Monday, 21 December 2015

15-For-15 Challenge- The End (Concluding Post)- Yyyyaaaayy :)

** Sits up on Jangolova Chair! Whhoop! Whhhoop!!! Inshoort.. Whoop! Whhoopper!! Whhoopeessstt!! Ppppprrraaiisissee tha lawwdd Gang! Umu chinekeeeee?! eehhhh! So I caNNot freAKking beliFF we made it this far! I mean it’s an #ItcanonlybeGOD kinda feeling.. I mean daayyyuumm! nawa oh! Eez not a joking Sturvzzz eh. So confused me that doesn’t know warRRaheLL he eez doing with his life half the time made it to the freaking END of the 15 for 15 Challenge! **Singing He is a miracle working GOD.. hehehehe.. So we here mehhnn we done did it! And this is the final Entry for the 15-For-15 challenge. **Does the Boogie dance.. hehehe mind me not! Eez joy the joy of finishing something.. as aYam Thrilled to the TEE right about now! aYam feeling like one King Leonidas that survived the war! Like a Jack Bauer someboRRy! Like a Freaking son of Zeus that wants to get Laid :) **tongue out.

Okaaayy! So the Challenge was initiated by my amazing Blog Mother and is hacSHually very impoRRAnt to me cause it helped me stay focused  which is a very difficult something atimes for me on one theme all year. Was it hard! Helll yyyeeaahh! I mean initially it was you know.. going so so.. but when real life kicked in and Omolomo decided to get serious with his Aye.. Meehnnn! Shii got real and there was a race against time trying to have posts in! :(. Meeehhn Eeezz not a joking things sam sam.. It was tough like that… But Yyyyaaaayy we done did it! We made it! #ItcanonlybeGOD

So when Janyl announced the Challenge.. i was confused to the Tee.. but somehow yeah.. the heavens gave me a confused theme tagged "Family", and I Lloooovvveeeddd eeett! I mean it had me writing about my Family in ways that a neFer hexspeRRed I would.. and I particularly love “Sister Sister”.. as that was the first time I was writing so ghen ghenLY about the most important woman in my life.. So it was Frosh!  And then my next best post in the series was "Duru the Train Station", as it had me all mushy mushy and shii.. but it was true though.. as it was about how quickly people come and go outta my life.. Any Hoo.. life is life! Funny thing is some of the people who called me to say “Hey! You will get through this” as at the time of that post have haCShually disappeared from my life right now… Ironic much ba?!  Hehehe..

So in the spirit of first to finish as we did in IMSU.. lemme submit my exam papers yo! Please see all entries  i.e 15 posts below;

1 Introductory Post- Meehehnn this post just had me jumping up and down.. **Internal Private Discussion 

Duru: kai! Guy… Smh for you shaaa Duru! You need a wife to help arrange ya life.. See how scatter scatter that post looks..

Nonso: heheh nooo jari.. I think I just need Money! Wife can wait Money wihh help Arrange my life :p

2. January- "Oh My Home"- heheh I lovee this post! And it is currently our highest Read post on here! Talk about 15 for 15 Magic-koko  something :)

3. February- Duru the Train Station- Now if you read my Confused life stories on hia yeah.. you wihh notice with ya 2 koro koro eyes that I usually have my ghen ghen mushy mushy moments.. but this was one moment that I really felt down. Lemme not come and goan lie.. this was 1 post I diNNor heXsPect too muLcccsshh comments on sef.. but you guys are Amazing much.. Aswear I dunno how you can relate to my life yeah.. but GOD bless you scaRRa :* May your children not resemble your neighbor eh.. Isseeee.

4. March- “Man of Steel”- Now eett eezz amazing how this is in order.. This is currently 3rd highest read.. and Trains Station kini kan was 2nd. Chissooss oh! See as they now came and went and goan follow one another.. By the name you should know who this post eezz about nah.. **Winks

5. April- Sister Sister.. hehehehe I looovveeee this post! Amazing much! One of my most favorites ever yet seff!

6.  May- Sorry- Okay this post was inspired by a Fight with my sister :) we hardly have issues apart from when I don’t wash my plate or eat night food :) so it was a Biggie.. It was #TeamMushyMushy

7. June- Sunset- This post was about a part of me that was broken. Life is just not fair! But hey! Like ScanFrost kitchen Appliances.. We gats keep keeping on iGuess :(

8.  July- Padre- This post was about my Dad! He is amazing much and he is just my Miracle… My life has hit rock bottom sooooo many times.. but he has always been there to pull me up. Love you plenRRy plenRRy Sir.

9. August- 18-25- Trust me..  This post was about my wanting to get Laid! Wo! Ma binu.. Eezz just not easy being me :( Sleeping at night na Jamb :)

10. September- Blood- Now this post came from depths depths below.. I mean my Brother eezz all aYaf :) and it was fun to write about him- First time ever hacSHually did.

11. October- The Future Project- Eehhnn this was when the heat was Turned on! I mean daaayyyuum it was not a joking sturvz from here onward oH! To keep on with the series became tough.. But TFP became a part of me I had to accept. #loveForVolunteering

12. November- Battle Of The High Schools by #BLUE- **Advert :p now if the series helped me understand one thing.. it gave me an inner indepth of outer family not linked by Blood.. as when you get to write about something. You see love unfold :) #BLUE is more or less the center of my life.. Sadly Gang!as at now.. its displaced my BLOG from that position :( :)

13. December- A few Good men #TFAA10- Insha Allah yeahh.. this Year Was amazingly ghen ghen like that! And it had me in and outta great experiences.. but of all the family I am most involved with.. The Future Project plays a major role.. So.. This was the Apex of the year for us.. The Future Awards was 10 Baby! Plus this was my first time of wearing Suit in 2015 #HExSCitedMuch.
Yep! That's THE Mfon Ekpo! :) 

14.  ConfusedBlog review of the amazing Chynanu’s post- I llllooovveeee my Otunne likle that.. and this Review had me all mushy mushy! Yep!! Ada is Frosh like that Biko.. She has my vote for the Series :)
15- This one- Concluding Post!

All in all Gang! eet was a ghen ghen something.. and going through memory lane yeah.. I thank GOD we are still here. Many have come.. Pllleentty have left us hehehe.. but we still here. Thank you Gang! For reading even when I didn’t know waRRaHell I was writing. To this 24 years 40 days old boy yeah.. YnC is not a place of sharing knowledge taa! I dUnno Jack! but its however a place where I seek knowledge.. So thank you for teaching me.. and Thanks to all who made this series worth it! Thank you to all the contestants of the challenge.. those who started  and finished.. and those who stopped over time.. No jokes Gang!.. You guys are the real MVP.  

Will I be KontInuing the Family Series?! Nnnaahhhh! Or Maybe! But not consistently shaa.

Insha Allah 2016 is going to be great.. Bigger Things a gwan. Thank you mother for making this possible.. You already know I love you now Janyl :*


Udo #ItcanonlybeGOD


  1. my favourite is man of steel followed by padre


    1. Awwwwggh Thanks for always being there Favor Milo.. Words are not just enough.. You Rock Mega! Happy New Year in advance Bubba.

  2. I'm sure 2016 is gonna be spectacular.
    Happy Christmas! :)

    1. hehehehehe You can say that again Luxxxyy! Thanks for always.. Happy New Year in advance Bubba.. bets wishes nne.

  3. Okay it's official, you are not confused. It is a big facade just to mislead people :)
    Honestly, you are incredible
    You did such a great job

    1. #ItcanonlybeGOD heheheheheheheheh Ah! Trust me mother.. the confusion is Innate oh! its more or less like the air I breathe sef.. **Wears Evil smile.. Happy New Year Janyl.. Thank you for always.. xx

  4. Man!! I got a lot to devour here. Nice meeting the one and only duru master