Monday, 1 February 2016

What Happened?!

Turn up Turn uP ladies and gentlemen.. Whats up Gang! Whats the friGGing 411 eh! Kilo haPPin?! Whats uppp???! Mehnn Right about now ehhnn.. I am trying to feel too fly to be sad! Cause meehn it’s a frigging new month yo!!! Aint no boRRy gats time for mushy mushy in February mbok! So whats up Team! Happy new month of Destiny! Choi! Nawa oh! Eeezz not a joking things for states eh! Asin Play play- play play January e haf voom! And nah nah Valentine e haf show!  Nawa ohhH!!!  Wo! This Valentine ehnn.. I.. Duru Adolphus Jnr.. **Adjusts Agbada.. me aYaf already made up my church mind.. that on that day ehhnn..  Since aYam still geh friend less ehn.. Amma do something that will drink up all my time that day! Like.. Travel by Road to Abuja.. orrr! Trek from Victoria Island to Festac… orrrr yeah! ‘Light bulb..’ Go to the bar and Drink all the beer my wallet can purchase.. That way I will sleep faster and before you know it Valentine e haf finish! Kapish! Q.E.D

Wo lemme just use this medium to preach my singles Gospel! and tell all of you that it is alright to be alone oh! Sooo don’t let anyboRRy come and rain on your parade on Valentine’s Day sam sam! I know I am Course Rep of #TeamConsoleYaself.. But I am sincere now. So..  Live.. Laugh and Love.. But more importantly yeah.. Learn to LOVE yourself cause till you are in Love with you ba.. Aint noboRRy gonna love you.

So I have been feeling a bit one kain one kain in the passing days! I mean it feels like I am growing up waayyyy too fast, and sincerely yeah.. I have been looking for the growing up manual… cause apparently ba.. this growing up ish is way too HARD! I mean how can I not learn if I don’t experience and how can I experience without making a mistake?! You geRRit nah Ba?! You get my Dilemma ba?!

So..  What happened?

What happened to the moments when nothing much happened?! What happened to the days when all I needed to do was wake up, eat, cry to mother and be cuddled. What happened to the days when I didn’t need to ask for someone to love me.. but it was an affection I received by default?! What happened to the time when love was a Constant and not a variable? What happened to the moments that I was happy to declare “Daddy I have Malaria” not just cause it was an opportunity to go to a Clinic that used Elevators and eat Mr. Biggs before we take injection, but cause I knew they would cuddle me through the night. Oh What Happened?

What happened?! What happened to the times when I didn’t need to wake up by 3: 47 AM  every morning all in search of Survival or should I just put it sincerely and say “Money”.. In pursuit of millions or Kobo's.. in search of the “BIG MAN LIFE”. What happened to the days when once I was broke.. all I needed do was go to a corner of Dad’s room and look at him so teeeyyy boRRy go tell am… and till he asked the Glorious “Are you Okay?! kweshion of laife” that will be followed by go into my pidgin hole and take .... :)

What happened?! What happened to the moments when all I felt was alive.. the moments when  all I felt was maybe not peace (as I have been confused for as long as I can remember) but at least the moments when Happiness was a constant that was given freely by nature and didn’t have to be Pursued?! What happened to Biker Mice?! To Dennis the Menace.. to Freakazoid.. to Mickey Mouse, to Power rangers.. to Thunder Cats!

Where did all the time pass to.. When will these sincere feelings ever return?! What is happening to me?! Cause if this is growing up.. Then sincerely.. I am not ready to grow up.

Thank you for the past 7 minutes of your time Gang.. My  prayer for you is that in this new month of February ehnn.. your MB will not come and goan finish when you never hexSpeRRed eet :( Blessings

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  1. Nna m, you are a grown ass man.... But seriously I miss the days when I will wake up, I will be spoon fed, bathed and prepared for sch and my white handkerchief would be tucked inside my ironed shorts with my legendary kito sandals..... Duru I know say dem do u like that abi.... #ajeboboyzmovement.

    1. hehehehehehhe Nor be small Ajebo Boys Movement oh! heheheh Ah!! no oh!! Your own beRRa oh! Them no do me like that sam sam oh! hhehe okay lemme not lie sha.. they tried.. but your own plenRRy oh! ShuO!!! you even get Hankie sef! heheheheh me ehnn.. na Tissue paper i dey pack full my Bag that year!!!

      And my oh My Brother.. You have just thrown me back to the good old days of Kito!!! Choi! **Screams... King Ice.. We grew up during the perfect Decade eh! (0's Babies Rock... hehehe Thanks for sharing Boss.. Kai! you na Correct guy my Brother... as you be first to Comment Back to Back to Back to Back :)! Chukwu Gozie gi ma Nigggaa!.. Ice Yooooo!!!!! my Guyest Guy for states.. Oshey Boss.

    2. Duru, Kito sev no dey market again, very sweet light weight sandal that was trending back in the be children of nowadays wey d wear shoe go school.

  2. you are old, admit it. *tongue out*

    1. See them.. see them! Haters of the Federal Republic of Nigeria! hehehe shey you wihh not leave my Age for me ni EllaHiillz?! Biko Izzit your age?! As i now choose to be forever young nko.. heheheh **looks Away!

      Thanks Ella.. my Darling.. For the love and Support! You know I love you for Days now my Happiness.. From IMSU till tomorrow :) xx

  3. Sweetheart I wish I could say that it gets better, that a time would come when it gets easier but I will not decieve you or myself. There actually is no time in life that's perfect, when you were a child you definitely didn't have the freedom you have now to go where you want, when you want and how you want. It's all about taking the awesome with the slightly terrible and move on with a smile on ya face.
    PS you were really cute back then... What happened? ;-)

    1. @"It's all about taking the awesome with the slightly terrible and move on with a smile on ya face"

      Yoooo!!! My Otunne has blessed me with her Doze of Wisdom this morning! Yyoooo!! Ada! Ada!! Ada!!! of Destiny! :) True that Bubba.. I guess i just have to stop sulkiing and accept that it doesnt get beRRa.. **Tears Purple Shirt and Cries in French hehehe.. Oh Ada! You are just an Embodiment of Wisdom to teh Tee.. Choi! See as you just dropped that perfect line of Destiny with so much ease!! Your Brain is worth Zillions Mbok.

      Thanks for always my Happiness.. My Otunne for Decades... My Pharmacists of Destiny.. My one and Only Ada Ada!! heheheh Love yu from Mars to Jupiter to Earth and Back.. Yep! eezz Deep like that eh! :)

  4. Now grasses all over somebody face, what happened to the smooth, shiny face? Hmm, reflective.
    It is a matter of knowing and accepting ones current status and making the best out of it. Because you know, when you become older (the process is continous) you'll certainly miss your youthful day, so one definitely have to . . .RAU. . .
    *Recognise NOW.
    *Accept NATURE.
    *Utilise all NITTY-GRITTY.
    A nice read YnCA Captain.
    Happy new month.

    1. heheheheh Chukwuma for the FriGGing win Yo!! Choi! This my Guy be Bursting my head with his Comments wek by week.. Mmmmaaaa Nigggaa!! hehehhehe True that Boss.. I mean its the Sad reality yeah.. that Today, I am older than Yesterday... and Tomorrow ba.. amma be older than today! ah! Baba! nawa oh! Shey remote Control to pause life no dey?! Aba Boys never do am ni?! hehehehehehehehehe

      Wow Boss.. RAU on Point ma Niggaa..! Thanks for that Sir.. amma definitely keep it to heart! **Rubs Grasses on Chin.. hehehhehehehe King of the Alphasoar Clan! I hail you Boss.. We hail you for yopur ever flowing Wisdom Jagaban! Thanks for always Sir.

  5. I feel u son, I times I wish I could be a kid again and don't pay for things or worry about anyting.sad we all grown up

    1. Yo Mama miA! The Feeling is Mutual eh Buiti! but i guess this is it eh! **Sheds lone Tear... We have come to the point of no return! :( as we either "get old or get old".. However Bubba.. I think the secret is in staying young at heart regardless how old our OutwaRD appearance becomes :D..

      Thanks for coming by Beautiful Buiti.. Your comments are always as beautiful as you are Baby mi.. Blessings!

      Thank you for alwayssss.. You Rock Mega!!!

  6. Life happened Duru. Just pray for the wisdom to make every second count and have fun.


    1. Awwwggh! My Happiness.. You are AMAZING!! You know yeah Tee-Kay... aYam this close to asking you to be my Geh Friend right about now.. **Covers Face in Shyness.. And NO!! iKid not :) hehehe

      @"Just pray for the wisdom to make every second count and have fun"

      You know ehhnn. You are right Yinka.. as sincerely yeah.. thats all we can actually do.. We caNNot stop Time.. We caNNot control time..We can Only make the best ouTTa it!

      Thanks for always leaving me with a smile.. You are an Amazing Human Being! Trust me My Happiness.. I Know :) xx

  7. Life happens, day in and day out and our circumstances change with time. The void, the emptiness and lack of emotions on given days reveal a lot more about our true selves than we know. Constantly evolving not only leapfrogs our growth, but it opens up doors of happiness.

    So live life with a purpose, and let your purpose be an influence to others. Its a new month and I wish you success with all your dreams and goals.

    Best wishes!

    1. @"Constantly evolving not only leapfrogs our growth, but it opens up doors of happiness."

      True that sir.. This morning yeah.. the Heavens hinted me that yes!! We might be unable to accept change Oga Boss.. But Growth is something that we must not and i mean NEVER fight! Thanks for shining POLICE Torch Light on this notable point Boss... Thank you for always King BlogoraTTi.

      Inother news.. I think i deserve a Prize oh.. **Adjusts Danshiki.. Cause this Young man has come Top 10 in your comments Section back to Back to Back.. hehehheeh

      Blessings Sir.

  8. Hehehe i sure had a gud laugh... My childhood days were lots of fun but mehn if i remember the beatings gon abeg i dnt wanna go back jhoor...but in all the enjoymnt and pampering was not from this world... Especially my grandpa who spoiled us silly...

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  9. Good morning dear D :)
    Yep I agree is sooo cool to have fun with yourself!!!!
    Drink a beer for me too ;)
    Hope the new moth (February) to bring you fun/laugh/action/beautiful surprises!

    Καλά να περνάς και να προσέχεις τον εαυτό σου!
    (Have fun and keep safe)

  10. Lool courserep of team console yourself. Dead! Before nko?! If you no console yourself who go console you???...
    You're absolutely right, I feel like when we were young all we could think about was how much we wanted to be older. Now that we are older, all we want is to go back to the days when we were young. Life has its funny ways.

    Lady G