Friday, 18 December 2015


Few days to Christmas yaaaayyyyy!!!!! Am still looking for Transport fare back home sha, all this fuel wahala me no understand.

Okay so you all can still remember my neighbor Dan right? That one that brought a girl with a torn pant. The guy I said has been trying to woo me since but me no gree? Yea, that one. So his cousin from d village came to spend sometime with him. This girl local gannn no be small, and Dan does not allow her come outside. I have advised him several times to bring her out so I can tush her
small but him no gree.

But her presence pour sand sand inside Dan's garri shaaaa, cos shadow of any babe sef I no dey see again for him house.

Okay so last night the girl came  back home with an injury on her lap and when I asked her what happened, biko see her reply;

"I was gone to buy biscuit because brother Dan is went out and hunger is catch me. So as I say Madam p'R'ease I want biscuit, she come given me d biscuit with my change"

(In my mind I was like "Jesu!!, I don enter, I must listen to the end o. No wonder Dan hid her inside the house. Now I could understand why I no dey see babe for Dan's house again).. She continued..

"So as I was caming home, one brother now say baaaabiiii, baaaabiii. I now running well well because my mummy tell me before I come Ragos that if boy call me, I to run well well because they will give me

So I now running and fall in gutter and d boy now come and tell me he just wanting to tell me my scarf falling on d ground"..(End of story).

 And I was like "Holy Moses!!!" In my mind o, didn't want her to feel bad.

Hahaha Dan is in soup, with all the phonetic him dey use deceive babes... He must be going through hell.

But seriously I didn't knw people still "spoken" that way (ha! I don dey speak rubbish o)...

Well well! To all my readers, its been wonderful writing for u guys, enjoy your Christmas and send my Christmas gift!!

Luv you all!


  1. hahahahhahahah.... lolz@ people still spoken like this. its not a small somthing


    1. Hahahaha..they still spoken o my dear.. Lol

  2. Duru wi not kiii someborry


  3. This post making laugh like a mad woman, dont blame the girl now, that is village education for you.

    Merry Christmas in Advance.

    1. Hahaha.. Am told u, ah sorry o, I meant 'I am telling you'.lol .
      Have a lovely day dear.