Wednesday, 23 December 2015

#BLUESanta :)

Hiyaaa Gang! Whoop! Whhopp! It’s the freaking last working day of the year for me Baby!! And aYam hexSCited to the Tee! I mean goddamnbullshit we freaking made it Gang! Oshey! Oluwa is Involved. I mean yyyaaaayy! So this is officially my last post before Christmas.. I would have said last post for the year eh! But noboRRy freaking knows tomorrow.. so I might just do 1 more before 2016 from home.. leRRus sha be watching.. Naaa.. Lemme not deceive myself biko.. I most DefOO will.  Wo mi o mo biko!!

So last Saturday.. Insha Allah yeah.. #BLUEAfrica rounded up their events for the year eh! And it was not a joking sturvzz sam sam.. I mean it was amazing to the Tee and gave us all Mushy mushy moments **Opens Drawer and reaches for USB. #ItcanonlybeGOD

The thing about Christmas is that it reminds us all of our humanity and shear nothingness.. I mean amidst all the Turn uP and partying and Drinking and pursuing woman.. and getting Laid :) et al.. Christmas is a time to sit and let it all settle in… You know the year in retrospect.. 2015 Goals.. Gratitude to GOD for life and grace undeserved.. and then the fact that many in our world need love to go on.

For our closure event, #BLUEAfrica worked with the uber amazing Outreach Children and Women’s Clinic Festac Town, and the plan was to surprise the kids (admitted and receiving injection) with an Impromptu BLUESanta.. and it positively broke my heart in pieces. I mean there were kids whose smiles I will never forget.. and then those whose stories broke my heart.. But all in all Gang.. We Thank GOD, as certain moments hit me like a Thunderbolt.

The below set of picSHurs are for your kind "LOOKING" :).. See Y'all under Gang.

Ain't no Santa got swag like ours :)

Enroute :)


Santa oh Santa!

I looovvveee this child's smile..

Told ya :)

Santa the Super Star :)

You gotta love Kids 

With love from North pole with a Selfie..

Bet waaiitt! leRRus take a Selfie..
When we were done with the ghen ghen Outreach Clinic.. We went on to HFCC Clinic at 22 Road.. and this was where the emotions ran thick for us.. Although some kids ran away from our OROBO Father Christmas shaa.. lmao

This child actually sat up for Santa :)

Love.. no matter how small.. means a lot.


The REAL MVP'S of #BLUEAfrica... 

Its been an #ItcanonlybeGOD kinda year for us at #BLUEAfrica and YnC.. I mean a lot of ghen ghen people have helped carve the niche of this Blog.. From MariamOre toh sure, to EllaHillz toh Sexy, to Ehiz toh Sharp, to super Ijagz, to the amazing Nike.. and the Fantastic Tataafo.. so to you all I say a sincere thank you. And to all yopu amazing someboRRy's who spend time trying to understand my confusion.. heheheh I say una doh! ooo! May GOD give you grace to understand me more and bless you all accordingly for sacrificing MB and time to come on here… and the people of GOD said Aaaaaammmeeeennnn.

Merry Christmas and a Ghen Ghen 2016 in advance to us all.. Please Gang.. if you see me again on here before 2016.. Oshey! If you don’t! Please never forget that you are my why!

With Joy,


#Udo #ItcanonlybeGOD


  1. This is so inspiring. Weldone to the #Blue team. God bless you all.

    Merry Christmas! :)

    And mehn, that Santa is one of a kind.

    1. heheheheh Thankss Amaka.. Eezz not a joking things oh! hehehe the Santa meant business eh! Thanks for coming By Bubba.. i appreciate :) Merry Christmas to you as well Bubba.. Trust you had a blast eh!

  2. That's a great task y'all put up there. Weldone #teamblueafrica

    1. oshey BaDDest! my Deborah is in the building y'all.. Thanks for coming by nne.. i appreciate.. how are you Nne?!

  3. Awwwwww this is so nice - wishing you a merry Christmas x

    1. Yyyyyaaaayyy! Mrs YT in the building ladies and Gentlemen... :) Whoop! Whoopp!! Thanks for coming by Nne.. Merry Christmas Bubba.

  4. Really thoughtful of y'all God bless!

    1. Thanks Egbon.. :) Happy New Year in Advance nne.