Friday, 20 November 2015

TATAAFO: Luku-Luku

Hi guys!! Hope you guys missed me sha!! Don't mind illness that kept me away from you guys last week.. Am so so sorry!

Okay, Yesterday I was home because I wasn't feeling fine (no be HIV o), that was how my friend Precious now called me crying over the phone.

I couldn't make a word of everything she said, all I could hear was

"Tony eeeeeeeeeeeee, he now aaaaaaaaaaaaeeeeeeee"

she just wouldn't stop crying.. As a good girl, I didn't want to waste her credit so I suggested she come over.

Like play like play this girl just reach my house before I could say 'jack'. This girl wey I don dey beg since to come visit me (must bad thing happen to person before them remember their own personal person?? I tire o!

Anyways when this girl narrate the story finish, e remain small make I konk her head. How can your own guy wey dey form 'I love you , I love you, you are my happiness every damn time, rename your contact on his phone from 'Boo' to 'Adekoya' ( Man name).

I mean this is Preposterous, it is unacceptable! (Oyibo).

She now said that when she accidentally saw it and asked him, he said he was just returning from his born again parents house and they've been advising him not to keep girlfriends till marriage. Therefore he had to change the name so in case she calls, they wouldn't know. As he tell am finish, my friend chop ooo!!! Chai!!

Wait a minute! Wetin that guy mean sef? So he couldn't have used another female name to replace the 'Boo'?? Its now Adekoya... I dey vex...Aarrgghh!!!

But make I laugh small first... Hahahahaha.. Abeg this isn't funny..hahahahehehehoho! Even your boo get a boo (no be me talk am o, ask Orezi, Olamide and co).

That's not all o, yesterday early morning she called him and was like 'hey Love, good morning', only for another babe to reply although not directly to her.
The other girl was like "Baby, thought you said Adekoya was your childhood friend and a guy for that matter you lying cheat, I hate you".
The one wey pain me pass was when Tony replied that same girl saying " Baby am sorry I can explain, she is just a friend".

Eyahhhhhh!!! My friend was like.................

Abeg nobody tell am make she drop call.

But my question is "Guys why isn't one enough?????"

While I await your answers, lemme go prepare for the weekend...

Yaaaay!! Thank God its Friday!!! Another hot date awaits tomorrow..
Have fun peeps but no do too much sha..

See you guys next week Friday!!


  1. LOL, 'Boo' to 'Adekoya' ( Man name) got me, hilarious memes too.

    Weldone Tataafo

  2. Tataafo well done oooooo..... It was an interesting read.

    KING Ice

  3. You can't have your cake and eat it (too), but apparently the person in question didn't get the memo. Greetings and well wishes!

  4. buahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaa!!!!!
    *takes water*
    *walking way*
    regards to Adekoa ehn...

  5. Even your boo get a boo ,share the gala share the booze

    Lmao! Guys and their cheating nature