Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Dear GOD

From my Heart
To your throne of Grace.

Dear GOD,


**Cleans Jaw.. **Deep Sigh.. its been 1 HeLLuva year Papa.. 1 year that like a ship lost at sea.. it has had my writing Drift sooo far from you atimes that I kinda feel like whhhaaattt??!! :). Its been quite a while since I did this.. Wrote to you I mean :(. Not so long ago.. Bro. Chinaza taught us in Children's Church that you are OmniPrescent.. meaning you are Everywhere.. So I know for sure that you read Blogs as well :) cause Yep! You bad like that :)… and this sure gives me hope that ya right here as well.. right now.

In 2015 alone padre.. I have learnt and seen koro koro what disappointment feels like.. what failure hurts like that, what fame seems to feel like and what wealth, no matter how minute tastes like.. and all in all.. I am here to say thank you. Thank you for DEXTRON.. Thank you for the moments that I thought I could not go on.. for the moments I thought it was all over and I was done for.. for moments that Tears felt like the only form of reasoning.. for hope that has appeared from no where, for friends that stayed, for #BLUEAfrica and most especially for Daddy and my family. I thank you for keeping me and mine safe and alive thank you for graces undeserved. 

In a very special way padre.. please permit me to say Thank you for the amazing Janyl Benyl and all those who make out time to read out my confused thoughts.. I mean.. this was an outlet to just put my thoughts in the open.. but somehow yeah... you have made a Gang outta eet.. Thanks pops :)

They say a man knows not the value of what he has till he loses it.. and here I sit Padre.. hoping that I never come to that point of “I get am before”. Oh lord.. permit me to kindly iterate that I almost got hit by a vehicle yesterday; 29th December 2015! and thinking about it now just makes me oh! so grateful the more as truly ehhnn #ItcanonlybeGOD.. cause you have my back even when I forget to have your’s. Thank you for being GOD.

As we proceed into 2016 Lord.. I go with hope, faith and trust in none but you.. cause you have taught me that even though men will eventually leave me as my lifestyle.. just like my background theme will not always be pleasing.. you will never leave me. Please papa help me never to forget that I need you on my hard and painful days in the exact same amount that I need you in the seemingly perfectly perfect days.

You know I love you papa.. and even though my lifestyle might not entirely preach it… you know my heart bleeds of love for you. Please let me not lose the light.. and please let your mercy not leave me. 

"Shall we continue to live in sin that grace may abide?! no! GOD forbid"

Thank you for always Dear GOD.. I am ready for 2016.. please use me.. Please let your will be done my source, father and friend.

Till i do this again padre, I will always be yours.

With Joy,


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Wednesday, 23 December 2015

#BLUESanta :)

Hiyaaa Gang! Whoop! Whhopp! It’s the freaking last working day of the year for me Baby!! And aYam hexSCited to the Tee! I mean goddamnbullshit we freaking made it Gang! Oshey! Oluwa is Involved. I mean yyyaaaayy! So this is officially my last post before Christmas.. I would have said last post for the year eh! But noboRRy freaking knows tomorrow.. so I might just do 1 more before 2016 from home.. leRRus sha be watching.. Naaa.. Lemme not deceive myself biko.. I most DefOO will.  Wo mi o mo biko!!

So last Saturday.. Insha Allah yeah.. #BLUEAfrica rounded up their events for the year eh! And it was not a joking sturvzz sam sam.. I mean it was amazing to the Tee and gave us all Mushy mushy moments **Opens Drawer and reaches for USB. #ItcanonlybeGOD

The thing about Christmas is that it reminds us all of our humanity and shear nothingness.. I mean amidst all the Turn uP and partying and Drinking and pursuing woman.. and getting Laid :) et al.. Christmas is a time to sit and let it all settle in… You know the year in retrospect.. 2015 Goals.. Gratitude to GOD for life and grace undeserved.. and then the fact that many in our world need love to go on.

For our closure event, #BLUEAfrica worked with the uber amazing Outreach Children and Women’s Clinic Festac Town, and the plan was to surprise the kids (admitted and receiving injection) with an Impromptu BLUESanta.. and it positively broke my heart in pieces. I mean there were kids whose smiles I will never forget.. and then those whose stories broke my heart.. But all in all Gang.. We Thank GOD, as certain moments hit me like a Thunderbolt.

The below set of picSHurs are for your kind "LOOKING" :).. See Y'all under Gang.

Ain't no Santa got swag like ours :)

Enroute :)


Santa oh Santa!

I looovvveee this child's smile..

Told ya :)

Santa the Super Star :)

You gotta love Kids 

With love from North pole with a Selfie..

Bet waaiitt! leRRus take a Selfie..
When we were done with the ghen ghen Outreach Clinic.. We went on to HFCC Clinic at 22 Road.. and this was where the emotions ran thick for us.. Although some kids ran away from our OROBO Father Christmas shaa.. lmao

This child actually sat up for Santa :)

Love.. no matter how small.. means a lot.


The REAL MVP'S of #BLUEAfrica... 

Its been an #ItcanonlybeGOD kinda year for us at #BLUEAfrica and YnC.. I mean a lot of ghen ghen people have helped carve the niche of this Blog.. From MariamOre toh sure, to EllaHillz toh Sexy, to Ehiz toh Sharp, to super Ijagz, to the amazing Nike.. and the Fantastic Tataafo.. so to you all I say a sincere thank you. And to all yopu amazing someboRRy's who spend time trying to understand my confusion.. heheheh I say una doh! ooo! May GOD give you grace to understand me more and bless you all accordingly for sacrificing MB and time to come on here… and the people of GOD said Aaaaaammmeeeennnn.

Merry Christmas and a Ghen Ghen 2016 in advance to us all.. Please Gang.. if you see me again on here before 2016.. Oshey! If you don’t! Please never forget that you are my why!

With Joy,


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Monday, 21 December 2015

15-For-15 Challenge- The End (Concluding Post)- Yyyyaaaayy :)

** Sits up on Jangolova Chair! Whhoop! Whhhoop!!! Inshoort.. Whoop! Whhoopper!! Whhoopeessstt!! Ppppprrraaiisissee tha lawwdd Gang! Umu chinekeeeee?! eehhhh! So I caNNot freAKking beliFF we made it this far! I mean it’s an #ItcanonlybeGOD kinda feeling.. I mean daayyyuumm! nawa oh! Eez not a joking Sturvzzz eh. So confused me that doesn’t know warRRaheLL he eez doing with his life half the time made it to the freaking END of the 15 for 15 Challenge! **Singing He is a miracle working GOD.. hehehehe.. So we here mehhnn we done did it! And this is the final Entry for the 15-For-15 challenge. **Does the Boogie dance.. hehehe mind me not! Eez joy the joy of finishing something.. as aYam Thrilled to the TEE right about now! aYam feeling like one King Leonidas that survived the war! Like a Jack Bauer someboRRy! Like a Freaking son of Zeus that wants to get Laid :) **tongue out.

Okaaayy! So the Challenge was initiated by my amazing Blog Mother and is hacSHually very impoRRAnt to me cause it helped me stay focused  which is a very difficult something atimes for me on one theme all year. Was it hard! Helll yyyeeaahh! I mean initially it was you know.. going so so.. but when real life kicked in and Omolomo decided to get serious with his Aye.. Meehnnn! Shii got real and there was a race against time trying to have posts in! :(. Meeehhn Eeezz not a joking things sam sam.. It was tough like that… But Yyyyaaaayy we done did it! We made it! #ItcanonlybeGOD

So when Janyl announced the Challenge.. i was confused to the Tee.. but somehow yeah.. the heavens gave me a confused theme tagged "Family", and I Lloooovvveeeddd eeett! I mean it had me writing about my Family in ways that a neFer hexspeRRed I would.. and I particularly love “Sister Sister”.. as that was the first time I was writing so ghen ghenLY about the most important woman in my life.. So it was Frosh!  And then my next best post in the series was "Duru the Train Station", as it had me all mushy mushy and shii.. but it was true though.. as it was about how quickly people come and go outta my life.. Any Hoo.. life is life! Funny thing is some of the people who called me to say “Hey! You will get through this” as at the time of that post have haCShually disappeared from my life right now… Ironic much ba?!  Hehehe..

So in the spirit of first to finish as we did in IMSU.. lemme submit my exam papers yo! Please see all entries  i.e 15 posts below;

1 Introductory Post- Meehehnn this post just had me jumping up and down.. **Internal Private Discussion 

Duru: kai! Guy… Smh for you shaaa Duru! You need a wife to help arrange ya life.. See how scatter scatter that post looks..

Nonso: heheh nooo jari.. I think I just need Money! Wife can wait Money wihh help Arrange my life :p

2. January- "Oh My Home"- heheh I lovee this post! And it is currently our highest Read post on here! Talk about 15 for 15 Magic-koko  something :)

3. February- Duru the Train Station- Now if you read my Confused life stories on hia yeah.. you wihh notice with ya 2 koro koro eyes that I usually have my ghen ghen mushy mushy moments.. but this was one moment that I really felt down. Lemme not come and goan lie.. this was 1 post I diNNor heXsPect too muLcccsshh comments on sef.. but you guys are Amazing much.. Aswear I dunno how you can relate to my life yeah.. but GOD bless you scaRRa :* May your children not resemble your neighbor eh.. Isseeee.

4. March- “Man of Steel”- Now eett eezz amazing how this is in order.. This is currently 3rd highest read.. and Trains Station kini kan was 2nd. Chissooss oh! See as they now came and went and goan follow one another.. By the name you should know who this post eezz about nah.. **Winks

5. April- Sister Sister.. hehehehe I looovveeee this post! Amazing much! One of my most favorites ever yet seff!

6.  May- Sorry- Okay this post was inspired by a Fight with my sister :) we hardly have issues apart from when I don’t wash my plate or eat night food :) so it was a Biggie.. It was #TeamMushyMushy

7. June- Sunset- This post was about a part of me that was broken. Life is just not fair! But hey! Like ScanFrost kitchen Appliances.. We gats keep keeping on iGuess :(

8.  July- Padre- This post was about my Dad! He is amazing much and he is just my Miracle… My life has hit rock bottom sooooo many times.. but he has always been there to pull me up. Love you plenRRy plenRRy Sir.

9. August- 18-25- Trust me..  This post was about my wanting to get Laid! Wo! Ma binu.. Eezz just not easy being me :( Sleeping at night na Jamb :)

10. September- Blood- Now this post came from depths depths below.. I mean my Brother eezz all aYaf :) and it was fun to write about him- First time ever hacSHually did.

11. October- The Future Project- Eehhnn this was when the heat was Turned on! I mean daaayyyuum it was not a joking sturvz from here onward oH! To keep on with the series became tough.. But TFP became a part of me I had to accept. #loveForVolunteering

12. November- Battle Of The High Schools by #BLUE- **Advert :p now if the series helped me understand one thing.. it gave me an inner indepth of outer family not linked by Blood.. as when you get to write about something. You see love unfold :) #BLUE is more or less the center of my life.. Sadly Gang!as at now.. its displaced my BLOG from that position :( :)

13. December- A few Good men #TFAA10- Insha Allah yeahh.. this Year Was amazingly ghen ghen like that! And it had me in and outta great experiences.. but of all the family I am most involved with.. The Future Project plays a major role.. So.. This was the Apex of the year for us.. The Future Awards was 10 Baby! Plus this was my first time of wearing Suit in 2015 #HExSCitedMuch.
Yep! That's THE Mfon Ekpo! :) 

14.  ConfusedBlog review of the amazing Chynanu’s post- I llllooovveeee my Otunne likle that.. and this Review had me all mushy mushy! Yep!! Ada is Frosh like that Biko.. She has my vote for the Series :)
15- This one- Concluding Post!

All in all Gang! eet was a ghen ghen something.. and going through memory lane yeah.. I thank GOD we are still here. Many have come.. Pllleentty have left us hehehe.. but we still here. Thank you Gang! For reading even when I didn’t know waRRaHell I was writing. To this 24 years 40 days old boy yeah.. YnC is not a place of sharing knowledge taa! I dUnno Jack! but its however a place where I seek knowledge.. So thank you for teaching me.. and Thanks to all who made this series worth it! Thank you to all the contestants of the challenge.. those who started  and finished.. and those who stopped over time.. No jokes Gang!.. You guys are the real MVP.  

Will I be KontInuing the Family Series?! Nnnaahhhh! Or Maybe! But not consistently shaa.

Insha Allah 2016 is going to be great.. Bigger Things a gwan. Thank you mother for making this possible.. You already know I love you now Janyl :*


Udo #ItcanonlybeGOD

Friday, 18 December 2015


Few days to Christmas yaaaayyyyy!!!!! Am still looking for Transport fare back home sha, all this fuel wahala me no understand.

Okay so you all can still remember my neighbor Dan right? That one that brought a girl with a torn pant. The guy I said has been trying to woo me since but me no gree? Yea, that one. So his cousin from d village came to spend sometime with him. This girl local gannn no be small, and Dan does not allow her come outside. I have advised him several times to bring her out so I can tush her
small but him no gree.

But her presence pour sand sand inside Dan's garri shaaaa, cos shadow of any babe sef I no dey see again for him house.

Okay so last night the girl came  back home with an injury on her lap and when I asked her what happened, biko see her reply;

"I was gone to buy biscuit because brother Dan is went out and hunger is catch me. So as I say Madam p'R'ease I want biscuit, she come given me d biscuit with my change"

(In my mind I was like "Jesu!!, I don enter, I must listen to the end o. No wonder Dan hid her inside the house. Now I could understand why I no dey see babe for Dan's house again).. She continued..

"So as I was caming home, one brother now say baaaabiiii, baaaabiii. I now running well well because my mummy tell me before I come Ragos that if boy call me, I to run well well because they will give me

So I now running and fall in gutter and d boy now come and tell me he just wanting to tell me my scarf falling on d ground"..(End of story).

 And I was like "Holy Moses!!!" In my mind o, didn't want her to feel bad.

Hahaha Dan is in soup, with all the phonetic him dey use deceive babes... He must be going through hell.

But seriously I didn't knw people still "spoken" that way (ha! I don dey speak rubbish o)...

Well well! To all my readers, its been wonderful writing for u guys, enjoy your Christmas and send my Christmas gift!!

Luv you all!

Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Beauty is in the "MIND" of the Beholder...

As I flipped through my departmental magazine “Bioscope”, a yearly glossy magazine published by every graduating set of my department, I could not but concede to the fascinating topic which covered like three folios of piece stapled in a particular year’s publication and it read;

“Beauty: nature or nurture”

The words of the writers explained some things I had least thought of but while reflecting deep, I found out they were true. Read on to know what I deduced.

Is beauty in the eyes of the beholder as they usually say? I think beauty is in the mind of the beholder. Maybe these two phrases might mean the same but my established phrase gives a better illustration that; “YOU ARE WHAT YOU THINK OF YOURSELF”.

Beauty is a pleasant appearance that causes attention and attraction. It beholds an appealing feeling to the eyes; it stirs delightful sensation to the mind and gives a photographic experience of pleasure and satisfaction. Beauty is something everybody wishes to be tagged with. Ugliness is generally revulsion to the eye. I’m referring to beauty in all angle especially physical beauty.

I believe that Nature is perfect in any way it constructs an individual, some people might say nature is “unfair” but for you to look the way you look and have these embodiments makes you genetically unique and different from another person. But seriously, nature is not totally unfair as it displays its fairness and beckons us the opportunity to nurture and become truly perfect as we love to. Mind you I am not in the school of thought that promotes plastic surgery, and preaches that all those are ways one can nurture oneself, as I think that is simply total distortion of nature which is detrimental. Even makeup and beauty enhancement are not to be considered as forms of nurture, as they are all but make-believes, they are temporary and fake; as I believe a woman should be able to feel beautiful even without wearing makeup. So sad, some ladies have low esteem when not on make-up.

Nature irrefutably gives nurture an edge in our quest to look good. So if I could ask you of a favor right now, it would be that you look yourself completely in the mirror, losing some weight can make a tremendous difference to what you are seeing now, also encouraging some habits can change a lot about you, hence life affecting decisions are what matter and not just indulging in buying the most expensive cosmetics in the world to look as perfect as you wish, or using all the drugs in the world. All you need is to nurture yourself and that starts from the mind. Nurturing is giving oneself the best thing YOU! deserve. You deserve rest, happiness, good environment, good sleep, better habits, positivity, self-confidence, emotional stability, good self-esteem, mention them… whatever good thing that comes to mind, YOU DESERVE IT!

You think you are ugly or can never look the way you want?! In response I say; Yes! You are ugly! But this is simply because you “THINK” you are. Forget whatever any one tells you, nothing can change what a man thinks he is, because you know you are. Your real beauty is hidden underneath the layers of your indulgence and carelessness; all you need is change your beauty unfriendly ways and nurture yourself to the best way you want. There is first a conscious need to accept that “Yes! I AM AN IMAGE OF GOD, I AM WONDERFULLY MADE” and a next move is to give yourself the very best it deserves (mind you most of these nurturing agents are not what money can buy; they are mostly your mindsets).

Furthermore, regularly washing of the body and ways to prevent offensive odors and generally to avoid being repulsive are not issues that one must be told. Nature might have played one the “not so good card” but it cannot do these little things for you, as while you can’t change the way nature made you, yet you can nurture yourself to be better. Regular exercising and healthy eating are also parts of nurture, watch what you eat and always go for that that is friendly to your body that gives you better look.

Our carriage, our poise, how we exhibit great finesse and particularly our composure- These are what really matter. Let us as not just women- But Humans learn to Work on all of these, as they exhume beauty and comeliness. Also not forgetting the inward beauty- the beauty of character, instead of the arrogant and pompous look, why not give out a priceless smile that exudes humility and joyfulness. Lastly, bear in mind that righteousness beautifies while sin is a reproach, immorality is the wellspring of ugliness.

You are who you are and that makes you unique, nurture yourself to perfection and accentuate your beauty to make you a stand out.
I hope you enjoy the rest of the week. Xoxo

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Monday, 14 December 2015

15 -For - 15 Challenge (The 14th Entry)- Confused Blog Review of the legendary Chynanu's Blog :* (Updated)

Turn uP Turn uP Ladies and Gentlemen.. Whatsssss up Gang??!! What the freaking 411 ni?! So this is a quickie abi Shocki I had to come and goan do! And its for the 15 For- 15 challenge.. its hacSHually my 14th Entry which means 1 more Gang and we are Liivvveeeee.. Whooppp! Whhoop! We Freaking Bloody Gratefully made it Gang! I mean we made it.. mmmeeehhhnnn #ItcanonlybeGOD **Does all those kain kain things with knuckles.

So in conclusion of the challenge yeah.. Janyl Benyl who is as beauRRiful as the morning sun asked that we do a review of any of our co- competitors on the challenge.. and I in turn have selected one of my favorite Bloggers of all time.. and I will do this review without mincing words by stating 3 things I Love about the Blog. My chosen Blog is Chynanu's Blog  at, authored by my Amazing Otunne.. So leegggggoo.. Will you Dance with me?!

Wait first oh!!! How was your night Gang?! Mine was Horrible.. I cannot explain but it was the first of its kind since Birth.. Buuuuttt considering that I wihh not come and goan let any Reggae to spoil my Blues ni. I shall have to do this with a sharp sharp style of madness and ignore the confusions.. and the people of god said Yyyyaaggaa :)

Live occurrence: Holl uP! Its 6: 55 AM and I just got off the phone with Ada! I mean she just commented on.. I mean the comment came in while i did this :) and its on a post I neFer hexSpeRRed any comment on and I just literally went Daaffuuqq  I mean wwwhhhhaattt?! Talk about connection and Fate :) Hehehe She is amazing. See screen shot below :)
Now Tell me you dont love her sincerity and persona?!
Update 15.12.15 (6:17 AM): Sits up on Jangolova Chair.. So my Blog Mother dropped a ghen ghen comment that I had mixed up the entries.. and you know when Janyl instructs.. I adopt without wasting time... (yep! She MOTHER me like that :) ) Kaiii! the thing pain me shhhaaa.. But oh well! what to do ni?! na to have faith. Considering that my posts are like words.. tehy are a tad difficult to take back.. So I pppllleeaadd with her that this remains valid. 

The Theme for Ada's entry was Random inspirations and it entailed her writing just about anything and everything.. From Lilies in a swamp, to Thirst.., To about Love and failure.. To overcoming depression et al and if I adore anything about her entire entry yeah.. its the consistency in the randomness of her thoughts. I mean Ada's words are more or less a tale of her life, her challenges and her victories. As I kindly iterated at the bottom of this post yeah.. If I were to cast my vote for the challenge... on a level of sincerity ba.. Ada would win us all Hands Down. Udo. 

1. She is a FEMINIST!

**Deep sigh.. now the thoughts of this alone makes me cringe! I mean waRRaHell! Whyyyy! Why! Ada Why?! I am of the mindset that a woman should always be under a man.. I mean even during the oldest Sex Style i.e missionary style.. The man is always on top.. Which means women are called to support and not rule :). I mean Sex is life now and that’s the oldest style as proof nah. So to me Its life. But I guess the Times are changing.. Brands are rising.. the Genders are equalizing and Ada is preaching! And now this brings me to what I love about her Blog that is HER.. Waiiitt for it: "HER CONSISTENCY TO A CAUSE.. I mean it is bloody endearing beyond words.  I might not like .. Scratch that! I hate FEMINISM as a trend.. But I sure as Heaven like a Woman who sticks to her guns and doesn’t back down from a fight. and that is Ada and more. So Bravo Nne.. Bravo.

2. Her Style of Writing..  

**Cleans nose.. Now Adaeze is a fantastic and Witty writer, capable to coin out words from mere ideas.. I mean I go to her blog and learn new words.. but more importantly.. I learn how to play with words.. Its literally a School on there. I have discovered on Blogger a lot of smart ass female Bad Ass writers.. but not a lot of them are capable of keeping me spell bound with their versatility and poise. Well Lady G also has me on Lock down as well.. as i literally crave to read her posts.. 

On style yeah.. Ada gets an AA+. Yep!!! She bad like that and she Badder than the rest.

3. Her Life:

Now Ada is my Otunne.. and in Igbo Otunne means "1 Mother".. which is codename for  Family. I adopted this name for her when she sent in an Email about a friend of mine stuck on Cannabis years Back.. heheheh Ada.. He recently tried to link me up with a Girl HOOKED on it too oh!!  I guess they are trying to recruit me :) But in response I was Like “Really Nigga?!” 

Now I adore her life first cause of her sincerity and next cause of her willingness to Grow. I mean her Blog gang is amazing to the Tee.. As in eehhnn... have you met Nedoux?! My GOD Nedoux has the mind of a goddess.. and that’s the kinda people Ada roles with plus inspires. The cool Gang.

The 15 For 15 Challennge is almost over.. But if I could cast my vote for anyone.. it would sincerely be Ada.. Why?! Cause she deserves it... She truly does.

Thank you for the past 7 minutes of your time Gang.. you do me a great Honor with it. My prayer for you is simple.. May your ripple create a ghen ghen effect that will last generations.

With Joy


#Udo #ItcanonlybeGOD