Monday, 31 August 2015

Moon and Mirrors...

Pre-Script! Yyyyyyooo!!! I found me a new Blogger Gang.. Her name is Lady G… heheheh mehn I had to be on my desk by noon last Saturday.. needed to cover up slacks I made at a meeting the day before... andddd I sheepishly spent the entire morning.. making unprotected love to her Blog.. hehehe.. She smart like that.. annnd I won Airtime.. How cool can that get Gang?! Please check her out .. Just click on>>>> Oshey!Turn uP! To Go to her Blog.. She smart and she beauRRiful like that.. **Whispers.  Trust me nah! Team.. I think aYam crushing again.. **Wears Evil smile…

Turn uP! Turn uP! Ladies and Gentlemen.. How are we this ghen ghen day?! Soooo.. Happy last day of the month ba?! Whoop! Whoop!! September is Hia! Insha Allah yeah.. Christmas cloth loading.. Meat cooking with water all over gas loading… and ehhhmmm..  Insha Allah too.. Banger AKA Fireworks.. AKA kpo kpo Kpo.. Aka.. Okay that’s about it for AKA’s… All sha loading. We thank GOD we are here.. Biko #ItcanonlybeGOD… So how was the weekend gang?! Hope you guys Turned uP! Oh! Wait first… Holl uP! Holl uP!! Holl uP!!!  How many of you know that Moby koko finally had her Passport Disvirgined?! hehehe kai! I soo cannot wait to break the hymen on my passport shaa.. So Moby! Biko buy Chocolate and bia oh!

        1. “JdB I am disappointed at your acSHions”
            2. “Daddy, you know my stand on this…”
            3. “JdB, I AM A MARRIED WOMAN!”

So guys.. In the light of my vision 2015 aim of geRRing laid without dating.. Behold above in the exact particular order.. heheheh..  the replies the last 3 ladies used to say NO! Now #3 happened on my 3 cities Tour last Week.. and right then when I got the NO ehhnn!! I just knew effective immediate that “oh Boy Sleeping, around is not your calling..” heheheh I mean it was crystal clear that the Cassanova life which I have wanted so dearly since like 15 is not for me.

You know yeah Gang! I admire people like the beauRRiful Sophie and King BlogoraTTi.. Folks who appreciate and notice even the most minute of details, as indicated in their writing.. You know nah.. like the ripples in a pond abi Bucket of waRRer..  the droplets of rain on their skin…  the mildness or harshness of the rays from the sun, the calmness of the sea  ati be be lo. But me ehn! For Wia?! LatiBo?! aYam just too confused a human being to notice all these ghen ghen things.. hehe I think My life is too fast to pause and notice.. **Covers face.

Of all the things I don’t pay attention to the most ehhnn.. the 2 major ones are; My shadow when I work daily at 5; 45 Am to work, and my Reflection when I walk pass the mirror in the house to wash my plate outside. Now I do not pay attention to either of both things cause to me yeah.. They are insignificant. But in recent times, I have had me asking me kweSHions.. and beginning to pay attenSHion to these 2 minute details.
You see our Shadow is an integral part of our life.. Standing with us in the calm Moon light and showing me to be more muscular than I am, and often times increasing our Height.. Our shadow tells us who we are not..  I mean when working with a geh that neither has Bobby or ** In Egbon Toin’s voice… ikebe.. the shadow turns the tale around and makes the lady look like Cossy and Kim kardashian.. and even me that is flat chested like bonga fish… My shadow on Fidelity Bank by Sanusi Fafunwa makes me look a Hunk. To me ba, I think the shadow hides from us the things that truly matter, showing us only but a frame but not details.

But the Reflection in the mirror ehn.. it shows me for what aYam.. a Black faced.. Orange seeded… yellow boRRied... Bald becoming..  18 ribbed, skinny leGGed.. woman wrapper Dreamer… yep! @ CatWoman toh sure and Favor toh Sexy :) Drooling is allowed **Tongue out.. The mirror hides nothing but in all sincerity paints me for what I am.. a lekpa Horny 23 years 10 months 19 days Young and Confused man.. **Sobs..

This post was inspired by the fact that I tried to sleep with a Married woman some time last week.. she hacSHually came by my hotel room.. But still somehow had the decency to say No! to my advances… and i was like! WaRRaHell?! why come if you will not lemme do?! then in anger yeah… I asked her to leave if she wanted... And walking on Sanusi fafunwa last week Wednesday.. It had me looking at my shadow and wondering who I was becoming. But more importantly yeah.. as I walk past the Guest Room mirror.. It makes me ask myself… Is this the me that I want to Self destroy?!

Gang truth is.. We all cannot be Life changers.. Life Impacters, Cassanova’s, Players, Leaders, Presidents AKA SLAVES of Associations, Engineers, Musicians, Doctors, Pharmacists Et al.. But regardless of what it is that we want to become.. The bane of my confusions this morning Great Young mind is that we look within us and ask our self who we want to listen to.. The mirror that tells the truth for all eternity.. or the shadow which shows us the truth for only a brisk minute... Cause on the long run yeah, our choices make us gang, and our choices are decided by our believes. So what do you choose to believe reading this?! The frame in the Shadow that tells a lie.. That tells us to live for today and forget about tomorrow?! or the Reflection in the mirror that says We should live a life of genuine purpose?!  To what will you listen?! what reflection will you accept?! what image will you take?! Cause thinking about it yeah.. The image in the mirror is same same both in the hot sun and in the cool moon.. But then Our Shadows disappear when shi gets real I.E when the HOT sun comes out to play. Please choose wisely gang.

Thank you for the past 7 minutes of your time team.. You do us a great honor with it. My prayer for you this week is that you will impress your yesterday to the extent that your past achievements will see you and get jealous.. #PastorJdBMode HactiFated. **Wears Cheeky smile...

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And our YnC Reader of the month of August is My personal long time intellectual and physical crush.. Ms Onyilolola Sobowale..  **Plays GODWIN in teh background :) Thank you for always Nne. Insha Allah yeah… Your picSHur will be up on the wall of the blog and my heart all September. LoF you scaRra. Thank you for always...

Insha Allah yeah..My top 3 posts for the Month of August are.. **drum Roll…

1.Chynanu: Now my Otunne wrote a post titled Dear Duru earlier this month and I had an #ItcanonlybeGOD moment straight away… I mean the post was so apt and then I like the fact that she challenged my confused intellect with it.. heheh You needed to see me asking my Colleague for Bible verses and smooshing the life outta Google to Tackle the smart points raised.. Mehn Check it out if you can gang.. Biko nu.

1a. IbukunWrites: This lady is an uber fantastic writer I jammed on Instagram.. Think it was via Kemi Adetiba’s page.. She is amazingly smart with the mind of a goddess.. So Ibukun wrote this post about how hard it isbeing female.. and although I couldn’t relate fully with the whole Woman Physiology ish.. But her High reasoning struck me like lightning.. Biko check it out if you can team.. Pretty please... 

2. Favor Moyse: By my standing.. This is one of the smartest Children I have ever met.. She shared this post about Infidelity.. and I was like  Yyyyyyyooo.. hehehe Please click on >>>>>> She gaT it hehe.. To read.

2b. Janyl: Aha! You already know nah.. I mean Trust my Blog Mother to never slow down..  Mama wrote this really super post  in August and I laughed all through.. I mean I had neFer eFer seen Janyl in this Humorous light.. So who stole what?! 

3. Princess: Now this childs love for GOD is just unwavering.. She did this ghen ghen post about hearing GOD Almighty speak.. and it was all shades of plane Truth.. You needed to see me going all born again in her comment secSHion.. **Winks.. Theres a pastor in us all I guess… **Shines teeth.

3b. Sophie: You already know nah gang.. In my head ehnn..  Sophie is the Onyeka Onwenu of Blogger.. Always making sense.. I read this post and I was like wow! So Potato can remove excess Salt.. and then Wabam! she twisted it and made an inspirational  message out of a salty pot of soup with plenty meat. How much smarter can a 23 years old child get bikonu?! 

3c. Your’s Truly; Now this Nne is just amazing.. She runs a top Notch Blog that is consistently sharing gists that noboRRy else shares. She shared a letter to Nigerian Parents and I was like.. Word.. Please check it out if you can gang… Its a gbam read like that.

Cheers gang.

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    1. Yyyyyyaaaayyy Favour eezz doing Countdown for us.. Osheeeeey Turn uP! Mo wa feRRy HeXScited.. cause as you see us so ehhnnn.. we NeFer hexSpeRRed it sam sam.. inshort iBlush.. hehehe Thank you so much Bae.. I am FeRRy grateful.. Me! my Act togeRRa ke?! Taa! Impossible.. I am just as confused as always biko.. just that today the Confusion eezz light like black Nylon Bag.. Tomorrow ezz heavy like Bagco Super Sack.. The thing used to come and go like NEPA light biko..

      Thank you for Always Nne..Ya an amazing lady Bubba.. Aswear you are.. and the crowd goes.. Oooooosssshhheeeyyy Turn uP!

  2. Awww Duru!! for the first time I got to read what's written under my pic as YnC reader of July...thanks for the kind words, iBlush. Ermm, you tried sleeping with a married woman?? are a hard nut case aswear.

    1. Aha! CatWoman... Since 19 kokoRo that we put it up there.. Ya just reading it! Hian! Diarisgoddooo.. So thats how if i asked if you wihh marry me nah.. You will just leave it there like that all the while.. **Holds chest in Anguish.. Kai! my heart e haf break :( Thank GOD you like it oh! and i want you to know that eFFery single word up there is TRUE,.. You are an amazing Lady Ms Patricia Nwabueze aswear.. Thank you for always being here for us..Oya Chop wet French kiLLzes.. :*

      Yes oh! I tried oh! but the thing did not come and goan work :(

  3. Wait hold up, you tried to sleep with a married woman?

    Insightful post as usual.

    1. hehehehehehehehehhe Yes eh Lohla.. Emphasised.. and CAPITALISED 'TRIED" oh.. Mehn it would have been a whole different hexSperience oh.. but sadly yeah... Eeet did not come and goan work.. Hence **In Your Words. my Flabber was Gasted.. :( **Crying in Spanish...

  4. Elaborate on the married woman story biko...!

    1. hehehehehehehehehehe Sooo Nma.. In all the many many many gist above.. Eezz only that one that you wanna hia ba?! hehehehehe