Monday, 21 September 2015

The Chains that Bind...

Turn uP! Turn uP! Ladies and Gentlemen.. Whats uP gang?! Kilon haPPin?! Elenkemeghani?! This is officially the best week of the year! I mean we get to work for only 3 days and voaIla! Holiday e haf start.. hehehe don’t you just love 1 Nigeria.. Holidays bokuuuu.. If you are my muslim brother et sister in teh house.. please eh! I beg you in the name of black and red 2B pencil.. Please drop your deets in the box below eh! Ayam coming to chop Cow, Ram, Frog Chicken.. Anything shaaaa... I am sha coming to eat.. Habeebah my Bubba toh sure.. You already know nah.. Ya own House eezz already sure nah :).. And in response the crowd goes… Ooooossshhheeey Turn uP!.. So how was your weekend?! Meeehhnn eezz not a joking sturvz eh! My own was ghen ghen like that! As in the Turn uP! Was INTENSELY MASSIVE!!! So I got to hang out with my the amiable Moby Koko and her Oga Boss Tito, and with Esther and with my new found Blog Crush (AKA Future wife) Ame tohbeauRRifull; and it was plenRRy plenRRy shades of Amazing.. Plus there was food everyWIa  I mean its amazing how much strong bonds we have all formed in this tiny sphere called Blogger..  You see ehn gang.. **clears throat… Moby eezz fine for states ehhnn! Choi iTrip.. Inshort iFall.. And Ame.. **cleans Sweat! Let the thoughts I was thinking be left in my head before she kills me.. Ame is amazingly beauRRiful ehhn asin, plus she is hot like fire from Gas cooker burner.. Sitting next to her made all the hair on my boRRy to do arise oh compatriot one time :). It was sure fun to Turn uP with these beauRRiful someboRRys.. and Esther! She has this maturity I cannot decipher... and her humility is deep like that.. I mean if you hear Ether speak ehnn.. You will know that she is wife material 200 yards.. Judge material oh not ankara.. It was an amazing one.. Sadly I don’t have the really nice picSHurs.. Will update this post when I get them.

So September has been been MEGA crazy for me.. I mean with #BLUEAfrica and all my many many Dreams.. But that not withstanding yeah.. this post had been on my mind in all the while.. and I don’t think there is a beRRA time to write it than now.. Sooo Lets Dance shall we?!

Do you ever feel like a prisoner Gang?! Do you ever feel like daily you are being dragged with a rope on your neck like Sallah cow and that you are bound with chains at your ankle following a long file of other slaves?! Do you ever feel like you are going through life dragged as against walking, running or flying as expected?! Do you ever feel lost in your own self.. not Drowning oh! Just Lost! Well I do.. Many-a-times I feel it.

Growing up is a very different thing from what I envisaged (in a bad but extremely GOOD #ItcanonlybeGOD way).. I always thought it would be easy peasy.. You know nah; get a job, become a millionaire before 25, build a duplex at Agbara, get a geh friend who is willing to let you bang her as frequently as possible, leave Nigeria and end the sex relationship, come back and get married to a decent geh et al.. yep! I always wanted to be a player one time… But I never for once envisaged that there would be this amount of confusion in my head, nor that it would be so hard to get a REAL lover, and that GeRRing laid would be like Rocket Science hence I have to plan and plan and plan with no luck :(. I never thought I would be loyal to a love with a beauRRiful 20 year old that ended about a year ago.. a love not even based on sex but true affection… but more imporRantly to note yeah.. I never thought I would one day become my own slave master and my own Slave Trader…

Lust, Fear, and Depression. 3 Feelings totally synonymous to growing up.. as they seem to be at different times intertwined with our very existence from ages 18-25. Fear Cripples us from achieving.. and when we gracefully overcome the usual fear of FAILURE.. The uncertain fear of SUCCESS makes it seem that we are undeserving of success.. Lust! Hian leave that maRRa for the bulge in my trouser 24/7 especially when I am with a very fine lady married or un-married… and depression slowly tries to creep into our lives daily.. Telling us we are undeserving of all the good that the amazingly awesome  Creator has given to us.

Life as I know it is a crazy ass place.. with my mind a whirl wind of chaotic emotions entailing  voices and thoughts hovering round and round, making the windvane tilt constantly and hardly ever pointing somewhere, unable to tell per say where the direction of the wind is from, but strongly enforced in my pillar called Christ.. Knowing that all in all.. I know GOD gats me.

You See Gang.. I am the kind of brother likely to pray before having sex with a lady.. So GOD forgives me in advance for the sin I am about to commit.. Before putting my body parts inside places that will more or less ruin me.. I take a moment of calm not to think about the consequences.. But to beg that GOD doesn’t leave me afterwards. Funny yeah?! Well no! cause I know that I am in chains on a daily.. Chains unable to be broken nor severed.. Chains hard as Steel, and burning hot as brimstone.. But more importantly.. I find myself in chains and addictions I do not want to break… and chains I more or less feel comfortable in. What am I?! Who am I?! Where am I going with my life?! These are kweshions I definitely have answers to, but the destiny I try to change.

If I could come out of this vessel and look me from the eyes of a bystander.. I would say to myself.. Yo! Nigga! You dey crase?! What are you doing?! Is it all worth it?! Seeking to pour sperm into every lady you meet all as a means of gratification.. Aren't you beRRA than this?! Why be afraid of Success cause you fear you cannot handle it?! Why listen to the voices of false identity in your head?! Eez it all worth it brover mi?! if I could advice me on one thing yeah.. I would say to me same words the heaven said earlier this year, but a tad paraphrased… I would say..

"Duru while you {Dance like no one is watching}, remember not to forget that the floors are slippery, hence wear a helmet so you don’t break your skull if you fall"

Gang to this 23 years 10 months 9 days utterly confused and growing young child, life eez teaSChing me that these chains are in our minds.. and we are slaves to lust, fear, addictions and depression et al cause we choose to be.. Break Free and thrive, cause in as much as you will not have these much vigour, sexual strength, nor ideas forever, neither will you have so much time to make a difference in the life of another. The funniest of things about being our own slave master ezz that at the end of everything, when the decision to stay free is made.. We will realize that of a truth.. the chains had been broken all this while, hence we were only slaves but in our minds...

Thank you for the past 7 minutes of your time gang.. You do me a great honor.. My prayer for you this week is that you shall have cause to go Oooooooosssshheeey Turn uP! 

Whoop Whhooop! It’s a half week people.. Mo wa ferry hexcSited.

Blogger Stats

So this month has been mega fast.. Hence I haven’t had the time to really blog so much..  and stalk my "Diary Gang".. But that regardless.. I most recently met Lady G. I met her via my subscription to Engr. Chioma’s comment section, and her (Lady G's) comment attracted me like a blaDDy magnet.. If you can gang.. Please go to her page.. I mean she is like the most beauRRiful 21 year old lady I have ever met on blogger.. Swear down.. Trust me.. When I say she has a fine face and a fine mind.. I don’t joke. Can you please check her page?! Pretty please gang?!

Now to say I am worried about Ms.Chrissy eez to put it mildly.. I am scared to my teeth for reasons personal to me.. Please Gang.. If I can ask for 1 thing before my 24th Birthday yeah.. it is that you please go to her Blog at www. and leave her a mushy mushy “Where are you” comment.. Pretty please?! I beg you guys in the name of map of Nigeria.. Pleaaaassssseeeeeeeee.

Ame! Now lemme just say that if I connect to you here on Blogger ehn.. It will be MEGA hard to pull away from ye.. Unless you walk me out of your life shaa like many have done.. But you see Ame ehn! She is an amazing writer.. I read her blog and it has me smiling from my soul.. She is such a free bird with a great mind.. Please Gang.. if you can.. Check out her page here.. Please gang.. Pretty please.. She is Bad like that.

Aight team.. Am out… We are still re-structuring the YnC Gang.. So there is a bit uncertainty about when our next post will come.. Hopefully we will be stable soon.. I just hope I get someboRRy willing to connect to my confused life.. Cause I really do need someone to.


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  1. First all, it must be nice to have two days off, strictly for relaxation, but alas it always comes and goes so fast doesn't it?
    Also, its always interesting and fun to meet fellow bloggers I'm sure. And good for you that the month is turning out to be a great one.

    Life is what you make it really. You can either chose to be tied down to things that don't matter, or choose to stay uplifted with the things that matter to you the most. There's nothing wrong with being confused, but don't let it drown you like the ocean at sea. Keep rising.

    Lastly, good looking with those stats, I'm sure everyone appreciates the reviews you do on them. All the best with your plans and say hello to the entire team.

    Have a fantastic week.


    1. Whhhhooooosssshhhhh..... And King BlogoraTTi eez in the building ladies and gentlemen.. I guess so sir.. I mean being confused is a Status that I have absolutely no control over.. But like you said.. If i let all the confusions and plenRRy plenRRy voices in my head drown me ehnn.. Then it will be me having noboRRy else but me to Blame at teh end of all these.. Well said sir.. Inshort i wihh write that down on the tablets of my heart.. and the crowd goes.. Oooooosssshhheeeey! Turn uP!..

      How are you sir?! Truly its been a while.. Yeah! Thanks for the best wishes.. Keresimesi e haf reach oh! Sheybe ya coming to Nigeriia for Christmas shha?! **Wears Anticipation smile.. :)

      Thanks for Always King BlogoraTTi...

  2. Yeye boy...That part about praying before having sex cracked me up sha.

    Trust you all had fun over the weekend....buh you now goan ruin your dashiki swag with that "beat by dre" headset.

    1. hehehehehehheheheheh So daRRis the only part ye read eh?! See your life?! heheheheh.. After i tried my bestest best to form Aristotle wisdom on this post.. Diariosgoddooo..

      Ah! The weekend bad gan! eet was not a joking sturvzz eh! Aswear.. It was pure.. No Jokes.. as the Turn uP was real!!! heheheh the Headset was for jara effects nah! Have you not seen Adebola Williams do it?! Its the 'in' thing now eh Nne.. Thanks for coming by Bubba.. You always Leave me with a smile CatWoman.. Alwa7ys... And the crowd goes.. Mmmmwwwaaaah! **Takes off wrist watch...

  3. Like zeriously, been in this age bracket of 18-25 is not an easy task oh. The uncertainties, the anticipation abi nah the power struggle within (emotion). I was up one day and decided to look at these properties* in the mind of the young man and i discovered one thing, they are the Strength we have in our body. Fighting to break from the chains make a young mind fresh and smart. Being a lively adult i think is based on how you are able to break free from the chains at this youthful age.

    This was a nice read sir. Happy holidays ahead!

    1. Whhhoop! Whiooopp! **Wears priestly robe.. Then **Brings out sword like all those Onyibo Kings.. then **Clears throat... By virtue of the power vested on me by Blogger as the Young and Confused Human Being.. I there by ordain you Oga Boss GodFirst Chukwuma as the "Aristotle lori Blogger".. Oshey! Turn uP! See you ooozzzing with Wisdom eh.. nice one Oga Boss.. awaNna be like you when I grow up eh!!

      True that sir.. All the uncertainty and confusions we feel at this age as you said, are a sure proof of the greatness we stand to birth.. hence the bigger the struggle, the bigger the later glory.. And like King BlogoraTTi said sir.. If we let these "Un-necessary" issues drown us yeah, then it shall be no one else's fault but ours.. Well said GodFirst Aristotle.. Well said..

      Thanks for always coming by Oga Boss.. Your words of wisdom always leave me in adoration of your mind.. Inshort After Buhari na Buhari wife, after Buhari wife na osinbanjo, after Osinbanjo na you.. **Shines teeth.. and the crowd goes.. Yyyyyyeeeaaahhh mehn!

  4. Ehn, I forgot what I wanted to say....... So the sample of the prayer be like, Lord for the sin am about to commit, I ask thee for forgiveness...... Mehn growing up and still growing up anyway depression so I am coming to terms that it is inevitable, well all just have to keep our bead up and keep going.. Nice cloth sha, all my efforts to rebrand u ain't in vain.

    1. heheheheheheh Ewu Gambia.. Inshort Oke Belgium.. kai King Ice you ehhnn.. Ya sha not feel fine sam sam.. Lmao! No be only Re-brannd.. Na Re-wrap.. madt man..

      True that Boss.. Growing up eez just a tad hard to understand.. We dont understand why we get addicted to shi.. Why we cant have control.. And why this Depression ish is biggie with this Age bracket.. But Boss.. i guess on the long Run sir.. We just gats to keep keeping on.. Cause if we dont go all through this "Brouhaha" yeah, we will be unable to for sure teach our kids the way that is right and point them in the right direcSHion.. Nice One King Ice.. Thank you for always Oga Boss.. Ya true Crazy broVer and Friend. and the crowd goes.. **Yimu. :)

      Eheenn that reminds me eh! Now that ye haf grad ba< issit not time to find wife and marry ni?! **Tongue out..

  5. Lool I see someone is still as confused as ever. Hey Duru darling

  6. Oh, you look so happy despite your busy and stressful days. Keep it up. And don't forget to wear your helmet when you dance. ;)

  7. and God is supposed to endorse u wen u want to have illegal sex shebi??????


  8. Good day, this may not be the right avenue but I just need someone to talk to. Anybody pls.

    1. Hi Ms Okechukwu Agwu.. Please send an Email to pretty Please nne...

  9. Hey you! Holidays never lasts abi, like someone said on ig, weekends are made in China cos they don't last!!!
    Anyways, in all your honest to God rant on this post, it boils down to choosing what you know is best for you. May not always be the good things but how you deal with the choices you make, is what counts.
    Enjoy your Sunday Duru.

    1. Yesss Boss! My Egbon in the Building Ladies and Gentlemen.. Turn uP!

      Oh How True your words are Ausserehl.. Cause life eezz teaching me that it is in Trying to live a perfect life, one devoid of mistakes that we hacSHulally make the biggest of mistakes.. Thanks for coming by Egbon.. You rock mega.. And the crowd goes... mmmmmwwwaaahh!

  10. Duru! Only you can blog at 10000 words per second.
    truth is the confusion never really ends, there's a confusion for every stage in life... the schools to put your children in confusion, where to buy land confusion, the kind of house to build... it doesn't end. Just try to make something outta the confusion.

    1. hehehehehehe aha nah! 10, 000 ke.. aha! Otunne.. Eezz neFer that deep nah... never..

      Hmmnn! Really deep words eh @ "Confusion never really ends".. Thanks for coming by and inspiring as always nne.. You Rock mega Ada.. Oya Chop wet french KillZzzesss :)