Monday, 23 November 2015

Sodom and Gomorrah...

Skibo ro bo skibo.. Skibor robor Skiibor.. Ooosshheeey BaDDest!  Turn uP Turn uP Ladies and Gentlemen.. **Singing in Falz the Badt guyzz voice.. Kill her with the flow.. cause no boRRy sicker.. money and the fame should be now coming quicker… Queen of the coast don dey find a brover.. oh! GOD save me from karashika heheheh. Whats up Gang?! Whats the friGGing 411?! Okay So it’s literally 32 days to Christmas.. and ayam feeling like a pimpim already! Omo eezz not a Joking sturvzz oh! This Year was shorter than my last relationship.. Aha! WaRRapin ni?! :( I mean just yesterday we woke up! And bam! Christmas e haf reach. #ItcanonlybeGOD! Soon Chicken smell will be in the air up and down.. Oh don’t you just love Christmas?! How was your weekend Gang?! Mine was Fanta-Amazing.. Okay! So 1st off my Bae for days and mpadi toh sure @Walase had a ghen ghen Bellanaija kinda shine shine bobo wedding.. and yep.. they spent money shaa.. **Cleans sweat.. it was beautiful.. and Enikoko and Lohla Windfall had their Weddings on the exact same day. I see new Iyawo’s every where. Then Insha Allah Yesterday yeah.. I got to have a ghen ghen chit chat session with a sexy geh someboRRy and it just literally blew my mind away! I mean no jokes.. the geh was on Point like kilode.. and her fleekness no be hia! Mind and Brain on Fleek.. Hair on fleek.. Eyes on Fleek.. boRRy toh set on fleek **Wink.. BeauRRy on Fleek.. I mean it was an on Fleek kinda Sunday evening.. and it was worth sacrificing my rest for :)

So without much adue.. please leRRus go into the reason that my brain is writing what it is writing this morning. Sodom and Gomorrah! How many of us heard about the Charlie Sheen HIV ish of Last week?! I mean you know who Charlie sheen is now?!If you don’t.. Please try singing to this **Mehn Mehn mehn Mehn… Menly mehn mehn mehn,.. Okay! He was the star of the 2 and a half men sitcom.. and that guy was literally the reason I saw that series all the while.. as he is an amazing and humorous actor like that. And then last week yeah.. he came on international TV to drop the bomb on us his fans about how he had HIV for 4 years and how he had being blackmailed to keep it a secret.. and then I read somewhere that he was maybe Bi-Sexual and had slept with 2 ladies without protection.. **Touches Upper Bia Bia.

To all of the above aYam like Holl up! Dafuq?! I mean for me this was a real hard pill to swallow.. I mean why?! Why would someone so Talented and loved do something so somehow with his life?! Why would he literally throw it all away for pleasures that would not exceed 7 minutes of his time..  DaRRis if his hoLL uP game was tight.. and why on earth would he have sex without protection knowing his status?! and if the rumor of him being bi-sexual was true then Why oh Charlie, why?!

Before I go forward.. Please lemme declare my stand on Gay, Lesbians, Bisexual and Caitlin’ed amazing people… So here goes.. We are all humans.. Like all of us.. But I think.. Screw that.. I KNOW! it is wrong the path they have chosen.. You see when people try to justify that lifestyle.. I just remember that it is all a choice and not the life they were born with.. Its not an Inherited trait.. it is a decided one caused by fear, media and friendships.. No one was born Gay! As babies we all had a clean slate mind and hence it was left for us and society to develop it in whatever direcSHion we choose.. So to amazing humans living this kind of life.. I write this to not condemn your choice.. but to simply ask that you think a little deeper.. cause you can do better. Ask you this for me please.. Is this truly the life you want for yourself?! I was mistakenly watching Empire last month.. stole it from a friend.. and then the gay scene was disgusting to the Tee… Come on gang.. And the good thing is regardless that any one has started off on a negative road.. doesn’t mean we cannot make a U-Turn… as because one has a negative inclination does not mean one cannot re-correct one’s life. Please try.

You see gang.. I am nothing but a confused 24 year old with the body of a cray fish, mind of a god (yep.. aYaf to hype myself by myself nah **Winks) and dreams of a child.. but life is teaching me that the choices we make on a daily basis goes a long way to make or mar us. The world is currently spiraling into a hell hole.. With killings, bombings, faulted reasoning and total insecurity.. and this kinda seems like the Sodom and Gomorrah days they taught us about at Sunday school when we were 7… And it all is because of the choices we make. The life we live isn’t ours. The results of the choices we make doesn’t affect us alone.. So please gang.. leRRus leave right.. cause we all are connected in some way. Today I aint preaching to you become beRRa.. Hell no! aYam a Nut case still chasing anything on skirt so who ami to?! but aYam pleading to us all to do beRRa with our decisions. Pretty please?!

Thank you for the past 7 minutes of your time.. as you go through this week ehnn.. may GOD save you from any Karashika’s coming your way…

Blog Crush: So Team.. ayam currently crushing on the amazing Beauty Follower.. now this lady is an amazing Greek Blogger.. and I mean she is endearing on all levels.. I particularly love how I can connect to her mind as easy as plugging in Headsets to my 10’s jack.. She is an amazing child with the mind and style of a princess.. Please check out her BeauRRiful Blog here plus she is making Duru learn Greek.

Instagram: @youngandconfusedafrica

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    1. Aha! Nma! In alll the loooonnnggg love letter I wrote above.. Eezz only the "BLUE attire" you nah came and went and like.. **Holds broken heart! Inshort eet eezz over between us sharply.. lmao! Thanks Bubba.. Its always a delight to read from you.. :)

      P.S: Welcome back oh! Oya Gimme your number.. you need to gist me of the NYSC Waka oh! **Wears Fine boy face..

  2. Congrats to Walase, Enikoko and Lohla...God bless your union.

    Duru, I will repeat myself, wear blue more often, disagree with me here and I will come steal your glasses. Great post @mistakenly watching Empire last month

    1. hehehehehehhehe I cover my glasses with the blood of the lamb oh.. Aha! Shuo!!! All of you eyeing this Glass ehn.. you people beRRa Park well oh! lol.. And I like BLACK more as an outfit **Tongue out.. :)

      Thanks for coming by always CatWoman toh Sure.. My boRRy used tro TotoRRy me when i read ya comments.. oh! aNeFer hexSpeRRed it.. :)

  3. I love the blue too, was very in my face.

    Romans 1:26-27 all that you pointed out are unnatural relationships...

    1. heheheheheheh @Very in my face.. So pray do tell oh Lola.. Was it in your face in a good way abi Bad way?! heheheheheh Oh! Dont worry nne.. I know the Answer nah.. **Popos collar... aYam kukuma frosh like that.. **Winks...

      Truly they are unnatural relationships.. its funny how the world is spiraling down a path too hard to Remedy.. It eezz well oh! In other news.. Ppppprrraaaiiissee tha lawd my Lola toh Sure came through.. Kai aYaf miss you like 20 missed calls oh :)

  4. Awwwwh may God bless their Union. Duru see as you fine..

  5. You looked so good that day ehn! E remain small make I fall in love, I just remembered all the babes wey go shoot me with bazooka because of your matter.
    I'm not surprised at Charlie Sheen's news, the guy was the ultimate party guy. His character in two and half men was not half as wild as him. It's still a shame sha.
    I like how you handled the LGBTI issue, hate the sin and not the sinner, you nailed it.

  6. Charlie sheen get mind tsha..... But why should I tell the whole world such...... ..... Wetin consain agbero with overload.......... I won't dare that tho

  7. May God bless their union with fruitfulness.

    Btw, you looked good.