Friday, 30 October 2015

TATAAFO: Behind Closed Doors

(Limping) Hi Guys! Lovely Friday to you all.. I know y'all must be excited its Friday!!! Sha take it easy this weekend..

Ehen 4get grammar, Tataafo is back again, you all might be wondering why I am limping?! oh boy! The gist no be here o, if I had known that the stool I climbed on to peep through Dan's window was faulty ehn, I would have jejely stayed on my own, but anyways, I was not disappointed *wears evil grin*.

Back 2 my Dan gist from last week, as he locked everything lockable, he now increased the volume of the Home-theater he borrowed from my other neighbor Seun. There and then I knew the action was about to begin, so I quickly dragged a stool and went to peep through the hole on the window which "FATE" had created for me. I just needed to squint my eye a lil and woooossshhh, everyting was clear.

That was how I peeped and saw Dan romancing this girl, him no dey waste time at all at alllll, nonsense boy! He now whispered into her ear and went inside the room. If you see how this girl removed her pant by herself in speed motion ehhnnn, you'll fear. But I understood why when I saw her pant, Eyah tear finish..

Chai, some chicks eh, if u see them outside, they'll be forming like dem no dey poopoo. I quickly did sign of the cross, "May I see no evil".

As if that was not enough, when they were done with their 1 minute indomie sex, she hid the pant inside her bag and wore her trousers back WITHOUT. Let me just catch her one day doing shakara for me outside, I'll show her pepper.

After round one.. Dan came back with only juice, the juice I HAD TRIED MANY TIMES TO GET, and which he had been saving in his fridge like Diamond for 2 weeks now and a glass cup. Chai, what shall it profit a guy to plan to enjoy a punani and still be stingy?! The yeye girl sef started rushing the juice like she never drink juice before, the thing tire me.

As Dan wanted to resume the action, the girl just released an atomic bomb..

(Laughing in swahili) Hehehehehohohohohohhuhuhu), I bet Dan didn't see that coming. Hohohohohehehehehohehu..  Please let me laugh finish.. Heeeeheeeeehooooo....
Anyways, Back to the matter, after she released that bomb, I thought that would kill his spirit, 4 whrrrr! The guy no gree o, squeezing his nose tight, he continued the romancing, kissing her neck , ear, lips.. And just when h
e was about beginning round 2.. by pulling of the towel she had used to cover her breasts after Round 1.. I heard someone coming :(.

As I was about to jump down so I wouldn’t get caught, i fell like a baby :( hurting my ankle in the process..(Crying)

It's not fairrrrrrrrr!!

Isorait  (Limping),  I need to go apply 'Aboniki balm' again cause the pain just won't stop.

See you Guys next week Friday for another amazing gist and enjoy the rest of your weekend..

I still remain my amebo self.. Tataafo".

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  1. Loool...this scenerio just took me bak to my service year geeez..the disturbing ring tones were crazy... Amebo is not work ooo...treat your leg well oo..duru darling hows you

    Glowyshoe blog

  2. Chai tataafo go and treat ur self eh, buy a small ladder so u won't fall next time.

  3. Hahahaha... I will sweerie.. Thanks

  4. Interesting,you are the real tatafo