Monday, 19 October 2015

A Tale untold...

Happy Birthday Ore mi.. May GOD bless you… May his face Shine on you.. May his love never depart from you and yours.. and may you have manyyyy more money... Sotey your Bank account be like Orobo Amoeba….. Plus may our friendship Live longer than the universe has.. I lof you Toluwalase Ayoola.. Aswear nne.. I do :* From all of us at the YnC Blog.

P.S: I am not he who claims to know.. I am he who seeks your help to know a little more..

**Takes off confused Bracelet.. the shaky shaky thing doesn’t lemme write well.. **Sits up on Jangolova chair.. then **Screams inside my head! Turn uP Turn uP Ladies and Gentlemen.. Whaaaatttasss Up?! How was the weekend gang?! Mehn eezzz not a joking sturvz oh! SomeboRRy please tell me how old aYam again.. :( cause with all the way my life eezzz going viam viam again ehnn.. I literally feel like I am 40. So Gist me nah anyboRRy please..  Cause aYam sooo loosing vibe.. :( My Weekend was **in the super cool Enikoko’s voice.. Workic.. as it was From one Brainstorming session at Akoka to another Brains storming Sunday on WhatsApp. Guess diaRRis no sleep for my kind afterall.. heheheh My father e haf taya for me sev.. Initially Barr. Duru be like “ Junior rest”. Now he goes.. “Junior.. Won’t you Rest?!” A fathers lof ba?! Nothing comes close.. Not even a mothers own :p

So without much Adue.. lets Dance shall we..

A Tale untold.. So I guess eezz an open secret that I entered Uni at a young age.. Back then ehnn.. My life was scattered.. Lemme Tell you why.. At age 15, my family was a bit okay Financially.. At least I wore my only Pierre Cardin when I was 15.. Yep! I was that kinda child.. Pretty much; Ask and Receive.. but also I was at a time in my life when Peer pressure was at its peak.. I mean I had friends acquaintances who were offering me Sticks of Cigarettes and banging ladies on. A. Steady.. I used to go to the Road side sellers at the back of my Secondary School to Drink Paraga 20 Naira, get high and do crap.. I used to peep into the Ladies Rest room.. I wasn’t necessary the Vaseline kinda guy though.. But we had our ways ;).. I was the class clown too, that they once wrote to my Dad on my report card about how ** In sexy Lily’s voice…  "yeye" I was becoming… And top of my “To DESTROY my life” list was that I had a set of Friends  acquaintances in Secondary school who preached that Cultism was the Best way of life.

Dad gave me a Union Bank 1998 Diary back then… And on it I would write all my dreams, and how I wanted to go to Essex and C.U et al.. And I vividly remember writing something relatively sincere about Cultism in one of my Notes.  I almost fell in in my head... and to say the least yeah.. I was a TRUANT from SS1- SS3.. Omo it was when WAEC and JAMB hit me bam! ehhnnn.. that my anya opened.

Before I resumed Uni yeah, I remember walking around Festac one evening, and a young man that stayed in my close called me and said.. ‘Nonsa hafa nah?! you don dey go Uni abi?!” I replied him with a yes filled with heXSCitment and a smile so glaring.. But his second line hit me.. he said  “Guy when you enter Uni oh.. try find 1 small Association join oh” and by association he meant Cult group. To say the least ehhnn Gang! My Flabber was Gasted..  and **in the amazing Lohla Windfall’s voice ba.. I was gobsmocked..

So going into Uni.. I saw Life for what it was… Wait! Holl uP! Lemme Famzz  small.. :) Now every one of us know the great Blogger Egwumba Ugochukwu ba?! He used to be my course mate and he was a Top someboRRy at Uni then.. Popular and purpose filled.. Back then in Uni.. I was a Nerd.. Not cause I love Books, but cause I hated the school… And couldn’t afford to get an Extra day talkless of year.. Although all those Winchie Winchie lecturers tried sha.. but #GODWIN... And you see all this Sex Sex life I live nah.. It started after Graduation.. So leRRus just say that aYam more or less chasing a life I lost trying to get a 2.1 #ItcanonlybeGOD.. Good or Bad decision?! That’s talk for another post I guess.

Last week Friday on my from the 8-5, I saw the very same guy who told me to join a Cult, and guess what we were talking about together as we chatted on the road.. GOD. Yep! He had changed.. He had learnt.. He had grown.. and the most amusing thing of all was when I told him what he told me far back in 2007, he said he said he didnt even remember telling me that.. and I was like.. “Holl uP! Can you imagine?! This Nigga almost ruined me.. and Had I listened.. I would have Ruined my life”

Truth is Gang.. Growing up has been a lot of things for me.. it’s been an eye opener of most, as I have learnt a loooott from my fast passing days.. but top of the list of the things I have learnt is that in this life wey we dey so ehhn.. dia will always be a lot of voices.. All fighting for audience. There will be the voice in your head saying "you were born to fail.." Saying "you cannot make it".. Saying that "you will die a mediocre"… then there will be more voices in the Public saying “Who are you to speak extra ordinarily..” Asking you who you think you are trying to live an Excellent life.. Asking “Why do you chase a life of inspiration?!”… but then the good news is that there will also be that silent voice in your head saying “Nonso.. Don’t lose the light..”

We never know how we will end up Gang... but 1 choice at a time.. I guess that can make a difference.. So waRRever the dream on your heart is.. please chase that dream with all you have.. Ignore that voice that blames you for every bad thing that happens.. Ignore the decisions that contravene your believes and goals.. but instead.. Believe.. Thrive.. Succeed. Cause to this 23 years 11 months and 7 days young and confused Boy ba.. there are only 2 voices we should listen to… The silent voice in your head that cheers you on… which is definitely GOD talking.. and the voice of your Father (which is anybody that has invested so much to make you a better human being)

Dear Reader, I am still veerrrrryyy far from the man I want to become.. I mean I do porn, I drink, I chase skirt.. But then its all a process.. Hopefully I will outgrow.. Hopefully I will learn.. And I hope you Believe in you too..  that although we are not perfect.. We can be better.. That although we made a mistake, we can still thrive.. That in trying not to Judge others.. we shouldn't fail to put it out there.. that we want to effect a better generation with our gifts. #BLUE

Thank you for the past 7 minutes of your Time Gang.. You do us a great Honor with it.. My prayer for you this week eezz that your Flabber wihh not be Gasted in a bad way.. Wait! Holl uP! Who saw Linda Ikeji’s mansion... Whhooossshh! She be Balling oh :)

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So guys.. I read this reallyawesome post on Trend with Gloria.. and my mind was excited AF.. She is a really cool and calm blogger who thinks really maturely… Please check her out if you can gang. Please...

Lohla Windfall.. **Clears Throat… Guys! just for the record yeah... I am in loF with Lohla Windfall’s mind.. Got talking with her lori WhatsApp a while ago… and I was like Oh My gooodd!!!  Heheheh She cool like that.. plus she smart like kilode.. Please see her amazing blog and Testify..

Wednesdays and Fridays will never feel the same.. Please Turn uP! On the YnC Blog and lets dance like no one is watching shall we. Cheers.

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  1. I should have been a regular commenter here but for this google account wahala. Educative piece as usual. Learning is indeed a continuous process. We'd be better than we were yesterday if we make diligent efforts. Keep up the good work !

    1. Oh wow! EeezzaaLLieee! Engr. Akagha Justin in the Building Ladies and Gentlemen.. Omo a neFer hexspeRRed it eh! Thanks youuuuuuu Boss.. Wowza!! So you haf been reading our confused rantings and bants?! Wow! Thank you so much my colleague and my friend.. I remember from the beginning how you had our back on the Blog.. and that you are still here makes us feel rest assured that we are trying to try to try.. Thanks Boss.. After You na You oh!

      Truly sir... It is only when we stop learning that we stop growing.. Cheers Sir.. and thanks for coming by Boss.. I should take a screen shot of this comment oh! Cause a neFer hexspeRRed it :) Thank youuuuu..

  2. Hi Duru,

    May you become an impeccable member of the community in no time at all. Remember - impossible is nothing!

    1. **Shouts then screams.. AAmmmmmmmeeeeeeeeeeNNN!!!! Kai! Calaber Geh! Thank you so much Bubba.. Your comment has me smiling a smile that smiles.. :) GOD bless you nne..

      Kai i miss looking for your Trouble oh! You know what ba?! When all the pressure I am currently under going is Over yeah.. Me and WhatsApp are gonna come disturb you :)

  3. Meh duru this was a really nice read....U really inspired me to finish up my own piece

    1. Ifaye! Whiner of Life.. Be Whinning me oh! Thanks boss.. You do us a great Honor with your Support sir.. Cheers..

  4. Choi! so JdB is turning into an inspiration speaker on YnC gang...issorait! not everytime woman wrapper post, sometimes become a preacher and inspire others. Thumbs up.

    1. hehehheheheheheheh lmao! na so nah! Thing about writing yeah CatWoman eezz that it kinda comes from the inside.. and from feelings... Plus where is the Time to Chase Woman now?! :( My Life eezz on fast forwatrd.. :) Or is this you giving me Permision to chase you?! :)

      Cheers Bubba.. and thanks for always coming by Nne.. and the crowd goes... Oooooossshhheeey! Turn uP!

  5. Hey Bubba....Guess who is in the BUILDDDINGGGGGGGGG?????? Whoop whoop
    Thanks huni for the constant check ups... God bless you *mwaaaah*

    Your flabber was gasted? That got me there mehn..kai. I've missed blogsville. I feel like a child in an ice cream factory. I want to check all the blogs all at once. Hahaha

  6. A bold and imaginative piece, dwelling on the passage of time, among other things. We live and learn. We chase shadows until there's nothing left to chase. And in the end our stories define us. Our wisdom grows through experience.

    Wonderful post indeed, and thanks for the reminder.

  7. "...although we are not perfect.. We can be better.." true talk Duru and when someborry is trying to say the truth your head will nau be swelling.

  8. Hi Duru, I just nominated you for an award on my blog here: