Monday, 30 November 2015

Awon Sisterhood Kini :)

Monologue: **Cleans face with palm! Kai! Nonso.. I still cannot friGGing believe ya going ahead with this post.. WaRRis woRRying you this buoy?! Smh for myself.. But oh well! wetin man go do ni! Love dey say makes one do the strangest of things… kai! JdB ya just about to fall ya own hands.. but oh well! Lest dance shall we. :)

Turn uP Turn uP ladies and Gentlemen. Whats up Gang?! So I was on my own jejely oh! Living my quiet confused life.. when my Egbon Toin.. from no where… just remembered that she had a mission to destroy my 24 years 18 days old career abi destiny sevvv.. and bam! I got tagged with this Awon Sisterhood of the world kini..  Aswear down eh! I had kuku made up my life not to do it! Considering me and Toin are bad guySis lori WhatsApp yeah.. I knew that I could use style to dribble her on there.. so I Locked up with a Straight face:-|. And then my Flabber was gasted again when the ever beauRRiful Oyinlola.. my own Archangel Lola.. my 1 and only Lola! Choi! Thinking of her alone makes my boRRy sweet me.. So when she tagged me 3 times on her post yeah! Omo ehhnn.. there and then I froze like Ice fish in a Sardine pack… **deep sigh.. Don’t worry gang.. aYaf not been Caitline’d aYam still very straight.. J and then I knew it was ghen ghen to do it when my one and only Sister: The ever Anonymous but yet still Sexy ThisLagos Girl resurrected from Hiatus an tagged me again. Mchheeww.. I still cant believe aYam doing this. 

So there goes.. I got tagged by 3 Amazing lady bloggers that I Totally adore.. Most especially Toin..  P.S; Egbon.. I am majorly plotting on how to get back at you eh! and be very afraid yeah.. cause amma hit you when you neFer hexspeRRed like Lagos harmattan. (1). Thank you ladies eh! For remembering me at the wrongest possible time ever and tagging me.. heheheh

So the rules..

1. Thank the blogger who nominated you, linking back to their site

2. Put the Award logo.

3. Answer the  ten questions sent to you

4. Nominate five blogs.. (Five is too small.. i know too many cool bloggers biko)

5. Make up ten new kweSHions for your nominees to answer.

Considering that 3 of them sent in 10 kweshions each gang.. and aYam not in the mood to do another final year exam (i.e 30 kweshions), I will jejely try to answer 3 of each, then combo their number 10.. So leggo..

Toin my SweeDDy poRaRo kweshions.. My Egbon toh sure.. the lady that i kuku lof like kilode :*

1. What is your biggest pet peeve?

Duru: Huh?! Kilonje pet peeve?! **In Falz’s the badt guys voice.. Omo a nefer hexSpeRRed this kain of kini.. please Holl on 1 seconds.. lemme go and make loff to google.. I be right back.. **Opens new Tab :)

something that a particular person finds especially annoying” (Google).

You people can speak big big English on Blogger sha.. Why not just say "what do you hate?!" Ewo lon je Pet Peeve nisin?! it. Okay then.. Ehmm **Swallows Saliva.. Mine is fakeness.. I am a huge sulker for Classy girls.. So when I see a lady Trying to fake class.. I just used to shake my head for that someboRRy.

2. Make a confession about anything.

I haven’t had sex in a very llooonngg time:( I think at this rate ehnnn.. I might just end up becoming a Reverend Father someboRRy…

3. What is the lesson of love that took you the longest to learn?

That 1 someboRRy cannot come and goan force another someboRRy to lof nwantintin the first someboRRy.. It took me a long time to learn.. but it’s a worthy truth. If someone don’t like you.. OYO is your case.. so instead of using your Salary to be forming fakeness.. Buy Vaseline.. Drink coffee. Hug pillow and sleep well.

My Angel Lola’s kweshions.. kai the way I like this geh ehnn.. **Sits up on Jangolova chair.. She can know how to make my heart skip beats shhhaaa.

4. Imagine you get N15,000,000 in one month what would you do with the free money?

Hehehehheheh Naira 15, 000,000 in 1 month.. Did I do blood money ni?! Hhehe Even my net worth no reach 15 M yet.. Biko tell me what I did that made that kain money come oh! Lemme do it in real life!.. Ehm well if that happened.. then I would build a Clinic for my sister at Abuja, buy a Range Rover for my Father, invest 2 Million in Pupa, Send T to Coventry University College, build 2 houses 1 at Agbara and 1 in Portharcourt for D.. and I would buy Treasury Bill with whats left. Luckily I haf no geh friend.. So no need to waste to impress :)

5. Your guiding principle?

I am too confused a human being to live by just only one.. So they are: Dance like no one is watching, live with as much passion as possible and give GOD all the glory all the time #ItcanonlybeGOD. Dassall :)

6. If you had a chance to ask for one favor from either of your parent right now what would it be?!

Dear Mum, please don’t go.

The kweshions from the beauRRiful, sexy, excitingly amazing and ever enchanting plus ANONYMOUS This Lagos Geh :) I am still on a mission to uncover your identity though :) But in my heart Nne.. ya all of the above and more sevvv..

7. Best Food?!

Coral Blue’s rice and mega chickens chicken, and Dr. Duru’s Goat meat Stew… Combo of life J

8. Fears?!

Biko... aint no boRRy got time for that..

9. Favourite Post on your Blog..

Ah! This has to be #TheProposal with MariamOre.. it was an amazing Photo Story.. Even though she was mega mad at me all through.. Arent they always?!.. but we pulled it off, and Walase is just bae.. Director of Photography of life J

10.  I talk to GOD before going to Bed.. as most times yeah.. I wish I could transport my self to back when I was 7, when double love enveloped me like a blanket… as there have been series of moments in my life I have had to ask Why me.. moments when all seemed lost.. moments when it all seemed like life was over.. but then Trusting GOD has made me realize that it all works out in my good.. So I keep the past in the past and move on. QED. Please see their question 10 here, here and here

So my nominees are:

1. Princess Okechukwu because this lady is just too beautiful within and without.. aswear down

2. Tomilola of Lighthouse.. Come on nah Tomi.. If I don’t nominate you.. then I would be jonesing myself.. You are twice as cool as Frozen ice.. Meeting you was a blessing

3. Peace Itimi.. You know that ya one lady that my heart beats twice for nah.. asin. The crushing is real 

4. Esther Koko.. hehehe So this is my way of drawing you back to a world you are running away from.

5. Sophie..  because you are an amazing child with a heart of gold.. plus you know i loff you nah Nne..

6. Lady G.. because you are by far the coolest blogger I haf met in all 2015.. I mean your posts excite me and have me jumping up and down like a Puppy.. You are a great writer Nne.

7. Nedoux.. Because I have never met any child that writes like you.. I mean kilode?! How can 1 human being be so Talented.. itrip.. iAdmire.. iFall.. iLove.

8. Sykik.. because I have missedddddddd you like kilode.. and no one comes close to how much fun you are as a lady.. I mean Sykik over cool and over fun dey worry you..

9.Your’s Truly because I can empty my Stanbic Account daRRis already empty :p just to know a little about you.. I mean commmee on nah Nne.. please.

10. Janyl Benyl.. because you mean everything to me as far as Blogger is concerned. There is no me without you Blog mother.

Aight Mushy mushy fuel e haf finish.. my kweshions are:

a. Top 5 attributes of a Boyfriend material?!

b. What do you love about Duru Adolphus Jnr?! ( Ehen is it not my turn to ask kweshion.. Answer it biko)

c. What do you regret the most about your last mistake?!

d. Are you single, Taken, married, Searching, or is your Bluetooth on a.k.a are you searchable?! Which one biko?!

e. Candle lit Dinner by the beach or Mr. Biggs then Clubbing at Rumours?! Don’t lie oh

f. How many kids do you wanna have when you grow up?!

g. Sex before marriage. For or against?!

h. Career mum or Stay at home and raise Future leaders mum?!?

i. What do you think is wrong with the world Today? Why is everything so Awry all of a sudden?

j. If I was in your state or country.. Would you agree to have Dinner with me… **Whisper.. You see I diNNor say Lunch.

Aight! Thanks for the past 7 minutes of your time Gang.. You do us a great honor.. my prayer for you eez that NEPA will not come and goan take light and the generator will not break down on your Marriage night. :p

Instagram; @youngandconfusedafrica

#Udo #ItcanonlybeGOD


  1. who doesn't want a candle lit dinner by the beach????ur questions tho


    1. hehehehehh Ppppppprrraaaiiissee tha lawwdd SomeboRRy! Umu chinekle?! Eh!!!! issalie! Favour Milo remembered YnC today.. omo Ayam in shock.. **Singing and whining my waist.. He is a miracle working godddd... He is a miracle working godddd... he is the Alpha.. and omega.. He is a miracle working godddd... heheheheh

      Thanks for coming by Nne.. Eezz always a ghen ghen delight to see someone as ghen ghen as you who excites on a High :).. **Wears Fine boy Smile.. And the crowd goes.. Oshey Turn uP!

      P.S: Ah!! Stay there ni.. I somehow like spontaneous ladies eh.. I mean Candle lit dinner is Ghen ghen and classy sometimes.. But Lunch and Clubbing at Rumours is lit all day every day :) Thanks for reading Nne,.. You do me an undeserved honor. Cheers.

  2. Choi, no1 asnwer got me laffing real hard. This boy you are not just well.

    Like every other post, I enjoyed reading this one too. Ehen! how long is llooonng? #okbye

    1. heheheheheheheheh CatWoman! Wetin omolomo go do nah?! Biko ewo lon je Pet Peeve?! Wo! me aYam living in Festac nah not Banana Island pllluussss my passport is still a virgin.. Biko blame me not eh for my localness. **covers face..

      Ah FYKI, long eezzz lonnnnnngggg oh! The Agro in my boRRy right now eeheeehhnnn.. hmmnn.. **Adjusts shoulder.. Eeet can reach to Fertilize Obasanjo's Ota entire Farmyard at once oh! **Covers face. Thank you for coming by Nne.. You do me a great Honor today and always.. I mean You are just too an amazing human being someboRRy.. and from the bottom of my Lekpacious bony heart yeah.. I sincerely thank you for being here every. single. week. for as far as I can remember.. GOD bless You Baby mi. GOD Bless you CatWoman toh Sure. and the crowd goes.. aaawwwggh!

  3. You are just a big joker!
    Btw amidst all these your unending confusion, you do know how to prioritize. I particularly read more to your answer to question 4. I pray God gives you the opportunity to show your dad just how appreciative you are for the sacrifices he's made and still making soon

    1. hehehehehheheheheheheheh @ Big Joker.. lmao! lwkmdo... hehehehehehhehe Oh Mother.. Your Intro's always leave me in stitches.. lmao! Amen Nne.. Amen.. he is my Super Hero :) Oh Mother.. You have no idea how excited I am that you came by on this post.. I mmmmiiissssseeddd reading your comments like Kilode nne...

      P.S: Ehen **Scratches head.. mama dont vex oh! Wait Happy new Month first.. But Its the last Month of the challenge ma.. and we still dunno what the final 2 posts will be.. Please advice Nne.. Pretty please. I beg you in the name of Chioma my future geh friend :) The Yellow one oh!

  4. Duru! It's better you become a reverend father ooooo.

    1. hehehehhehehe Bia! Tito if na play stop am oh! just stopeeeeeett!!! Before e come and goan master you! Reverend Father latibo?! Shey you want all my Choir Mistresses to go on 9 months Sabbatical leave one by one ni?! Biko! Reverend Father eezz not my calling oh! And if it iss ehn! I will beg Papa oh! lol

      Oh Tito! Thank you for coming by Nne.. Eeez always and i iterate ALWAYS a delight to read from you... And the crowd goes Oshey! Turn uP!

  5. Career woman is the sure thing...helllurrrr.. Who wouldnt want a candle lit dinner by rhe beach..#so romantic

    Glowyshoe blog

    1. Aha! Wait oh! WIA are all my Fun ladies at biko?! So wait oh! Just HoLL uP! 1 second.. You gat what aYam saying?! Ya saying abit telling to me sevvv.. **Wears mad face :) that Lunch then clubbing eez going Extinct?! Oh chisos! what eezz wrong with this generation of youths?! What is wrong with our world ohhhhh!!!! **Puts hands on head... Me i like Spontaneous ladies like that oh! Soo not every time Eko Hotel and Suites.. Some times ma.. Killimanjaro and Club.. **Wears Evil smile..

      Whoop! Whooopp!! Glowy Shoe toh Sure in the building Ladies and Gentlemen.. Thanks for coming by Nne.. eez always a ghen ghen something to read from you Nne.. As ya Twice as Cool as frozen Ice.. and the Crowd goes Oshey Duru the Romeo :)

  6. Hi Duru,

    Congratulations! Hmmm, I am not going to ask how you managed to bag a Sisterhood award, I already know that you are an honorary sister simply because of all the support and love that you show your blog sisters.

    I enjoyed reading your funny and witty responses, I expected nothing less from you. Lol

    Thank you so much for the nomination, I am off to write down my responses. :-)

    Have a super day.

    1. hehehhehehehhehehehehehhe Nedouxxxxxxxxxxx of life ohhhh!!! hehheheheheh Awwwgghh Thank you Bae.. #ItcanonlybeGOD Kai You ehhn Nne.. The way I love and admire you for state shhhhaaaaaaa.. Words cannot but explain. Thank you for being here and for giving me an #ItcanonlybeGOD moment all time everytime..

      **deep Sigh.. All this Sister zoning that y'all are Sister Zoning me ehnn! in Phonetics diar's'god oh! hehehehe kai you Rock Nedoux.. Thanks for making me smile like Fish inside Stew.. :) Thank you for being here Nne. and teh crowd goes.. Mmmmwaaaah!

  7. LMAO! If I had known we could tag guys, I'd have tagged you too but like Nedoux said, I should have figured out that you're an honorary sister cos of all the love and support you show to female bloggers(and it can just be because you're a womanizer o...) anywaiz, all join. I enjoyed reading this a lot.

    How've you been?


    1. hehehehehheheheheheh @Honorary Sister! ah! eeezz not a joking things oh Duru! I am soooo in trouble.. Asin Mega ghen ghen trouble. All of you are nah taking it P! I AM STRAIGHT OPHHHHH!!!!! hehehehe **does sign of the cross.. lmao Aha! There is no other reason oh biko! Ah!! eeehhH! Ayam in trouble oh! heheheheheheh

      Sunshine my bae of life.. baby mi i dey oh!! I am very well oh Nne.. How are you?! Like play like play its been a minute oH! So whats up?! How eez my Bae that shines like sun doing?! Kai i miss you like kilode shhhaaaa.. :) It feels good to have you here again nne..

  8. Come! You still have not told us why they tagged you in a sisterhood sometin pooh! Haha! Your answers are just hilarious! Can't you be serious for once?! Lool. This is actually really exciting, I love doing tags. But maaan you went in balls deep with the questions, I'm almost nervous to answer! I'll do a video to answer the questions rather than a post. I think it's more exciting that way. Stay tuned to the blog, and thanks for the tag boo!!!

    Lady G

  9. My oga is at it again.. I haf catch u today (screen grabs "Nedoux - iTrip...I admire...iFall...iLove) .. I will go show that girl beside my house u have been eyeing since..

    As a mother I have to work ni! What if I marry a lazy man nkor , how will d kids survive??

    Candle light dinner and Mr Biggs too butty jor, just take me to one amala joint and order for ewedu and egufe.

    I would have answered 'number' i but I don't even understand d question especially that 'AWRY'.. No vex

  10. I will be answering your questions very soon. Thank you for tagging me