Monday, 25 January 2016

You vs You!

Hiya Gang! Whats up?! Whaattttss up?! Okay! I know I am a bit slow on Music yeah! But Sorry by Justin Bieber eezz currently bursting my medula Oblangat of laiiffee!!! Choi! I mean that track is FriGGing awesomeeee to the Tee gang! I particularly love how that Young man has matured from just a Boy doing crap and geRRing into trouble and spitting on people.. into a young man singing Sensible lyrics.. I guess we all finally to get to that point soon! **Wears Cheeky smile.. Don’t worry nah.. Very soon.. Duru sef wihh start to sing.. as apparently eh.. Singing is a sign of Maturity.. **Clears throat! 

Oya Gist me biko Time.. How was your weekend gang?! Lit!! I Hope?! Oya pray do tell oh! Who did what?! Who pursued woman and was successful?! Confession time.. Who got engaged to or Toasted?! Lie not mbok! Just tell me as it eezz! You know I can take it all nah. **Pops Collar and wears evil smile… We badt like that! ehhnn.. aYaf Gist for y'all.. Bet you will be proud **Sits up on Jangolova chair.. So in the line of growing up yeah.. I had to fight a major Temptation of Life this morning.. heheheh you needed to see me eh! I was shaking like a jelly fish all in the name of "Dont Do it" ehenn?! do you think it is easy ni? :p… And considering that I won eh! aYam feeling like a Frigging Angel with Wings right now.. So please call me St. Duru the 1st all through today.. ** Singing You Cant touch this By MC Hammer! "taaa ta-da-da-da.. Ta-da ta-da Cant touch this.. heheh

So Insha Allah yeah.. a couple of days ago.. I looked at my room door and it hit me that aYam gonna be 25 in a couple of months.. 11 months  6 days to be precise! chisosss!!! Omo ehhnn!! Eez not a joking things sam sam oh!! As realizing that nearly gave son of man a Heart attack. I read this somewhere eh! But "I cannot believe that I used to call people that were 24 years old Adults".. aha! What was I thinking?! If you call me an Adult now ehnn! I wihh  give you Konk :( Plus does anyone know where they sell Manuals for how to grow up?!

So.. ehhmm.. I have been feeling a bit one kain in the days past! Fighting one too many battles I guess.. as it feels like when something good comes to play! someone just comes out of nowhere and bam!! He tries to mar it all **Crying in Greek :'(.. But what’s sad is not what the SOMEONE does.. but that the someone is me myself and I! I mean how can I friGGing be my own Driving force and my own Brakes?! How can I be my own Angel and my own Demon?! I just don’t geRRit gang! Aswear down.. I dont.

Growing up through my eyes is a bloody confusion in the sense that stuff happen and I just wonder why?! But I saw Creed (sequel of the Rocky Balboa movie) last Saturday.. and it made me realize that in this life that we are ehnn.. We have series of enemies.. but amongst all the enemies that we have yeah! Only 1 is strong enough to defeat us and keep us down.. and that one is us.

Think about it Gang! How many times have you told yourself that you aren’t good enough for that Job?! How many times have you told yourself you don’t deserve that Lady/guy?! How many times have you talked yourself out of a potential MONEY making idea or say that you are undeserving of wealth.. fame or success?! How many times have you told yourself that greatness and good things aren’t for you all to be left with nothing but regret?! Check it nah?! Please do check.

So in the light of my confusions today.. I implore you and I.. the both of us!!! to make a conscious and ghen ghen decision to ourselves to "Think about what we are thinking about“. to become better than our fears! To not dwell on our emotions as they can ruin us.. to accept the graces and favors GOD almighty brings our way… To not be subject to grief or fear or what the world says! Cause daily.. as I wake.. as I live.. as I thrive.. Life is teaching me that the battle field is in my mind.. and my only contender is myself.

Thank you for the past 7 minutes of your time Gang! You do us a great honor with your time! My prayer for you this week is that the people of the world will not come and goan steal your original Samsung Charger when you goan groove. That thing can pain shaaaa!! **Sheds lone tear. 

Picture source; Google and @Duru John de Beloved on FaceBook

**Whispers.. I copied the below trick (Ig and Twitter) from Janyl Benyl shaa..  she frosh like that **Shines Teeth.. Sooo..; 

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Monday, 18 January 2016

#MyBachelorsDiary: Does age even matter?!

Pre-Script.. heheh I just opened my Facebook and 2 of my peeps from Uni got engaged yesterday.. Oshey Turn uP! Talk about lit!!!! and omolomo eezz hia talking about geh friend.. hehehe Oh! Well! Baby steps I guess. :)  hehe **Drops on kneess and Scabashes... Dear geh Friend Locate me oh :) iKid or idont.. Wo anyone. 

**Clears Throat.. **Singing L-O V- E –Y-O-U I just wanna love you through the night.. You should love me one more time.. hehehe.. Hiya Gang! Whats up?! Whats uP?!! Whats uP?!!! How was the friGGing weekend ma People?! How are we doing today Gang! Heheh **In DBanj’s voice. Oshey! Don’t get it Twisted.. Love is a beautiful thing.. Spins around like a 7 year old boy that just had his first kiss.. (Oya lemme gist you.. after I had my first kiss ehhnn.. I did BackFlips on the Guest Room bed.. as I was hypeddDD to the tee.. Kissing is amazing :* mbok) So.. I am glad to inform you that Duru **Adjust Blue Striped packet shirt.. was in love for 2 and a half days last weekend.. Okay more like 2 and Quarter days sha.. **Covers face.. and it was an amazinnnggg feeling! I mean **Shakes like Jelly.. I woke up with smiles and slept cuddling my Wrapper and pillow! Plus I got to use BBM for the first time in a while!

Before I begin my confusion.. Biko... lemme first of all do waRRis most impoRRant! Guys.. I cannot categorically tell you how grateful I am to you guys for always refreshing and coming on this page.. I am oh! So! grateful to you all for always coming by the YnCA page to come teach me.. I mean this Blog is more or less just an Archive of my growing up years (from 22 till date).. anddd I am uber grateful to Y’all for coming through. Without an Iota of Doubt yeah Dear Reader.. There is no and absolutely NO!!! “DURU” without you amazing… GOD Bless you all Team.

Ehenn! **In Korede Bello Sister's Voice.. Oya bere Verse! Love is to me one of the most beautiful of all emotions.. in that when we are in that particular "love" moment yeah.. Everything seems perfect! You know the stars glow brighter.. the breeze whisper and sing.. the sea form a pattern and the clouds create an image of 2 couples holding hands.. I mean even MTV Base will help by playing Serenading love tunes.. Gang; Love makes everything in the world perfect. But sadly yeah.. Love is something I have not had enough feel off..  and I still don’t freaking no why! I mean Insha Allah yeah.. I will have money when I grow up.. and I like to think that aYam am a fine Boy small iThinkOh!! and even though I am confused 24-7.. I still have a tiny confused confirmation.. that I know where I am going with my life. Then if all of the above is True.. then why not if not?! What do Women want in a Man sev?!

I met a Girl a while ago.. a very beautiful Girl. And last weekend yeah.. We really connected on another level.. Omo eeezz not a joking sturvzz oh! that child was all sorts of amazing. I mean it was like she fell outta my wet and Mushy mushy Dreams at the same time sev… as everything about her was perfect! She had Class.. She was smart AF Note aYam using Past Tense oh! **Cleans  Tear from Left Eye.. she was the kinda lady I would want to wake up beside and kiss Good morning for a while.. as she was Sexy to the Tee.. and Trust me.. we disturbed BBM with our Shenanigans.. **clears Throat then **Wears Evil smile.. aha! And the one that was fun the most is she is Typo sensitive :).. so she was on my maRRa all through the chats #FunMuch..  but then she is a bit older than I am.. andddd.. that my people is where the cookie crumbled. :(

Now while we were in Love eh.. I know!! Awon Haters wihh come and goan say which kain 2 days love eez that.. Welll.. **Wears Mr. Nigeria Smile... Eezziit your Concern ni?! I felt it Biko **Wears Straight face.. ehen as I was loving.. While we were in Love…  I tried so hard not to ask the kweShion that was glaring, and for all the while I didn’t ask yeah Gang.. things were perfect in lala Land.. but in the words of the Confused small  Duru Adolphus Jnr.. “A man that doesn’t Ask will never know”.. Hence I went on to inquire about her age.. and the camel’s back broke.. Mbok to cut long story short.. We deleted ourselves from BBM.

Now the purpose of writing this post is not to describe a love story gone sour.. but to ask a very Simple kweSHion Gang: Waiiitt for ittt!!! So here goes:  Does Age even matter?! I mean left to me yeah... I was to an extent willing to go a distance! You know give her my Bonga Fish Body  to satisfy our sexual cravings.. my Tiny money to help us live the life.. and my GOLIATH sized affecSHion of Laifee to make her feel amazingly loved… All in return for Trust and companionship.. but apparently yeah.. She didn’t want what I wanted. So.. today I ask you please.. Does Age even matter?!

Thank you for the past 7 minutes of your time Gang! My Prayer is that in this year 2016 and beyond yeah.. none of us shall die, but we shall live the fullness of our days to declare the glory of GOD, and we shall have cause to dance like No one is watching all time everytime in Jesus mighty Name.. AMEN!

Do Have an Oshey Turn uP Kinda week..  BLESSINGS!

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Picture source: Google.

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Monday, 11 January 2016

My Fathers Son

..And that was how the guy drove into the Pharmacy parking space.. walked in with a Swagger like no other.. And while Duru was buying pain killer to cure aching Gum.. My guy was buying Durex to go get his groovveee on! hehehe And Duru literally went! Oshey baDDest Nigga Ever liveth! (**Please insert 2 hands in the air smiley here) Heheheheh…  Turn uP Turn uP ladies and Gentlemen.. What gwan gang?! Like Play like Play January e haf almost finish oh! **Deep Sigh..  It is well oH! Becauseee.. If omolomo tells you the kinda Financial Budget I am currently on ehhn! **cleans lone tear.. You will Cry for Africa! But oh! Well.. in Due time I guess. So in the Spirit of No dulling annnddd **In Back to Back Olamide’s Voice.. Oya Shake it! Baby don’t Break it! Eh!! It took your Mama 9 months to make it... basically Don’t Stop!!! :)

So how was your Weekend eh Gang?! Hope you Turned up! Hope you showed love?! Hope you had madt Fun oh!! If you have Drivers license.. Hope you made mad love ooh?! #JealousMuch Mine was on a low oh! Why?! Weeell.. MB E haf finish so No Instagram and Cash to buy yet! :( thhhhheeemnn… Festac Nepa chose to REMIND us that they are still king of Heart Break and disappointment.. theeeennn Arrows season 3 e haf finish;  But Smoak and Queen finally got eett onnn :)! Whopp! Whoop!!! Its been a long time coming. Anyways to the confusion of Today.. lets Dance shall we?!

My Fathers Son!  I never remember being a perfect son.. Ifaye say I was perfect.. I was a definition of while growing up.. you know the stubborn kid always causing kata kata in the house.. the lone who would scatter the house if they beat him.. **Whispers.. I was Evilll..  the kid who would come 28th out of 30 in Primary 3.. the kid who would have Dirty Uniform in JSS2 cause he was too lazy to wash, the one who would have Wet Shorts on Monday in JSS3 cause he washed by 2AM on Sunday and was hexSpeRRing Miracle midnight sun to dry it (One child once asked me on the School bus.. "Nonso.. Did rain fall in your house?! Why is your Knicker wet" :(), I was the kid who would have Soap in his Hair in SS1.. ehenn... and the kid who would be doing Peeping Tom from under the stair case when ladies passed..  and just diNNor pay attention to his studies. BaDDoo! And in Uni.. I was the kid too Afraid to live! But the past 3 years since graduation have been on an #itcanonlybeGOD level.. and have taught me a lot; about life.. about women.. about money.. about love.. and all of this I owe to my Father.

Its funny how we unconsciously become the people we spend most of our time with.. As gradually my smile has become his.. my gesticulations his.. my mind his.. and my fears his. Its funny how the person we always feared while growing became the one I loved the most.. its funny how life is such a switch.

In my life yeah.. Me and Dad haf seen ogbologbo hardship.. and then we have enjoyed ghen ghen enjoyment of Laifee! We have smiled the smiles and teared the tears.. but if there is anything that I have in recent times learnt with him yeah.. it’s the fact that  no matter how big or wealthy or smart I think I can become.. I will always be my fathers son... I will always need him.

Truth is I dunno why aYam writing this post.. hell! I never know why I write anything so why am i even asking sevv?! but if there eez any message I would like this post to pass yeah.. its that; The older we get.. So do the people we love. So my plea is that you let your maturity and wisdom always be in check when relating to Dad and Mum.. that you caution your words so they feel loved and less slighted, that you make out time to sit and have tete a tete’s with them so they reminisce on times past and smile.. That you take selfies with them and spend cash on them (no matter how simple).. That you just make them Happy.. cause ma people.. They made us who we are and who we will become.

So here goes.. To he who made me the man I will become.. to him who doesn’t sleep unless I do.. to him who has my back more times than I have had his.. To he who endured all those bad reports about me growing up and still believed in me to become the man will become.. to he who was there for me when the world left me to self destruct.. to he who said everything will be alright when tears Filled my heart.. To you Barr. Duru.. I say I will make you proud Father.. and I promise with every fiber in my boRRy to Not stop working hard Dad..  cause it took you and Mama 9 months to make me :).

P.S: Yyyaaaaayyy! Esther Koko eezz Back! My baby is back on Blogger! Its about to get Lit again down here Gang.

Thank you for the past 7 minutes of your time gang! In this new week ehnn! I pray that your MB wihh not come and goan finish when that geh is about to Say Yes to you on WhatsApp! In English I mean.. May you not be disappointed at a time when you have your hopes set high. 

Instagram: @youngandconfusedafrica :P Mbok.. LeRRus make IG looff down Dia!!! :)

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Monday, 4 January 2016

Chasing Shadows...

Pre-script: Insha Allah Gang.. I watched Arrows all Holidays.. **covers face. That Felicity Smoak Lady ehhnn.. Bae material 200 Yards :)

**cleans keyboard and tears printed paper of personal et confidential mail that was sheepishly lying on my Desk! Duru you ehhnn.. Kai! smh.. Turn uP Turn uP Great Young minds.. eez the freaking New Yeaarrr baby!! Heheh Happy New Year to you reading this.. I kinda dunno who you are yet though.. but my Church mind inside inside.. at the bottom bottom like Akukulu of Jollof Rice :) eezz kukuma telling me that ya twice as cool as frozen ice! Oshey baDDest! So Hi!! **blows kiss and gives out Knock-Uuu. How are you Gang?! How were the Holidays?! Pray do tell mbok :). Its my first day at work since 23rd.. *Whispers.. Wo! Me I cannot come and goan die on top another someboRRys coy! So I used style and just locked up since 23rd..Most of my Bosses had traveled though.. but some were still around.. Kinda surprised I dinnor get a “Duru we shall deduct from your daily Salary mail” with Accounts in Cc. I mean that eez a hallelujah something. Pheewww…

So.. New year New me ba?! Ifaye! Wo! Me I wihh not come here and deceive myself mbok!! No new me anything oh! I am still in my old ways.. Watching porn.. Trying to change the world.. sex chatting.. Trying to inspire young people to be better than mediocrity.. Trying to get laid.. Trying to make money etc.. I however have a good feeling about this year though.. However.. as my boarding house people say.. okay this is a lie sha… that.. “It is only he who holds the Ashawo key that is king of crime”.. meaning.. be positive about every freaking thing.. cause POSITIVITY solves it all! Oshey!! Aristotle someboRRy.. #ItcanonlybeGOD

So Gang.. 1 quick kweshion Biko.. Do you ever feel like you are chasing shadows Gang?! I mean do you ever feel like you are running after something so dearly that you are unconsciously  running away from the things that really matter?! Like you want to change the world so much.. You want to inspire younger people.. you want to make that first class in Electrical Electronics Engineering.. you want to be the most beautiful lady in class.. you want to be the most appreciated worker with the fattest Salary.. you want to get laid sooo much EVERY FREAKING NIGHT.. You want to be the MVP at College sports.. and then you chase all of these “WANT TO BE’S” soooo much that you seem to forget what truly matters as you run in a different direcSHion?! Does it happen to you?! Do you ever feel this way?!

Well last night yeah.. I had one of my many many moments.. Mcheewww.. DaRRis why I don’t like sleeping in the afternoon.. To sleep in the night wihhh nah be war.. Crying in French. Omolomo wihh nah come and goan be Doing bad bad things :(… you know those moments when I feel like I am drowning in lust.. confusions and Yep!! I had 1 last night, and while at it yeah.. I felt this way.. I felt like all my life.. this 24 years 54 days old lad had been chasing things that I really thought I wanted.. no I NEEDED.. and I have failed to realize that I am more or less running  further away from the life of normalcy.. and not living in Today.. **Rubs lower chin… and thinking about it now **Deep sigh.. it makes me all the more confused and lost… I guess this is reward for being my kind.

Duru.. What are you doing with your life?! **Smiles… this is a kweSHion I DEFO don’t have any answer to. Asin mi le freaking mo kon kon about this kweShion. On teh flip side though. sheybe they say Age brings clarity… Well Maybe.. just maybe… All this will make sense soon. :(

And the crowd goes.. Ghen Ghen! You go fear nah! Duru is on a next level of Confusion… New Year! New Confusions :).. Thank you for the past 7 minutes of your time gang…. You do us a great Honor with it. In this new year ehn.. My plea to you is simple Dear friend.. "Dance like no one is watching.. and maximize every step".

With Joy,


#Udo #ItcanonlybeGOD

Friday, 1 January 2016

Janyl Oh! Janyl...

Pre-Script: Because you mean the World to me.. 

Whhooopp Wwwwhhoohoop.. Good morning great young minds.. Whats up?! whats upp?! whatssssssuppp?!!!! So on behalf of me, myself and my utterly confused plus scatter scatter mind eh... Biko ehn.. Permit me to kindly scream: HAPPY 2016 GANG!!! I am glad to officially welcome you into 2016 :). Omo eh... Eez not a joking sturvz sam sam eh... **screams we madeeeeee it Gang. We freaking made eet gang. May this year be our year of maximization in JESUS mighty name... Amen (Oshey Pastor JdB someboRRy). I have a ghen ghen feeling my life eez gonna come and goan change this year.. You know.. No more chasing skirt et al.. No oh!!! Slaps self... Nonso.. Mbok.. LeRRus see first oh jari.. LeRRu snot goan be doing resolution i fit not to keep... plus eez too early to make resolutions sef... Sun e haf nor wake.

So... In recent times yeah... January 1 has more or less become a double celebration for me.. As I get to celebrate both A ghen ghen fresh slate issued to me by life, and I get to celebrate someone very Oshey Turn uP to my heart as well. To say the least yeah.. This post has more or less become an annual ritual of some sort... And i loooovvvEeett.. cause this is one of the most sincere i can get on here. This post is about a lady that literally held my hand and made sense outta my shear confusion. This post is about a lady I love and adore like kilode... THIS POST IS ABOUT JANYL BENYL.

By all standards Gang.. Janyl made me what i will become, inshort eh.. she is why aYam hia.. at this tiny but gratefully growing level in life.. as she inspired me not just on how to write.. Or on why to write... But on how to live a life that has meaning. Hence when it comes to Janyl or Dr. Duru... I can fit to die on top their maRRa ** wears Davido straight face. **whispers to self.. Nonso... After all this ya famzing... She wihh not still invite you for family dinner oh.. ** tears cloth and cries in latin.

Day by Day Janyl.. You advance in age and in wisdom... And from the bottom of my heart I pray for you.. That as you and yours celebrate this great day of your birth today... may ALL your dreams come to life sharpaLLY. XX Thank you for being in my life Blog mother...  I am uber proud of the woman you are. Thank you for being you.. and I promise you Nne... that If peradventure I forget who I am.. Or where I am going with all of this.. Or even where i am coming from sef... I promise Blog mother... That i will NEVER EVER forget you. AS YOU MADE ME. Do have a great celebration Nne. Happy New Year.

You already know We love you nah.. **Screammmsss... We looovveee you Janyl.

With Joy,


#Udo #ItcanonlybeGOD