Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Adenike Thinks Aloud...

Top of the morning to you guys! I hope you are doing great and not allowing anyone put reggae in your Blues. I mean we expend a great amount of energy just sitting and doing nothing.. talkless of when one now gets occupied with work, and then someone adds salt to injury and frustrates you on top of the wahala of work.. *Cringes*. It’s not easy at all… So to all those on the 8-5 lane.. I say Weldone oh!

The previous week for me has been somewhat awesome; I got to understand different kinds of people and understand the human nature a bit more. You know what I have noticed about we humans ehn, it’s the fact that we are a very unique specie..  with rather unpredictable characteristics. There was a post I put up on my blog a while back in which I mentioned how the word ‘Busy’ nearly jeopardized my friendships with some of my cool dudes.. even Duru himself suffered from same. Then I was in a situation with all eyes on me and almost everyone wanted to see me fail.. I just had to work harder. At 1 moment then.. the beat was going smoothly and everyone was dancing to the serenading melody.. and then all of a sudden.. a totally different beat erupted and started to play.. hence thwarting the serenading rhythm that was the first.. leaving everyone confused. I guess that is life in itself.. Simple yet complex.

Do you know what Team?!  I’m not here to glorify the evil deeds of the flesh and tell you to live life without caution.. nor am I here to tell you that I have found the cure to Cancer..  I am here to simply admonish us to think differently and deeply about this place called life and the passing vanity that it is. But most especially.. I am here to think in the open about how we humans try to complicate an already complex life. So lets Talk..

When we say humans, I mean any living thing browsing their devices to access this post, any living thing with the special intelligence existing among the heavenly creatures, I mean every living thing with a soul, a conscience and a mind.  Let me quickly say that I am not an exception to this, but anyone with a great deep mind capable of thinking, will reflect on past deeds and analyse himself. Every one of us is associated with feelings like jealousy, selfishness, resentment, malice, grudges, hatred, wickedness etc.. And I believe that these are all Default feelings with which we have been wired.. Same way there are good feelings like Love, kindness, Generosity and hope.. So are there evil ones… I guess these feeling are all specially attributed to humans.

During my mandated physiotherapy session yesterday, I had ample time to have a great reflection about life, about humans, about TIME, and thinking about it now makes me realise how everyday comes with its own peculiarity.. Yesterday was a totally different day for me, because in a long while, I had not been privileged to have such deep thoughts. So as I sat there reflecting deeply upon myself.. my life.. my Hopes and dreams.. I was re-affirmed about the words of the scripture which iterates;

“we humans are nothing, absolutely nothing ”.

My deductions from my thoughts included;

  1. Forgive and totally forget because humans don’t even know how feeble they are..
  2. Don’t hold a grudge or resent cause you too are not sure of what life is about to unleash on you..

As I sat there yesterday.. lost in my thoughts… looking around me.. seeing both young and old.. Living at the same moment.. breathing the same air.. and passing through the same time.. My thoughts grew deeper and stronger. I saw again both young and old, rich and poor, beautiful and unattractive, greatly intelligent and utterly dim-witted, all struggling to clasp the imaginary image of life.. as glaringly evident in their distressed eyes and sorrowful expressions.

Right there, a savvy looking young man was wrapped up and about to be carried to the morgue. That same man who must have in the past garnered the attention of highly intelligent men and women, the same that many would have applauded for his intelligence and acumen, that same man had at this moment become nothing but a memory.. So please answer me something Dear Reader…  What resentment does anyone want to hold against this man that could still be valid? Who would want to Envy him now?! Who would want to hate on his success now?! No one I guess.. And then it hit me that all the hate and envy we all spew in Life, on Social Media etc are all but worthless choices...

I also saw a beautiful lady with no toes, and her both legs extremely burnt beyond recognition. Her appearance and new state of being awed me, and I was greatly inspired. She moved her gorgeous new-self gregariously.. flaunting her remaining self and being grateful to GOD for life.. Well I guess this re-affirms the line that goes.. “A living dog is better than a dead lion”. I’m very sure this lady will see it as completely ridiculous to abhor hatred nor hold any grudges at this moment but to Live life to its fullness… as she must have at this time learnt.. that life is nothing but passing time..

You know what Team, when the scripture says we should sometimes go to places where they mourn and are sorrowful, I guess it’s not to turn us into bitter people or kill our excitement… but for us to sometimes deeply reflect about life.. about humans, and to help us realize that all the things that we chase thinking they will make us happy over time are all but empty nothings… They are Nothing. but. vanity.

So whats the point in my thoughts aloud you might ask.. My point is, even if one puts reggae in your RnB (so to speak) which means when humans act like humans and try to pull you down, keep your focus on nothing but your goals and leave those that refuse to move up with you. Stay clear headed and know that with God and determination.. everything is achievable. So keep moving and aiming as high as your dreams can carry you, but please make sure that as you are moving up high, you try not to pull others down.

If you think and reflect about life and humans again, you will realize how life is too short and the best way to live it is with INDEPTH LOVE FOR MANKIND AND A STRONG FAITH IN GOD.

As I’m writing this, I’m also talking to myself.

Enjoy the rest of the week!

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  1. The only way to truly be at peace with the world is to live life in contentment. To walk down pathways that have been left untouched, to stand up for what's right, to show kindness to everyone, to be confident and trusting in one's own abilities. And lastly, to let go of things in order to make room for more glory.

    Adenike, that's a truly inspirational post and very well written indeed. Its a timely reminder, and its great of you to share it here. Warm greetings!

    1. more inspiration from your comment. Hi Blogoratti, you are an embodiment of the true meaning of life.