Monday, 26 October 2015

15- for-15 Challenge_ Family (October Post); The Future Project.

Pre-Script: We at YncA need a loan of Naira .....… We Will pay back in 30 days.. WE PROMISE:)

**deep Sigh..  Of recent I have had to be asking my sef kweshions that I already have the answer to.. I mean I have had to sit down time and time again and ask me “Duru WaRRis going on?!" **Takes off Wrist watch thennn**Takes off Bracelet.. I mean where are all my years going?! Considering that Monday is more or less my personal space.. I guess this is the only place I can really talk about how I feel.. Truth is I miss being young and careless.. I miss the energy and vibe.. I miss the life of just chasing women and all.. But I guess this is it Gang! I guess I have gotten to that cross road.. I guess I am at the boarder line when I say good bye to Childishness and begin saying Hello to being a grown up.

First off lemme say that I am a proud TFP Volunteer.. I am so friGGing proud of this fact ehnn. that The Future Project has more or less become a family to me.. A place of not necessary Solace cause the fight we fight on DIA no be HIA oh!! But a place of inspiration still.. where equally distinct minds come together to break bread and sit at a round table.. Where we come Discuss and annalyse Active Citizenship and The Future that we are daily becoming...

Gang you know that line that Onyibo man says nah?! The line that goes; 

Well that best defines us at The Future Project.

Last Saturday (October the 24th), Insha Allah yeah..  we conducted our First ever Volunteers project.. and Mehn!!!! It was the Shizzle ma people.. as it was madt fun.. as Ikeja Stood UP and felt our Noise (Note how they didn’t hear the Noise.. The literally felt it :) ).. It was the biggest project I have ever served under.. and it humbled me beyond what words can describe. Plus e turn me to beGGy beGGy.

The Beginning:

That #ItcanonlybeGOD moment when you win an ElecSHion :)

Truth is I am a lot of things.. My Partner and Friend Adenike says I am 3 in 1.. But I like to just see myself as Young and Confused.. cause that’s all I am; 2 humans in 1 being.. More like a Cyborg of some sort (even if I say so myself).. So when the idea of organizing an Event came on board.. my Humble utterly confused self was Elected Publicity/Communications lead.. hehehe I guess all my many many Hashtags, Long ass captions and plenRRy picSHurs on Instagram finally paid off ba?! hehehe Truth is it was a Dream come true to be Publicity lead, as it opened me to the world.. But Gang! It was hard AF.
Me and my Able Team Lead.. Master Odunayo Adeneye (THE BRAND)

Lesson: BE Strong..  Be courageous.. The Journey is Far! The Road is long.. But Its all Possible.

The Hardships
One of those nights...

I say this without mincing words, that it is extremely difficult working with a Team of your Age mates.. than eet eezz working with older folks.. because you see ehn! Once all of you are the same 1991- 1993 batch ehnn.. Nwanne fogeRRit.. Ya in for a Roller Coaster ride… Cause you go speak English TaYaaa.. I mean it oh! It was hard.. and there were times that my brain and mind would literally lock.. Times that I wouldn’t know how to proceed.. Times that I would literally go! Kai! JdB who send you message oh!!

However Gang.. it is pertinent to note at this point that the reason that the event was hard at the unset was cause we had a very interesting Team. But the prime reason was that myself and Odunayo Adeneye (The BRAND), who was Team Lead for Traffic Sense DO NOT KNOW HOW TO THINK SMALL.. I like to see this as a blessing many atimes.. but then sometimes it is more like a Burden, because our Budget ehnn.. mehn no be hia! Oh!

Lesson: Nothing in Life comes Easy.. Humility is Bae!

Team Lead for The Future Project (Africa)

It all happened on one favorable Friday, when our Team lead Ms Bukonla Adebakin informed us that we had been mandated by Management to hold a project in October 2015.. With her assistance.. after all the brainstorming et al.. A Traffic Project was agreed on. The project (Traffic Sense) was a Traffic Control/Traffic Sensitization project, aimed at sensitizing the Public on how to properly use their cars, know the roads, and to improve general citizen enlightenment as regards proper Highway codes, but considering the Ojukokoro daRRis worrying me and Odunayo nah.. We had a grande plan of Inviting the General Manager of LASTMA, FRSC, and the VIO.. As well geRRing as many ghen ghen Celebrities as possible.. The likes of Don-Jazzy, Reminisce, Frank Odega, Kemi Adetiba, Lala Akindoju et al.. Did we succeed with our Plan! Hell to the No!

I remember having a meeting with our Executive Director (Mfon Ekpo) and after she spoke to us yeah! We learnt that our Plan was totally off the mark..

Lesson: Focus on what matters, and not what flatters.

Blogger to the Rescue

I always say to myself that I am an accidental Blogger! Why?! Cause on like many someboRRies who knew what they were doing when they opened Blogger yeah.. My own was a BABANLA mistake! Asin Mega! I am more of a case of “press Button Press Buttion.. Press Enter..” and we are on Blogger with all the AmAZINGNESS  that eez this place.. But I must say that that mistake is one of the most important mistakes of my life.. as when I finally realized what I had done.. I knew what wanted to do! I knew I wanted to Inspire a Soul.. just like my mother; Janyl Benyl did of me.. And I still pray that before my time here is up.. I will have a replicant of me.

One of the things I appreciate the most from Blogger eez that e haf help my life.. as I haf come and goan be connected with Real MVP’s like the Amazing Ayo Thompson, Chisom, CatWoman, Ausserehl and Sunshine :).

During this project yeah Gang.. There were times I just could not sleep.. Times my heart would race for fear of failure.. and even fear of success.. I just didn’t know what to expect. I remember 1 night I slept with such a heavy heart cause it seemed like we were literally carrying the world on our shoulders.. I remember how I was awoken by the Tada sound on my Lumia.. and behold it was an Image from the amazing Oyinlola with a caption that inspired my life outta my boRRy.. There were nights I feared and hoped that it would all be alright.. It was folks at Blogger that helped the most.

And then Ayo Thompson is just Bae! She came and supported the cause fully.. lining me up for a Live interview on International TV, and brought her amazing Crew to the event! Mehn! Knowing Ayo (AKA 1+ THE ONE) is a blessing on its own gang aswear...

Lesson: EFFeryboRRy you know in this life.. you know for a purpose.. Cherish as many as you can...

Reality Check;

If there is anything Traffic Sense taught me about life yeah Gang... It is the fact that at a time.. We have to let go of the crazy dreams in our heads and face Reality. We have to let go of the Budget that you hope a Dangote will sponsor and implement based on the beGGy BeGGY Internal Generated revenue that one can get.. and that happened. It is at this moment that I duff my cap for the amazing Enikoko, Walase, and all those organizing weddings.. Y’all are the real MVP aswear. Cause the pressure is reallll.

Lesson: Do not be afraid of Change.

The Exposure

Never in my life have I been as exposed as I was due to this event. I (in Reality) got to be at places only my dreams would usually take me to, and it was an amazing feeling…  

Many A times I wondered if I was deserving of the hypes.. But maybe I wasn’t.. Maybe I was.. But that regardless.. The ish was I was here then.. Now and here. So I had to Run with it.

Lesson: when GOD gives you a Dream.. Run with it as far as your legs can carry you… Dont ask how.. Just sha Run...

The Event  that was;

The event in itself was amazing.. and at a moment too many yeah Gang.. I would literally sit back and just Thank GOD for the success that had ensued.. I mean days before Odun and the Team saw the event as a fools wish.. Mehhnnn I wish I could tell Y’all about the Drama.. But I wouldn’t wanna come and goan fall my own hand… So leggo gang.

Us :)

Oshey! LASTMA SomeboRRy..

Told you LAGOS Needed us...

The Future Projects Volunteers and our Executive Director Mfon Ekpo

And this guy got Hype for simply shouting Traffic Sense.. :)

Our Partners in Action

My TFP Crush

Yep! Thats Ike Sarah Chika.. Co- Founder BLUEAfrica. :) We close like that eh! 

Enyhim Clothiers CEO, My Able Team Lead (Odunayo), our E.D (Mfon) and my YnCA Partner (Adenike)

And Cool TV Came through...

yep! LASTMA :)
General Manager F.R.S.C Lagos (My Team Lead is Boss)

The affected Transporters, asking LASTMA and FRSC kewshions non- stop :) It turned into a Town Hall meeting :)
Olive Emodi of COOL TV is Bae biko iTrip
After the Reggae play the BLUE...
Our Able TFP Lagos President (Ed Ace)
The ever resourceful Tunji...
At teh end gang.. I think it was all worth it :) #ItcanonlybeGOD

Lesson: Impossible is NOTHING.

Thank you for the past 7 minutes of your time Gang.. You do us at The Future Project a great Honor with it.. My prayer for you this week eezz that GOD will give your Today grace to outshine your Yesterday.. **And Duru wears Mr. Nigeria smile.

P.S: Gang.. I guess I cannot hide this Driven part of me for too long.. I guess I cannot keep in the background the me that wants to Have random sex really badly as well.. Nor can I hide the clown that is me as well.. So what I will try to do is pray that I can strike a balance on here as well as we can.. Please pray for me… Please if you choose to leave me.. remember that I am nothing but a 23 years 11 months 14 days old Young and Confused man!

Please see more photos of the event by following the hashtag on Twitter?Instagram #TFPVolunteersTrafficProject or #TFPVTP.

Please follow @Tfpvolunteers for more info about us :) (Oshey! Free marketing)

Instagram: @youngandconfusedafrica

#Udo #ItcanonlybeGOD


  1. I am just happy for the MAN you are becoming, keep doing what are doing.

    P.S: Sweetheart, you really need to rest, your eyes are soo tired. Take some time off, go to cool place and calm those nerves of yours down.

    Kudos Dear

    1. hehehheheh Awwwhgghh Thanks Bae.. But you know what my Dad says?! He says "There is no rest in this world.." aaaannnndddd I believe him :).. I sincerely wanna go to the beach and just chuk my leg in the sand and do nothing but lounge.. Maybe in the coming days though.. Mayb never.. :)

      Thank you for your kind words Bubba.. they shall be engraved on the Tablets of my Heart for a long time.. Cheers CatWoman and thank you for always being there.. You Rock pass stone aswear... And the crowd goes.. Ooooossshheeeey Turn uP!

    2. He should just visit Tee Planet Beauty and spa. They will pamper his skin and massage his body, lolz

      You guys are really doing a commendable job. If we can have volunteers like this, life will be easier to live in Lagos.

  2. Duru Chinomso, Am blog u are embracing the individual u are becoming, I can't fit do all this Daddy talk..but am proud of you.

    1. hehehehheheheh Ice Ifa Slap you through my keyboard ehhnnn! ya eye will clia! Daddy for Wia?! hhehehehhe You this Boy ehhnn.. Your Brain dey Tick oh! heheheheh Madt man! Thanks Boss.. #ItcanonlybeGOD.

  3. Congratulations to you on your achievement and I believe it is a worthy cause. Its great that you have a supportive team, to help out with your goals. You can be anything you want to be, it all starts from within. The stars will align for anyone with a plan and a dream, and the commitment to follow through. So I wish you success, for today and always.

    All the best with everything.


    1. Oh My! King BlogoarTTi sir! I dunno how you do it Oga Boss.. But you always do! Your every copmment always inspire me to my bones.. thank you sir.. For always inspiring us with your every word.. You Rockl Mega Boss! may GOD bless you big time Chief of Staff..

      Truth is ehhnn.. Half of the Time sir.. i dunno how these great and awesome people Turn uP to support the causes I chase after... and thats why my most important hashtag in this life eezz #ItcanonlybeGOD cause sincerely sir.. all I am is a Young and Confused 23 Years old Boy with nothing but a small boRRy.. BIG Dreams and a much BIGGER GOD..

      Thank you for Your support Today and always sir.. Thank you for always being here for all Young and Confused Writers.. Thank you for Sticking to the Blog even when we slack.. Thank you for being a True BIG Brother on Blogger.. You Rock mega sir.. Inshort ehhnn! After Obama na you eh!! heheheh Cheers Boss.. and teh crowd goes.. Oooooosssshheeey Turn uP!

  4. just one question Duru, how do i volunteer?

    1. Whoop! Whoopppp!! Oshey! Oge Baby FINALLY pulled through to our comment section! You this geh ehnn! You be Doing me AppIAr and DisAppIArrr Lof on Blogger ba?! Diarisgodoooo! After aYaf been waiting for your LofaBle comment since 19-kokkoRo! kai! Ogechuku.. Diarisgodooooo.. hehehehehhe

      Okay Bubba.. Its really easy.. To volunteer I mean.. Just send an email to and indicate your willingness to Enroll (Please write that Duru Adolphus asked you to send it to them seeking advice as on the process of registering into The Future Project).. Send it Quick oh!! so you can Join in the Future Awards of Devember oh! Cause daRRis when we usually get to wear Fine Fine Suit and Fine Diner Gown and meet Celebrities... heheheh **Wears James Bond Smile..

      Cheers Bae! kai aYaf missed you Scarra Hunny Bunch.. **Holds Broken heart..

  5. Duru am stil soaking your cane in kerosene

    1. heheheheheheheheheheh lmao! Oshey! See threat oh! inshort iFia! Bia! Ogechukwu you beRra stop doing me tano tano loF and loF me full time.. **Wears Fine boy face.. Thanks for making me start my day with a smile Nnne.. Wihh you be my geh Friend ni?! I wihh haf money when i Grow up eh!!! iPromise..

  6. Nice one baba..may God richly reward all your huzzles..Remain blessed honey, keep Kinging!

    1. Elllllaa! kai i miss you like kilode sha! Dont woRRy Baby mi! Amma Appear to Abuja soon cause of you!.. Amen Nne.. Thanks for always.. Ya an amazing someboRRy to the Tee.. GOD bless you Bae..