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Ehiz_Preaches: My HOME, My FAMILY...

Duru: Whoopp WhooppppeR!! WhoopeST!!! The ghen ghen Ehiz is back :)

Hi guys.. Its been a minute and i sincerely apologize. lets just say Life has been mega busy... Thank you team for for the love and support, you guys are an amazing bunch xxoo... So with out much adoo.. lets do this shall we? Do you remember those times in high school when you would be asked to write a composition on something? I remember very well, the first time I was asked to write on “my home” in secondary school, I had the worst article lol, the English teacher who was surprised because she knew I was quite good with writing and speaking, ( I mean at 2nd week of my first term in JSS 1, I had been nominated into the literary and debating society by the proprietress herself because of my very first impromptu speech) had to call me to the staff room and asked that I sit there with her and write. I was lost, I sat for about 10 minutes into the time, my head blank, because after the first paragraph describing how many we were, our house address, and every other thing I wrote in the first one, I didn’t know what else to write. To cut the long story short, she noticed I was lost, explained what the article was supposed to entail and I wrote.

Now I ask you, what exactly is YOUR HOME?

People would define the HOME as comprising primarily of the father, mother and children. But does this definition do justice to the word itself? My answer is NO! The word “home” is too big to be described, or put down to the bare definition of father, mother and children. It goes way beyond that.Your home, is your family, and everybody that has played a vital role in shaping your life.
Your home, your family, is the strongest support system you or I can ever have. When you have problems, when situations arise that you can’t handle, they are the ones who wade in and help you through that phase. Friends are helpful, yes, but there is nothing like family. There always has to be at least one person who has your back no matter how bad things are.

Not only does your family support you, it also plays a very important role in shaping the mindset of its members. I can tell you that about 60% of my values are values of my family. This is why my heart bleeds when I think about the increasing rate of divorce in our society. I mean if the father and mother are separated, it always has devastating effect on the children because every tiny little detail is embedded in the hearts of these kids.

I know of someone who comes from a broken home, she is so lackadaisical about life and about her mother who she stays with, she literally seems to have given up on that structure “home” and she doesn’t mince words when she tells you that she doesn’t really care about having a family someday. This is someone in her late 20s may I remind you, trust me, it is a big issue!

When there is a broken home, it is really hard to teach those core values that are supposed to enable the children develop to become independent beings. I remember a particular lecturer who would always say “the homes are completely broken down” and go on to tell us, his students, that this was the reason why many of us had serious life problems. Of course, then we we were really upset and would go “why would he say our homes are broken down” but looking back, I realize that he was actually right.

When was the last time you as a parent sat your children down to tell them of your own life experiences, or to teach THE WORD to them. A very long time ago I guess?! Money is a very important factor in the family, but acquiring it should not be the foundation upon which your children are raised.

When was the last time you sought to enquire about who the friends of your children are? No matter how well you bring up your child, if his/her friends are bad, it may all go to waste. Little wonder, the saying “evil communication corrupts good manners”.

When was the last time you had a conversation with your child in general, discussing her likes and dislikes.. discussing you and what he or she thinks about most of your rules?! Bringing up a child should not be a one way thing, because your children have opinions too, seek their views, let them actually contribute and when they are wrong, explain to them why you won’t compromise on your decision.

THE HOME is a very important factor that makes up our society, we should treat it as such, because it is very fragile and can be easily broken.

Thank you guys for the love and support both on here and on you guys are a wonderful bunch. Thank you Duru for having me.

By; Blessing Ehiz (Compere/Host/Writer and Duru's Friend)

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  1. hmm... nyc post...the role a family play in molding lives can not be over emphasized. when u read myles munroe " the principle of fatherhood' u will catch a different revelation.



    1. I agree with you totally. Thanks for reading too :D

  2. The post really touched me. Nice! Nice!! Nice!!! Enjoyed ready it.

  3. This is one post i can totally relate with.. Thanks Ehiz.. If the family is right, everything will be right..

  4. Ehiz, its a truly sensational post about home and everything that comes along with it. Love begins at home and you've touched on various important aspects of what a good home should be.
    Thanks for sharing and reminding us all about how important it is. Greetings.

    Hope you are having a great week Duru, best wishes!

    1. You are welcome dear. Thanks also for reading through :D