Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Ehiz_Preaches: What is LOVE?!

Hi guys.. How is the week Turning out for you?! Great I hope?! So Duru asked me to do a post on love. I really actually do not know what to write especially since I don’t believe in it myself. Don’t get me wrong, fatherly love, motherly love, sisterly and brotherly love, I believe in all of that, but the one that exists between a man and a woman in a relationship.. I don’t believe in it. Maybe because I have been scarred too many times, or maybe I have just seen too many failed relationships, or maybe because I know so many people who put up a show outside just to cover up what truly goes on within.

But before I go any further, please permit me to ask a kind question... Please What is love?

The Bible helps us define love as being neither selfish nor envious;

”Love is patient, love is kind it does not boast and it is not proud”.

The problem with people nowadays is that love is confused with sex. That is the only reason why a guy would say he can’t date someone he can’t have sex with, because the first thing coming to his mind when he thinks about a relationship is sex. Yes the sex is important for guys, but I have come to realize that if a guy truly loves a girl, sex won’t be the deciding factor on whether he dates her or not, this is why people only stay in relationships if the sex is good and not if they love one another.

When you truly love someone, it goes beyond the flesh, that’s why I can tell you without thinking too much about it, that I can take a bullet for my mother because I don’t just love her, I am in love with her. When you love, it is a bitter-sweet experience, because it makes you go the extra mile, that is why I am perplexed when someone who claims to love a woman beats her up, or embarrasses her in public, or even leaves her because the sex is not good enough. When you love, it’s like you have formed a shield around that person to the best of your ability, hence you would rather stones are thrown at you than at that person, you would rather take insults meant for that person than let that person take it alone, you would rather be patient and teach her how to have sex than leave her for someone who is more “experienced”.
It is said that nothing can be compared to a mother’s love for her children. A mother would rather starve than let her children go hungry. I read in a particular newspaper about a plane crash and the only survivor was a very little girl. How did she survive? The answear to that was rather emotional… Cause As the plane was going down, her mother wrapped her up with her body to shield her from the horrific impact of crashing. Talk about true love guys.. Talk about True Love!!!

Someone would ask… is love physical or emotional? Would you date someone with physical disabilities or flaws? Now let me ask, would your mother love you whether you had physical disabilities or not? I was perplexed to hear someone say he couldn’t marry a lady who got blind while they were dating. I mean, nobody prays for evil to befall them, but this is someone who you have “claimed” to love to the extent that you decided that you were going to spend the rest of your life with her… Only for you to bail out because she went blind? Ridiculous, I must say!!!

I personally believe that Love is a connection between two souls, love is trusting, love is enduring, love overlooks all faults, love makes allowances for mistakes, love sees beyond the physical, love is respectful, love is kind, love is time consuming, lol, inshort LOVE is LOVE!!!

Truth is gang... Maybe I believe in love after all, but I am just too scared to let myself go once more. maybe..

Cheers guys and do have a great time of what’s left of the week…

by: Blessing Ehiz (Compere/Host/Writer)

Instagram: @blessingiyama 



  1. Like u said, love def goes beyond physical appearance, sex etc. I think the reason I always believed in love was all those crap Mills and Boon novels I read as a teen plus chuck in Johanna Lindsay and the rest of all the romance/thriller authors that shaped my teenage years regarding love. Knights in shinning amour don't exist as them books say, but he will most likely come riding on foot with the most gawd awful sense of fashion and zits plus freckles that scream out loud! But the point is to give love a chance. How do you know u can or cannot love if you don't open your mind to the possibilities? As humans we like to base our conclusions on a single event which of course is wrong.(but you know that already hence your final say about maybe actually believing!) And without respect there can never be love.

  2. Oh and those eyebrows, can you come shape mine already

  3. Beautiful! Can I just blow kisses at Blessing right now? #NoHomo. But I fell in love with her while reading this article. Love is nothing physical, it is not from the flesh. I like that you said it's a soul to soul connection. True that!

    Love flows from the heart. If it's not within you, you can't give it.

  4. Hmmmmm....very true, u just summarize it all....nice one dear.

  5. Hmmmm....very true...u summarize it all..Nice one dear.

  6. Hmmmm great write up dear.. Love love love, i felt bad when I read that you don't believe in love btw a man and a woman. I do understand your point honestly I do. It is ridiculous the things you hear lovers do to one another.. Even the mothers love these days is questionable or else how can a mother kill or abandon her new born child? However true love still exist btw lovers.. Takia and have a blessed day you all..

  7. Love is everything. It matters not so much where it comes from -a mother, a friend, a partner, strangers, or whatever. What really matters is the impact it makes. A mother's love may be seen to be unending, a friend who knows all about you but still loves you anyway, being deeply loved by a partner and loving in return can be the most beautiful thing, and the stories of strangers who show kindness to everyone is indeed love too.

    In the end you don't love someone because they are perfect, but you love them -imperfections and all. And sometimes believing in love starts from within -from loving ourselves.

    Lastly, its a great post to ponder on, great to read that Ehiz Blessing.
    Hello Duru, hope the week is treating you right and vice versa.

    Peace always!

  8. Aww.. Love is a burriful sometin ;)

  9. Love is beautifulwe are just confused about what it really is because we are not yet in love with the man who is love himself. Its far from physical, its far from perfect it is a decision..


  10. Darling, never ever give up on love. It's the most beautiful thing in the world. :)
    Great read!

  11. Love is far more than physical attraction... I don't know if I would ever understand it

  12. Love is just a complete devotion to someone. I get tired of asking if love does exist because I, like every other people seem to be swept off by almost every guy that fit our description of someone we can love. But I have come to understand that there is a great difference between crushing on someone and loving someone.

    Love is a complete feeling despite any ugly features. It depends on the mind solely. It is someone believing and totally devoting all feelings and attention to someone else. You are right, love exists it's just that we are scared to commit to it.

  13. You will never get tired of loving and been loved, trust me ;)

    Have a great start of the week :)