Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Blogsville Wonderland 2...


Precious people, from my heart, I'll miss you all.
Rella, Buiti, Pat, Bloggorrati, Moby, Anuoluwapo, EniWealth, Calabar Girl, Cladora and Oyinlola please read last week's post o. Biko!

Dear Adenike, your comment on last week's post was very warming and you are correct, this is not a season movie[AIRTEL NG- 0030 9222 8757 0133) (Abeg no vex, I wasn't sure what expression to use,you know this writing can be tough for some of us) . I so so appreciate you dear and as a matter of fact, I had the intention to celebrate you this week. You sure are one of our loyal friends.  You are the bestest. Thanks you much.

Dearly beloved Morayo: I SEE U. Yea, I do. I appreciate your being around always and I don't think you are lazy with comments o, you try pass me sef. Thanks dear.

God First: Names like yours always always interest me. I do hope God is truly and sincerely First in your life. I wish you the best and like I said, am still around

Esther: hi babe, you truly love to write, that's great. For me I think you are warm and loving. Thanks for appreciating us... (ETISALAT NG-700 913683 177 093). We appreciate you too. Much love.

Glowy shoes: babe, you rock big time! I love love your blog, in my mind, am like will this chick not run out of shoe ideas. It's cool what you doing dear, you are one of a kind. Kudos.

Adaeze: hello thinking really, I hope this is not inspired by your display picture but you seem very mature and well composed, you have a motherly tone in your comments. We may not have (MTN NG 4079 6419 5917)...met but you sure have left a very good impression of yourself ma'am. Thanks for always checking on us.

I am not ignorant that there are many people who read my post regularly but probably have never posted a comment...I appreciate you all and I hope that At least ONE post blessed and added value to your life, that's my joy. Thanks once again.

My MO, glad that you were glad. I hope that message inspires you to do more because sincerely I BELIEVE IN YOU.

Gloria, NmaYours-truly...thanks you for last week's comment. wish you beautiful ladies every beautiful thing you can imagine.

To all who may want to read my post in the last months, they are:

(GLOBACOM NG- 14191 64122 29115)
And then this last post :(...

To all my New friends here...thank you...SHALOM! 

Much love...MariamOre



  1. **Deep Sigh... It's always hard to see some one go.. I mean we literally live a close apart.. But then I have this feeling of you being very far away already Ore mi... I remember how teh Wednesday with mariamOre Dream began.. How we had that meeting infront of your house in which you passionately poured out your heart with so much about how you wanna make a difference in the lives of Young ladies.. How you said yes to Blog with me for 3 months.. I remember how I drove you nuts at the journey to #TheProposal post.. **Tongue out... How you were furious at the Photo Studio but still managed to pull off the post woth a ghen ghen smile.. How you endured all my "You must post before 8 AM" ginger.. And right here.. As you go Ore mi.. I can only say Thank you.. Silver and Gold I have not.. But a heart of gratitude i give to you.

    Ore Mi... I know how much you want to make a difference.. hehehe i will miss coming to your house on Tuesday evening for meeting shaaaaaa... Ehen as i was Soro-ING... my only request is that whether on the YnC blog or wherever.. that you don't give up on your Why.. Last month was Amazing Mariam.. You saw my text nah.. We owe it all to You... Ella... Ehiz.. and Jilda.. Thank you MariamOre.. For everything.... **Back Street boys song begins playing in Background.. "This isnt goodbye.." Ewo!! **Holds heart... then **Cleans lone tear... and the crowd goes..Awwwggghh :(

  2. Def not the last we will be reading from you. Best wishes

  3. Ehya...I'm just getting the hearty feeling now. I surely know this is not the end of your sweet presence on this blog. As you said last week, we will still be feeling your warm vibes. You surely know you inject us with great doses of inspirational thoughts on this blog, and it will be greatly missed (Duru has been wishing all this year to write like you).

    As this lady (Necole Bitchie) said "standing at the top of a mountain, feeling accomplished... but in order to climb another mountain and start a new journey, you eventually have to climb down..." Just keep inspiring with the power of the pen or as you know how to, greater accomplishments are just few steps from you. Thanks for the mention (seriously I'm feeling like a superstar right now) and I love the pic you used (it speaks volume).

    See you at the top girl!!

  4. Now you've made me cry! I remember when you started blogging here, seems like only yesterday and now you're leaving. Like I said before- don’t stop writing, you have a gift, don’t ever waste it. Continue to be the star we know you to be.
    I got the airtel card... Yay!

  5. I have only been here for a short period and I am happy I have been able to see you through your writings. I miss you of lucks my dear.

  6. Its only the beginning not the end my friend. So we shall connect sooner than you think- come over to my blog anytime. You've done a lovely job so far on here, and here's wishing you all the best today and always!

  7. I was blown away.
    What could I say?
    It all seemed to make sense.
    You've taken away wednesdays with MiriamOre,
    And I can't deal with that.
    I try to see the good in my blog life,
    But good things in life are hard to find.
    We'll blow it away, blow it away.
    Can we make this something good?
    Well, we'll try to do it right this time around if wasn't in time past.
    Let's start over if you please.
    I'll try to do it right this time around.
    It's not over.
    'Cause a part of this confused blog -wednesday with MiriamOre is almost down to the ground.
    (Daughtry, Its not over- lines edited by Gfirst).

    Well miss your presence. Thanks for the mention!

  8. nice post :)

  9. OMG! I can't believe i'm missing u already. best of luck dearie.

  10. Awwww duru darling thanks so your confusion state,i like you but pweesh i wont come too close abeg..can't deal... Don't miss her too much ooo...its always for the better

  11. Nice post dear. Wishing u all the best. I'll miss you here

  12. Nice post. Wishing you all the best. I'll miss you here.

  13. Mariam biko come back oh...ah ah!

  14. Awwww bless you dear - I love how you always take time out of your busy schedule to appreciate your friends and we appreciate you too. Have a beautiful evening

  15. Aww, don't tell me you are living us so soon. *tears* you were the first normal human I met on YnC. I hold you are able to come around soon girl. Even if it's just to say hi.. I will miss you

  16. Duru where's my comment oooooo?