landed a new job. After the wedding, I moved in with him, give and take about 6 months and that was when everything blew up in my face.

Me: What exactly do you mean when you say “blew up in your face”?
Tracy: I realized that I never really knew him. For example, I knew he had quite a temper but I had thought that it was a mild one. I knew he drank but not to the extent of coming home drunk. I knew he had lots of friends who used to sleep over at his place while we were dating, but I didn’t think they won’t stop coming when we got married. For crying out loud, we were a newly-wed couple, living in a 2-bedroom flat, we could have done with a lot of privacy.
His friends would mess up the whole place, I’d have to clean up regularly, it was sad. I would complain, he would get angry, sometimes he would break something in his anger.

He would restrict my movements, I don’t want you going to that church or don’t move around with your single friends, or you must be back home by latest 7pm and my food must be ready by latest 7:30pm. At times, he would come home very late, let’s say 11:00pm, the food and I would be waiting for him, he won’t touch it. When I slept off and he spent too much time horning or knocking as the case may be, I would hear it. He would beat me black and blue.

Me: Wow!!! The beatings, how did it start?

Tracy: Ah, it was first warnings that he would slap me o, then when they finally came, they weren’t enough, it graduated to beatings. There was even a time when he chased me round the house with a cutlass. Ha, my own husband o.

Me: You said you courted for two years, didn’t you notice anything at all?

Tracy: Like I said before, I knew he had a temper, but it wasn’t a cause for concern because he kept his cool around me. Though, a member of his family asked to see me one day and told me that the man I was about to marry was a troublesome person and that I should think twice, I thought it was bad blood. He wasn’t in good terms with his siblings, but that didn’t bother me. I was marrying him and not his siblings. His parents loved me and so did I.

Me: Did you have children?

Tracy: Yes, 2.

Me: How did this affect them?

Tracy: They were not happy with the whole thing. Immediately daddy was around, everybody went stiff, nobody said a word etc. but immediately he stepped out, I had my children back again.

Me: What of your family?

Tracy: I kept it from them in the beginning, but at a point I had to let them know, series and series of family meetings were called several times.

Me: What was the straw that broke the camel’s back? When did you decide to leave?

Tracy: That was in 2010. I was heavy, and he beat me over something so trivial. I lost the baby and was hospitalized for about a month or so because of my injuries and my blood pressure. I made up my mind not to go back, filed for a divorce and got sole custody of my children.

Me: So, how has it been so far without him?

Tracy: Life is so much better, I am happier, no more lies about bumping into a door, or tripping over something, my kids are doing better at school. I can concentrate on my job. It is so much better.

Me: Thank you so very much ma, for your time and for sharing your story.

Tracy: You are welcome.

And that’s it. Hope you learnt one or two things.

Blessing Ehiz. (Compere/Writer/Host)

Instagram: @blessingiyama


Saturday, 18 July 2015

How Did we get here?! #YnCStrikeII

Happy Birthday to my sister.. My world.. my everything.. I love you much Bae.. I still wonder how I opened this Blog on your Birthday Nne.. But then It hit me that I must have been VERY Happy… and this Blog 2 years after is a show of how Happy and fulfilled you make me and the entire family Nne.. LoF you scaRRa. Happy Birthday Nne…


**Deep sigh.. How did we get here gang?! When we wrote “when this Blog is over” last November yeah, we knew the end was nearer than we anticipated.. I mean Wow! 2 years already.. Thinking about it makes us go Oooooooosssshheeey Turn uP! WaRRa hell!  How the heck! did we reach HIA?! Wow! Truly Truly gang.. #ItcanonlybeGOD.. **Rubs upper naked chin… I mean I remember when the inspiration for the name of this blog came.. And then how I mistakenly opened the Blog… how I then mistakenly forgot the URL of the blog 2 days after it was opened **Covers face.. and only remembered I had a blog when I saw the scribbled down URL by mistake under my keyboard months later.. I mean if we talk about the most decisive of Bloggers.. aYam kuku not top 10,000.. But miraculously yeah, we are still here **pops collar…  But the truth is this would not have been possible without you ghen ghen someboRRies… So here goes… Lets Dance like No one is watching shall we?!

The Journey to Blogger:

I never consider myself a blogger.. I see myself as a someboRRy that fell into a cave by mistake and bam! I jammed a treasure hideout hehehhehe… So I think aYam an accidental blogger someboRRy **Shines teeth..… But the truth is Janyl Benyl is why aYam here… I used to read the ghen ghen Linda Ikeji a lot back then.. But I read Janyl once.. just ofu times :) and 2 years and months later, we are here.. She sincerely held my hand and made a man out of the confused me… Janyl didn’t do a miracle… No! Far from that… All Janyl did was give me her time.. and it changed my life… I just pray and hope that over the past 2 years, and in the few moments that are left for me on here, I have done and can do same to someone out there. **Okay I just got a FBN Alert.. Morale is higher! Heheh  lets Do this.. :)

The PASTOR in Me!:

Now the love that has been shown to me in this place confuses the confusion outta my confusion.. Sometinmes ehnn When I think of how you guys love and support me ehnn.. esspecially Lola.. :) I am literally close to tears and Afraid wihh nah come and go and be catching omolom bi otutu… I mean the love is so deep that some of Y’all wonderful someboRRies preach to and pray for me.. I mean can I not be grateful for an amazing Ms. Tomilola lawal..  who loves me sincerely and tells me how I can be a better me.. Mehn forget shakara and hard thug life cassanova wanna be lifestyle that aYam forming up and down the place eh.. Whenever I go to Tomi's blog ehhhnnn, I literally become bare.. as she teaches me what Love for GOD and man Truly is.. Mehn I am grateful for sweet Ayo Thompson who my love for cannot be described in English Language or Engineering mathematics.. I mean Ayo prays for me via WhatsApp.. How deep can that get?! Or shall I forget Atiya who reading her blog gives me chills like the sea breeze.. I mean always when I read Atiya's yeah, I literally feel like I am laying by the beach with Ijagz and I holding hands.. fingers intertwined and my head on her chest.. #TouchingBoRRy Style… :) mehnnn Never will I forget Nwamaka Ajaegbu for the love she sincerely shows. In Titi’s voice.. Her Love for GOD is DeeeP! Like that… Oh! How can I forget Precious Thoughts?! She  is just an amazing lady.. and her love for GOD endears me beyond words…

The Experience:

I wish I could tell you guys writing on this blog has been an easy experience, and fun all the way... but truth is I cant! I wish I could tell you there haven’t been nights that I got so frustrated and thought to shut down the blog.. I wish I could tell you that there weren’t times when some comments didn’t get to me and I had to cry to Blog mama :( lmao.. But the truth is.. On here.. I have loved and lost and I have no regrets… Some came.. Some left.. Some I pushed away... But there are no regrets.. Many think I take this Blog too personal.. But my reply to them is how can you not?! I mean we came here with zero expectation.. Didn’t even know any one would read my confusions... and then bam! I meet awesome people like Lux, Ms Chrissy and Ifeoma Ekesiobi.. People with hearts of gold over flowing with soooo much love and wisdom.. Mehn! You have no other option but to be grateful to be here Ooooooo… I dey teellll you...

I vividly remember the beginning, heheheh yes nah, back in the beginning yeah, Darkness was over the face of the confused Blog.. More like loneliness.. was on the face of the young and confused Blog.. But then I had GOD, and Janyl.. So it was okay by me... **Winks… Then It was just Mama, My ghen ghen Engineering Boys from FaceBook (my guy my guy Akagha, my Best friend Igbe, CEO Eloka, and super smart 'Harry Potter' Chinedu) and my beautiful Cousin Duru Mimi..They hyped me so much then that I saw greatness that wasn’t existent in me.. I remember Engr. Obiora once said to me via WhatsApp… "Duru So you sabi write like this and you dey hide since.. Why you go study wire Engineer?!" Sheybe you guys see wash that the crazy guys as giving me?!  liar Liar pants on Fire guy.. :) Hehehe Crazy guy…  Then the 14- For- 14 Challenge was introduced by Janyl, and that was when the amazing Ms World someBorry.. Cee dropped the first NON-JANYL comment on here.. hehehehe and my What I felt ehn! Chisos!!! It was like I drank Alcohol mixed with cannabis.. hehehehhe… I was literally looking at My Techno device and smiling at myself like a mad man looking at his reflection.. Aswear a neFer hexSpeRred it sam sam. and then I met my most favorite Egbon Toin and my life never remained the same.. heheheh Just for the record.. Toin is by far one of the coolest of all the bloggers I have met.. She is amazing all in caps oh! I just wish she will keep writing and that her and my mentor and Blogger Chief of Staff would just date already.. **Winks  (**Clear throat.. They kuku know DiaSelves.. hehheh)… Oh Mehn after Cee came then did the  legendary T-Notes and then the ever beauRRiful Ugo.. These 2 guys put me up on a very high pedestal that people saw me for what I was proud to be.. CONFUSED. They were the very first 2 to see me as not just another child yeah.. But as a child with a chance of leaving his footprints on the sands of time called Blogger.. They were the first two to believe in me and put me up on their Blog.. aswear a neFer hexSpeRRed it... They are just frosh like that.

The truth is Gang¸ one of the most decisive turns in this blog came when I met the amazing Trio of Seyon, Erniesha and Temi. I mean we met bam!!! Like banger.. And it was just bliss back then.. The four of us would have madt fun and chill on each others blogs day and night… Amaka is SUPER DUPER SMART... Oh How I miss Temi.. Her smiles.. her posts on how to Toast woman and how to be Toasted **winks.. I think its Temi's fault ayam still single.. As if she kept writing.. I would have learnt more :(...  In my head Temi is the Love DockIta.. heheh Plus she has the boRRy of a goddess… Amaka is super cool and Erniesha was GOD sent… Please who knows where Ms Cookie is?! **deep sigh.. Its sad how Blogger is.. Today we are all here… and tomorrow we are all strangers…

The sojourn that started years ago has definitely brought me to the foot of really great bloggers and top of that list has gotta be KingBlogoraTTi..  I mean is it just me gang.. Or is BlogoraTTi not one of the greatest of Bloggers on the phase of the earth.. he is on every single Blog on my Diary and he drops comments that makes TOTAL  sense no matter the length of the post or the confusion spilled by the likes of me **Hides under Jangolova Chair..... He is just the Jagaban of Blogger… I mean he and Erniesha deserve king and Queen of blogger aswear.

Blogger through my woman Wrapper Eyes:

Yeah Yeah, I know, "Duru likes woman".. But Bikonu what am I supposed to do when I meet a child as beautiful and sexy plus smart as Lhurve davies…  Walk away?! Or Close my eyes?! hehehe... I mean even though that crazy Blog Best friend called King Ice is still standing as a stumbling block between me and all them ladies.. Cause they like him soooo much **Wears Evil face... His kidnap is sure and inevitable… Or am I suposed to ignore the Wisdom that is called Peace Itimi.. Meeehhnnn on nights that I cannot sleep cause of grown up issues yeah, I tell myself that If I had enough money ehnn.. Like Otedola and Dangote my uncles brothers last born's inlaws sisters brother.. heheheh.. there would be 3 gehs no! sorry… lets times that by 4 shall we?! So I meant there would be 12 ladies I would like to marry from Blogger all at once… and they would be.. Waittt for it.. hehehehe

Before I disclose who they are Gang, I must say that there must be something spiritual, Physical or Analytically wrong with the woman wrapper side of my brain… heheheh.. But whatever it is.. **In One plus the one’s voice… I lovveeeettt.. heheh I mean I cannot and I repeat I cannot stay away from a fine geh.. I might not have the fully grown liver or account balance to collect her number yeah.. But I must say hi or at least do Looku Looku like mavins... Like I said coming on to Blogger was totally unplanned.. You know I was talking to the beaurIFUL Toluwalase sometime in 2013 and Told her the singular reason for the blog was to put my thoughts out in the open.. Trust Tolu nah.. She gave me the aYam impressed of my friend look… But the truth is a NefEr hexpeRRed that I would meet all these beauRRiful beauRRiful gehs on here.. **Whispers.. I guess they are unconsciously the main reason I haven’t quit.. hehhehehe… I mean Molola and Changing Post Codes are literally my Blog crushes all day every day.. Their beauRRys make my heart skip 10 beats.. Soteyyyyyy sometimes I go fear sey I don get Heart attack…. hehehehehe... My! Am I glad I met them on here.. and so I wish I could marry **Clears throat and **Covers face… Molola, CPC, Cee, Sophie, Raleeyat, Onyilola Sobowale, Tijana, Jessica Allen ( I mean gang.. this child is literally my own Ms. World.. her beauty ehnnnn! Chisos! It can make you kiss and lick your Laptop screen in an attempt to kiss.. heheheheheh)… Lhurve davies, Seyram, CalabarGal annnnnnnndddddddd Itimi… I just wish I could ask the god of woman wrapper AKA Cupid for just one wish ehnn.. I wihhh ask him to shoot this 12 gehs heart with plenRRy PlenRRy arrows so that they can fall helplessly in love with me.. **Winks… hehehehe **Tongue out Lola.. Even you too… **Wears Straight face… Trust me… I have the stamina nah… iDieNot… hehhe biko iKid oh… Whoa! I am still looking at my nne; Yours Truly with SuperMan eyes oh… I can bet my life that she is fine like mami water.. Inshort aYam kuku on a Vision 2015 to see the beauRRiful face behind her anonymity.. Hopefully yeah, we shall succeed…. Mmeeehnnn thinking about the gehs above ehn.. **Cleans sweat… Sometimes I fear they weren’t conceived, but flew down from the sky to do visitation visitation like legendary JOHNBULL of MOJ calls it... cause their beauty confuses me…

Now I hard to start this new paragraph for clarity.. I mean just as for One +The One… Lola makes my heart skip 10 beats, hence it feels like ayam having a cardiac arrest.. hehehehe.. they are just Extra fine like freshly made palm Wine aswear.. and then Esther  koko.. **Smiles sheepishly. Esther is just a wife material like that.. I mean awesome a child she is.. and my am I proud of the woman she is becoming... **Winks Bae.. Esther how far Ame nah, help a confused BroVer out nah.. **winks

The Bonds that we have formed…

let me just say that Morayo Yunus has a place in my heart that will be hard to take her from.. She is an Angel in Human flesh aswear... Oh my Tweenie.. My sister and my friend… Meeting you was just the best.. NoBoRRy and I mean NoboRRy on blogsville writes like you and Favor Moyse do.. In my head you both are genuiuses with the pen.. I mean I don’t call you my tween for nothing Ritah.. You inspire me PIECES!!!

The thing about blogging or should I say blogger is that unconsciously we have become one of another.. Our lives have in some way intertwined unknowingly.. and of all the people I have met on here.. I doubt there are people I have soooo bonded with Like my Bestie Moby and like Clara and Ausserehl AKA Phoenix (Good luck with the fair today Egbon... :))… Egbon Clara and Ausserehl are just Angels.. They came into my life and everything became cha cha brand new.. and thinking of them no matter the time of the day makes me smile.. Even in my sleep sevv.. yep! Its deep like that :) Amazing ladies they are aswear… and Moby is just my Bae.. I can tell her anything… Highest if she gets pissed, she tells me good night, and I jasi immediately.. **winks...

Ada Ada my Otunne… Me and you are just geRRing started bae.. I neFer forget people who believe in me.. and write from jah rast fried rice till now ehn.. Ye af been not just a friend but a sister.. You cool pass Ice water.. and I just hope you and my course mate of Uni days Egwumba stay friends for a longgggg time **Winks.. You geRRit?! Lmao **Wears Evil grin…

Now gang... Are you tired.. lets go for a break shall we?! Me i wanna kuku drink Omi...

aaannnd we are back... Moby, Modupe Abolade and Rella.. To me ehnnn.. these 3 are triplets.. they are my daughters in short **Winks at Rella… I mean the way I literally adore them.. I read them and laugh like a fish soaked inside Orijin.. Cause their humor is heavenly.. oh! I didn’t mention Nike.. my baby.. these gehs shhaaa… **Whispers I haf been jejely crushing on Nike since I joined TFA In 2013. And from Back then till now.. She has still been forming.. Abeg beg her for me nah Gang… Heheheh Moby.. Thinking of you just makes me smile… Truth is ya just a bae.. and the openness of your heart amazes me.. **Pauses to attempt to Upload video.… I look at Moby and see who my Baby Modupe Abolade is becoming.. She is just like you Moby, and if I can ask for 1 wish from you, it would be that you join the many many great people mentoring that child into greatness…  I see more than a mere blogger in Modupe Abolade.. I see a WINNER in her...

The Cutiies… **wears Mr. Nigeria smile..

Now there are some folks on here that you open their blogs and just start smiling from get go.. heheheh and those are the kinda bae that LohlaWindfall, Mzz. Enikoko, Toinlicious ToyoN :p, and Mzz Sykik are.. I mean they are so full of life and I wont forget them even when this blog is over…  and also here gang... there is the super awesome Sophie.. **wears Best smile… This child has my heart… aswear.. If tell you how I literally adore the very soil sophie walks on ehhnnnn… It would shock you.. She is just all shades of cool and smart.. Oh Mummy Sykik ;).. Thinking of you makes me smile from stomach deep ma.. I am so proud of you.. So happy for you.. So Excited for you.. Just know mama that we are DEFINITELY!!! Turning up when you are back in Nigeria.. No excuses.. Just Sure LEGIIT Turn uP **winks!
Nma of Negriffile is just super duper smart.. Just like lola and sophie.. I remember how we met.. Nma and I, and how her smiles made my smile smile several smiles.. Just like Bolatito.. Amazing geh Nma is…  I mean she Nike and Mzz Anuoluwapoo are 3 ladies I really respect.. I mean thinking about how they are so much into correcting and healing the damaged perspective given to women just makes them endearing all the more. Truly, its been a long way down but we still here…

If you are still reading it this far.. Ya just the best aswear.. GOD bless you real Big gang... GOD bless you…

Sharon Ifeoma is just an extra super cool Bae. I mean I cannot even begin to define how lovely her heart is… and just like Ausserehl and Ifeoma Ekesiobi yeah.. I always look forward to her reply to my utterly confused comments.. Then Lily! Lily!! Lily!! My own Committee ChairWoman **Winks.. Amazing Blogger.. I love and admire how she writes HER! I mean you could literally read her Askors, eyes rolling, and many many shakara’s  and body language in her posts.. Lily is just the bae.. My love and best wishes will always be with her.. and then there is Lux.. Now lemme tell you guys something about Lux toh Sure... here goes; SHE IS AN AMAZING LADY…  Dasaaalll... and I mean it… I love how she is easy to relate with everyone.. sometimes I put up a post and think Lux is definitely gonna kill and slay me in the comment section.. And then she veeeeeeerrrrryyy tactfully always accepts me just as confused, and I mean Utterly confused as I am.. I love Lux plenRRy PlenRRy biko…


Don’t think its possible for you to be a Fashion blogger in the world as a whole and not know who the beauRRiful Buiti is.. she is just an amazingly beauRRiful child.. Sometimes sevvv.. It feels like she isn’t human.. Cause her skin is flawlessly beauRRiful.. and her smile.. Nwannee forGeRRit… O a heavenly someboRRy… O wu Mmadu :) So Buiti 8/8/15 yeah?! Bae I want my wedding invite oh! Or aYam going to Kuku invite myslf by myself.. geRRit.. Your Blog son is kuku my Blog best friend  :p Happy Married Life in Advance bae.. You deserve all this happiness.. You earned it Bubba…. And here is where I think off my Bae… Soggie.. Now Angel Soggie came into my life when I needed her the most.. And I just told myself.. I aint giving up on this bae for no reason… To me guys Soggie is just an Angel.. her words come rarely.. But when they do come ehnn..  Hian! It hits my heart like a meteor hitting the Earth.. and always has a positive impact... She is just an Angel someboRRy.. Aswear… :) 

Travelling with no Visa

You know something about Blogger is that it cuts across countries and nationalities... and that is one of the things I think of and smile.. I remember meeting Seyram (my Instagram aallllll day crush) on Bella Naija and going Damn she smart.. and thinking of Seyram alone makes all tiny tiny one one hair on my lekpa BoRRy to stand attention like Soldier… She excites me as her wisdom is beyond words… and also there is the amazing Kenyan Blogger as well.. Roselyn is just a boss someboRRy like that aswear.. I mean super samzing and loyal to her niche.. Plus her blog is heavenly beauRRful aswear…

The Guy code:

Over time, I thank GOD that we have generated not just merely guy bonds yeah, but also formed a male Gang that is constantly growing.. I mean Alphasoar came.. It is not everyday we get to see a male blogger poised to change the world.. But so effortlessly Alphasoar is doing it.. and doing it well for that matter.. he has the wisdom of the gods… And then my Goons Victor Okoronkwo, Christopher fortune, Ayooluwa Balogun, Don Osco, Mannie, Endy Chris and their class prefect Ice Law… heheheh It feels great when brothers support brothers in chasing women.. and for this I am most grateful.. Last Born is just the real MVP.. His wisdom and poise to grow and bring growth just amazes me… a great man he is I tell you… Okay this post e haf long oh! Lemme take a picSHur…

Manni Mannie Mannie.. mmmmyyyy Nigga like I like to call him.. manni na my guyest guy.. Funny thing yeah.. He was the first someboRRy to call me this year and the way he has had my back just amazes me.. Although his love for his loyalty for his iyawo plenRRy pass his loyalty for our friendship shhaaa… but its all good… A brover is a brover at all time... Woman na priority.. heheheh **Tongue out at iMannie.. a Correct guy is who Mannie is.

Now from Now to last year… The crowd here has literally changed and so might it be when we get to 3 Insha Allah.. but to all the folks that have come on here..
We are grateful... I haf not finish oh! this is me just calming down the tirednes.. **Winks


Now guys.. June 2015 was by far one of my bestest months yet on the Young and Confused Blog.. I mean we grew astronomically… A growth I owe solely to MariamOre, EllaHillz, Blessing Ehiz, Ijagila my FORMER Baby **Tongue out and all of you guys.. But the major reason I am writing this section was because I met supercool people in June.. I mean amazingly awesome folks.. Folks that I know we will grow togERRa for a long time.. I mean in June I met the BeauRRiful Glowy Shoe, the Amazingly super smiley Gloria who has a smile of the gods… I met super Beauty Follower, the drop dead sexy Tijana, the super smart Phisayo, the Hillarious Ifeoma Ekesiobi whose reply to my comments always and I repeat always has me in stitches, I met the ghen ghen Ibukun Writes…  I mean I dunno what awesome feels like… But June felt awesome for us… Thank you guys a lottttt.. For every single thing… for every single day...

Chuku-Chuku's in my flesh hehehehe;

Hehehehehhe now the number 1 someboRRies on this list has gotta be CatWoman, Rella and Favour.. kai! Hehhehehe Thaese gehs ehnnn! They like Quarrel pass fight for Africa shhhhhaa.. hehe they literally be tormenting my comments on other blogs.. and tasssin my life here.. because of CatWoman sev.. I now do 120 Push-uPS daily.. These gehs are just amazingly Frustrating my life.. But I guess that’s why I love them deep… **winks... (Saturday 18/07/15... 6; 20 AM.. Gang.. aYav to run to the food market for Dr. Duru now, its her Birthday today… Yyyyyaaayyy.. BRB. Pauses for 1 hour 58 minutes)

The people I miss;

I miss the hillarious Zoe.. The Extra healthy Nurse Gbemi KoKo, I miss Erniesha, I miss DocKitar TeeKay toh jasi baje baje.... I miss the classy and real Ms TLG.. I miss the super accepting Ms Cookie…  Oh how I miss the super smart Engr. Diva Cliverly…  That child is Awesomely smart aswear.. and I totally understand that life is busy and all.. But aswear.. I just wish that she could update a bit more…  :(

Ehhhnnnn... heheheh Taking About Gbemi koko.. heheh just like CatWoman ehhnn.. reading Gbemi used to make fear catch me hehhehe.. **Wears Straight face… Beeeeccccaaauuuseee I always end up being OVER inspired to walk on my “Beach body” and increase my 6 packs from 4 and half pieces of packs to 9 pieces.. heheheh.. Did I mention that Cat woman is a real Bae already?! iTrip biko… Oh where is my Funmi Reese?! Hehehehe me and this geh ehn! We sha haf History shaaa… I made a stupid mistake a while back.. and made her feel less.. and then months later I was in her exact position with me being hit.. Karma is a bitch yeah.. Biko where is Funmi?!  Awesomely entertaining Vira do you know?! Vira my Vira.. Amazing Child.. I definitely dream of the day we shall meet.. ya just super cool Bubba… **Winks.. Hugs and Kisses for Fxafa..

Oh Tosin my Agbani! I miss you.. I miss us.. I know you know what I mean… But you see I don’t call you Agbani cause it just a nick name.. I do cause in my heart that’s what you are… I know I screwed up Tosin.. But w can do this.. We can heal togeRRa past this regardless.. 


As I got to your name baby mi Suzanne.. Guilt enveloped me aswear.. Kai! Just like Sophie and Modupe Abolade… You mean more than just a reader to us.. Ya just an angel someboRRy bubba…  I know I promised to call you last 2 nights.. Its Saturday now...  Baby mi.. Life is just extra hard..  Aswear.. I will call you after this post is published insha Allah… I will make it up to you baby mi.. I promise.. I remember how we met Su.. Do you remember?! hehehehe. How excited we both were… and although I miss you sooo much, and I constantly beat myself up cause I know say I no dey try… I still kuku know that me and you are not just temporal friends.. We are sure gonna go the length Su… I promise…

**If You Read to this level.. GOD bless you… :)

**Goody Bag by The prince now playing…

So whats your selling Pooint eh Calabar gal.. heheheh now this lady is just super amazing.. Insha Allah yeah, when I eventually leave Nigeria... ask how I know?! GOD told me! :).... my top people to meet are definitely her and Bim Akinmade.. they are just the baest baes aswear…


Now iBlog With Grace is an amazing Blogger.. I remember when I met her on here.. I was totally confused as to if she was male or female… hehehehe I just used my church mind to accept that she was female cause her demograph audience was But trust FBI me nah, I traced her on Instagram.. and the rest is history.. **Wears Inspector gadget smile… and afterwards.. Just as i did with Lola, I perfected in my heart that you see this one ehhnnn! I wont let her go for any reason eh! And my its been a wonderful ride.. Plus her and King Ice are teaching me what cloth to wear with what shoe **covers face… They are my fashion Goons like that biko… **Winks

**Samba by WhizKid now playing…  **Bumping head. Had to stand up to dance a bit
My MUA’s

Now these are just my goons.. You know the ones that turn anything and anyone into An Angel.. my Blog Bestie as moby call our selves is DEFINITELY! on this list.. and thenn there is the amazing Debra.. a Child beauRRiful within and without.. I mean plus she has a perfect shape.. Awesome bae aswear…  follow her on Istagram.. and you will be WCW'ing on her daily **Winks… Trust me...

1 Dose a day helps keep the cold away.

Now my job is unpredictable.. More like determined by weather and site.. And on some days when its 'THOSE' days yeah.. Bella Naija is my drug… Bella Naija has just been a real booster of my career aswear.. and that’s how I met Hawt Talk with Tosan.. and the amazing Cladora… Now these ladies mind ehhnn.. kai! **Clean sweat… It must be a real Amusement park in there oh.. Their posts are just tha Bomb daily.. Cladora Ann is my personal nwanne someboRRy and she is one of the coolest Bloggers I know… Plus an Amazing Mother and wife to an Amzing FAMILY… I have been stalking Nma Ojike of late.. AYam sure adding her to my daily routine.. 

Goddess Sunshine
Now this lady I have a personal affinity for.. I cannot explain the affinity yeah.. but she smart aswear… and she funny die… lmao.. I mean her words always strike a part of my heart that very few touch.. I read her and literally picShur her small statue... and although I know my picShur of her is wrong.. buahahahah... Its still fun to picShur shaaaa.. 


This morning.. Insha Allah yeah, I turned to my 10 and met Izunna Ucheakanwa and Anthony Ibe.. welcome on board gang.. Please lets Dance like no one is watching togeRRa shall we sirs?! Please don’t be strangers.. Please lets do this... Please join the gang guys...

As #YnCStrikesII I want you guys to know.. that we are nothing without you.. ME, EllaHillz, MariamOre, Ehiz, Walase and Ijagz are giving out Naira 1, 000 to the first 5 commenters on this post... and Icelaw and Morayo get 2k Each for being here for us even when no one was… Thanks Gang…

P.S: If you are thinking about starting a Blog.. I know you might be asking yourself What if i Fail?! What if i fall?! but lemme ask you, 1 kweshion.. What if you Succeed?! What if you Fly?! Stop thinking Gang.. Just do it.

#Udo #YnCStrikeII

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In the little that we are GANG.. I openly declare.. That #ItcanonlybeGOD