Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Beauty is in the "MIND" of the Beholder...

As I flipped through my departmental magazine “Bioscope”, a yearly glossy magazine published by every graduating set of my department, I could not but concede to the fascinating topic which covered like three folios of piece stapled in a particular year’s publication and it read;

“Beauty: nature or nurture”

The words of the writers explained some things I had least thought of but while reflecting deep, I found out they were true. Read on to know what I deduced.

Is beauty in the eyes of the beholder as they usually say? I think beauty is in the mind of the beholder. Maybe these two phrases might mean the same but my established phrase gives a better illustration that; “YOU ARE WHAT YOU THINK OF YOURSELF”.

Beauty is a pleasant appearance that causes attention and attraction. It beholds an appealing feeling to the eyes; it stirs delightful sensation to the mind and gives a photographic experience of pleasure and satisfaction. Beauty is something everybody wishes to be tagged with. Ugliness is generally revulsion to the eye. I’m referring to beauty in all angle especially physical beauty.

I believe that Nature is perfect in any way it constructs an individual, some people might say nature is “unfair” but for you to look the way you look and have these embodiments makes you genetically unique and different from another person. But seriously, nature is not totally unfair as it displays its fairness and beckons us the opportunity to nurture and become truly perfect as we love to. Mind you I am not in the school of thought that promotes plastic surgery, and preaches that all those are ways one can nurture oneself, as I think that is simply total distortion of nature which is detrimental. Even makeup and beauty enhancement are not to be considered as forms of nurture, as they are all but make-believes, they are temporary and fake; as I believe a woman should be able to feel beautiful even without wearing makeup. So sad, some ladies have low esteem when not on make-up.

Nature irrefutably gives nurture an edge in our quest to look good. So if I could ask you of a favor right now, it would be that you look yourself completely in the mirror, losing some weight can make a tremendous difference to what you are seeing now, also encouraging some habits can change a lot about you, hence life affecting decisions are what matter and not just indulging in buying the most expensive cosmetics in the world to look as perfect as you wish, or using all the drugs in the world. All you need is to nurture yourself and that starts from the mind. Nurturing is giving oneself the best thing YOU! deserve. You deserve rest, happiness, good environment, good sleep, better habits, positivity, self-confidence, emotional stability, good self-esteem, mention them… whatever good thing that comes to mind, YOU DESERVE IT!

You think you are ugly or can never look the way you want?! In response I say; Yes! You are ugly! But this is simply because you “THINK” you are. Forget whatever any one tells you, nothing can change what a man thinks he is, because you know you are. Your real beauty is hidden underneath the layers of your indulgence and carelessness; all you need is change your beauty unfriendly ways and nurture yourself to the best way you want. There is first a conscious need to accept that “Yes! I AM AN IMAGE OF GOD, I AM WONDERFULLY MADE” and a next move is to give yourself the very best it deserves (mind you most of these nurturing agents are not what money can buy; they are mostly your mindsets).

Furthermore, regularly washing of the body and ways to prevent offensive odors and generally to avoid being repulsive are not issues that one must be told. Nature might have played one the “not so good card” but it cannot do these little things for you, as while you can’t change the way nature made you, yet you can nurture yourself to be better. Regular exercising and healthy eating are also parts of nurture, watch what you eat and always go for that that is friendly to your body that gives you better look.

Our carriage, our poise, how we exhibit great finesse and particularly our composure- These are what really matter. Let us as not just women- But Humans learn to Work on all of these, as they exhume beauty and comeliness. Also not forgetting the inward beauty- the beauty of character, instead of the arrogant and pompous look, why not give out a priceless smile that exudes humility and joyfulness. Lastly, bear in mind that righteousness beautifies while sin is a reproach, immorality is the wellspring of ugliness.

You are who you are and that makes you unique, nurture yourself to perfection and accentuate your beauty to make you a stand out.
I hope you enjoy the rest of the week. Xoxo

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  1. Oh yeah. Our uniqueness in itself is already beautiful.
    We are fearfully and wonderfully made. :)