Monday, 30 November 2015

Awon Sisterhood Kini :)

Monologue: **Cleans face with palm! Kai! Nonso.. I still cannot friGGing believe ya going ahead with this post.. WaRRis woRRying you this buoy?! Smh for myself.. But oh well! wetin man go do ni! Love dey say makes one do the strangest of things… kai! JdB ya just about to fall ya own hands.. but oh well! Lest dance shall we. :)

Turn uP Turn uP ladies and Gentlemen. Whats up Gang?! So I was on my own jejely oh! Living my quiet confused life.. when my Egbon Toin.. from no where… just remembered that she had a mission to destroy my 24 years 18 days old career abi destiny sevvv.. and bam! I got tagged with this Awon Sisterhood of the world kini..  Aswear down eh! I had kuku made up my life not to do it! Considering me and Toin are bad guySis lori WhatsApp yeah.. I knew that I could use style to dribble her on there.. so I Locked up with a Straight face:-|. And then my Flabber was gasted again when the ever beauRRiful Oyinlola.. my own Archangel Lola.. my 1 and only Lola! Choi! Thinking of her alone makes my boRRy sweet me.. So when she tagged me 3 times on her post yeah! Omo ehhnn.. there and then I froze like Ice fish in a Sardine pack… **deep sigh.. Don’t worry gang.. aYaf not been Caitline’d aYam still very straight.. J and then I knew it was ghen ghen to do it when my one and only Sister: The ever Anonymous but yet still Sexy ThisLagos Girl resurrected from Hiatus an tagged me again. Mchheeww.. I still cant believe aYam doing this. 

So there goes.. I got tagged by 3 Amazing lady bloggers that I Totally adore.. Most especially Toin..  P.S; Egbon.. I am majorly plotting on how to get back at you eh! and be very afraid yeah.. cause amma hit you when you neFer hexspeRRed like Lagos harmattan. (1). Thank you ladies eh! For remembering me at the wrongest possible time ever and tagging me.. heheheh

So the rules..

1. Thank the blogger who nominated you, linking back to their site

2. Put the Award logo.

3. Answer the  ten questions sent to you

4. Nominate five blogs.. (Five is too small.. i know too many cool bloggers biko)

5. Make up ten new kweSHions for your nominees to answer.

Considering that 3 of them sent in 10 kweshions each gang.. and aYam not in the mood to do another final year exam (i.e 30 kweshions), I will jejely try to answer 3 of each, then combo their number 10.. So leggo..

Toin my SweeDDy poRaRo kweshions.. My Egbon toh sure.. the lady that i kuku lof like kilode :*

1. What is your biggest pet peeve?

Duru: Huh?! Kilonje pet peeve?! **In Falz’s the badt guys voice.. Omo a nefer hexSpeRRed this kain of kini.. please Holl on 1 seconds.. lemme go and make loff to google.. I be right back.. **Opens new Tab :)

something that a particular person finds especially annoying” (Google).

You people can speak big big English on Blogger sha.. Why not just say "what do you hate?!" Ewo lon je Pet Peeve nisin?! it. Okay then.. Ehmm **Swallows Saliva.. Mine is fakeness.. I am a huge sulker for Classy girls.. So when I see a lady Trying to fake class.. I just used to shake my head for that someboRRy.

2. Make a confession about anything.

I haven’t had sex in a very llooonngg time:( I think at this rate ehnnn.. I might just end up becoming a Reverend Father someboRRy…

3. What is the lesson of love that took you the longest to learn?

That 1 someboRRy cannot come and goan force another someboRRy to lof nwantintin the first someboRRy.. It took me a long time to learn.. but it’s a worthy truth. If someone don’t like you.. OYO is your case.. so instead of using your Salary to be forming fakeness.. Buy Vaseline.. Drink coffee. Hug pillow and sleep well.

My Angel Lola’s kweshions.. kai the way I like this geh ehnn.. **Sits up on Jangolova chair.. She can know how to make my heart skip beats shhhaaa.

4. Imagine you get N15,000,000 in one month what would you do with the free money?

Hehehehheheh Naira 15, 000,000 in 1 month.. Did I do blood money ni?! Hhehe Even my net worth no reach 15 M yet.. Biko tell me what I did that made that kain money come oh! Lemme do it in real life!.. Ehm well if that happened.. then I would build a Clinic for my sister at Abuja, buy a Range Rover for my Father, invest 2 Million in Pupa, Send T to Coventry University College, build 2 houses 1 at Agbara and 1 in Portharcourt for D.. and I would buy Treasury Bill with whats left. Luckily I haf no geh friend.. So no need to waste to impress :)

5. Your guiding principle?

I am too confused a human being to live by just only one.. So they are: Dance like no one is watching, live with as much passion as possible and give GOD all the glory all the time #ItcanonlybeGOD. Dassall :)

6. If you had a chance to ask for one favor from either of your parent right now what would it be?!

Dear Mum, please don’t go.

The kweshions from the beauRRiful, sexy, excitingly amazing and ever enchanting plus ANONYMOUS This Lagos Geh :) I am still on a mission to uncover your identity though :) But in my heart Nne.. ya all of the above and more sevvv..

7. Best Food?!

Coral Blue’s rice and mega chickens chicken, and Dr. Duru’s Goat meat Stew… Combo of life J

8. Fears?!

Biko... aint no boRRy got time for that..

9. Favourite Post on your Blog..

Ah! This has to be #TheProposal with MariamOre.. it was an amazing Photo Story.. Even though she was mega mad at me all through.. Arent they always?!.. but we pulled it off, and Walase is just bae.. Director of Photography of life J

10.  I talk to GOD before going to Bed.. as most times yeah.. I wish I could transport my self to back when I was 7, when double love enveloped me like a blanket… as there have been series of moments in my life I have had to ask Why me.. moments when all seemed lost.. moments when it all seemed like life was over.. but then Trusting GOD has made me realize that it all works out in my good.. So I keep the past in the past and move on. QED. Please see their question 10 here, here and here

So my nominees are:

1. Princess Okechukwu because this lady is just too beautiful within and without.. aswear down

2. Tomilola of Lighthouse.. Come on nah Tomi.. If I don’t nominate you.. then I would be jonesing myself.. You are twice as cool as Frozen ice.. Meeting you was a blessing

3. Peace Itimi.. You know that ya one lady that my heart beats twice for nah.. asin. The crushing is real 

4. Esther Koko.. hehehe So this is my way of drawing you back to a world you are running away from.

5. Sophie..  because you are an amazing child with a heart of gold.. plus you know i loff you nah Nne..

6. Lady G.. because you are by far the coolest blogger I haf met in all 2015.. I mean your posts excite me and have me jumping up and down like a Puppy.. You are a great writer Nne.

7. Nedoux.. Because I have never met any child that writes like you.. I mean kilode?! How can 1 human being be so Talented.. itrip.. iAdmire.. iFall.. iLove.

8. Sykik.. because I have missedddddddd you like kilode.. and no one comes close to how much fun you are as a lady.. I mean Sykik over cool and over fun dey worry you..

9.Your’s Truly because I can empty my Stanbic Account daRRis already empty :p just to know a little about you.. I mean commmee on nah Nne.. please.

10. Janyl Benyl.. because you mean everything to me as far as Blogger is concerned. There is no me without you Blog mother.

Aight Mushy mushy fuel e haf finish.. my kweshions are:

a. Top 5 attributes of a Boyfriend material?!

b. What do you love about Duru Adolphus Jnr?! ( Ehen is it not my turn to ask kweshion.. Answer it biko)

c. What do you regret the most about your last mistake?!

d. Are you single, Taken, married, Searching, or is your Bluetooth on a.k.a are you searchable?! Which one biko?!

e. Candle lit Dinner by the beach or Mr. Biggs then Clubbing at Rumours?! Don’t lie oh

f. How many kids do you wanna have when you grow up?!

g. Sex before marriage. For or against?!

h. Career mum or Stay at home and raise Future leaders mum?!?

i. What do you think is wrong with the world Today? Why is everything so Awry all of a sudden?

j. If I was in your state or country.. Would you agree to have Dinner with me… **Whisper.. You see I diNNor say Lunch.

Aight! Thanks for the past 7 minutes of your time Gang.. You do us a great honor.. my prayer for you eez that NEPA will not come and goan take light and the generator will not break down on your Marriage night. :p

Instagram; @youngandconfusedafrica

#Udo #ItcanonlybeGOD

Monday, 23 November 2015

Sodom and Gomorrah...

Skibo ro bo skibo.. Skibor robor Skiibor.. Ooosshheeey BaDDest!  Turn uP Turn uP Ladies and Gentlemen.. **Singing in Falz the Badt guyzz voice.. Kill her with the flow.. cause no boRRy sicker.. money and the fame should be now coming quicker… Queen of the coast don dey find a brover.. oh! GOD save me from karashika heheheh. Whats up Gang?! Whats the friGGing 411?! Okay So it’s literally 32 days to Christmas.. and ayam feeling like a pimpim already! Omo eezz not a Joking sturvzz oh! This Year was shorter than my last relationship.. Aha! WaRRapin ni?! :( I mean just yesterday we woke up! And bam! Christmas e haf reach. #ItcanonlybeGOD! Soon Chicken smell will be in the air up and down.. Oh don’t you just love Christmas?! How was your weekend Gang?! Mine was Fanta-Amazing.. Okay! So 1st off my Bae for days and mpadi toh sure @Walase had a ghen ghen Bellanaija kinda shine shine bobo wedding.. and yep.. they spent money shaa.. **Cleans sweat.. it was beautiful.. and Enikoko and Lohla Windfall had their Weddings on the exact same day. I see new Iyawo’s every where. Then Insha Allah Yesterday yeah.. I got to have a ghen ghen chit chat session with a sexy geh someboRRy and it just literally blew my mind away! I mean no jokes.. the geh was on Point like kilode.. and her fleekness no be hia! Mind and Brain on Fleek.. Hair on fleek.. Eyes on Fleek.. boRRy toh set on fleek **Wink.. BeauRRy on Fleek.. I mean it was an on Fleek kinda Sunday evening.. and it was worth sacrificing my rest for :)

So without much adue.. please leRRus go into the reason that my brain is writing what it is writing this morning. Sodom and Gomorrah! How many of us heard about the Charlie Sheen HIV ish of Last week?! I mean you know who Charlie sheen is now?!If you don’t.. Please try singing to this **Mehn Mehn mehn Mehn… Menly mehn mehn mehn,.. Okay! He was the star of the 2 and a half men sitcom.. and that guy was literally the reason I saw that series all the while.. as he is an amazing and humorous actor like that. And then last week yeah.. he came on international TV to drop the bomb on us his fans about how he had HIV for 4 years and how he had being blackmailed to keep it a secret.. and then I read somewhere that he was maybe Bi-Sexual and had slept with 2 ladies without protection.. **Touches Upper Bia Bia.

To all of the above aYam like Holl up! Dafuq?! I mean for me this was a real hard pill to swallow.. I mean why?! Why would someone so Talented and loved do something so somehow with his life?! Why would he literally throw it all away for pleasures that would not exceed 7 minutes of his time..  DaRRis if his hoLL uP game was tight.. and why on earth would he have sex without protection knowing his status?! and if the rumor of him being bi-sexual was true then Why oh Charlie, why?!

Before I go forward.. Please lemme declare my stand on Gay, Lesbians, Bisexual and Caitlin’ed amazing people… So here goes.. We are all humans.. Like all of us.. But I think.. Screw that.. I KNOW! it is wrong the path they have chosen.. You see when people try to justify that lifestyle.. I just remember that it is all a choice and not the life they were born with.. Its not an Inherited trait.. it is a decided one caused by fear, media and friendships.. No one was born Gay! As babies we all had a clean slate mind and hence it was left for us and society to develop it in whatever direcSHion we choose.. So to amazing humans living this kind of life.. I write this to not condemn your choice.. but to simply ask that you think a little deeper.. cause you can do better. Ask you this for me please.. Is this truly the life you want for yourself?! I was mistakenly watching Empire last month.. stole it from a friend.. and then the gay scene was disgusting to the Tee… Come on gang.. And the good thing is regardless that any one has started off on a negative road.. doesn’t mean we cannot make a U-Turn… as because one has a negative inclination does not mean one cannot re-correct one’s life. Please try.

You see gang.. I am nothing but a confused 24 year old with the body of a cray fish, mind of a god (yep.. aYaf to hype myself by myself nah **Winks) and dreams of a child.. but life is teaching me that the choices we make on a daily basis goes a long way to make or mar us. The world is currently spiraling into a hell hole.. With killings, bombings, faulted reasoning and total insecurity.. and this kinda seems like the Sodom and Gomorrah days they taught us about at Sunday school when we were 7… And it all is because of the choices we make. The life we live isn’t ours. The results of the choices we make doesn’t affect us alone.. So please gang.. leRRus leave right.. cause we all are connected in some way. Today I aint preaching to you become beRRa.. Hell no! aYam a Nut case still chasing anything on skirt so who ami to?! but aYam pleading to us all to do beRRa with our decisions. Pretty please?!

Thank you for the past 7 minutes of your time.. as you go through this week ehnn.. may GOD save you from any Karashika’s coming your way…

Blog Crush: So Team.. ayam currently crushing on the amazing Beauty Follower.. now this lady is an amazing Greek Blogger.. and I mean she is endearing on all levels.. I particularly love how I can connect to her mind as easy as plugging in Headsets to my 10’s jack.. She is an amazing child with the mind and style of a princess.. Please check out her BeauRRiful Blog here plus she is making Duru learn Greek.

Instagram: @youngandconfusedafrica

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Friday, 20 November 2015

TATAAFO: Luku-Luku

Hi guys!! Hope you guys missed me sha!! Don't mind illness that kept me away from you guys last week.. Am so so sorry!

Okay, Yesterday I was home because I wasn't feeling fine (no be HIV o), that was how my friend Precious now called me crying over the phone.

I couldn't make a word of everything she said, all I could hear was

"Tony eeeeeeeeeeeee, he now aaaaaaaaaaaaeeeeeeee"

she just wouldn't stop crying.. As a good girl, I didn't want to waste her credit so I suggested she come over.

Like play like play this girl just reach my house before I could say 'jack'. This girl wey I don dey beg since to come visit me (must bad thing happen to person before them remember their own personal person?? I tire o!

Anyways when this girl narrate the story finish, e remain small make I konk her head. How can your own guy wey dey form 'I love you , I love you, you are my happiness every damn time, rename your contact on his phone from 'Boo' to 'Adekoya' ( Man name).

I mean this is Preposterous, it is unacceptable! (Oyibo).

She now said that when she accidentally saw it and asked him, he said he was just returning from his born again parents house and they've been advising him not to keep girlfriends till marriage. Therefore he had to change the name so in case she calls, they wouldn't know. As he tell am finish, my friend chop ooo!!! Chai!!

Wait a minute! Wetin that guy mean sef? So he couldn't have used another female name to replace the 'Boo'?? Its now Adekoya... I dey vex...Aarrgghh!!!

But make I laugh small first... Hahahahaha.. Abeg this isn't funny..hahahahehehehoho! Even your boo get a boo (no be me talk am o, ask Orezi, Olamide and co).

That's not all o, yesterday early morning she called him and was like 'hey Love, good morning', only for another babe to reply although not directly to her.
The other girl was like "Baby, thought you said Adekoya was your childhood friend and a guy for that matter you lying cheat, I hate you".
The one wey pain me pass was when Tony replied that same girl saying " Baby am sorry I can explain, she is just a friend".

Eyahhhhhh!!! My friend was like.................

Abeg nobody tell am make she drop call.

But my question is "Guys why isn't one enough?????"

While I await your answers, lemme go prepare for the weekend...

Yaaaay!! Thank God its Friday!!! Another hot date awaits tomorrow..
Have fun peeps but no do too much sha..

See you guys next week Friday!!

Monday, 16 November 2015

15-For-15 Challenge (November Post); BAttle Of The High Schools by #BLUEAfrica


Pre- Script:! Yyyyyyyyayaaaayyy! I cannot Bloody freaking keep calm gang! Sykik is back! Yyyyaayy! And if you are thinking.. “WaRRis WoRRying this one.. Why is he making noise as usual?!” Then my reply is: Yyyyaaaayyyy again! Sykik is freaking Back! heheheheh She is more or less the coolest Blogger there is on here.. As she is mega cool.. and my aYaf missed her like kilode.

Pre-Pre Script: Have you ever met a Blogger so cool that you literally feel like you know them.. and y’all connect like Nokia Charger to Wall socket?! Well **Adjusts Cardigham aYaf met a few.. but of all of them yeah! The most ghen ghen of all is Ausserehl toh Sure..  my Egbon to Gbaski! Asin oVEr cool eez worrying her sef! And guess what gang! Time and Life made it oh. so. yeah meehhhnn :) .. that we were born on the exact same frigging day! #November12th I mean how much cooler can it frigging get! She called me yesterday for 36 Minutes plus.. and I just kept Yayyyyinng on the phone. hehehe

**Takes off confused Bracelet.. Turn uP Turn uP Ladies and Gentlemen.. What gwan Gang?! Whats popping?! Sooo.. it was my Birthday on November the 12th ba, and I wanna come and use this ghen ghen opportunity toh sure to say a very mega PhoneLY Loud Thank you to eFFery single boRRy for making it worthwhile.. My battery couldn’t charge a bit that day (regardless it was plugged down all through at the office eh).. Notifications and calls were  Pouring in like Nonso dont say what is on your mind okay! lets just stick to pouring in like waRRa (shall we)... and a good chunk of same came from the YnCA Gang.. Thank you all for making it all worth it gang! You guys rock pass Olumo Rock Aswear down..

I think I can get used to this Baba BLUE name though :)

Sooo.. I woke up on my Birthday feeling a tad too mature.. I mean for the first time in years I wasn’t screaming when calls came in.. I was chilled and on a low. It wasn’t the Anti Birthday Mood eh.. Or was it?! i dunno shaa. Think it was just Maturity setting P on me… and all I looked forward to all day was having dinner with my Family.. heheh OShey! JdB e haf Olding.. Maturity a biala :) But the part that ticked me the most yeah.. was when a Hook up with one Hot sexy Geh flopped as the geh was forming busy busy.. Well her loss I guess..  So it was but me and my guy.. and it kinda ended up with me talking to him about Jah Rasta Fried Rice AKA Cannabis, Sex and GOD. At a time I was like.. Shuo! “Duru Na me be this?! Am I the one going all inspiraSHional and shi on this Brover?!” Oh well.. I guess Time and Tide gets us all.. I still didn’t get laid yet though :( ElP me **Wears Evil mischievous smile


Insha Allah yeah gang.. #BLUEAfrica held their follow up event on Friday November the 13th 2015. And it was stressful AF.. But we thank Heavens it was a grande success.. I mean at BLUE we dunno what we are doing most of the time yeah.. But the smile that those kids wore on their faces… The HexSCitement.. the Thill.. The Uncle me!  Aunty me! they kept Chanting.. The Dance Competitions.. The IQ kweshions that had them all rilled up and cracking their brains like coconuts! It is all a memory in my heart that will forever burn like Gas Fire.. I mean thinking about it makes me smile the more. And it feels like we are doing the right thing at #BLUE..


I am categorizing this post under the 15 for 15 challenge not because I am lazy to write another one ba.. Okay that’s partly why shaa.. but majorly cause #BLUEAfrica has become a family to me. I mean @ikesarahchika @isijyne and @walase (All Instagram Names) are the closest people to my heart not related to me by Blood.. and then sitting down here with my legs crossed in my former most favorite suede shoe, I think to myself.. 

"What is Family?! And the heaven sent answer coming to my finger is simple.. “Family is a set of people who choose to love you when they have the option not too. Family is not but Blood.. Family is but Love.” 

And that it was #BLUE is to me.. The best of Family a Brover can get.. Gang! You needed to see Financial Sacrifices.. mehn! i am humbled beyond describable words.. aswear down. Among the people I categorize as family on here.. Oyinlola is currently at a point that no one and nothing can delete her from my heart.. Thanks Bae! For always being there. Lof you from the beginning of Festac (1st gate) to the end (Alakija).. GOD Bless the day we jam ourself on here Lola.. You are an Angel.. Just like Janyl and Ayo.


At this juncture... I will like to say a very ghen ghen Thank you to the following amazing  Bloggers for helping BLUE out with Publicity for BOTHs 2015.. I mean it is amazing when you can reach out to Bloggers and they help you without thinking about it or blinking an eye.. Chukwu Gozie Unu. (Calabar Gal is my bae of life.. She frosh like Kilode) (Otunne.. You already know that I love you real time all day every day) (Oh Baby mi.. my lof for you eezz deep like that all day everyday sweety J ) (Engr. Usman for the friGGIng win yo! You na man Baba)

The trail of picSHurs below are for your kind information Gang…
Leggo.. "The Host with the Most" Br. Chinaza Uleanya

Our Team Lead Omuojine Isioma and the Host Annalysing kweSHions

Cross Section of Participating Students
The Quiz

CEO Coska Network (Speaker of the Day)
Our Able Co- Founder Ike Sarah Chika Hot on te maRra :)
Winning School (Kabe College) With their Full Drum set
The Thrill 
Oshey! Power ranger
St Mary's College.. 2nd Place
The Quiz master Hot on the case
The Anticipation

3rd Place Prize; Festac Senior College
All of us.. :)
MVP participant of the day receiving her cash Prize from our Team Lead; Master Omuojine Isioma
Speaker of the day (Engr. Eloka Nwobi) going in on the student. Topic; "READING AS IN SOWING"
Our story is not one of hardwork.. but of grace undeserved. #BOTHs2015 #Done #ItcanonlybeGOD

Thank you for the past 7 minutes of your Time team.. You do us a great Honor with it, and my prayer for you eezz that Tambolo wihh not bite you when you goan sleep on Tile in the night because of heat. Cheers.

P.S: I know I said it already yeah.. But Yyyyyaaaayyy Sykik is Baccckkk… I am excited AF.. Sykik is amazing Gang! Amazing I tell you.

Instagram: @_blueafrica @youngandconfusedafrica

#Udo #BOTHs2015 #youngandconfusedafrica #ItcanonlybeGOD

Wednesday, 11 November 2015


**Drops Sprite container containing Tap water.. Turn uP Turn uP ladies and gentlemen.. By the time ye shall be reading this post ehnn.. **Adjusts shirt like all those UBA Bank Staff that used to oppress me at BRT line's.. I shall be a 24 year old someboRRy.. Ppppprrraaaiissee tha lawdd.... Osssshheeey Baddest! Oh Mehn! I feel so old.. Aha! WaRRapin ni?! Where did all my years run to Biko?! Boss T-Notes. Pray do tell sir :) Nawa oh! Issorait! Earlier today I was in the rest room, and I looked at the mirror and realized that the Bia Bia mosquito that Bit King BlogoRaTTi has beaten me too.. So I am on my way to Beard Gang Nation.. Oshey! Turn uP! Mehhhnnn na to marry remain oh!I At least that way na Free access.. no need for BVN code or Bank Account statement.. Free VISA.. No need for nada! No spending money or speaking big big English again.. **Slaps Self.. oya Nonso Behave yaself.. Eeez ya byDay.

Sooo insha Allah yeah.. 23 was an amazing age for me.. There was so much to learn.. So many people worked in and outta my life, there was so much love everywhere, so many experiences, so much laughter.. so much change.. so much to do.. so much pain etc.. but most of the things I am most grateful for is more or less for the YnCA Blog, as from here ehnn gang.. **Puts Coaster Biscuit Nylon in Jalabia pocket… Heavens has built for me a family so dear and sincere to my heart.

As I turn 24 yeah.. I am a bit scared.. Cause the Count down to 25 starts, and my confusion is dropping by the second :(. In line with the fact that aYam feeling old.. **Plucks out grey hair. Please lemme tell you 23 no oh! Slip of tongue…iPray oh! My Brain e haf not ghen ghen like that ni.. Abegiii… lemme tell you 4 things life e haf teach this 24 years 0 months 0 days Young and Confused boy.

1. That most often than not., You wihh not get what you desperately chase after.

In the last 12 months eehhnn… aYaf wanted to get laid more than a chicken wants to lay egg.. but **Cleans Army of Tears.. e haf not happen.. and relating that to life.. It teaches me that that which we desperately pursue like dog pursues dog during heat, we will very hardly get.. So learn to just do you, and the good things of life wihh use dia own leg to come ni.

2. Pain Is Good.
Long long ago when I was 23 years old.. **Wears Old man demeanor... This was many many years ago oh! Hehhehehe I had a major heart break kinda awwwww disappointment, in which I thought my life e haf end.. I remember calling Sophie and crying to her.. you see why I lof her.. we haf teeey in our mushy mushyness.. but then GOD taught me how to "dance like no one is watching", regardless that Life breaks my heart like breakable plate or not.. and tadaaa.. We are keeping on.

3. Be You.

Truth is Gang.. there are a zillion other people.. but only 1 of you.. So why in Bournvita’s name will you wanna come and goan be deceiving yaself ni and be trying to be another someboRRy?!  Eezz it not better to be low quality Italian shoe, than to be Aba made imitation ni?! GeRRit?! So Just let go of the pressure and do you.. Cause in all sincerity yeah.. life is never that deep sam sam.

4. When GOD gives you a Why.. he will give you a How..

When the Heavenly ghen ghen something for BLUEAfrica began yeah.. I had no Helicopter backflipping idea how we were gonna implement. But somehow somehow eh.. like play like play, like jokes like jokes.. way don dey show. So I have learnt that in life ehnn, just as in #BLUE.. Whether it be in pursuing woman oh, chasing money oh, or trying to make a difference in the world, it is our responsibility to just believe and do our best, and not worry about the "HOW", nor the "IF" it will fail or succeed, cause we as humans can only work, pray and hope.

Thank you for the past 2 years 4 months of your time gang.. Omo we haf tey hia oh! Shuo! That 28 months :) chisos.. My prayer for you eez that you will meet a Friend as True as Honiilols, as Funny as Egbon Toin, as Loyal as CatWoman, as annoying as King Ice, as beautifully sincere as Ausserehl, and as inspiring as Janyl Benyl..

Instagram; @youngandconfusedafrica

#Udo #DuruStrikes24 #ItcanonlybeGOD