Friday, 23 October 2015

First of All... Introduction...

Hi guys.. How are we doing?! Okay, y'all know I finally agreed to join JdB’s Confused Gang... and we have resolved for me to do nothing on here than be me sharing funny, annoying, ameboish, lovey lovey stories..
*Distracted* Ah! why is this girl staring at me like that sef?! fine she no fine, see her shoes sef... Jerousy!!

Ehen where was I? So, the whole idea of my series on here is to throw some insights into the crazy, funny, silly lifestyles of youths around us especially in our neighborhoods and I will be using my neighborhood as well as that of other family and friends as a ghen ghen example.

*pause* wait o, All these long grammar sinceee and I never introduce myself!!! Insha Alla (like my young and confused brother JdB would say) I am sorry readers... My names are abi, my name is Unamba Doris Onyi but since we are all confused here, my confusion name is Tataafo..... Please o, not the Tataafo you all know on TV, I never reach that stage for now, so don't get it twisted... Lol...

*Distracted again* Hmmm, this yeye neighbor of mine Dan is back with another chick, this one he has locked his inside door, door protector, inside window and window protector, only spirit knows what they want to do eh... Well, I trust myself, I must kuku sha find out.

*Ghen ghen* Operation tataafo activated, I will surely give you guys the gist next week...

Stay tuned o... #winkz



  1. Nice one miss tataafo....hope to see more tataafo stories

    1. Thank you anonymous... Lol.... You'll see more definitely.....

  2. Lol... Exactly wat u knw hw to do best. Talk!...more grace dear.let it be a bit more constructive tho. Best wishes.

  3. Super cool! Keep it up... #sip hennesy

    1. Hahahaha...Thanks Unknown ... Sha kip my own hennesy!!

  4. Hello Unamba, such a lovely name. Here's giving you the neighbourly welcome -no home made cookies I'm afraid, but just love and peace. I'll look forward to your stories, which I'm sure will turn out to be quite entertaining. I hope you know what you've signed up for, its a team of talented folks so you'll have to literally bring your 'A' game to the table.
    With that out of the way, welcome to the blogosphere, greetings and best wishes always!

    Duru, enjoy the week ahead.

  5. Thanks Blogoratti... Will definitely give it my all....