Thursday, 17 September 2015

#LoveAndSocialMedia.. The event that was... :)

Pre-Script; A special shout out to Engr. Chinedu Omenka (AKA Physics) for helping us selflessly design the Flier, and King Femi Odejide, for helping us with the promo graphics for the speaker... These guys are amazing aswear.. GOD bless you both sir... #BLUEAfrica sincerely thank you sir's..

Good morning ladies and gentlemen.. My name is Duru Adolphus Jnr.. and I write this post on behalf of #BLUEAfrica.. #BlueAfrica is basically a coalition of 4 African minds poised to inspire, touch and create as many better lives as possible.. Our mission is simple.. "Help young people see beyond mediocrity but instead  see them selves as excellent humans and natural leaders that they are"... We held our maiden event tagged …

Meeeehhhnn forget all this plenRRy plenRRy grammar oh jari! **Takes off wrist watch.. **Takes off confused bracelet **turns off lumia Alarm..  Turn uP! Turn uP! Ladies and gentlemen.. What gwan gang?! Whats happening?! Oh! mmmmeeehnn!!! I soooo frigging missed this place eh! I tried to write this post in a coordinated formal manner yeah.. but omo.. E nor work sam sam.. I cannot come and goan be deceiving myself that I am a coordinated someboRRy when every  someboRRy  i know knows that i am farrrr from a cordinated someboRRy.. hehehe .. I am miles away from it sev.

So I miss you guys like crazy gang... and I am mega sorry for going all serious minded and shi on all of you in the last 2 weeks.. The koko of the koks is that I am now slave to a coalition that aims at inspiring young people, so I had to form coordinated small nah.. Inshort in the last 2 weeks ehn gang! I have literally ironed my life with spray starch, put gator on top and put on a CEO Public Display.. Omo you need to see me talking at meetings.. In my head I be telling myself.. "Oh boy who are you?! and waRRaheLL have you done to JdB.. Mbok bring confused Duru Back jo..." So without much adue.. heheh see me speaking English I don’t understand.. Lets Dance...

The #BLUE Idea..

Something about this young and confused human being at this end of the computer eeezz that my mind works 24/7.. As in I am always thinking of something shhhhaaa.. Even when I sleep at night, it's HARD #Subliminal **winks not too.. And so daRRis how I was on a keke on the 11th of October 2014, and then a bright light from heaven shone on my face Vvvviam!! It was so bright that i couldnt see... then i was now climbing a golden step, i was climbing.. climbing.. climbing ooohhh!!! I kept going higher and higher and higher ooo.. before you know it I now came and went and saw a golden gate jjjaaaaaaaa and then i now.... Oya Nonso e do.. Stop lying.. heheheheheh. Any way on the keke, GOD simply whispered to me  BLUE..  ah! and it all began... There and then  yeah.. in my head, I had a meeting with Oluwa and he kept giving me ideas about how we were going to go about it et al.. To say the least i was shocked.. As me who doesn't even know my left from my right began burning with desire instantly.. and that was how BLUE began oh.. Ppppprrrrraaaaiiissseee tha lawwwdd! 

I got home.. wrote it out, and stuck it on my room door. Tada! We had a name without a meaning... I had always wanted to do what Sir Chude and Debola Williams do and this GOD given idea was my own way of doing same.. I was charged upppp... but sadly the idea stayed on my room door all that while. :(

Fast forward to The Future Award 2014, I was sooo inspired by how REDMedia organised a fantastic event, involving nothing but young someboRRies, and immediately after work.. I called the Co- Founder of #BLUE to discuss the possibility of creating our own coalition based on the GOD given #BLUE idea... heheheeh you needed to see us arguing about how many percent stakes we both would own.. even before the coy began oh! SMH for us both... #DeterminedMuch

At the time of this meeting yeah.. I hadn't slept Jack for close to 48 hours :(

Moving on.. After the meeting with Sarah, I was going to fulfill my daily ritual of bread and akara one morning when GOD said 

"Born. Leaders. Under. Enlightenment. "

Omo ehnnn! **In Lohla's Windfall's voice yeah.. my Fllabber was immediately Gasted and immediately yeah gang, we knew that we were definitely on to something ghen ghen.. That was when BLUE was fully formed.. 

Love and Social Media

Lemme not come and goan lie for myself hia.. I always wanted to speak at an event.. You know nah.. be the guest speaker, get Honorariums, bottle water and Tantalizers rice et al.. **covers face.. I mean it would make me feel so ghen ghen and all to be a speaker at a youth based event I always imagined.. So I was on a BRT thinking about this when it hit me that I didnt have to keep waiting to be the future speaker I wanted.. But instead I could plan an event that would have me speak to young people with an aim of inspiring, touching and creating lives.. Hence the idea to host and speak at my own event came.. All my life I had wanted to be a  beacon of hope.. I had hoped that someday one day.. A young human would look at me and say

"Because of you i didn't give up.. Thank you"

and this seemed like the Oh! so! best way to achieve same.. So I immediately took my 10.. called Bro. Chinaza and Isioma Omuojine and scheduled a meeting.. hehehehe mehnn you needed to see the way Isioma was looking at me at the first meeting.. He neFer hexSpeRRed that i could be a tad serious minded..

Wait! oh! Have i already mentioned that at the time of this idea.. me and Sarah (Co- founder) had a serious beef?! We were literally shooting each other in the head... but this settled it. So when i called her up and asked if we could have a meeting.. She echoed..

"Nonso, you will live long eh! I was just thinking of you... (Paraphrased)

hehehe I remember eh! The day of this meeting ehhn! i trekked my life out! You needed to see me jugging from Costain to Orile.. and chatting with the beauRRiful Ausserehl while at it.. Kai i lof that geeh ehhn! 

I told you I trekked :(
Now the truth about me is that i am a very spontaneous someboRRy.. hence i make decisions faster than i think.. I might just go bam! I want to get laid.. And i be searching the streets.. Or I might just go bam! I want to inspire a teenager and i be forming Luther king Jnr. But all in all.. I must say that the major reason the "Love and Social Media Event by #BLUEAfrica was successful was because Tolu, Isioma and Sarah believed in it and threw their entire weight behind it all from the get go...  I owe those 3 my life aswear

The meeting where it all began...

The #BLUETeam recruit

Now there is 1 friend that I have that I don't play with cause she is uber smart.. Her name is Toluwalase Ayoola. Sadly because she likes to form busy busy and if you snap picSHur with her phone ehnn.. You will beg her for 3 hours before she sends it heheheh.. She wasn't at this first meeting. But the truth is Tolu is someone I trust with my whole life.. Hence I knew #BLUEAfrica needed her.. And hence gbam! The meeting below ocured to supplement her initial absence.. hehehehehe Shey you see how confused our meetings look.. **Tongue out.. And yep! She is soon to be married :)

see her head...

Now the ish is! Sarah on her own is a key card player... I mean if there is anyboRRy that I know who dreams more than me in this world ehhnnn.. It is Ike Sarah Chika... Hence it was undoubtedly obvious that BLUE couldn't achieve nada without her.. And so we had this meeting... Just so you know that eeett was not a joking sturvzzz.. I had to Dry my brain.. 

Moving on Gang.. I am not one to have lotsa friends.. But the thing about me eez that ehhnn, once you are my friend and you sacrifice for me just once pere.. Like King Ice does.. It will be very very very very hard for me to let go of you.. Hence my Brother that I often times wanna shoot in the head Omuojine Isioma was on the team.. This guy is one of the only people that stood by me at the darkest moment of my life.. continuously cheering me on! heheheh I remember when we went to fight some people in 2012 that they almost called the A-K for us.. We ran ehnn.. Well thats what True Friends do I guess, stick by each other.. Hence i knew that #BLUEAfrica needed him ASAP.

Shi got real.

When it became certain that the event was now more or less sure to hold.. mehhhnn shi really got real and at that moment ehhnn! my liver started to fail me babaNla failing eh! As **Whispers.. I was scared to my tail. But i knew still that if these 3 friends believed in the cause.. We could achieve it as a team. Sadly I had to travel to Portharcourt where I tried to get laid again.. **covers face.. but in my absence.. These 3 did amazingly great and had the event planning kick started. There and then.. I knew we were go go green.. 

The truth is.. I am not the super hero of this "Love and Social Media" movie.. The 3 of them are.. They did AMAZINGLY great.. I might be the slave.. But they are undoubtedly the Heroes.


Now the truth is ehnn gang! to plan an event eez not a joking sturvzz oh Sam sam! and for this I praise Enikoko and all those planning their weddings.. I mean the lllaaaawwwdd is dia muscle :)... I mean you needed to see how it felt when we saw the budget.. and how we were loosing sleep trying to raise funds.. Asin me gannn that doesn't fear money almost had stroke.. hehehehe I mean i was like.. Aha! WaRRapin ni?! But having that we did not die that time.. We knew we would not die again.. Hence the cash started coming out like a miracle.. Step by step.. One by One.. We all brought a large chunk of cash.. and we had the little capital we needed.

And the Budget iissss.. :(

A Family linked by love

If there is anything about the #BLUEAfrica team that I so! oh! Adore  yeah, it is the love that we all share.. I mean Sarah is one of the most amazing people in my life.. Isioma is a brother that has stood for me more times than I can remember and Tolu is just a fish and one of the first true friends that I have ever had.  

Inbetween the planning days was Isioma's birthday.. Whoop! Whoop!!! anddddd we had to Turn uP the #BLUE Style.. **in Ijagz voice.. Mmmmaaaa Nigga! 

And there was a #BLUE Cake...

...and he neFer hexspeRRed it... :)

And we gathered... :p

Annnnnnd gathered again. :p

Meet The ghen ghen Speaker

One of the key moments of the walk to Love and Social Media for me was meeting with the guest speaker.. Now lemme iterate that I am a strong believer in self believe.. I mean it is very easy for me to believe in someboRRy that fully believes in him or herself. Hence when I met Mrs Mervis Ipheoma Elebe on instagram ehhn.. I just knew that she was the one.. 

Prior to now sev.. We had being discussing about doing something.. and my was I glad that she threw her weight behind this project a 100 percent from the get go.. And meeting her was all shades of cool. I mean she is ghen ghen like that aswear.. and her smile is ghen ghenLy amazing...

At this juncture #BLUEAfrica was go go green.. hehee the joy that filled my heart eh?! Priceless.. **sheybe you see my 1 million dollar smile..  I was heXScited much... **Winks...

The Team within the Team..

In all sincerity gang.. eez not a joking sturvzz working with young people.. as if you don't have their attention  from the get go ba.. then ya swimming inside boiling waRRa. Hence one of the things we were hoping on GOD for was that these kids would get heXCited about the event.. Hence when GOD did this for us ehnnnn.. I was thrilled to the teeth... as all through the event yeah.. there was a passion that grew within the teenagers.. one that we the team couldn't explain sam sam... hehehehe It was an hallelujah moment i tell you... I just knew that we were gonna hit it outta the park with GOD and them as part of the #BLUETeam...

LeRRus take a selfie biko :)

This boy in particular was a case,.. If you asked him to take picSHurs of you.. he would be taking Selfies instead, leaving you searching for the shots.. smh

A meeting with Mr. President...



The Event that was...

Aight.. Here goes gang.. all the work sweat, tears, prayer and pain.. They all summed up to the below... See you at the end Gang...

All Photo Credit goes to Nazo.. He is the real MVP aswear.. :)

Oya Register oh!!!

Celine Deon them.. :)

The Teenage Pastor Abidemi all smiles...

MC. Toluwalase Ayoola

The Parish Pastor of The whole Church... Mehn Afraid catch me when he walked in oh :)

Cross Section of the Hall
Oya shake boRRy ;)

Our Guest Speaker hot on the matter :)

...and Yyyyyyyaaaaayyy MariamOre came through 

This boy was MVP.. Cant remember his name though.. So i call him Micheal Jackson :)

And Pastor smiled :)

And Eniloa Ojo Smiled as well :)

Eyitemi Bankole in the building Ladies and gentlemen.. :)

Ike Sarah awarding gifts to long serving friends of the Teenage Church 
The uber cool Teenage Pastor
The ghen Ghen Dance Crew :) See Tolu Famzing them :p

The event that was...

BLUE Thank you's 

To say the event was successful was to put it mildly.. and i give GOD all the glory  for using us, regardless our sincere unworthyness. A special thank you to all our media partners who helped with publicity and made the event what it was.. IOU guys.. Aswear...

9. (Thank you mother)

And to everyone who sacrificed their time and helped us to push on via Instagram, FB and Twitter support, those who called, and those who sent email.. We say a very big thank you.. You guys are the true reason why #BLUEAFrica succeeded.. GOD bless you all... GOD Bless #BLUEAfrica

Instagram: @_blueafrica 

#BLUEAFrica #ItsPossible #YesWeCan #ItcanonlybeGOD


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    1. Oh wow!!! Thank you Fisayo... Your kind words mean plenRRy to me... Oya chop hug... xx... Bia Woman... We need to find a way to relate eh!! I have a ghen ghenLY good feeling about thee... Are you in Eko?!

  2. thank God the event was a success....if you don't go and comment on my blog eh, I will delete more vaseline to ur elbow bro

    1. Hehehhehehehe madt man.. Delete me nah.. I fear thee not.. **pops collar... Mehn... Thank GOD oh! The pressure was mega... But having that it was a success gives me an #ItcanonlybeGOD feeling... Thanks Boss.. after Buhari na you eh...

  3. I so didn't hear about this, I would have traveled down to Festac to attend. I'm glad it was a success tho.

    Keep shining..

    #GoDuru #BLUEAfrica

    1. Ah!!! **hits head on the walll.. Then Tears Clothe.. The scatters Bed sheet.. You didn't hear ke?! Kai!!! I sooo need to fire myself as head or publicity... **crying in Latin... and daRRis how I have lost the opportunity of seeing and snapping selfie with the amazing Sunshine...

      I am really sorry I didn't spread word out well enough... Nne biko... can you please gimme your Handle... IG or any at all.. Pretty please?! I promise to not be a pest all the time... :)

  4. Wow this is AMAZING. Beyond impressive. Great great start Duru; keep the fire burning. In the midst of all the many madness around now this is the sanity that we (as youths) need - Born Leaders Under Enlightenment. Powerful. God bless you and your team always. I am inspired.

    1. Dr Oyinlola, long time no see on TTB, hope you're well?

    2. Kai... iShy... **ties rubber band on head to avoid abi na reduce swelling... :) Thanks Nne... Our comment just gave me an #ItcanonlybeGOD be feeling... You know yeah... It's funny how unworthy I feel to be given this mandate by GOD... I mean all I am is Young and utterly confused... How am I supposed to teach these kids what to do when I myself need help... It eez well I guess... He Called us #BLUEAfrica, he will tell us what to do and how to do it...

      Thanks for always Lola... Ya the best aswear... and the crowd goes.. Aawwww...

  5. Replies
    1. Amen CatWoman.. Thanks... Ooooohh!! See how ya making me feel nah! iShy.. :)

  6. This is great sir. I wish you and the #BLUE team a greater success.
    At least you aint confused here, lol.

    1. hehehehheheheheheheheh GodFirst Chukwuma.. **Screams.. Yyyyyyyaaaaaayyyy.. First off Sir.. Wia haF you been?! Aha! Eeez not fair nah! You just went MIA on us.. Diarisgodoooo..

      Thank you so much Oga Boss.. and my am i glad that you came by.. Please, i beg you in teh name of Jilda.. Please dont DisappIA again eh! and the crowd goes.. Pppppllleeeaaassseee. :)

  7. So proud of you Nonso..xx

    1. Thank you so much ribena. Lof you ScaRRa.. and my I miss you eh :(

  8. What a wonderful idea. You seem to have the necessary people behind you all the time to give their time, resources and skill to better your idea. Growth is a good thing, and now that you have taken off things can only get better with time.
    Its a great initiative, and keep flying high. Lovely photos indeed and congratulations on your achievement!


    1. Thank you so much King BlogoraTTi.. I mean when i think about what Wajilda, Ellah, Ehiz, Walase, Isijyne and Sarah do for me eh! it leaves me with an #ItcanonlybeGOD smile.. I just pray daily that i can be a better friend to them all... Its amazing how they sacrifice for me sir.. GOD bless them loads iPray..

      Amen to your kind prayers sir.. We pray #BLUEAfrica gets bigger and better.. but more impoRRantly.. We hope we can touch as many lives as possible before outr time is up.. **Whispers.. A liRRle heads up sir.. **Whispers lower... We are currently planning our next ghen ghen event.. and my the Budget is Cray! cray! But GOD gats us sha.. We FiA not.. And the crowd goes.. Preach Preacher :)

  9. Wow, well done bro! You're certainly a go-getter, make-it-happen person! Inspiring! It only gets better and better! Well done!

  10. Epic journey! I'm sooo proud of you