Thursday, 3 September 2015

#FeatureThursday: The Land is Green- by King Paul Nwosu.

Duru: Ooooooossshheeey Turn uP! Whoopp Whoopppp! Mo wa soo feRRy hexScited now eehhnn.. I just cannot keep calm.. Engr. Paulo wrote for the Blog.. Yyyyyyyaaaayyy... Been on his case for dayss now.. and I am so glad this is in.. Please read Gang... and I bet he will inspire you as he always does me...

There is a girl in my neighborhood I was fond of from her birth. She grew older and we became closer, even best of friends. We gist and played together as though we were mates. In fact, I referred to her as “my baby” and treated her as I would my own baby. I loved her so much that my friends wondered if I was the father of the child. Lol. How curious men could be. But, yeah! We were that close and people couldn’t fathom why. “my baby" was the pride of the neighborhood and envy of all the set eyes on her.

At a time her parents became wayward and cared less of her. Their careless attitude towards “my baby” lead to the illness that eventually paralyzed her. She could neither talk nor move any part of her body. Her beauty and glamour departed and her admirers, friends and associates abandoned her. Her parents estranged themselves from her. Her grandfather kept mute but kept a watchful eye on her, perhaps to see what eventually becomes of her. All lost hope in her but not I and a couple of friends who believed in her. Deep down inside of me, I believed “my baby” would come back to life again and rule the city once more. So I was there for her, praying, fasting, and spending my little savings on her to ensure that she doesn’t completely give up on herself. All I wanted was to see her back to her former glory as the pride and envy of the city. Her parents still showed less interest in her welfare, they were both money conscious.
About a year later, we began to see answers to our prayers. She could now move her legs and eyes.  “My baby’s” glory began to gradually radiate again. She was speedily coming back to life. Though she was yet to begin to speak clearly and use her hands, yet I was excited that was coming back to life.
Few weeks later she could use her hands and speak clearly. She began to learn to walk again. That fateful day, I was with her in the hospital. I fed her as usual, although at that time, she could feed herself but something strange happened. As I turned around "my baby" picked up the fork I used to feed her and stabbed my back. "That was too mean to be a play" I yelled as I turned back to face her. The countenance of her face displayed seriousness. Then came her word of appreciation to me "Paul, I no longer need your help. Leave immediately." I stood there for minutes stirring at her and wondering if she was the same person I've given a part of my life to and served with passion for about a year. "What have I done to deserve this?" I questioned myself. Well, it is her life and she has the right to choose who stays and who leaves. I consoled myself, picked up my little belonging and left.

What a wicked girl you would say... Hmmm! You may not be wrong. But everything happens for a reason. The story describes my ordeal with a company I worked for. I joined the company as an intern when construction and installation works were still ongoing. Hence, I was one of the pioneer workers. We worked so hard and smart that in a very short time, the company became the pride of the city and a household name. I referred to the company as "my baby" because I witnessed her birth and she was my first love.

About a couple of years later, the company landed on a financial crisis that lingered and could no longer pay salaries. Many staff left. But a couple of us stayed back to see how we can help to revive and restore the glory of the company. We took risks, sometimes risking our lives just to manage to keep things going. My love for "my baby" and passion for my job made me to look away other opportunities and job offers while the company was down. For about 18 months with no salary, I toiled with them. I spent all my savings on transportation to work and even had to borrow to keep up.  It was stupid I know, but my mission was well defined; to see the company (my baby) back to life. All we had as we suffer lack and stress, were only but hopes. We hoped that things would eventually turn around and we would have cause to smile again and sing a song of victory over those who see us as lazy cowards who rather than look for another job, preferred to stay with a dying firm that can no longer adequately fund it's operations let alone pay salaries.

Yeah! Things eventually turned around as we had hoped. God remembered the company and it was revived. The very day we were expecting our reward, at least a month salary after over 18 months with no pay, and perhaps a "thank you" for keeping faith, was the day the new management team along with the director laid off some of us without salary.. And I mean no dime!!!  This was all done and attributed a fanciful name like “down-sizing”. I was the first on the list. It was painful and heartbreaking. I kept wondering why they had to dismiss me from my job and separate me from "my baby". They couldn't even say a common "thank you". I have always believed that I cannot lose, I either win or learn. For once I felt like a loser. For 2 days I was angry and depressed no matter how much I tried to wave it off by my usual self motivation.

The very day I was dismissed from my job, I booked for an interview with a company in another state. Two days after the interview the CEO of the company called me to start work immediately. But I had an impulse and I had to pause. Eventually the motivation and inspiration came. I believe it was God inspiring me as I heard these words from my spirit:

"You were on a mission to revive the company (my baby) and restore it's glory. Indeed you partook and witnessed the revival of the company and you can bear witness to the fact that her new glory is greater than the former. You should be rejoicing that your mission has been accomplished…. Look! THE LAND IS GREEN, the field is vast and only a few are planting on it. Why waste your time in anger and depression. You are talented. Go find yourself a good field and make a rich harvest".

After this, I realized that regardless my 18 months with no pay, shame, embarrassment and anger, in all sincerity, I had lost nothing, I had only won.. I had only learnt how to have hope and grow a company from scratch to greatness. I won by accomplishing my mission and I learnt the lesson of my life: - It is good to work for people or companies, - It is better to work with people or companies, BUT - It is best to work for yourself. I learnt the lesson that opened my eyes to the green lands.  I learnt how firms fail and fold up and best way to revive a failed firm.

I am learning that the human mind is a vast green field where all kinds of thoughts and ideas (the good, the bad and the ugly) play. Everyone is the manager of his/her own 'vast green field' (the mind). The thoughts and ideas you allow to occupy, feed and play on your field determines your passion, vision, aspirations, goals, action, decisions, etc, in life. Because “if it is thinkable, it's 'doable”. I also know that every skill or talent a man has is a prospective business or firm. Indeed, the land is green, but not for those with a mindset of mediocrity.

The land is green, yet many see nothing but a dry land, all they see is a vast desert. They tell the tale of how dry and hopeless the entire land is. How one can't make it in this land except he travels to the lands far away over the sea and search for greener pastures. I've heard so much of those stories from mediocre’s whose minds are dried and have little or nothing good to offer and I am tired of hearing those tales of weakness and Failure. Oftentimes when I look through the windows around the house, the land surrounding it is truly dry. But I am hungry for my own green field and now, more than ever I am determined to locate it. So I refused the job offered to me, I broke the door and set off to search for my own green field. They (who see nothing but deserts) all said to me "you will die in the desert out there. There are only a few green lands and the most powerful men have taken them. Take up this job", they said to me, at least it will offer you a means of survival in this desert". I replied them, I have survived enough, I want to live life. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. With God all things are possible. HIS mercy and grace is sufficient for me. I have taken risks in the past for what is others, and I am willing to take even more daring risks for me. The God who made a way through the sea will make way for me through the mountains. I will search the entire land for rich green fields and I will rather die searching for it than to believe that the entire land is dry. If find no green field, I know that the God made rivers through the desert and made food fall from Heaven in the desert. If HE was able to turn dry scattered bone into human being, HE is more than able to turn dry lands to rich green lands. God is God, and even if HE chooses not to do it which I know will not happen… I will paint the desert green and make it my own field. If you are willing, join me.

The land is green. Dare to dream. Dare take risks. God bless you real big.

Paul Nwosu (Entrepreneur/Engineer/OAP and yeah Duru's Ex. Course mate at IMSU)

Instagram: @paulpurity



  1. this wirte up is avewi thoughtful one and i learnt a lot too... indeedits a hole world of possiblitiles out there if only we would open our eyes and minds....i'm happy you got a new job after u lost ur baby and better is that u were positive about tthe situation


  2. Thanks a bunch for this inspiring piece
    Nma's Blog 

  3. REALLY inspiring and of course there is always a reward for hardwork

  4. It's a very thoughtful post... I wish you great success on your endeavour
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