Monday, 7 December 2015

15-For-15 Challenge (December Post)- A Few Good men.. #TFAA10

Turn uP Turn uP Ladies and gentlemen.. What gwan gang?! Whats the friGGing 411  Team?!  **Opens Drawer.. then **Takes Selfie (This is to show how screwed I look Right now :(..  

So this is what I look like right now.. I am Tired to the Tee.. asin my brain cannot even beat properly talkless of THINK properly.. cause I have slept for just about 1 hours 50 minutes or thereabout.. but for the love of janyl Benyl and Mondays yeah.. plus the intent hope of Stick-to-Itiveness of writing on Mondays ba.. I have decided to do this post. Yyyaagggaa!

You know yeah Gang.. this is officially my 13th Entry into the 15 for 15 Challenge.. Whoop! Whhopp! I cannot believe CONFUSED US made it this far oh! Omo a neFer hexSpeRRed it sam sam.. and hence I thought to write about Festac on this entry.. but make I no lie give you eh.. Omolomo cannot come and goan die lori brain storming session nisin.. :) As you see yeah.. its difficult to write about something when your heart, emotions, lust, phone etc are thinking about something else.

The Future Africa Awards happened last night at the legendary Intercontinental Hotel **Dusts Shoulder and feels like a cool kinda kid.. and it was amazing to the LETTER. I mean Adebola Williams and Chude Jideonwo are by far the only 2 men capable of throwing a Party and inviting only the Elites of the Elites and still making it fun.. as it was Amaze balls..  Omo ehnnn if you see gehs with Big Ikebe and Bobby at the awards ehhn! You would faint.. Oh mehhnn **In Toinlicious’ voice.. Fadalaawddd… “Duru the Horny Man” was tempted one too many times.. and i repeatr.. ONE TOO MANy TIMES.. But the Umu Chineke in me kept me strong and faithful. Luckily I still got to Set P and drop some really sweet lines in the hearts of 2 very fine gehs (So I am sure they will be thinking of me at rising of the sun today).. Plus yyeeeaaaahh... I gave them my Complementary card et Phone number at the end.. I mean that should serve now, cause my card makes it look like I know what aYam doing with my life.. regardless that aYam **Adjusts Ennyhim Suit :)

So for the show yeah.. I was talking with my Blog Crush Lhurve Davies about what to wear, and she gave me so many ideas.. but my love  for Black couldn’t have me wear anything else.. So I took the Kanye West look..

and I think I looked Dapper than he at the end sevv....

Plus hey! The girls were giving me their time.. And seriously flirting with me.. **Whispers.. My Body language game was on point.. All my research on Google paid off I guess :).. So something must have been great.

So this is post about the top 3 great people in my life this year.. People that have inspired me with their very actions and poise plus words.. and for this post.. I am focusing on the The Future Project which has in this year more or less grown to become my “Le FAMILIA”. So please guys… Brace yourself.. Its gonna be a Black Tie something :) P.S; Yeeaahh I have to do this.. I tried to club at Cova Night Club (the pent house at Mega Plaza) and the Bouncers diNNor let me in *Crying in Spanish.. I mean dafuq.. Did they know how much the suit I was wearing was?! and how much balance I had to pay the tailor ni.. hehehe. So here goes.. My Top 3 list from:

3. Odunayo Adeneye (Motivator):

In this passing year Gang.. I have had mad and mad interaction with this brother.. and he has been a mega inspiration to me all day every day! I mean his drive and passion for life, active citizenship and change has earned him not just my respect for life, but a stake in Brotherhood as well. I look at him and don’t just see a friend Team.. I see a Brother.. A BRAND and a mentor. People call him King Odun.. but I simply call him my Friend :)… Without doubt gang..  I know a Few good men…

2. Mfon Ekpo (Inspiration Bank)

I first **Reaches out for wrist watch from Breast Pocket.. Ehen as I was ‘firsting’.. I first met the legendary Mfon Ekpo (Executivve Director of The Future project) at a TFP meeting earlier this year.. and the drive and enthusiasm that emanated from her i cannot forget. I mean it in all the while left me in awe and shear amazement, as she has gone on to change my life beyond words description. I mean she Mfon inspired us to get #BLUEAfrica on the ground, and at a time yeah.. when it all looked shaky.. I remember looking back at extracts from the note of my meeting with her as stuck on my Room Door.. and I was inspired beyond words. Our E.D is amazing to the Tee.. and one of the Few Good men I have met all year long.

Yo!!! wowza!! Its December Baby! :) Happy New Month Gang.. May GOD bless us beyond our words description this month... I have a feeling that I might get Laid this month.. iKid.. NO! iSerious biko.. Oh My Layer.. Locate me sharp sharp biko :)

1. Dr. Duru (Style)

It is beyond words..

and description the way I love my Sister.. I mean you can bitch me all you want.. You can snitch me all you want.. You can push me away all you want.. But you beRRa don’t come near my Family.. and more still beRRa not Hurt my Sister. Dr. Duru is my friend.. Confidant and Stylist heheheh.. I mean I do not.. and I mean DO NOT!!! go to any function without her giving me a green light on my costume.. nor do I make any decision without her input. A few good men I know.. And she tops the list.. not just as my Stylist.. but as my Mother and my friend..

Gang! The idea of this post aswear I dunno.. #Confusedmuch ba?! But ** Grabs Cup of Water and lime.. mehhn the Hang over is real.. I drank this crazy Alcohol cocktail last night.. and i still havent gotten DURU back :)… **In Dr. Sids voice.. i I i I I I I I I  feeell like I am flying over the moonnnn  Ehen as I was Butting.. No man is self made.. hence we all need someone to make us THE ONE.. So maybe we dunno who inspires us the most (Style, Inspiration or Motivation).. maybe we are more or less confused about life as we see it.. maybe we think its hard to push on.. Just maybe.. But all in all yeah.. leRRus not forget to find and stick to the Few Good Men who by far are capable of making us better in every little way.. Cause a Drop of water..Starts an ocean.

And the guy in White and BLUE Dashiki is my Legendary Tailor Extraordinaire (@enyhim)

Thank you for the past 7 minutes of your Time Gang.. You do us a great honor with it. My prayer is that you will have several reasons to smile in this odun December.. and that you will have ghen ghen reasons to say “Ooooshey! Turn uP!” to GOD in gratitude… And the crowd goes.. Yyyyyeeeaah mehn!

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#Udo #ItcanonlybeGOD 


  1. Emmm I have forgotten what I wanted to comment sha. Let me just say ur dress is fine.

    1. hehehehehhehehehe Ya mad man! Thanks Bruv! For Today and Always.... You na Man! And yes oh! The Suit is an #ItcanonlybeGOD something.. :)

  2. Glad to know the awards went well for the 'protocol gang'..... U and all ur inspirators looking dapper..... U nefer tell us wetin d inspirators talk for d awards oh!

  3. Glad to know the awards went well for the 'protocol gang'..... U and all ur inspirators looking dapper..... U nefer tell us wetin d inspirators talk for d awards oh!

  4. Duru boo i love you kanye inspired sure looked good on you.. But something was off.....lemme check....ehen yes there was no lady beside you..berra do something abourit..

  5. Lemme just be watching as the days go by, I forgot what ideally was the right word to describe the tux