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Hi guys! Wait! Y'all better not tell me you havent visited my blog at: www. ellahillz.blogspot.com.. Ah! If I catch you ehnnn.. :) Hi Rella... saw your comment on my first post babe... Love you too hun :*... So Our very own pioneer of the young and confused gang  lured me to do another post today, I said no initially  but then  I reluctantly said a yes, You just can't say no to JdB's sugar coated tongue. oh well, i had a reason and that reason is because I'm a busy soul and I end being wasted after the days' activity, coupled with the fact that I close as late as 8pm and return home as late as 9pm to 10pm daily and to add more gbese, I work during weekends too .  No b say d kind busy dey bring beta money sef, *sigh* well sha, e go beta.

At the moment all I'm practically doing is typing and hoping that I get inspired to at least pen down something  maybe motivational, maybe emotional, maybe educational or even maybe something full of humour....just maybe' ..

Now this is different, I couldn't think of any tale to tell, so I decided to just think and imagine something out of the box...And all I could think about was "The Rib"
How many of us wondered why God chose the rib?
Have you asked why?

Oh well, I just did.. If you have or haven't, this is for You...

Who knew the ribs protects the heart and lungs and even supports us around?

Who knew the duty of the rib is to ensure that we are created perfectly and beautifully?

Who knew that the ribs are very strong yet delicate and fragile?

Oh yes!, the heart is the center of our being , the lungs hold the breath of our life but then, did you know that the rib cage will allow itself to be broken before it will allow damage to the heart?...How sacrificial!!! ghen ghen… :)

From  the excerpts  of this  mini illustration, If your  body  system is composed of a rib cage, then I can autocratically assure you through the power vested upon me by the holy spirit that "YOU ARE THE CHOSEN ONE"

And just like the rib, we are all fragile, delicate, yet powerful. Well, we just can't assimilate all of this  fully until life pushes us. This push can occur as a result of an internal or external push.

The rib is a component of the life support system, It is intertwined. It needs the other parts to aid it function effectively.

''Eve emerged through Adam's rib ...
Now, imagine the wonders of the most high."  And also imagine again why he chose the rib.
The rib protects us, the rib surrounds the chest, it enables the lungs to expand thereby facilitating breathing and expanding the chest cavity.

It may interest you to know that all mammals created by God from humans to animals were formed with ribs.

Just like the ribs existing within us, let us in union, emulate what it represents and of course apply them in our practical lives.

Now let's check out once again the functions of the ribs;

Ø  It protects.
Ø  It supports.
Ø  It sacrifices.
Ø  It needs other parts to work effectively

No man is an island fam, we need each other. If our ribs can do all of this, then we have no excuse as owners of these ribs to not do same.. To not assist one another, protect one another and love one another... Regardless of what or who we are lovelies, White or Black, Male or Female, Tall or short, rich or soon to be rich... please Lets choose to be the RIB today.

We can be much more!

Thanks for your time family, I'm still your girl, Ellahillz"

Have an amazing day y'all.

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  1. Nice post eLla

  2. No man is an island fam, we need each other#word..the rib is an essential part of the body that does great,amazing work...
    Ellah you are a fantastic writer..keep being u bubba..u rock
    P.S:off to ellahillz.blogspot.com

  3. @Fisayomi, Thanks Darl, @Victor,Too much love is worrying me for you.lol

  4. Love this post, erm I beg to ask Ella... what prompted you to think about rib? Lemme guess, marriage or you saw the ribcage outline of a skinny girl like me..hehe. Okay lemme go holla over at your blog and btw thanks for sighting my comment.

  5. @ E-Rella...Lol, truthfully i can't say, random thinkn i suppose. hahahhaa, no ribcage inspiration from no skinny girl like yourself and i plus no marriage inspirtaion either.lol. love u dear'

  6. 'Eve emerged from Adam's rib' thereby making Adam the Rib Cage. 'And just like the rib, we are all fragile, delicate, yet powerful'. Same way Eve was fragile, delicate and powerful but still needed Adam the Rib Cage. 'The rib protects us'. May all Rib cages find their ppropriate ribs to protect. and May all ribs find the appropriate Rib Cages tp protect them,

  7. Awwwwwh....I know this is Ifeanyi Obi-odunukwe...lol

  8. Wonderful write up...form today onwards I Choose to be the rib...

  9. Nice write up Ella, from today onwards I choose to be the rib...

  10. @Christopher, i pray so darl .lol

  11. @Christopher, i pray so darl .lol