Thursday, 20 August 2015

#FeatureThursday_ The Dizzy Bride By Mr. Bond (Ofenchichi)

Pre-Script.. Whhhhhooosssshh Gang! Hiya! So we are delving into Poetry nah ehh.. heheh not EFFery day woman wrapper tales nah... **covers face.. and in the sweet voice of the ghen ghen One + THE ONE yeah... I loovvveeeeett.. hehehheheh I have known Mr. Bond from wayyy back in MOJ IMSU. and My am I glad he sent this in.. Oya lemme do small poetry for y'all.. **Brace yaself.. My Love for ye all is like Kilimanjaro... hehehe E too High to heXSplain.. Oya Bye bye.. **Shines teeth... See Y'all at the end gang..

Today she commits to another diversity,
The genesis of her second verse.
Indeed a journey she embarks alone…
Without her father’s full protection
The bridge that takes her to womanhood.

Dad’s little girl has grown into a gorgeous woman,
Blossoming like the hibiscus flower,
All features pleasing to the eye.
As a bride and princess she is decorated,
Beads hung around her neck, hair, wrist and ankle.
Astonishing is her makeover and beautification,
Looking more lovely than ever.

Today another man takes her home,
Father’s consent he has already secured.
and soon he arrives with his people, to claim his betrothed bride.
While all sing her a family song in full excitement,   
Nobody understands her intimate feeling,
Yet a bright smile she put on  still,
Like a veil to cover her brokenness...

“My princess is ready to go”, father sincerely echoes.
At everyone’s accepting glee, clap and joyful noise fill the environs.
His face beaming like the proud Dad of an Olympic Athlete,
Mother runs around to fix the dishes,
While father welcomes guests and well wishes.
As all and sundry gather in tones,
All is set or so it seems.

After consummating the ceremony of matrimony,
With clapping, cymbals and drums they will lead her.
To the border they shall all go,
Like a warrior sent on an evil conquest.
Abandoned on the village boundary,
Just at the entrance of the dreadful forest,
Yet his quest is for the good of all and sundry.

Here she seats, in her hushed mood she sobs.
Still pondering over her decision to marry him,
A verdict she took not out of love, 
but as a burden and a favour to her family.
Her father’s wish to respect, and mother’s to please.

My heart aches for another she wails, more humble, kind and caring,
A lover and a companion, with affection as an endless spring…
Yet Wealth and riches blindfolds father,
Whatever I say means nothing to him.
Adanna… Sold to a stranger for wealth and connection,
Indeed I have been betrayed she cry's,
By the very man that protected me all my life.

Today I always dreamt would be my happiest day,
But here I am… a Dizzy Bride, struggling to barely holdout my smile.
My body feeling like I am trampled upon by a thousand soldiers,
Deep in my bone marrow I can feel it.
Everything is wrong with this marriage,
My father has sentenced me to modern day slavery.

She thinks out loud.. 
A Wealthy in-law shouldn’t be a compensation for training me Dad,
For the first time Dad walks away from her plight.
This matter really is of grievous magnitude,
Though ‘powers that be’ forbid me to expresses my love,
Lest he becomes a casualty of fortuitous revolt.
But I have chosen a path; I will confront my Dad for the last time,
And if I can’t be with my Love, neither will he… with his bride.
Poison settles it...

Onyenze Nnaemeka  (Mr BOND)

BOND poems © August 10, 2015



  1. Poison settles it??? too sad, parents should really allow their children choose their partners.

    1. my dear parents now have upgraded now, they might not bring the person for you but definately will only give consent if the person got money and influence #in a parent's voice "we want to protect your future"
      thanks so much for making out time to comment, i greatly appreciate.
      MR BOND

  2. A wonderful effort, and delightful to read the emotions jumping out so vividly. A poem about true love, fear, and the passage of time.

    1. Sir am so feeling fly, this huge words coming from you(#in JDB's voice...after all the gben ghen i have read about you) as compliment means more than shawama and cake on my birthday, and makes my tiny head want to explode. thanks alot sir
      Bede Onyenze Nnaemeka Darlington (mr BOND)

  3. wow!! wonderfully constructed. I love this

    1. temidayo, am so feeling like i have won lottery with this comment, thanks
      Bede Onyenze Nnaemeka Darlington(Mr BOND)

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks dearie, am so blushing down to my ear
      mr BOND

  5. Oh nice!! I like this

    1. Thanks alot Buiti, making out time to comments means alot to our ministry, i appreciate. i will drop by your page and say hello #smiling sheepishly
      mr BOND

  6. Wow you have such gorgeous talent! The end made me want me want more, now I'm curious to know what happened lol.

    Lady G

    1. Sweetie, am so covering my face o as i dey blush lol. this your words just be like say that my uncle don invite me to Dubai finally #hehehehehe. gorgeous talent me????? na Godwin! for the story, i think say JDB dey there, so he can help us with what happened after
      thanks dearie
      mr BOND

  7. A wealthy inlaw shouldn't be the compensation in training the girl child...

    1. Thats the message sister, we hope to keep passing it on, most parents take their girl childs as investment they hope to reap from firstly by giving them out to rich husbands for wealth transfer and connection. thanks alot as for making out time to comment.
      mr BOND

  8. Do parents still delve into picking and choosing partners for their kids? OMG That's crazy. Nice poem:)

    1. My sister thanks for your time, they are still fully into the business o, but just like colonialism, when the whites were chased out, they introduced NEO colonialism (still controlling the resources) those that don't out rightly give their daughters to rich families, allow the girl to bring the person but if they weigh it that the guy isn't rich and his family is on/below poverty line, they will simply not consent to the marriage.
      thanks once again
      mr BOND

  9. Noborry I repeat Noborry will choose or hand me over to a man from nowhere.

    1. My dear its not a physical battle, its something you put in prayers o. frankly your parents not consenting to your marriage is as bad as handing you over to the wrong person.
      thanks for your time out to comment
      mr BOND