Monday, 14 December 2015

HeartBeats of Confusion: Who Am I?!

PRE-SCRIPT: Readers Discretion is totally advised… and if you get to read this.. just know that Its not chance.. it’s fate

Soooo! Its offiSHial Gang..  I have no Bloooddy Idea what tha Hell is wrong with me! Been up all night.. ah! I feel ill.. Goose bumps are all over my skin from excessive craving to Bang… Tried to Sex chat but didn’t work.. Tried to write a Blog post but wasn’t interested :(.. Thought to Dream.. but wasn’t in the mood.. So I turned to my 10 and stuffed my head full with Pornography a looottt of! **licks lips.. oh! Etisalat NG would be proud.. about how aYaf spent at least 400 MB on streaming Pornography on my Private browser.. Woohhoo! Funny how no one will ever get to know all the things I viewed and all the naked women I saw.. hehhhe Technology has sincerely grown far.

Who tha Fuck am I? Now this is a kweShion aYam bloody angry about! I mean how tha hell can 1 man have so many Dreams and so many Demons all at a time?! How tha fuck am I all of this and a little more less?! It’s like I am flying and aYam drowning at the exact same time. A Millionaire.. Yes! GOD almighty has made me that… but still my mind of mediocrity astounds me.. Who tha fuck am I?!

Its funny yeah.. How I still have a lot of clean slates in my life and on my international Passport and yet I curse so much claiming Americannah that I am sooo not.. hehehe Oh! Yeah! I finally got over my Ex.. I think she moved on! But bllaahh! Who fucking cares?! In 24 years 32 days Gang… I have made too many choices.. and sacrificed too much for this GOLDEN life… Do I regret?! Yes! Do I enjoy the life I now have Hell yeah! This life of Greatness that I chase seems to me like a one man mopol race.. Where the girls ignore you cause You save and Build too much.. Where Instagram adores you and are surprised to the Tee when you Slip by drinking, or clubbing or I dunno anything not “EXPECTED of a Nigga”.. heheheh Oh mehnn! Who Am I?!

Love oh Love! I would give anything to Feel love again.. But its funny.. Its funny how soo many girls swim around me like bees and yet I am still Horny AF and single like madt. Hehehe Spoke to someone last week and she said “ Duru you want to Fuck the girls that want to get married” #Ironic Much.  Anyways.. aYam unlaid! Meehnnn How tha hheeell is that possible?! I guess it’s just me.. I guess it’s just me not liking the ones that come around.. I mean they are all Sexy AF with Boobs and all in my faces.. and trust my Romantic juices to flow.. as I literally have them in my palms.. But Still! Still I dunno why I just don’t want to!

So who am I?! hehhehe  **Cleans Eyes.. If my Blog mother sees this post.. she is definitely gonna get mad at me..

Who am I?! Dear Reader.. Who do you think I am?! An Engineer by Day and Dog on the lose by night.. A dreamer and Founder by day.. and an utterly confused child by night.. Who am I?! I am the soul in the body of a 24 year old crying for freedom but enjoying the rules as well. In the midst of all these confusions  ba.. there is always an hour of truth... and it happens in the wash room.. With me Looking me in the mirror and only being merely curious... hoping that the voice of sanity within me still stands. and silently asking the creator if he is still within me.. Cause if I fear anything.. It is that he leaves me.. Cause I would be DONE FOR!!

So! The message is the post is simple... here goes: I have no bloody idea what it is! and I am sorry.

P.S: Did I tell you that this is almost the end?! Hmmnn! Well not really sha. But closer than it was last July.

Copy Right: If you lift this post without consent.. I will come after you with every legal entity in the world. These are my thoughts.. Stay Clear.

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  1. Duru, I was on the same thought path as you this weekend. Confusion, anger and other emotions swirled in my head and it wasn't funny.
    Why am I telling you this? Shit happens to all of us, we all make mistakes and actions that are annoyingly beyond our comprehension.
    Don't stay down my darling, you are more than your mistakes, bigger than your confusion.
    You are AWESOME, never, ever forget that.

  2. Even though the path seems dark, just look out you will see a ray of light ahead.

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