Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Dear GOD

From my Heart
To your throne of Grace.

Dear GOD,


**Cleans Jaw.. **Deep Sigh.. its been 1 HeLLuva year Papa.. 1 year that like a ship lost at sea.. it has had my writing Drift sooo far from you atimes that I kinda feel like whhhaaattt??!! :). Its been quite a while since I did this.. Wrote to you I mean :(. Not so long ago.. Bro. Chinaza taught us in Children's Church that you are OmniPrescent.. meaning you are Everywhere.. So I know for sure that you read Blogs as well :) cause Yep! You bad like that :)… and this sure gives me hope that ya right here as well.. right now.

In 2015 alone padre.. I have learnt and seen koro koro what disappointment feels like.. what failure hurts like that, what fame seems to feel like and what wealth, no matter how minute tastes like.. and all in all.. I am here to say thank you. Thank you for DEXTRON.. Thank you for the moments that I thought I could not go on.. for the moments I thought it was all over and I was done for.. for moments that Tears felt like the only form of reasoning.. for hope that has appeared from no where, for friends that stayed, for #BLUEAfrica and most especially for Daddy and my family. I thank you for keeping me and mine safe and alive thank you for graces undeserved. 

In a very special way padre.. please permit me to say Thank you for the amazing Janyl Benyl and all those who make out time to read out my confused thoughts.. I mean.. this was an outlet to just put my thoughts in the open.. but somehow yeah... you have made a Gang outta eet.. Thanks pops :)

They say a man knows not the value of what he has till he loses it.. and here I sit Padre.. hoping that I never come to that point of “I get am before”. Oh lord.. permit me to kindly iterate that I almost got hit by a vehicle yesterday; 29th December 2015! and thinking about it now just makes me oh! so grateful the more as truly ehhnn #ItcanonlybeGOD.. cause you have my back even when I forget to have your’s. Thank you for being GOD.

As we proceed into 2016 Lord.. I go with hope, faith and trust in none but you.. cause you have taught me that even though men will eventually leave me as my lifestyle.. just like my background theme will not always be pleasing.. you will never leave me. Please papa help me never to forget that I need you on my hard and painful days in the exact same amount that I need you in the seemingly perfectly perfect days.

You know I love you papa.. and even though my lifestyle might not entirely preach it… you know my heart bleeds of love for you. Please let me not lose the light.. and please let your mercy not leave me. 

"Shall we continue to live in sin that grace may abide?! no! GOD forbid"

Thank you for always Dear GOD.. I am ready for 2016.. please use me.. Please let your will be done my source, father and friend.

Till i do this again padre, I will always be yours.

With Joy,


#Udo #BackToTheBeginning #ItcanonlybeGOD