Tuesday, 27 October 2015

CIAM Presents.. Face of Enchanting Africa

Whpoopp! Whoopp!! Oshey! Hiya Gang. So this is a quickie I just had to do.. Please share if you can gang.. I beg you in the name of Nokia Lumia..

It's the maiden edition of one the biggest photo contests online ladies and gentlemen, and its codenamed "Face of Enchanting Africa". 

This contest is the first of its kind in Africa, as it is a platform for Super Models to be CREATED AND DISCOVERED by the world. 

So who is going to be the "Face of Enchanting Africa"  You?! You or You?!

Ladies… Are you beautiful? 
Are you Enchanting? 
Do You think you have what it takes to be the "Face of Enchanting Africa" 
Then go ahead and Register;

To register, kindly Send "Enchanting Africa" to 2348131385110 on whatsapp or via email; at missenchantingafrica@gmail.com . You will receive your registration instructions immediately. DasaLL!
Registration Fee N3,000.

Registration Starts 1st November 2015

Winner gets a Brand New laptop and Cash Prize, plus Sponsorship to contest for Miss Fashion Nigeria and Brand Ambassador for the Ciam Brand.

1st Runner Up: Paid Catwalk Classes, Shopping Voucher, and a slot at the Miss Enchanting Africa 2016 Contest.

What's the delay for Visit; http://swaggcitysmg.blogspot.com for more details.


Instagram; @youngandconfusedafrica



  1. Duru and his gang will you sponsor me??????? Lol you are doing a great job dear plus i finally made it here today...


    1. Pppprrrrraaaiiseee tha lawwddd.. Umu chineke! Eh!!! Ah! Gloria Remembered me today! rain wihh fall! heheh Eeezz a miracle.. heheheh iKid,, Of course nah! We will sponsor ye Nne! You will only have to buy our own scholarship form of Naira 5, 000.. **Shines Igbo teeth :)

      Thanks for coming by Nne.. Thanks for making me smile Bubba.. :) Cheers.

  2. Duru i'll register.............if you pay......lol

    1. heheheheheh se my geh friend oh! and I thought i was the ONLY one with the Igbo Blood hia.. lmao! Thank you for always Ugo.. You Rock mega Bubba :).. Oya Chop Kiss..