Monday, 7 September 2015

Oshey!! VERSATILE ke?! We neFer hexSpeRRed it eh... :)

PicShur Stolen from Rella toh Sure Baje baje.. :p

Before we proceed gang.. Like Wizkid did.. Can we offer 10 seconds of silence for the victims of the Ojuelegba accident of last week. May their souls rest in the perfect peace of our lord GOD in JESUS mighty name.. Amen. Please see it here.

**Takes off Confused Bracelet.. thheeeenn ** Takes off wrist watch.. thheeeennn **Takes off Long Anaconda brown buckle Belt that used to go round my waist 2 times **covers face..  theeennn **Takes off 900 Naira packet Shirt.. theeennnn **realizes that we are not mad yet! thennn **Wears them all back.. Apart from Bracelet and wrist watch shaaa..**Sits Up on Jangolova chair.. Turn uP! Turn uP! Ladies and gentlemen.. What gwan Gang?! Whasaap?! Elenkemeghani?! **In Moby toh Sexy pelu fine's voice… Whats Sheleing?! Meehnn Monday is somehow.. Omolomo wihh just sleep for 2 minutes and bam! E haf wake andddd Monday e haf Reach! **in Molola's voice.. Ahan! Just like that?! Dear Monday! Fear god nah!!! So  guys this post is longggg overdue, and we sincerely apologize that its coming late.. LeRRus just say that Insha Allah yeah.. this 23 years 10 months and 25 days old boy abi man sef.. haf you seen my Bia Bia of recent.. #TeamJumanji .. has been mega busy with big dreams.. Eweliwe.. biko #BlueAfrica #ItsPossible #Yeswecan. On behalf of the entire YnC gang.. We are grateful team...

Without much talk talk.. Like I haven’t done enough already.. **Yimu for me.. lets Dance shall we?!

So bigggg wet deep French kiss to all the ghen ghen amazing ladies that nominated this **in Ice's voice.. utterly confused blog! Aswear we neFer hexSpeRRed it sam sam.. That someone wihh think of me! Shuo! Me that doesn’t even think of myself.. iBlush.. Thanks Gang.. I mean we are totally unworthy guys.. but that you sat down, and thought about this Confused Blog  that has ZERO! direcSHion. Humbles me.. heheh well the Slave tells the way of the Organization.. If the Slave is confused.. the blog wihh be.. Dasalll.. True oh! We are like smoke hia on YnC! We are just eFFeryWia.. Today we are preaShhing,.  Tomorrow aYam complaining that my waist is full of sperm and they need to do prison Break.. Next Tomorrow we are talking about Ex’s and break up’s and next we are Preaching about second Coming and repenting.. next day we are forming Martin Luther King writing leRRa to PMB and some days imitating Forbes and BellaNaija.. haba! Nawa for us oh! Cc. @Ijagz @H&M @Walase @EllaHillz @Ehiz @MariamOre :D

So something about the 3 ladies that nominated me is that they are all awesome someboRRies.. Rella is by far one of the coolest Bloggers I know.. I mean she is sooo real that MariamOre and I literally used to sit down in Front of dia Mariam's house and gush about her awesomeness.. She is ghen ghen like that aswear… Plus I can talk to Rella and tell her anything without her geRRing upset.. Rella eez just like my Egbon that I loF so much Toinlicious.. Really cool sopmeboRRies they are.. They are like 2 Generations of cool... And then there is the amazing Favour Moyse.. Now this bae is too uber Smart.. I mean her own wisdom no be hia Sam sam.. Sometimes I read her or hia her speak and go **in Kemi Adetiba’s voice.. "Daaayyyumm she smart.." Bia FavorMilo :p how old are you seVV to be thinking far far like this?! **Winks.. I mean her reasoning is on Heavenly LeFel.. To me yeah.. She is kinda a mixSHur of the smart beauRRiful Ibukun and my Bae the amazing Onyilola.. **Whispers… Lola Silverbird Festac is opening soon eh! Hafa nah?! And then CatWoman.. Oh! Omo! This lady is the shizzle ma people.. I mean she is bae like that! I literally go through her I.G picShurs on a Daily... just so I can control my Tripping for her.. I loF how she is a strong woman and how focused she is.. In short E- touching boRRy hugs Ms Patience Nwabueze.. You are a definition of a real Woman.. Weldone Bubba.. thank you for being here Nne.. GOD bless you…

So 7 things about JdB ba.. Ah! Mogbe! Aight Lets dance..

1. Janyl Benyl is the most impoRRant someboRRy to me on Blogger.. I am here cause of her! And I literally adore where she steps her feet.. Why?! cause she is my Mother, my friend, my source of motivation, my mentor, the person i cry to when i am hurt ;) and my guardian on here.. She is super awesome like that.. plus she is smart ehn! Choi.. **cleans sweat.. No one comes close...

2. I am a Chronic Woman Wrapper someboRRy… **in P-Squares voice.. Asin E get as e dey do me… do me!! But you will not understand unless ya me or my geh friend… Some nights yeah.. its HARD to sleep #Subliminal

3. I am a big Dreamer.. I have dreams that are far beyond my age.. For instance.. GOD told me that I will buy Fidelity bank… You see?!  That’s How Big I dream, and I haf a Room door filled of same..

4. **Puts hand on temple to think.. Aha! Nah nah! Shuo! It haf finish?! Eheennn.. JdB is a loyalist.. I am a loyal fish! If you do me good once ehn! I will take it to my grave with me.. And if you do me bad once ehn! Except ya Ike Sarah Chika, Walase or isijyne.. I will neFer forget it.

5. I am slave to Blue Africa… #TeamBlue #BlueAfrica #Yeswecan #ItcanonlybeGOD

6. I am a big time GOD lover.. it’s obvious ba?! lemme quickly say this.. I drink, I don’t smoke.. I pursue skirt like my life depends on it, but me and GOD haf understanding.. more like a Contract agreement of my life.. So we do check and balancing after eFFery sin… But he always tells me..

“Shall we continue to live in Sin that grace may Abide?! No GOD FORBID”

7. I am an Engineer by day and a blogger by Night.. and I work with the best coy in the world.. Ehhnnn That one concern you.. Eeez not Exxon Mobil but I am loyal like that hehehehe.

7a. I loFF my father to the end of the earth and back… It feels like I’m a part of him.. Like a photocopy of him… Plus he is super cool like that.

7b. My mind works 24/7 hence the name of this Gang.. I am always thinking of either a Dream that will impact lives, a woman in skirt that I wanna do touching boRRy or Dry Hump with :), Negative thoughts or, or how to become beRRa man.. Oh well.. I guess they don’t call me Young and Confused for Nothing.

7c. I am a Sulker for Investing.. I can invest all my change and starve the whole month…

Ah! Can I add 7D? Pretty please?! I was just geRRing interested in the ish nah! So in Turn amma nominate 15! Ah!! That’s plenRRy oh! Bloggers to do this.. **Reaches for Navy Blue Diary…

1. My Bae EllaHillz toh sure…

1a. The super smart and shoki Dancing Blessing Iyama of The Connect;

2. King Alphasoar of;

3. My Egbon that I loF scaRRa.. Ausserehl of-

4. My Ada my Otunne toh Smart of-

5. Ah! I must use this one to catch Your’s Truly shaaa.. So tag! Nne.. you are in…

6. Ah! Ma bebe bebe.. Sophie of-

7. Onyilola.. You saw this coming nah! It is impRRible to not tag you-

8. Beauty Follower from Greece.. I am dying to know this lady.. as she has a greatly open heart…

9. My Shine Bobo Sunshine.. ya in Bubba!

10. Ah! Lady G my newest Blog crush iBlush iShy iTrip.. Oya leRRus do this Nne.

11. My colleague and Brother.. Last Born Standing.. Engr. Usman Oya take sir..

12. Enikoko is planning her wedding.. But she is to cool to not be nominated.. leMMe roll dice and hope she will do this.. **Drops on knees and starts praying.. I like this geh faaa…

13. My ferry own Cladora toh sure of-

14. Atiya.. Wait leme tell you about Atiya.. Her blog is the most peaceful place on Blogger.. Aswear… No place i have been to comes close..

15. Aha! Lohla Windfall.. Mummy Sean.. I know you haf done this before Bubba.. But 2ce is not a sin nah.. #Subliminal **winks

15a. King Ice.. If you don’t do this ehn Ice baba.. I wihh kill you.. You know nah! Ya kuku **In Ijagz voice.. Mmaaa Nigga on here.. You must be tagged www.

Wait oh! if we nominated you ehhnn.. I must add my own rule oh! **Wears Evil grin... You must put up a picShur of you with the response post eh! so Deal?! Oya please nah! eez not command.. eezz beg! pretty please?! :(

Thank you for the past 7 minutes of your time Gang.. and for enduring my ScaRRa scaRRa lifestyle... You do us a great Honor with your time.. My prayer for you eezz.. when you start to do Midnight praise and worship to born pikin ehnnn.. May they not be as overly confused as me.. **Shines teeth..


Instagram; @youngandconfusedafrica

#Udo #BLUEAfrica #ItcanonlybeGOD


  1. Replies
    1. Yyyyyaaaayyy Legendary Blogger Engr. Agatha came by... Thanks Bubba... True That Nne... You already know... :) xx

  2. Replies
    1. Hian!!! In all the many many things I wrote Nelu... Eezz only the glasses you want ba?! Omo.. the Ojukokoro is real oh!!! Hehehehehhe I cover my glasses in the insurance of heaven Biko... **winks

  3. Replies
    1. Thank You Pheezy Koko... Blogger toh make sense... Do have a great one Bae... **E- Touching BoRRy hugs...

  4. So sorry for Ojuelegba accident victims.

    Great to know more facts about you, Engineer/blogger. :)

    1. Yeah Lux Bubba.. It was a really Tragic incident.. May their souls rest in the perfect peace of our Lord GOD... In JESUS mighty name.. Amen..

      Yyyyyyyyyaaaaaaaayyy reading from you always make me wear my Mr Nigeria smile.. hence leaving me smiling like a fish... iBlush.. thanks for coming by today and always Nne.. and the crowd goes.. Mmmmwwaaah

  5. Replies
    1. hehehehehehehe me too eh! We must to catch her oh **covers face! Aha! i have a very ghen ghen gut feeling that she is a verrrrrryyy beauRRiful someboRRy though.. I just hope to see her someday... Thanks for coming by Favour Milo.. Eshe ma.

    2. and big thanks for teh nominaSHion.. We 'IS' very grateful Bubba..

  6. Congratulations dear, its nit easy to be nominated in this blogging world.. Lollllooolllzz..
    Nice to know more things about you. Keep up the good work and keep being you..


    1. hehehehehehehhehe aYam telling you eh Ifeoma! Bubba.. It Eeezz not a joking sturvzz at allzz allzzz.. hehehehehehe Thanks for coming by Nne.. Your comment just gave me an #ItcanonlybeGOD moment.. Oya chop e- touching BoRRy hugs.. and the crowd goes mmmwwaaaah!

  7. Duru and his ways yeye!!!! He is truly confused

    Hmm loyalist, woman wrapper, great investor, loves his dad issokay

    All noted

    1. hehehehehehehe Whoop!! Whoopp!!! I cannot frigging keep calm YnC Gang! The legendary Fashionista; Chinco Bee is in the building ladies and gentlemen.. **Screams.. Roll out the Red carpets gang.. Bring out the Flex.. Lights Camera and glitszz.. Chinco Bee is here to stay **Winks.. heheheh Thank you so much for coming by Nne.. You Rock..

      heheh would it be strange if i told you i was thinking about you the night before your ghen ghen comment.. Welcome on Nne.. I beg you in the name of Gogo.. Please don t be a stranger oh Nne.. Please dont leave us eh! **Wears Adekunle Gold smile...

  8. hehehehehee can't stop cracking me up smh

    1. heheheheheheh **Winks.. Thank you so much for yesterday my LoF DocKitar.. i appreciate Nne.. Oya chop wet French Kiss.. xx

  9. Oh my... you moved me with your comment!
    Well i dont know what to right ... 7 things about me?!
    So I am going to do this with my rules (hi hi)... I have never post a photo of me... so no photo.
    1. But I am wearing glasses (a purple one at this moment)
    2. Love to dance and jump all over my place since I was a kid lol ;)
    3. Loooove chocolate, but the doctor and my scale dont allow me to eat much of it any more.
    4. Looove sea, sky and light wind... my fave thing is to spend summer holidays in cyclades islands, which have all these elements.
    5. I like to believe that GOD exist and hears my wishes!!!!
    6. Love serenity in life but also crazy night clubbing!
    7. I really like to see beauty in every thing/person/place/soul/situation even if I have to dig hard to find it! And if i want find a thing i stop looking at that direction!

    The Fidelity Banks, is a real bank? If you ever own it, please do not forget to sent me a big check lol :)

    Greece :)

    1. Awwwwwwww.. Beauty Follower.. This comment Broke me.. I mean Thank you sooo much for doing this Nne.. When i saw it last night yeah.. Aswear it gave me an #itcanonlybeGOD moment.. Thank you Bubba.. Thank youuuuuu! heheheheheheheheheheh @Scale and DocKitar.. Wo! Ignore them oh jari and do you biko.. But not excessively shaa oh! And your number 7 is the realest Deal Bubba.. i mean it is skin deep like that.. as there is beauRRy in every. Single. Thing.. Weldone Bubba.. Weldone.. Thank you so so much for doing this Nne.. You have me wearing a smile from my heart.. and the crowd goes.... Oooossshhheeey Turn uP!

  10. But you know that your request won't werk na, :p. All these people wanting me to do another, this is just a set up. It is well...

    1. hehehehhehehehehehehehehehh lmao! All i can say to you Mzz. Lohla Windfall is; I loooovvveeeee you! I loF how open your mind is eh Nne.. Ah! You wihh not do?! **Tears Brown and Cream Shirt.. Nnnnoooo.... Well Atleast I tried nah.. **Wears Happy face.. xx

  11. duru! i can see why you are young and confused
    i wonder how troublesome you would be,when you were a baby ,choi,your mama really tried.lolz

    1. hehehheheheheheheh Yyyyyyyaaaaaayyyy Mzz BolaTiTo in the BuilDing Ladies and Gentlemen.. heheheheh Trulty Yeah! My mother was the real MVP shhaaa.. She endured plenRRyyyy.. Thanks for coming by Nne.. You haf me smiling like a fish being toasted down hia. And the crowd goes... Yyyeaaaahhh mehn

  12. Hey duru!!!! Sorry I've been absent from your blog. I see I will be busy with some weekend reads on here! Thank you by the way for your constant support. Means a great lot.
    I have done this a while back so will be doing yours differently if that's ok.
    Have a great weekend you!

    1. Whhhooopp!! Whoooppp! i sooo cannot frigging wait to read you Egbon.. **Wears Cheeky smile.. Glad ya doing well eh! Biko Do as is comfortable for you eh Ausserehl.. But sha put picSHur eh.. **Wears Mischievious smile.. and the crowd goes.. Mmmmwwwaaahhh!

  13. I've been tagged already jo and like J Ausserehl I am sorry for my long absence and 'panopano' appearance on your blog. I haven't even had time for myself. Life is simple but mehn to attain that simplicity tough. How's you? We should catch up...

    Signing off as Honiilols so my boss doesn't google my name and my comment comes up showing 1.20 pm - work hour!

    1. hehehehheheheheheh @panoPano appearance.. heheheheh that had me smiling like a Fish sha Lola.. heheheheh Yeah! We should eh! I know life has been busy for ye eh Nne.. I follow you on Instagram nah! Rememember?! I see it.. Just take it 1 by 1 oh Ore mi.. Insha Allah yeah Nne.. Everything ga di alright..

      Thanks for always Nne.. For being here for years and for making me smile always regardless my many many shenanigans i always report myself to you about..... Ya literally the geh friend i dont have Lola.. and for it I thank you.. No Jokes oh!.. Oya Be safe eh! Cheers Bubba.. and the crowd goes.. Aaaawwwggghhh!

  14. Ehn, Shey you have tagged me eh..............You didnt tell me what to do oooo...

    1. hehehehehehhehehe Be speaking English Dia! Sheybe you wihh not use ya head and do the Nomination ni?! If I kidnap you ehnnn! Ya eye go Clear.. Oya get to it jo.. **Wears Straight face..

  15. Very well done nnam - now I have more background information lol. Thanks ever so much

    1. Eeehhnnn YT.. With all due respect in the Whole Igbo Kingdom eh! Sha know that If you dont do this nomination ehhn!! I wihh just break up with you Straaaaiigghtt lason.. Test me not eh! i dont joke oh! I Serious pass Buhari eh.. Oya please nah... Aha nah Nne.. Pretty please.. Sheybe i begged you ni?! **Crying in Spanish...

  16. Hey, u r' good Duru, tnx for the nomination. really appreciate. Oshey!

    1. Awwwwww.. I am well Bubba.. Thanks Mzz Cladora! iSmile...

  17. Wow thanks for the nomination dear! You never seize to crack me up with your crazy writing lol!.Please let me know the rules so I can respond to you ASAP!

    Lady G