Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Beyond Ordinary...

Some time ago I had an unnoticeable head-on with a young man, he’s a popular guy in my area and he’s got some “distinctive” features. Every one hails him, probably not because they think he’s up to their league, but I believe it’s a way to have some good free show at his mild defaults and crack up jokes. Incidentally, this guy was chatting with a woman whom I was hanging on for to collect my balance for a commodity I had purchased. He seemed to had gotten overly excited by the woman’s sycophantic jingle.. maybe this was as I observed, but then he over joyously tried to sound humble, and while at his excited conversation with her.. he unconsciously bath me with saliva. :(

I shrieked but not loud enough to embarrass the woman nor himself, and not to seem as if I was an ill-mannered child not well trained to consider the physically challenged. I was sure there were people who wouldn’t care and would have let out their anger there and then, but I didn’t. However, you can’t but imagine what I did to that part of my skin when I got home. I mean the thought of the saliva of a Down syndrome patient on my body made me almost lose appetite the whole day. However, in the presence of the young and the woman, I had to readjust myself to society expectations (considering that even my mom raised her brows when I recounted the incident). I’m definitely sure that she’s more bothered that I was acting brutish towards a physically challenged person the society castigates as ‘not normal’ who are also the creation of God, than of the fact that these are real people with a complete mind and soul, though not with a regular form of appearance.

This is an analogy to what we think and believe about physically challenged people. Some were born like that but others became like that after they were born ‘normal’. Contrarily to what most people think, I don’t know about you, but I have never tagged them ‘not normal’ because I don’t even know what normal is, because everything in life seems not to be perfect. If we think melanin-coloured-skin is normal, then the people of other races think it’s not normal. Also the albinos are even castigated as not normal, even people living with vitiligo. So I ask you.. what is normal? And at this point I ask you; Are you sure you are normal? Maybe you need to examine yourself and realize the fact that you need to absolutely see someone else though slightly different from you in appearance, but as normal as you think you are.  Maybe we need to see everyone we meet through not our eyes but through theirs.

I don’t know if some people might have this same “stupid” idea that I have so silently buried inside me, that these people, though I claim to not accept that they are “not normal” cause I myself do not know if I am, are ONLY created differently just to fill the earth and so do not have the right components to reason and function well as a candidate of the planet earth. I feel it’s a torture to let them exist; sometimes I used to feel they should be allowed to go peacefully. I would think of the worst if I was in their situation- Plese do not judge me, these are but my silent faulty but truthful thoughts. And yes.. I agree that they are faulty.

After a good observation of this world, its occupants, its features, the smell of its components, the taste of its sequential happenings both heard, imagined and experienced, I have come to a conclusion that there is a perfect space for everyone, and so I am gradually correcting my “Stupid” reasoning in the paragraph above, because I am learning that there is a function and unique purpose for every individual.

I just got a basic fact from a book I’m few pages from completing, it gave meaning to those feelings I could not translate into words, which were hazy and incomprehensible. I think my failure in fully realizing myself and living every second as perfect as it ought to be lived, perceiving every moment and sincerely appreciating the creator of all creatures is the cause of my seeking after perfection, I would have sensed this. I got that the abilities in an inability is far greater than the physical inability we see, and if compared to all the abilities summed together of a so called able-being, it’s far better. So to live a better life, I am learning that it is important to bring forth all abilities with every man serving as an aide to his other man, inadvertently making the world a better place to live in.

I hope I made common sense with this post. The name of the book I’m reading is “Out of my mind” by Sharon Draper. I hope you see people differently onwards; it’s not enough to preach it but believe in it. That’s just the pleasant truth.

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  1. Is there anyone that is actually normal? Nice piece Nike....