Friday, 30 October 2015

TATAAFO: Behind Closed Doors

(Limping) Hi Guys! Lovely Friday to you all.. I know y'all must be excited its Friday!!! Sha take it easy this weekend..

Ehen 4get grammar, Tataafo is back again, you all might be wondering why I am limping?! oh boy! The gist no be here o, if I had known that the stool I climbed on to peep through Dan's window was faulty ehn, I would have jejely stayed on my own, but anyways, I was not disappointed *wears evil grin*.

Back 2 my Dan gist from last week, as he locked everything lockable, he now increased the volume of the Home-theater he borrowed from my other neighbor Seun. There and then I knew the action was about to begin, so I quickly dragged a stool and went to peep through the hole on the window which "FATE" had created for me. I just needed to squint my eye a lil and woooossshhh, everyting was clear.

That was how I peeped and saw Dan romancing this girl, him no dey waste time at all at alllll, nonsense boy! He now whispered into her ear and went inside the room. If you see how this girl removed her pant by herself in speed motion ehhnnn, you'll fear. But I understood why when I saw her pant, Eyah tear finish..

Chai, some chicks eh, if u see them outside, they'll be forming like dem no dey poopoo. I quickly did sign of the cross, "May I see no evil".

As if that was not enough, when they were done with their 1 minute indomie sex, she hid the pant inside her bag and wore her trousers back WITHOUT. Let me just catch her one day doing shakara for me outside, I'll show her pepper.

After round one.. Dan came back with only juice, the juice I HAD TRIED MANY TIMES TO GET, and which he had been saving in his fridge like Diamond for 2 weeks now and a glass cup. Chai, what shall it profit a guy to plan to enjoy a punani and still be stingy?! The yeye girl sef started rushing the juice like she never drink juice before, the thing tire me.

As Dan wanted to resume the action, the girl just released an atomic bomb..

(Laughing in swahili) Hehehehehohohohohohhuhuhu), I bet Dan didn't see that coming. Hohohohohehehehehohehu..  Please let me laugh finish.. Heeeeheeeeehooooo....
Anyways, Back to the matter, after she released that bomb, I thought that would kill his spirit, 4 whrrrr! The guy no gree o, squeezing his nose tight, he continued the romancing, kissing her neck , ear, lips.. And just when h
e was about beginning round 2.. by pulling of the towel she had used to cover her breasts after Round 1.. I heard someone coming :(.

As I was about to jump down so I wouldn’t get caught, i fell like a baby :( hurting my ankle in the process..(Crying)

It's not fairrrrrrrrr!!

Isorait  (Limping),  I need to go apply 'Aboniki balm' again cause the pain just won't stop.

See you Guys next week Friday for another amazing gist and enjoy the rest of your weekend..

I still remain my amebo self.. Tataafo".

Instagram: @doris_onyi 

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Beyond Ordinary...

Some time ago I had an unnoticeable head-on with a young man, he’s a popular guy in my area and he’s got some “distinctive” features. Every one hails him, probably not because they think he’s up to their league, but I believe it’s a way to have some good free show at his mild defaults and crack up jokes. Incidentally, this guy was chatting with a woman whom I was hanging on for to collect my balance for a commodity I had purchased. He seemed to had gotten overly excited by the woman’s sycophantic jingle.. maybe this was as I observed, but then he over joyously tried to sound humble, and while at his excited conversation with her.. he unconsciously bath me with saliva. :(

I shrieked but not loud enough to embarrass the woman nor himself, and not to seem as if I was an ill-mannered child not well trained to consider the physically challenged. I was sure there were people who wouldn’t care and would have let out their anger there and then, but I didn’t. However, you can’t but imagine what I did to that part of my skin when I got home. I mean the thought of the saliva of a Down syndrome patient on my body made me almost lose appetite the whole day. However, in the presence of the young and the woman, I had to readjust myself to society expectations (considering that even my mom raised her brows when I recounted the incident). I’m definitely sure that she’s more bothered that I was acting brutish towards a physically challenged person the society castigates as ‘not normal’ who are also the creation of God, than of the fact that these are real people with a complete mind and soul, though not with a regular form of appearance.

This is an analogy to what we think and believe about physically challenged people. Some were born like that but others became like that after they were born ‘normal’. Contrarily to what most people think, I don’t know about you, but I have never tagged them ‘not normal’ because I don’t even know what normal is, because everything in life seems not to be perfect. If we think melanin-coloured-skin is normal, then the people of other races think it’s not normal. Also the albinos are even castigated as not normal, even people living with vitiligo. So I ask you.. what is normal? And at this point I ask you; Are you sure you are normal? Maybe you need to examine yourself and realize the fact that you need to absolutely see someone else though slightly different from you in appearance, but as normal as you think you are.  Maybe we need to see everyone we meet through not our eyes but through theirs.

I don’t know if some people might have this same “stupid” idea that I have so silently buried inside me, that these people, though I claim to not accept that they are “not normal” cause I myself do not know if I am, are ONLY created differently just to fill the earth and so do not have the right components to reason and function well as a candidate of the planet earth. I feel it’s a torture to let them exist; sometimes I used to feel they should be allowed to go peacefully. I would think of the worst if I was in their situation- Plese do not judge me, these are but my silent faulty but truthful thoughts. And yes.. I agree that they are faulty.

After a good observation of this world, its occupants, its features, the smell of its components, the taste of its sequential happenings both heard, imagined and experienced, I have come to a conclusion that there is a perfect space for everyone, and so I am gradually correcting my “Stupid” reasoning in the paragraph above, because I am learning that there is a function and unique purpose for every individual.

I just got a basic fact from a book I’m few pages from completing, it gave meaning to those feelings I could not translate into words, which were hazy and incomprehensible. I think my failure in fully realizing myself and living every second as perfect as it ought to be lived, perceiving every moment and sincerely appreciating the creator of all creatures is the cause of my seeking after perfection, I would have sensed this. I got that the abilities in an inability is far greater than the physical inability we see, and if compared to all the abilities summed together of a so called able-being, it’s far better. So to live a better life, I am learning that it is important to bring forth all abilities with every man serving as an aide to his other man, inadvertently making the world a better place to live in.

I hope I made common sense with this post. The name of the book I’m reading is “Out of my mind” by Sharon Draper. I hope you see people differently onwards; it’s not enough to preach it but believe in it. That’s just the pleasant truth.

Photo Credit; Google.

AdenikeBamigbade (www.livelifeng)
Instagram; @adenikebam


Tuesday, 27 October 2015

CIAM Presents.. Face of Enchanting Africa

Whpoopp! Whoopp!! Oshey! Hiya Gang. So this is a quickie I just had to do.. Please share if you can gang.. I beg you in the name of Nokia Lumia..

It's the maiden edition of one the biggest photo contests online ladies and gentlemen, and its codenamed "Face of Enchanting Africa". 

This contest is the first of its kind in Africa, as it is a platform for Super Models to be CREATED AND DISCOVERED by the world. 

So who is going to be the "Face of Enchanting Africa"  You?! You or You?!

Ladies… Are you beautiful? 
Are you Enchanting? 
Do You think you have what it takes to be the "Face of Enchanting Africa" 
Then go ahead and Register;

To register, kindly Send "Enchanting Africa" to 2348131385110 on whatsapp or via email; at . You will receive your registration instructions immediately. DasaLL!
Registration Fee N3,000.

Registration Starts 1st November 2015

Winner gets a Brand New laptop and Cash Prize, plus Sponsorship to contest for Miss Fashion Nigeria and Brand Ambassador for the Ciam Brand.

1st Runner Up: Paid Catwalk Classes, Shopping Voucher, and a slot at the Miss Enchanting Africa 2016 Contest.

What's the delay for Visit; for more details.


Instagram; @youngandconfusedafrica


Monday, 26 October 2015

15- for-15 Challenge_ Family (October Post); The Future Project.

Pre-Script: We at YncA need a loan of Naira .....… We Will pay back in 30 days.. WE PROMISE:)

**deep Sigh..  Of recent I have had to be asking my sef kweshions that I already have the answer to.. I mean I have had to sit down time and time again and ask me “Duru WaRRis going on?!" **Takes off Wrist watch thennn**Takes off Bracelet.. I mean where are all my years going?! Considering that Monday is more or less my personal space.. I guess this is the only place I can really talk about how I feel.. Truth is I miss being young and careless.. I miss the energy and vibe.. I miss the life of just chasing women and all.. But I guess this is it Gang! I guess I have gotten to that cross road.. I guess I am at the boarder line when I say good bye to Childishness and begin saying Hello to being a grown up.

First off lemme say that I am a proud TFP Volunteer.. I am so friGGing proud of this fact ehnn. that The Future Project has more or less become a family to me.. A place of not necessary Solace cause the fight we fight on DIA no be HIA oh!! But a place of inspiration still.. where equally distinct minds come together to break bread and sit at a round table.. Where we come Discuss and annalyse Active Citizenship and The Future that we are daily becoming...

Gang you know that line that Onyibo man says nah?! The line that goes; 

Well that best defines us at The Future Project.

Last Saturday (October the 24th), Insha Allah yeah..  we conducted our First ever Volunteers project.. and Mehn!!!! It was the Shizzle ma people.. as it was madt fun.. as Ikeja Stood UP and felt our Noise (Note how they didn’t hear the Noise.. The literally felt it :) ).. It was the biggest project I have ever served under.. and it humbled me beyond what words can describe. Plus e turn me to beGGy beGGy.

The Beginning:

That #ItcanonlybeGOD moment when you win an ElecSHion :)

Truth is I am a lot of things.. My Partner and Friend Adenike says I am 3 in 1.. But I like to just see myself as Young and Confused.. cause that’s all I am; 2 humans in 1 being.. More like a Cyborg of some sort (even if I say so myself).. So when the idea of organizing an Event came on board.. my Humble utterly confused self was Elected Publicity/Communications lead.. hehehe I guess all my many many Hashtags, Long ass captions and plenRRy picSHurs on Instagram finally paid off ba?! hehehe Truth is it was a Dream come true to be Publicity lead, as it opened me to the world.. But Gang! It was hard AF.
Me and my Able Team Lead.. Master Odunayo Adeneye (THE BRAND)

Lesson: BE Strong..  Be courageous.. The Journey is Far! The Road is long.. But Its all Possible.

The Hardships
One of those nights...

I say this without mincing words, that it is extremely difficult working with a Team of your Age mates.. than eet eezz working with older folks.. because you see ehn! Once all of you are the same 1991- 1993 batch ehnn.. Nwanne fogeRRit.. Ya in for a Roller Coaster ride… Cause you go speak English TaYaaa.. I mean it oh! It was hard.. and there were times that my brain and mind would literally lock.. Times that I wouldn’t know how to proceed.. Times that I would literally go! Kai! JdB who send you message oh!!

However Gang.. it is pertinent to note at this point that the reason that the event was hard at the unset was cause we had a very interesting Team. But the prime reason was that myself and Odunayo Adeneye (The BRAND), who was Team Lead for Traffic Sense DO NOT KNOW HOW TO THINK SMALL.. I like to see this as a blessing many atimes.. but then sometimes it is more like a Burden, because our Budget ehnn.. mehn no be hia! Oh!

Lesson: Nothing in Life comes Easy.. Humility is Bae!

Team Lead for The Future Project (Africa)

It all happened on one favorable Friday, when our Team lead Ms Bukonla Adebakin informed us that we had been mandated by Management to hold a project in October 2015.. With her assistance.. after all the brainstorming et al.. A Traffic Project was agreed on. The project (Traffic Sense) was a Traffic Control/Traffic Sensitization project, aimed at sensitizing the Public on how to properly use their cars, know the roads, and to improve general citizen enlightenment as regards proper Highway codes, but considering the Ojukokoro daRRis worrying me and Odunayo nah.. We had a grande plan of Inviting the General Manager of LASTMA, FRSC, and the VIO.. As well geRRing as many ghen ghen Celebrities as possible.. The likes of Don-Jazzy, Reminisce, Frank Odega, Kemi Adetiba, Lala Akindoju et al.. Did we succeed with our Plan! Hell to the No!

I remember having a meeting with our Executive Director (Mfon Ekpo) and after she spoke to us yeah! We learnt that our Plan was totally off the mark..

Lesson: Focus on what matters, and not what flatters.

Blogger to the Rescue

I always say to myself that I am an accidental Blogger! Why?! Cause on like many someboRRies who knew what they were doing when they opened Blogger yeah.. My own was a BABANLA mistake! Asin Mega! I am more of a case of “press Button Press Buttion.. Press Enter..” and we are on Blogger with all the AmAZINGNESS  that eez this place.. But I must say that that mistake is one of the most important mistakes of my life.. as when I finally realized what I had done.. I knew what wanted to do! I knew I wanted to Inspire a Soul.. just like my mother; Janyl Benyl did of me.. And I still pray that before my time here is up.. I will have a replicant of me.

One of the things I appreciate the most from Blogger eez that e haf help my life.. as I haf come and goan be connected with Real MVP’s like the Amazing Ayo Thompson, Chisom, CatWoman, Ausserehl and Sunshine :).

During this project yeah Gang.. There were times I just could not sleep.. Times my heart would race for fear of failure.. and even fear of success.. I just didn’t know what to expect. I remember 1 night I slept with such a heavy heart cause it seemed like we were literally carrying the world on our shoulders.. I remember how I was awoken by the Tada sound on my Lumia.. and behold it was an Image from the amazing Oyinlola with a caption that inspired my life outta my boRRy.. There were nights I feared and hoped that it would all be alright.. It was folks at Blogger that helped the most.

And then Ayo Thompson is just Bae! She came and supported the cause fully.. lining me up for a Live interview on International TV, and brought her amazing Crew to the event! Mehn! Knowing Ayo (AKA 1+ THE ONE) is a blessing on its own gang aswear...

Lesson: EFFeryboRRy you know in this life.. you know for a purpose.. Cherish as many as you can...

Reality Check;

If there is anything Traffic Sense taught me about life yeah Gang... It is the fact that at a time.. We have to let go of the crazy dreams in our heads and face Reality. We have to let go of the Budget that you hope a Dangote will sponsor and implement based on the beGGy BeGGY Internal Generated revenue that one can get.. and that happened. It is at this moment that I duff my cap for the amazing Enikoko, Walase, and all those organizing weddings.. Y’all are the real MVP aswear. Cause the pressure is reallll.

Lesson: Do not be afraid of Change.

The Exposure

Never in my life have I been as exposed as I was due to this event. I (in Reality) got to be at places only my dreams would usually take me to, and it was an amazing feeling…  

Many A times I wondered if I was deserving of the hypes.. But maybe I wasn’t.. Maybe I was.. But that regardless.. The ish was I was here then.. Now and here. So I had to Run with it.

Lesson: when GOD gives you a Dream.. Run with it as far as your legs can carry you… Dont ask how.. Just sha Run...

The Event  that was;

The event in itself was amazing.. and at a moment too many yeah Gang.. I would literally sit back and just Thank GOD for the success that had ensued.. I mean days before Odun and the Team saw the event as a fools wish.. Mehhnnn I wish I could tell Y’all about the Drama.. But I wouldn’t wanna come and goan fall my own hand… So leggo gang.

Us :)

Oshey! LASTMA SomeboRRy..

Told you LAGOS Needed us...

The Future Projects Volunteers and our Executive Director Mfon Ekpo

And this guy got Hype for simply shouting Traffic Sense.. :)

Our Partners in Action

My TFP Crush

Yep! Thats Ike Sarah Chika.. Co- Founder BLUEAfrica. :) We close like that eh! 

Enyhim Clothiers CEO, My Able Team Lead (Odunayo), our E.D (Mfon) and my YnCA Partner (Adenike)

And Cool TV Came through...

yep! LASTMA :)
General Manager F.R.S.C Lagos (My Team Lead is Boss)

The affected Transporters, asking LASTMA and FRSC kewshions non- stop :) It turned into a Town Hall meeting :)
Olive Emodi of COOL TV is Bae biko iTrip
After the Reggae play the BLUE...
Our Able TFP Lagos President (Ed Ace)
The ever resourceful Tunji...
At teh end gang.. I think it was all worth it :) #ItcanonlybeGOD

Lesson: Impossible is NOTHING.

Thank you for the past 7 minutes of your time Gang.. You do us at The Future Project a great Honor with it.. My prayer for you this week eezz that GOD will give your Today grace to outshine your Yesterday.. **And Duru wears Mr. Nigeria smile.

P.S: Gang.. I guess I cannot hide this Driven part of me for too long.. I guess I cannot keep in the background the me that wants to Have random sex really badly as well.. Nor can I hide the clown that is me as well.. So what I will try to do is pray that I can strike a balance on here as well as we can.. Please pray for me… Please if you choose to leave me.. remember that I am nothing but a 23 years 11 months 14 days old Young and Confused man!

Please see more photos of the event by following the hashtag on Twitter?Instagram #TFPVolunteersTrafficProject or #TFPVTP.

Please follow @Tfpvolunteers for more info about us :) (Oshey! Free marketing)

Instagram: @youngandconfusedafrica

#Udo #ItcanonlybeGOD

Friday, 23 October 2015

First of All... Introduction...

Hi guys.. How are we doing?! Okay, y'all know I finally agreed to join JdB’s Confused Gang... and we have resolved for me to do nothing on here than be me sharing funny, annoying, ameboish, lovey lovey stories..
*Distracted* Ah! why is this girl staring at me like that sef?! fine she no fine, see her shoes sef... Jerousy!!

Ehen where was I? So, the whole idea of my series on here is to throw some insights into the crazy, funny, silly lifestyles of youths around us especially in our neighborhoods and I will be using my neighborhood as well as that of other family and friends as a ghen ghen example.

*pause* wait o, All these long grammar sinceee and I never introduce myself!!! Insha Alla (like my young and confused brother JdB would say) I am sorry readers... My names are abi, my name is Unamba Doris Onyi but since we are all confused here, my confusion name is Tataafo..... Please o, not the Tataafo you all know on TV, I never reach that stage for now, so don't get it twisted... Lol...

*Distracted again* Hmmm, this yeye neighbor of mine Dan is back with another chick, this one he has locked his inside door, door protector, inside window and window protector, only spirit knows what they want to do eh... Well, I trust myself, I must kuku sha find out.

*Ghen ghen* Operation tataafo activated, I will surely give you guys the gist next week...

Stay tuned o... #winkz


Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Adenike Thinks Aloud...

Top of the morning to you guys! I hope you are doing great and not allowing anyone put reggae in your Blues. I mean we expend a great amount of energy just sitting and doing nothing.. talkless of when one now gets occupied with work, and then someone adds salt to injury and frustrates you on top of the wahala of work.. *Cringes*. It’s not easy at all… So to all those on the 8-5 lane.. I say Weldone oh!

The previous week for me has been somewhat awesome; I got to understand different kinds of people and understand the human nature a bit more. You know what I have noticed about we humans ehn, it’s the fact that we are a very unique specie..  with rather unpredictable characteristics. There was a post I put up on my blog a while back in which I mentioned how the word ‘Busy’ nearly jeopardized my friendships with some of my cool dudes.. even Duru himself suffered from same. Then I was in a situation with all eyes on me and almost everyone wanted to see me fail.. I just had to work harder. At 1 moment then.. the beat was going smoothly and everyone was dancing to the serenading melody.. and then all of a sudden.. a totally different beat erupted and started to play.. hence thwarting the serenading rhythm that was the first.. leaving everyone confused. I guess that is life in itself.. Simple yet complex.

Do you know what Team?!  I’m not here to glorify the evil deeds of the flesh and tell you to live life without caution.. nor am I here to tell you that I have found the cure to Cancer..  I am here to simply admonish us to think differently and deeply about this place called life and the passing vanity that it is. But most especially.. I am here to think in the open about how we humans try to complicate an already complex life. So lets Talk..

When we say humans, I mean any living thing browsing their devices to access this post, any living thing with the special intelligence existing among the heavenly creatures, I mean every living thing with a soul, a conscience and a mind.  Let me quickly say that I am not an exception to this, but anyone with a great deep mind capable of thinking, will reflect on past deeds and analyse himself. Every one of us is associated with feelings like jealousy, selfishness, resentment, malice, grudges, hatred, wickedness etc.. And I believe that these are all Default feelings with which we have been wired.. Same way there are good feelings like Love, kindness, Generosity and hope.. So are there evil ones… I guess these feeling are all specially attributed to humans.

During my mandated physiotherapy session yesterday, I had ample time to have a great reflection about life, about humans, about TIME, and thinking about it now makes me realise how everyday comes with its own peculiarity.. Yesterday was a totally different day for me, because in a long while, I had not been privileged to have such deep thoughts. So as I sat there reflecting deeply upon myself.. my life.. my Hopes and dreams.. I was re-affirmed about the words of the scripture which iterates;

“we humans are nothing, absolutely nothing ”.

My deductions from my thoughts included;

  1. Forgive and totally forget because humans don’t even know how feeble they are..
  2. Don’t hold a grudge or resent cause you too are not sure of what life is about to unleash on you..

As I sat there yesterday.. lost in my thoughts… looking around me.. seeing both young and old.. Living at the same moment.. breathing the same air.. and passing through the same time.. My thoughts grew deeper and stronger. I saw again both young and old, rich and poor, beautiful and unattractive, greatly intelligent and utterly dim-witted, all struggling to clasp the imaginary image of life.. as glaringly evident in their distressed eyes and sorrowful expressions.

Right there, a savvy looking young man was wrapped up and about to be carried to the morgue. That same man who must have in the past garnered the attention of highly intelligent men and women, the same that many would have applauded for his intelligence and acumen, that same man had at this moment become nothing but a memory.. So please answer me something Dear Reader…  What resentment does anyone want to hold against this man that could still be valid? Who would want to Envy him now?! Who would want to hate on his success now?! No one I guess.. And then it hit me that all the hate and envy we all spew in Life, on Social Media etc are all but worthless choices...

I also saw a beautiful lady with no toes, and her both legs extremely burnt beyond recognition. Her appearance and new state of being awed me, and I was greatly inspired. She moved her gorgeous new-self gregariously.. flaunting her remaining self and being grateful to GOD for life.. Well I guess this re-affirms the line that goes.. “A living dog is better than a dead lion”. I’m very sure this lady will see it as completely ridiculous to abhor hatred nor hold any grudges at this moment but to Live life to its fullness… as she must have at this time learnt.. that life is nothing but passing time..

You know what Team, when the scripture says we should sometimes go to places where they mourn and are sorrowful, I guess it’s not to turn us into bitter people or kill our excitement… but for us to sometimes deeply reflect about life.. about humans, and to help us realize that all the things that we chase thinking they will make us happy over time are all but empty nothings… They are Nothing. but. vanity.

So whats the point in my thoughts aloud you might ask.. My point is, even if one puts reggae in your RnB (so to speak) which means when humans act like humans and try to pull you down, keep your focus on nothing but your goals and leave those that refuse to move up with you. Stay clear headed and know that with God and determination.. everything is achievable. So keep moving and aiming as high as your dreams can carry you, but please make sure that as you are moving up high, you try not to pull others down.

If you think and reflect about life and humans again, you will realize how life is too short and the best way to live it is with INDEPTH LOVE FOR MANKIND AND A STRONG FAITH IN GOD.

As I’m writing this, I’m also talking to myself.

Enjoy the rest of the week!

AdenikeBamigbade (

Instagram; @adenikebam


Monday, 19 October 2015

A Tale untold...

Happy Birthday Ore mi.. May GOD bless you… May his face Shine on you.. May his love never depart from you and yours.. and may you have manyyyy more money... Sotey your Bank account be like Orobo Amoeba….. Plus may our friendship Live longer than the universe has.. I lof you Toluwalase Ayoola.. Aswear nne.. I do :* From all of us at the YnC Blog.

P.S: I am not he who claims to know.. I am he who seeks your help to know a little more..

**Takes off confused Bracelet.. the shaky shaky thing doesn’t lemme write well.. **Sits up on Jangolova chair.. then **Screams inside my head! Turn uP Turn uP Ladies and Gentlemen.. Whaaaatttasss Up?! How was the weekend gang?! Mehn eezzz not a joking sturvz oh! SomeboRRy please tell me how old aYam again.. :( cause with all the way my life eezzz going viam viam again ehnn.. I literally feel like I am 40. So Gist me nah anyboRRy please..  Cause aYam sooo loosing vibe.. :( My Weekend was **in the super cool Enikoko’s voice.. Workic.. as it was From one Brainstorming session at Akoka to another Brains storming Sunday on WhatsApp. Guess diaRRis no sleep for my kind afterall.. heheheh My father e haf taya for me sev.. Initially Barr. Duru be like “ Junior rest”. Now he goes.. “Junior.. Won’t you Rest?!” A fathers lof ba?! Nothing comes close.. Not even a mothers own :p

So without much Adue.. lets Dance shall we..

A Tale untold.. So I guess eezz an open secret that I entered Uni at a young age.. Back then ehnn.. My life was scattered.. Lemme Tell you why.. At age 15, my family was a bit okay Financially.. At least I wore my only Pierre Cardin when I was 15.. Yep! I was that kinda child.. Pretty much; Ask and Receive.. but also I was at a time in my life when Peer pressure was at its peak.. I mean I had friends acquaintances who were offering me Sticks of Cigarettes and banging ladies on. A. Steady.. I used to go to the Road side sellers at the back of my Secondary School to Drink Paraga 20 Naira, get high and do crap.. I used to peep into the Ladies Rest room.. I wasn’t necessary the Vaseline kinda guy though.. But we had our ways ;).. I was the class clown too, that they once wrote to my Dad on my report card about how ** In sexy Lily’s voice…  "yeye" I was becoming… And top of my “To DESTROY my life” list was that I had a set of Friends  acquaintances in Secondary school who preached that Cultism was the Best way of life.

Dad gave me a Union Bank 1998 Diary back then… And on it I would write all my dreams, and how I wanted to go to Essex and C.U et al.. And I vividly remember writing something relatively sincere about Cultism in one of my Notes.  I almost fell in in my head... and to say the least yeah.. I was a TRUANT from SS1- SS3.. Omo it was when WAEC and JAMB hit me bam! ehhnnn.. that my anya opened.

Before I resumed Uni yeah, I remember walking around Festac one evening, and a young man that stayed in my close called me and said.. ‘Nonsa hafa nah?! you don dey go Uni abi?!” I replied him with a yes filled with heXSCitment and a smile so glaring.. But his second line hit me.. he said  “Guy when you enter Uni oh.. try find 1 small Association join oh” and by association he meant Cult group. To say the least ehhnn Gang! My Flabber was Gasted..  and **in the amazing Lohla Windfall’s voice ba.. I was gobsmocked..

So going into Uni.. I saw Life for what it was… Wait! Holl uP! Lemme Famzz  small.. :) Now every one of us know the great Blogger Egwumba Ugochukwu ba?! He used to be my course mate and he was a Top someboRRy at Uni then.. Popular and purpose filled.. Back then in Uni.. I was a Nerd.. Not cause I love Books, but cause I hated the school… And couldn’t afford to get an Extra day talkless of year.. Although all those Winchie Winchie lecturers tried sha.. but #GODWIN... And you see all this Sex Sex life I live nah.. It started after Graduation.. So leRRus just say that aYam more or less chasing a life I lost trying to get a 2.1 #ItcanonlybeGOD.. Good or Bad decision?! That’s talk for another post I guess.

Last week Friday on my from the 8-5, I saw the very same guy who told me to join a Cult, and guess what we were talking about together as we chatted on the road.. GOD. Yep! He had changed.. He had learnt.. He had grown.. and the most amusing thing of all was when I told him what he told me far back in 2007, he said he said he didnt even remember telling me that.. and I was like.. “Holl uP! Can you imagine?! This Nigga almost ruined me.. and Had I listened.. I would have Ruined my life”

Truth is Gang.. Growing up has been a lot of things for me.. it’s been an eye opener of most, as I have learnt a loooott from my fast passing days.. but top of the list of the things I have learnt is that in this life wey we dey so ehhn.. dia will always be a lot of voices.. All fighting for audience. There will be the voice in your head saying "you were born to fail.." Saying "you cannot make it".. Saying that "you will die a mediocre"… then there will be more voices in the Public saying “Who are you to speak extra ordinarily..” Asking you who you think you are trying to live an Excellent life.. Asking “Why do you chase a life of inspiration?!”… but then the good news is that there will also be that silent voice in your head saying “Nonso.. Don’t lose the light..”

We never know how we will end up Gang... but 1 choice at a time.. I guess that can make a difference.. So waRRever the dream on your heart is.. please chase that dream with all you have.. Ignore that voice that blames you for every bad thing that happens.. Ignore the decisions that contravene your believes and goals.. but instead.. Believe.. Thrive.. Succeed. Cause to this 23 years 11 months and 7 days young and confused Boy ba.. there are only 2 voices we should listen to… The silent voice in your head that cheers you on… which is definitely GOD talking.. and the voice of your Father (which is anybody that has invested so much to make you a better human being)

Dear Reader, I am still veerrrrryyy far from the man I want to become.. I mean I do porn, I drink, I chase skirt.. But then its all a process.. Hopefully I will outgrow.. Hopefully I will learn.. And I hope you Believe in you too..  that although we are not perfect.. We can be better.. That although we made a mistake, we can still thrive.. That in trying not to Judge others.. we shouldn't fail to put it out there.. that we want to effect a better generation with our gifts. #BLUE

Thank you for the past 7 minutes of your Time Gang.. You do us a great Honor with it.. My prayer for you this week eezz that your Flabber wihh not be Gasted in a bad way.. Wait! Holl uP! Who saw Linda Ikeji’s mansion... Whhooossshh! She be Balling oh :)

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So guys.. I read this reallyawesome post on Trend with Gloria.. and my mind was excited AF.. She is a really cool and calm blogger who thinks really maturely… Please check her out if you can gang. Please...

Lohla Windfall.. **Clears Throat… Guys! just for the record yeah... I am in loF with Lohla Windfall’s mind.. Got talking with her lori WhatsApp a while ago… and I was like Oh My gooodd!!!  Heheheh She cool like that.. plus she smart like kilode.. Please see her amazing blog and Testify..

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