Friday, 4 December 2015

Dance like no one is Watching...

Happy New Month Readers....Wishing y'all the best of December…

Walahi I can smell Christmas, Delicious!! But wait o na harmattan be this for first week of December for Lagos??? Hmmm serious miracle.

Anyways back to the matter... JDB haf finished me, kai! Jokes apart this one happened to me and I take God beg u guys, don't ever pray to be in my shoes.

Now hear the gist, My Boss JDB loves saying "dance like no one is watching" every time every time, he won't even allow me hear word.

Okay o, that was how last week sunday I now decided to take his advice and dance like no one was watching. I started with Raggae Blues, if you see dance eh, I was using my hand, waist and yansh to scatter the song. Then shiga entered, you know it na by vector (I put my hands on my
waist) so I now decided to try out one style a stripper did in the
club two days before.

I placed hands on the chair, bent down low and started whining like fish. As if that wasn't enough I put my finger in my mouth and trailed it down my chest till it got to my lap (you know na). That was the first
time I ever tried such o..

Finally Shakiti bobo now entered and I lost it all because I was dancing like no one was watching only for me to turn around to my find my Dad staring at me eyes wide open like " what on earth did i give birth to and his friends staring at me like

"chief better take your daughter for deliverance".

Chai!!!! It was not a small something. Trust me, you don't want to know what happened next.

A piece of advice my fellow readers, whenever you hear " dance like no one is watching " better check all corners and lock the door wella before you start o!

Thank God its another lovely Friday, flex like never before this weekend... Ladies, how Christmas shopping they go? Lol..

See you guys next week Friday but till then stay safe for me.


  1. hahahahahaha nice one "dance like no one is watching" dats how i entered trouble while i was a teen. Me and my big sis where dancing to lagbaja's "congo below" didn't knw my dad had already entered the house using his spare key. Omo no be small thing that day o. He beat the hell out of me dat i was dancing in a worldly manner. lolzz my back then eh!

  2. hahahahaha......i hope he didn't see the stripper part oh?
    Since you cant do anything to your boss, just give him look of bad eye.

  3. LOL!! Tatafo!! See u next friday!!

    1. I hope it will be d last time u do strip tease dancing for daddy and his friends too..... LOL!

    2. I hope it will be d last time u do strip tease dancing for daddy and his friends too..... LOL!

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