Monday, 16 November 2015

15-For-15 Challenge (November Post); BAttle Of The High Schools by #BLUEAfrica


Pre- Script:! Yyyyyyyyayaaaayyy! I cannot Bloody freaking keep calm gang! Sykik is back! Yyyyaayy! And if you are thinking.. “WaRRis WoRRying this one.. Why is he making noise as usual?!” Then my reply is: Yyyyaaaayyyy again! Sykik is freaking Back! heheheheh She is more or less the coolest Blogger there is on here.. As she is mega cool.. and my aYaf missed her like kilode.

Pre-Pre Script: Have you ever met a Blogger so cool that you literally feel like you know them.. and y’all connect like Nokia Charger to Wall socket?! Well **Adjusts Cardigham aYaf met a few.. but of all of them yeah! The most ghen ghen of all is Ausserehl toh Sure..  my Egbon to Gbaski! Asin oVEr cool eez worrying her sef! And guess what gang! Time and Life made it oh. so. yeah meehhhnn :) .. that we were born on the exact same frigging day! #November12th I mean how much cooler can it frigging get! She called me yesterday for 36 Minutes plus.. and I just kept Yayyyyinng on the phone. hehehe

**Takes off confused Bracelet.. Turn uP Turn uP Ladies and Gentlemen.. What gwan Gang?! Whats popping?! Sooo.. it was my Birthday on November the 12th ba, and I wanna come and use this ghen ghen opportunity toh sure to say a very mega PhoneLY Loud Thank you to eFFery single boRRy for making it worthwhile.. My battery couldn’t charge a bit that day (regardless it was plugged down all through at the office eh).. Notifications and calls were  Pouring in like Nonso dont say what is on your mind okay! lets just stick to pouring in like waRRa (shall we)... and a good chunk of same came from the YnCA Gang.. Thank you all for making it all worth it gang! You guys rock pass Olumo Rock Aswear down..

I think I can get used to this Baba BLUE name though :)

Sooo.. I woke up on my Birthday feeling a tad too mature.. I mean for the first time in years I wasn’t screaming when calls came in.. I was chilled and on a low. It wasn’t the Anti Birthday Mood eh.. Or was it?! i dunno shaa. Think it was just Maturity setting P on me… and all I looked forward to all day was having dinner with my Family.. heheh OShey! JdB e haf Olding.. Maturity a biala :) But the part that ticked me the most yeah.. was when a Hook up with one Hot sexy Geh flopped as the geh was forming busy busy.. Well her loss I guess..  So it was but me and my guy.. and it kinda ended up with me talking to him about Jah Rasta Fried Rice AKA Cannabis, Sex and GOD. At a time I was like.. Shuo! “Duru Na me be this?! Am I the one going all inspiraSHional and shi on this Brover?!” Oh well.. I guess Time and Tide gets us all.. I still didn’t get laid yet though :( ElP me **Wears Evil mischievous smile


Insha Allah yeah gang.. #BLUEAfrica held their follow up event on Friday November the 13th 2015. And it was stressful AF.. But we thank Heavens it was a grande success.. I mean at BLUE we dunno what we are doing most of the time yeah.. But the smile that those kids wore on their faces… The HexSCitement.. the Thill.. The Uncle me!  Aunty me! they kept Chanting.. The Dance Competitions.. The IQ kweshions that had them all rilled up and cracking their brains like coconuts! It is all a memory in my heart that will forever burn like Gas Fire.. I mean thinking about it makes me smile the more. And it feels like we are doing the right thing at #BLUE..


I am categorizing this post under the 15 for 15 challenge not because I am lazy to write another one ba.. Okay that’s partly why shaa.. but majorly cause #BLUEAfrica has become a family to me. I mean @ikesarahchika @isijyne and @walase (All Instagram Names) are the closest people to my heart not related to me by Blood.. and then sitting down here with my legs crossed in my former most favorite suede shoe, I think to myself.. 

"What is Family?! And the heaven sent answer coming to my finger is simple.. “Family is a set of people who choose to love you when they have the option not too. Family is not but Blood.. Family is but Love.” 

And that it was #BLUE is to me.. The best of Family a Brover can get.. Gang! You needed to see Financial Sacrifices.. mehn! i am humbled beyond describable words.. aswear down. Among the people I categorize as family on here.. Oyinlola is currently at a point that no one and nothing can delete her from my heart.. Thanks Bae! For always being there. Lof you from the beginning of Festac (1st gate) to the end (Alakija).. GOD Bless the day we jam ourself on here Lola.. You are an Angel.. Just like Janyl and Ayo.


At this juncture... I will like to say a very ghen ghen Thank you to the following amazing  Bloggers for helping BLUE out with Publicity for BOTHs 2015.. I mean it is amazing when you can reach out to Bloggers and they help you without thinking about it or blinking an eye.. Chukwu Gozie Unu. (Calabar Gal is my bae of life.. She frosh like Kilode) (Otunne.. You already know that I love you real time all day every day) (Oh Baby mi.. my lof for you eezz deep like that all day everyday sweety J ) (Engr. Usman for the friGGIng win yo! You na man Baba)

The trail of picSHurs below are for your kind information Gang…
Leggo.. "The Host with the Most" Br. Chinaza Uleanya

Our Team Lead Omuojine Isioma and the Host Annalysing kweSHions

Cross Section of Participating Students
The Quiz

CEO Coska Network (Speaker of the Day)
Our Able Co- Founder Ike Sarah Chika Hot on te maRra :)
Winning School (Kabe College) With their Full Drum set
The Thrill 
Oshey! Power ranger
St Mary's College.. 2nd Place
The Quiz master Hot on the case
The Anticipation

3rd Place Prize; Festac Senior College
All of us.. :)
MVP participant of the day receiving her cash Prize from our Team Lead; Master Omuojine Isioma
Speaker of the day (Engr. Eloka Nwobi) going in on the student. Topic; "READING AS IN SOWING"
Our story is not one of hardwork.. but of grace undeserved. #BOTHs2015 #Done #ItcanonlybeGOD

Thank you for the past 7 minutes of your Time team.. You do us a great Honor with it, and my prayer for you eezz that Tambolo wihh not bite you when you goan sleep on Tile in the night because of heat. Cheers.

P.S: I know I said it already yeah.. But Yyyyyaaaayyy Sykik is Baccckkk… I am excited AF.. Sykik is amazing Gang! Amazing I tell you.

Instagram: @_blueafrica @youngandconfusedafrica

#Udo #BOTHs2015 #youngandconfusedafrica #ItcanonlybeGOD


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    1. heheheheheheheh Calabar geh in the Building Yyyyyyyoooo.. Thanks Bubba.. You Rock! MEGA!!! Ehhmm **Scratches head.. You will need to tell us your real name some day soon oh abi nah?!

  2. Duru darling more greese to uour elbow..keep pushing it and everyfn will fall into place

    Glowyshoe blog

    1. YYyyyyyyaaaaayyy Glowy for the friGGing win Yo!! Thanks Bubba.. Will do.. Awwwggghh and DaRRis how Glowy has me going all mushy mushy this morning.. iBlush.. Cause... Oh! a neFEr hexspeRRed it :) Thanks Bae.. You Rock pass grinding stone.. GOD bless you loads.. :)

  3. So how does it feel adding another year in your life? :)

    1. Luuuuuxxxxxxyyyy!!! heheheh How does it feel?! eeeiissh! it feels somewhat strange Nne.. I mean I feel so old on the outside yeah.. but i feel like a 7 year old child on the inside.. its a funny indifferent feeling Luxy toh Sure.. but hey! i guess it has to happen.. **Wears Fine boy face..

      Thanks for coming By Nne.. its always.. and i repeat ALWAYS a delight to read from you! oh! I wish i could send you a picture of my smile right now.. :) And the crowd goes... Mmmmwwaaaahhh!

  4. I hope your Birthday celebrations went great, with lots of love from family and friends.
    Very warm wishes to you Duru, and all the best always!

    1. King BlogoraTTi Yyooooooo!!!! hehehehe Yes Boss.. Birthday was great! We thank GOD... Lotsa Notifications.. **Cleans Sweat.. and then it was a great feeling being Loved.. literally felt like the day was ALLLL mine..

      Thank you for always Boss.. Ya a correct guy.. GOD bless you for Supporting this confused cause.. You na Man.. And the crowd goes.... Ooooosshheeeey! Turn uP!

  5. Weldone Duru, nice concept. But you are a boss ooo...Just keep up the great work as it lays in your heart, you never can tell when the rewards will come. Sometimes, I just wish to be like think and act it immediately. Very cool.....

    1. Oshey! Washing machine someboRRy.. Weldone oh Adenike... KontinHu oh you Hia! be washing me anyhow Dia!.. hehehehe

      Yyyyyyyaaayyyy! Nike eeezz Back Ladies and Gentlemen.. Welcome back Bae.. How was Camp?! Hope no boy Toasted you oh :) Hope you told them that ya taking :) Oya you beRRa give us on YnC full gist today oh! Thanks for coming by Baby mi.. as always yeah Nike.. your comment always warms up my heart.. About what we do at #BLUE and YnC.. I know that #ItcanonlybeGOD