Friday, 4 September 2015

Barr. Ijagz Vs. Generation X...

Hy guys.. Sup?! Sup?! How have y’all been doing?! I know you've missed me :p but don't worry, we will survive. So I've been hella busy these past weeks, jumping from one job to another.. *whispers* Life of a graduate i guess... But no be so we plan am ohh! :( But it's all good, I've missed you guys tho. Anyways happy new month sef, may God protect you and your's this “ember” months. can i hear an amen someborry?! So straight up to today's palava... I just want to talk on how this our generation seems to be lacking brain.. Yep! i said that cause ayam serious like malaria.. it is not a joking sturvzz at all. Because the rate at which some kind of stupidity takes place makes this 19 year old child just wonder, and pray for my future beautiful, bubbly, smart amazing awesome kids Warris ya own?! dreams are free now

When we hear teenagers do something, it is usual for us the 'hearer' to give them the benefit of doubt based on the excuse that he/she is still young at heart and at Brain :p…  if it's an adult that does something stupid (for lack of a better word), the excuse is he/she is under pressure and had to relieve or something around such grounds.... if it's an older person.. then we can claim its cause of loneliness and all. But Abeg + please+ Biko.. let us stop giving excuses for our mistakes of today. The thing that is paining me ehn is the issue of incest, drug abuse, homosexuality and lesbianism, sexual harassment, prostitution, "flamboyance" etc. Omo Dear Reader, if I continue yanning and ranting how it is paining me inside my bone ehhnnn.. we will not finish this post today. So here is a slice of it all..

I dunno why a normal person will think “overdosing drugs is the new cool”, Brethren do you not have any brain?! Why do you wanna ruin your life?! Do you not realize that you don’t live for you alone, but for your family, lovers (Bf and GF) and relatives as well?! I know our life span is short these days, but it does not mean you should melt you liver before your time now. If it’s because you have a problem, biko don't be deceived… Cause the problem will be staring at you koro koro and waiting for you when the low hits and the drugs fade. Ehhen ontop the incest matter, that one I am just weak.. You know why?! Cause a nefer hexsperred it... Please how will I find my father or brother attractive?! I mean hian! Is nefer that deep nah! And  just thinking of it grosses me out. There is a reason we are family and BLOOD related. But oh Well!! whatever makes you sleep at night.. Good luck with that madness. Then to you lesbians and gay ass niggas out there, please warris all that?! It’s never that deep. Are you trying to tell God he made a mistake by creating two sexes?! if you continue, i am afraid your space in hell is special. And my beautiful runs girls, parole mamas, call girls, prostitutes ati be be looo… I hail oh! In your minds you are making fast money ba?! I pirry you.. karma is a real ass bitch and we will all have to pay at one point or another in our lives. Till today I haven't heard of a prostitute who ended up well apart from those ones who later gave their life to Christ, but still karma did its thing one way or the other. Why can't you earn an honest pay?! Or at least Try to… The bigger Flamboyant life for which you are making your bodies vulnerable to STD’s for is just not worth it.. I mean even taking up a job as a sales agent is relatively better a choice.. To me ehn.. there's is just no excuse for deciding choice to become a lady of the night, and to call a spade a spade and not a farming equipment.. What ya doing is clearly FORNICATION, a sin against GOD

Some of us might be reading this and be like.. Oh! I am safe.. I don’t do drugs, I am straight, I aint no prostitute or Gigolo,  and all that.. But is there any among us that is perfect?! We who sleep around our boyfriends and girlfriend all in the name of love are same with prostitutes.. and yet we condemn them for making money off something we do for free.. Those of us who cut corners, Rob banks, inflate checks, masturbate and all.. We are all like those above. SINNERS To say the least.. We are all the same, and condemning anyone is nothing but Hippocratic.. If it's doing you too much go and marry na Dasall….

And to my uncles and brothers that do the “she must cooperate before she gets the job” protocol, may God not let someborry do the same to your daughters ooo. Just imagine if your daughter or sister is being treated the way you treat other girls, would you be happy?! And how will I not mention my flamboyant people forming “Oga at the Top” on top of norrin.. Wo! It is not by force to be rich eh.. lemme just tell you. As long as you manage to eat 3 times daily, hide your nakedness, and shelter you and those you love.. Then thank God. Instead of going out of your way to be proving biggest boy and baddest geh, which is not in any way adding to your heavenly CGPA, why not stay Humble and watch GOD lift you higher. In this Abuja ehhnnn… I see people live the fake life a looott.. Asin it is too musssh, and it gets me so emotional that I feel like crying for some of them. You'd just be living the struggs life for nothing. Biko Receive Brain…

This post was born out of anger for all the category of people listed above, but as i wrote on i realized that I was in no way better than them, or more righteous than they are.. and this made me realise that the journey to righteousness is a continuous non ending journey.. and the only person we should be striving to impress daily is our Heavenly Father. And if we (Generation X) seek enlightenment on how to live a fulfilled life using our brain; I recommend the Bible. The Bible is the only Legal and even real book that has the power to inspire. I mean to me ehn.. It is not just a book, it is THE BOOK. The word of God is so deep you can't phantom it out . Its more like a manual of life telling us what to do and how to do what to do.. The Bible is way ahead of every human being, Universal adaptability (nation, ages, experiences) et al.

*whispers* I should go into advertising oo, see how I killed it with the bible advert. Anyways do have a blessed weekend ahead guys and stay safe and blessed. Love you and please lets use our brain Biko.

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  1. First off, happy new month to you Ijagz.
    I see where you are coming from with your post. Its only human nature to want to try new things, to adapt to one's environment, and so on. A good and humble upbringing is key to having a meaningful life. But there is only so much parents can do, peer pressure is something that is often overlooked.

    I believe living a simple life, showing kindness, embracing change, following one's passion, and seeking happiness, is very important. If you are religious, you can find peace within your beliefs. If not, you can still be a light that inspires everyone around.

    All in all, believe in yourself and your dreams. Don't do things you aren't comfortable with. Don't try to be like anyone else. Do things that YOU like. And everything will align, like stars in the sky.

    Duru, hope your week's going well.

    1. Oh wow!!! My thoughts exactly King BlogoraTTi... I was a tad puzzled when I first read the post... But then it sank into me that her angle was one of equality in faults... I mean we all point fingers out.. unknown to us that we are our major culprit... I looovvvvvveeee your comment sir... It's spot on... as unconsciously yeah... We all kinda draft into a world that isn't ours simply because of the people we associate with...

      A million likes sir.. a million likes... Your comment was quite insightful... and this post was more an eye opener for me... It told me 1 thing and 1 thing alone... We are all imperfectly perfect...

      I am well sir... Whoop whoopp... It's the weekend sir... amma sleep my head off... :D

  2. It's amazing how much you sound/write like duru... you know they say when you spend ir live with someone for a while, you unconsciously begin to use their mannerisms.

    I appreciate your point of view Ijagz. In the end yeah, we can only focus on our own betterment cos we all are imperfect and salvation is a personal race. #Blessings.

  3. For a moment i thought it was duru's I totally agree with you but it all depends on individual mindsets.. I pray that the fee good left will not be tempted to join the wicked bandwagon

    Glowyshoe blog

  4. Happy new month to you too

    I still say it that this world we live in, we know what is good for us and what is bad, we only choose to do what we want... Not ignoring the fact that peers and social media have a great influence on us. Must you join cult? What's your gain in that? Must you steal other people's things? Don't you know the repercussion? Must you carry drugs? Haven't you seen their end in the news? People should do what is right for themselves biko

    Duru I dey vex for all these children behaving abnormally sef. Hian na only them want fast money? Nonsense

  5. wait! did duru write this? i am awed by this nailed it bro!may God help us to live a life that is pleasing to his sight.