Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Blogsville Wonderland...

Hi Guys!

Happy July guys.. may this month bring you series of reasons to smile... So 3months ago, this journey started. After the proposal post, you all have been tremendous!

Thanks guys! This post is to let u know how much we appreciate you.

One of the good things about writing is that it reflects who you are. Reading a person's write up, you can have an idea of who that person is:Based on this, I have tried to write about everyone who's commented on my posts in the last three months. They may not be accurate but please pardon me, it's just my way of saying thank you and to let you know you are special and unique individuals.

RELLA: is my favourite personality. Some how, I could say we are soul sisters because it's easy for her to connect to my posts. She's been consistent and very supportive. I remember one Wednesday that I missed my post, she many people can be that meticulous?(am just wondering,not even I). Her bluntness caught my attention. She ain't scared of saying what she thinks. This chic is SOMETHING. Would love to see more of your writings, your write ups are priceless,keep it up.U r d bestest darling. Muahhh!see you at the top.

MY MO': Molola is talented, intelligent and creative. She's like a beautiful butterfly, as it spreads it's wing to fly, you can't help but notice it as it displays such colourful wings. I can tell, she is fun to be with cos at her blog, it's never a dull moment. Her head is filled with ideas. She is my DREAM and she sure has a cute smile.

MOBY: Our Drama babe. Visiting her blog, it was obvious, she is full of life! Her hands are gifted, no doubt. She is adventurous and an achiever. She has 4 loyal friends and am sure it's because she is loyal herself. Who wouldn't want to be friends with a beautiful princess like her? In Her first comment on my post, she claimed to love me, I hope that's true. Nice job sis.

ANUOLUWAPO: okay! To start with, Anu is preeeeettyyy! + she's a Lawyer? I tot lawyers are suppose to be talkers but this chic looks like not a talking kind of somebody, she seems all cool, calm and collected.
Thanks dear for loving us.

Calabar gal is a private blogger :(.. but we love and had to put a picture of her on too...

CALABAR GIRL: this lady seems like a "bookie" person to me(by dat I mean studious,i think she reads alot). Her use of words and choice of vocabulary are impeccable.Her perspective is insightful and exclusive to her. Her comments r straight to d point and un ceremonious. Interestingly, I think we 'MAY" have something in common. You wanna know? Nah! I'll tell her if she asks. Thanks for being there sweets!

IMMANUEL: I figured that there are more ladies here that guys so I can't help but notice the few guys who have been loyal here. You, Immanuel are one of those few guys who have been regular. For your comments and reading our posts, thank you.

BLOGGORATI: this is one fantastic person. Although, I think his "name" is weird but yet, to me, he is special. I could almost think he blogs for a living. I admire his consistency, he'd read your post, leave comments(whatever the topic or content). He'd drop a few words and if he wanted to make a long comment, his contributions are in my opinion always insightful. On his blog, he describes simplicity, he blogs with Ease. The guy is a Genius Abeg! I rest my case. Am a big big fan without apologies(and no strings attached*winks* Mr Duru, thats a message 4 u)! Lol! Thumbs up bro!

J.AUSSEREHL: her comments on some of my posts showed to me that she really did read the posts. Her contributions were encouraging. She's got a beautiful rich dark skin and also a fashion loving somebody. Thanks babe!

BUITI: to start with, I like the way she calls JdB, Son! It's like I can hear the sound of her voice. Funny! I trip for her, her collection of cloths is serious. I don't know if I could come pick some. Name it, shoes, cloths, dresses. Did I forget to add? Yes, she is Beautiful and so also her sister. I like how she has carved a niche for her self in modelling her own style, that's very commendable. Go Girl!

PAT: catwalkwithpat. Pat to me, describes simplicity(i can be wrong o, dats y I added "to me"). She keeps up with fashion trends, celebrity look e.t.c. Week in and out there is always something to like out for at her blog. Her comments here have been great. Thanks babes for keeping up!

JANYL BENYL: has a Beautiful smile. Smiles like hers make you feel like life is worth living. I'll tread softly here cos she is my Oga's blog mom. Her comments and posts describes her person. She is fabulous, she adds colour to life. She is a ray of light and a beam of hope. Best wishes ma'am you rock plenty plenty!

FAVOUR: is straight forward and brief. My Friends of life post earned her longest comment. As I read that comment, I was glad. Although she says on her profile that she's sanguine, well...maybe not a typical sanguine. her blog style is unique. One of my favourite post is if I were a boy. Interesting and insightful.

ENIWEALTH: Eni is Posh like that. She's one of those whom I like their blog template, it's beautiful. (Eni and Anu seem to have something in common). I enjoyed your TMI post, it sure was an eye opener. Thumbs up. Thanks for your comments and contributions.

CLADORA: Her first comment here was "you're amazing, good job! After reading this I clicked her name immediately to check her up. I must say, this comment caught my attention. Thanks for your kind words babe and I sure enjoy reading updates on your blog as well as your takes as you usually attach after the updates. Thanks Clad, weldone.

OYINLOLA: this babe this daring! I just have that impression because of some steps she's taken in developing her blog/brand. She has this aura, though we haven't met but i can tell. She expresses grace and elegance. I love that she expresses her Faith n Belief without apology, that for me is very commendable. You doing a great job darling! E ku ise!

I must add that this is not flattery it's an expression of my perception.
This by God's Grace is Part 1, Part 2 will be next week. Next week also will be my last Post for this SEASON. Am still here of course, as a fan of you all...
I wish you guys the very best.

Much love, MariamOre.



  1. As a fan! for what! We need you as Air Condition in the ship, na play abeg!

    You inspire, but don't start now to break our hearts!

  2. So this is the announcement JdB said you'll come and make yourself. Don't go o Mariam, I always enjoy ur posts even tho I'm always lazy to reply. Please don't leave us hanging. I hope this is all a joke o. Abeg!

  3. Duru this is a nice compilation..God bless everyone and their hustle...there are more female bloggers than male

  4. Nice compilation

    *smiling sheepishly

  5. Egbon! Is that me way up there? Chei, I'm a very beauriful someborry(using your words!!!) great perception but "flattery" will get you every where my amazing blogger friend!
    Vielen dank lieber Duru. Du weiß ja, dass ich dich liebe oder? Du bist der beste junge Mann und ich wünsche dir alles gut!!!

  6. Hold on, what do you mean last post for this season? What season might that be. Is that Duru talking or Miriam? Yes my old lady brain gets confused a lot!

  7. awww.... Eni's Nose is so cute!!!! nwokem bia,what do u mean by last post for the season?

  8. I must admit I read this like it was Duru writing(confession: I read my bit and quickly commented! )
    Its amazing that a simple comment contribution can make a lot of blogging difference! I'm in awe of the support y'all exhibit here and hope you keep it on!
    Stay blessed Miriam and come back when you get the chance. Thank you for saying what you did about me and all the others. And to the ync gang, our support on here is incredible. God bless everyone

  9. Mariam, you are such an amazing person. As you've said through someone's writing one can know the kind of person the writer is. I belief you will be a cool, God fearing and very nice person also creative and intelligent. How beautiful to note and take in cognizance pple that take time to view ur work. I wish u could marry my brother *wink*

    Anyhw sha, pls leave vacation for another time. This is YnC blog not a season movie. Lol. Though love ur compilation, I just wish I had been consistent so I wud see d fine review u will write abt me. Lol...

  10. Nice compilation. I love the fact that you took note of your blog visitors..

  11. end of season 1???i was just beginning to get used to reading from u on wednesday's..

  12. awwwww....#singing duru rocks big time# kisses.... muah...

  13. Awwwww bless you dear - they are very beautiful ladies and amazing bloggers. Duru, the first image is on your facebook page. It might interest you to know that I have been stalking you on Facebook lately hahahahahahaahahha


  15. Look at my sweet Rella. Love that girl pieces. Wish she could be around more often. Sigh.
    Blogoratti is definitely the greatest. I don't know how he does it.

    Mariam dear, keep it up. You can only get better. Thanks for the review, really appreciate. You made my week!