Monday, 14 December 2015

15 -For - 15 Challenge (The 14th Entry)- Confused Blog Review of the legendary Chynanu's Blog :* (Updated)

Turn uP Turn uP Ladies and Gentlemen.. Whatsssss up Gang??!! What the freaking 411 ni?! So this is a quickie abi Shocki I had to come and goan do! And its for the 15 For- 15 challenge.. its hacSHually my 14th Entry which means 1 more Gang and we are Liivvveeeee.. Whooppp! Whhoop! We Freaking Bloody Gratefully made it Gang! I mean we made it.. mmmeeehhhnnn #ItcanonlybeGOD **Does all those kain kain things with knuckles.

So in conclusion of the challenge yeah.. Janyl Benyl who is as beauRRiful as the morning sun asked that we do a review of any of our co- competitors on the challenge.. and I in turn have selected one of my favorite Bloggers of all time.. and I will do this review without mincing words by stating 3 things I Love about the Blog. My chosen Blog is Chynanu's Blog  at, authored by my Amazing Otunne.. So leegggggoo.. Will you Dance with me?!

Wait first oh!!! How was your night Gang?! Mine was Horrible.. I cannot explain but it was the first of its kind since Birth.. Buuuuttt considering that I wihh not come and goan let any Reggae to spoil my Blues ni. I shall have to do this with a sharp sharp style of madness and ignore the confusions.. and the people of god said Yyyyaaggaa :)

Live occurrence: Holl uP! Its 6: 55 AM and I just got off the phone with Ada! I mean she just commented on.. I mean the comment came in while i did this :) and its on a post I neFer hexSpeRRed any comment on and I just literally went Daaffuuqq  I mean wwwhhhhaattt?! Talk about connection and Fate :) Hehehe She is amazing. See screen shot below :)
Now Tell me you dont love her sincerity and persona?!
Update 15.12.15 (6:17 AM): Sits up on Jangolova Chair.. So my Blog Mother dropped a ghen ghen comment that I had mixed up the entries.. and you know when Janyl instructs.. I adopt without wasting time... (yep! She MOTHER me like that :) ) Kaiii! the thing pain me shhhaaa.. But oh well! what to do ni?! na to have faith. Considering that my posts are like words.. tehy are a tad difficult to take back.. So I pppllleeaadd with her that this remains valid. 

The Theme for Ada's entry was Random inspirations and it entailed her writing just about anything and everything.. From Lilies in a swamp, to Thirst.., To about Love and failure.. To overcoming depression et al and if I adore anything about her entire entry yeah.. its the consistency in the randomness of her thoughts. I mean Ada's words are more or less a tale of her life, her challenges and her victories. As I kindly iterated at the bottom of this post yeah.. If I were to cast my vote for the challenge... on a level of sincerity ba.. Ada would win us all Hands Down. Udo. 

1. She is a FEMINIST!

**Deep sigh.. now the thoughts of this alone makes me cringe! I mean waRRaHell! Whyyyy! Why! Ada Why?! I am of the mindset that a woman should always be under a man.. I mean even during the oldest Sex Style i.e missionary style.. The man is always on top.. Which means women are called to support and not rule :). I mean Sex is life now and that’s the oldest style as proof nah. So to me Its life. But I guess the Times are changing.. Brands are rising.. the Genders are equalizing and Ada is preaching! And now this brings me to what I love about her Blog that is HER.. Waiiitt for it: "HER CONSISTENCY TO A CAUSE.. I mean it is bloody endearing beyond words.  I might not like .. Scratch that! I hate FEMINISM as a trend.. But I sure as Heaven like a Woman who sticks to her guns and doesn’t back down from a fight. and that is Ada and more. So Bravo Nne.. Bravo.

2. Her Style of Writing..  

**Cleans nose.. Now Adaeze is a fantastic and Witty writer, capable to coin out words from mere ideas.. I mean I go to her blog and learn new words.. but more importantly.. I learn how to play with words.. Its literally a School on there. I have discovered on Blogger a lot of smart ass female Bad Ass writers.. but not a lot of them are capable of keeping me spell bound with their versatility and poise. Well Lady G also has me on Lock down as well.. as i literally crave to read her posts.. 

On style yeah.. Ada gets an AA+. Yep!!! She bad like that and she Badder than the rest.

3. Her Life:

Now Ada is my Otunne.. and in Igbo Otunne means "1 Mother".. which is codename for  Family. I adopted this name for her when she sent in an Email about a friend of mine stuck on Cannabis years Back.. heheheh Ada.. He recently tried to link me up with a Girl HOOKED on it too oh!!  I guess they are trying to recruit me :) But in response I was Like “Really Nigga?!” 

Now I adore her life first cause of her sincerity and next cause of her willingness to Grow. I mean her Blog gang is amazing to the Tee.. As in eehhnn... have you met Nedoux?! My GOD Nedoux has the mind of a goddess.. and that’s the kinda people Ada roles with plus inspires. The cool Gang.

The 15 For 15 Challennge is almost over.. But if I could cast my vote for anyone.. it would sincerely be Ada.. Why?! Cause she deserves it... She truly does.

Thank you for the past 7 minutes of your time Gang.. you do me a great Honor with it. My prayer for you is simple.. May your ripple create a ghen ghen effect that will last generations.

With Joy


#Udo #ItcanonlybeGOD


  1. Awww! see me blushing upandan jare.
    I'm sooo feeling like Tubaba, P-square, Beyonce, Michael Jackson, Jay-Z and all other stars combined sef.
    Thanks for your kind words, you have made me feel all mushy mushy and everything.
    This means so much to me because almost blogger I know, I met through your blog. Writing you that email and following your blog ranks among the best decisions I have ever made.
    If I start saying what you mean to me and how you have inspired me with your posts, phone calls and just by being your fabulous space. all the comment space go finish for your blog and all your secret admirers go shoot me.
    But you know you're gonna win the challenge na... you have been consistently excellent at it, you deserve it, kpomkwem.

    1. hehehhehehehehhehe @kpomkwem. now that was Epic.. Ah! Ada! Washing machine of the Federation! Yeh!!!! Mogbe!! See washing and setting, plus drying and starching at no extra cost.. heheh How can you say all these kind words to one tiny 24 year old Schild?! kaaii! if someboRRy reads this nah! they wihh come and goan think Duru is one ghen ghen someone.. them no go know say na me tiny finish be this.. :)

      Thank you for your very kind words and for giving me reasons to smile today and always.. You Rock mega Nne.. This comment.. It is an #ItcanonlybeGOD something.. cause I totally am undeserving.. Cheers Otunne.. and thanks for always.. GOD Bless you loads. Udo.

  2. Mr. Duru
    You are not doing what was required of you. You were supposed to review her posts for the 15 for 15 challenge.
    No wonder you quickly chose her, you had your own agenda.
    Thank God you didn't review her as a person and at least reviewed her blog LOL
    Pls take time to read the rules for the challenge. You still have to add a conclusive post too

    1. hehehehheheheheh @Review of her as a Person! Aha naaahh!! Eeeez never that deep nah Mother.. Plus ayam not Charles Novia nah.. aYam Duru Adolphus Jnr!

      Truly Mother.. I Went to your Blog and realized i had the entire thing sorta mixed up.. But you know nah Ms JB! Blog posts are like words.. as once said.. they can never be taken back.. :( Thank you for this kind ciorrection.. I do pray this stays valid with the correction i made above..

      But Janyl.. I just couldnt help it Biko! **Shines Teeth.. Ada is too cool for school jo! hehehe I mean her style of writing as well as her knowledge on just about everything is amazing to the TEE.. biko.. to say the least! aYam in love with her mind. Thanks for always Mother.. I beg you in the name of Access Bank.. Tamper Mercy with Justice.. abi eezz it Justice with mercy?! Okay! #ConfusedMuch.. Please Nne.. tamper Both of them with both of them as regards this being valid for the challenge.. :( Biko ooo :)

  3. Great review. Ada sure has an amazing personality. Loving her from afar.

    Well done Duru someborry. :)

    1. Ghen ghen! ah!! Eeeezz not a Joking Sturvvzzz oh! Amaka came by today! Osheeeeeey! Turn uP! Thanks Nne.. ayam smiling an #ItcanonlybeGOD smile right about now **Winks.. And yep! my Otunne is twice as cool as Frozen ice.. and the people of god said Yyyyeeaaah mehn! Cheers Bubba.

  4. Have to so apologize. I am yet to read her entries!!! Life getting in the way ist kein Gründ. Will update asap

  5. Have to so apologize. I am yet to read her entries!!! Life getting in the way ist kein Gründ. Will update asap