Monday, 21 March 2016

The other side of Time.

Good Morning Great young minds.. Whats good YnC Gang of Destiny?! You Alright?! How are we?! How was the friGGing weekend?! Isn't it funny how fast the weekends go now a days.. I mean when we were younger ehnn.. the weekend would last and last and last.. I remember that I used to sleep like 3 Times on Saturdays back in Surulere.. that time ehnn.. You wioll sleep and sleep and sleep and still have time to goan stroll barefoot :).. But nowAdays.. Viamm!!! Sunday e haf reach.. You attempt to do laundry and.. bam! Sunday e haf go :( they literally move at the speed of light  now. :( Oh well.. Life don’t wait for no one I guess.

So Insha Allah yeah.. Life has been mega fun for me.. Okay! More like peppermint kinda sweet.. cause  its involved me learning a loottt. You know I am learning daily how to become a better man.. Taking Baby steps into becoming the man GOD created me to be.. and learning to focus on what counts and ignore what don’t.. learning to decipher whats true from whats a lie.. learning to know GOD and understand me! Shey be that’s what growing up eez all about nah.. abi nor be so?!

Last week made it a month since **inTimi Dakolo’s Voice yeah.. I packed my bags.. and I was leaving Home..  Like Darey.. I went in search of a better life. more money.. more like “the GOLDEN Fleece” like my Fathers Generation would call it.. and since then ehn.. suffice me to say that I have seen and learnt a whole lota things. Never ever have I felt so like a man before like I have in the passing weeks..  having to think for my self and be myself. To put it sincerely yeah Gang.. eez not a joking things oh! I have had to be my own Banker.. cook my own food.. Which I totally hate (Thank GOD I have food oh).. But of all the things I admire about this New found life is my Freedom of thoughts..

Yesterday was 20th of march Beginning of spring.. yyaaayy :).. and looking back at the events surrounding 20th of March 2015 (exactly 1 year ago yeah) I could only say “Baba na You oh” because as at this time last year ehhnn.. Hmmnn!! my life was going through a spiral of mistakes, disgrace, pain and reject.. yes there was a little cash so I wont say I lacked.. but then there was so much disappointment, so much I had hoped for that was yet to come, so much promises that were yet to be fulfilled as I saw it then. I remember some days leading to the 20th March last year.. I remember getting really Drunk at Enugu and DAD who I love with my whole heart telling me that GOD had plans for me which I just couldn’t see yet then. And you know what Gang.. like Always.. Dad is right.

You see Gang.. I am but 24 and full of questions and confusions, and for as long as I can remember ehnnn.. I have always wanted something or someone… So I know what it is to crave.. to hope for, to have hopes shattered, to want something Now! Now! Like a 7 year old child.. How it feels to look up to the heavens and ask why me?! To not be willing to wait.. To be unable to understand… To want to be RICH and GREAT and Popular and successful sharp sharp like Indomie instant Noodles.. To want that relationship of our dreams, to be hungry for the want of being pregnant with hope.. and giving Birth with Joy and laughter.. to want want and want.. But from last year till now, the Heavens have taught me that at the other side of time, things are greener and things are better.. once we are willing let go and TOTALLY let GOD. At the end yeah.. Maybe we might not get exactly that which we wanted yeah.. but we will DEFINITELY get that which we NEED.. I assure you of that.

So think it through Gang.. is what we want worth wasting our Lives and Times and Energy over, well knowing that in due time we will have all that we need?! Cause I know I am Young and very Confused eh, as well as open to understanding.. but if I will rather wait for the other side of time to enjoy grandly the reward of my better choices of today, than salvage Today just for the pleasures of now and regret my choices in time to come.. Then wait I shall with all pleasure.

If there is any prayer I have learnt to adore with all my heart yeah Gang.. it is the one lord JESUS whom owns me taught theine that goes 

“Let thy will be done Lord” cause trusting GOD has taught me without an iota of doubt.. that at the end of everything yeah.. everything will be alright.. So if everything is not alright now.. at this very moment.. then we are not at the end  GOD Gats You!"

Thank you for the past 7 minutes of your Time Gang.. My prayer for you is that in this new week ehnnn… you will not come and goan do mistake and baff yaself with Cold water when ya inside cold weather. Blessings!

P.S: Guys Whoop whoop!! The great Tolu Falode has visited our Blog twice.. I mean TWICEEEEE!!! and aYam so hexcSCited. If you think I am making a fuss about nada! Then mbok check who she is here :) and be blowwwnn away.. She smart like that eh. Yyaaaayyy Dad.. we are geRRing there :) xx

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Monday, 14 March 2016

Dear Daddy,

Dear Daddy,

How are you sir?! Oh Dad.. I miss you so.. Your Advice, your yelling at me and all.. I cant wait to come home and be with you Dad. I am tempted to start this letter with the words “Forgive me Father for I have sinned” but then I know that you will not be mad at me for trying to grow up.. I know that you will not be mad at me for trying to experience life.. I know you will not be mad at me for trying to overcome my fears, hence I choose not to begin with that.

As I type this post, I just returned from Carter Night Club Coventry, and in my system at this very moment I have  1 Bottle of Carlsberg, 1 Glass of Jack Daniels and Coke, 1 Glass of Vodka and Red Bull and 1 Pint of Beer.. so Dad, I am almost Drunk.. But I chose to write this post to you still.. cause from the Abundance of the Heart the mouth speaketh.. so whatever I say at this Near Drunk moment will definitely be true. I love you Dad.

Yesterday I clocked 4 Sundays in this New Country father, and things are strange here.. People walk so fast you would think that a mami water is chasing them, people stop to kiss on the main road.. Nepa NEVER takes Light, and the weather is freaking cold sotey.. it feels like aYam in a FREEZER :( sotey some nights yeah.. its like I am going to come and goan Turn to Ice Block.. I guess Dad.. this is the cost for the life of Wealth and success..a nd I will not let you down.. I Promise..

How are things back home?! I am very sorry about the Fuel scarcity Dad.. Seems you were right all along.. we are actually in DEEP trouble in Nigeria. I hear there is a Fuel Scarcity so bad people bring their Generator Tanks to buy.. Nne tells me there is no power too, and I shake my head in dismay. I have been in this country and I am awed at how things work.. at how the cars wait for us to cross the road when we simply walk on the Zebra Crossing line.. If na Nigeria.. I piRRy the person.. as when Trailer Jam am finish on Top Zebra Crossing ehnnn.. him hand go dey one side.. him ear go dey another side :(... at how NEPA never takes light.. at How there is no noise of generatior ore ridiculious Horn Honkiing or Neighbours fighting. To be sincere Dad.. all my 1 month here, 1 Car has not Honked a Horn. :( True!

I miss home Dad.. Its not easy to describe, but I really do miss home.. heheh You needed to see me tooday father.. I was pale.. sad and near Depression. I really do miss home, and I miss Dr Duru’s very important line

“Junior, Food is ready, I didn’t cover it oh”

As you know Dad, I can Hustle for Africa, but I cannot cook sam sam.. and all this NANSense I am cooking is starting to Taya your son.

Apart from missing home, I feel alone Dad.. I feel somewhat like alone in a crowded hall.. like there is so much Noise but yet still so much silence.. and in return I have resolved that it is due to my not having a geh friend.. and hence I am working on myself to bring you a fine wife for Blessing ASAP Onyibo or Not.. iKid

Money has been a very interesting case here.. 1 Pound 1 Pound 1 Pound..a nd Vam! All your money e haf come and goan finish..  I remember all the money you gave me.. all the hardship we went through to get the forex at crazy rates.. and how you painfully bought Pounds for Naira 520 per Pound. I am sorry Dad.. for squandering money a little.. But I promise to make you proud sir, I promise..

All through the clubbing session tonight.. I was thinking of you.. Wondering if you would be proud of what I was doing.. Thinking if you would approve…  and planning how I can rush home and strike a Balance with my course work..

I miss you Dad, and I write this letter so you will know that I am sticking good to my promise of making you proud even though I know you wont read it :(.

I have to end my Letter here Dad, I am getting really drowsy plus I have lectures by 9AM in the morning. Thank you Dad for believing me and giving your Boy a fresh lease at life.. I promise Father.. just as I look on your pictiure and that of the entire Family daily.. I promise to make you proud.

Signed: Junior.

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Monday, 7 March 2016

If I was Rich!

This picture broke me mehhnn.. Shout out to all the MOTHERS out there. xx

Turn Up! Turn Up!! Ladies and Gentlemen.. Whats good Gang?! Whats poppiiinng ma people?! Omo eh! Eezzz not a Joking things oh! **Removes “moon Shades”- Happy Mothers day eh! Hmnn! Na wa oh!!! I was just using corner of my eyes to be skemping all of una on Instagram yesterday.. Issorait! See as y’all were just gushing and gushing about your Mums.. It felt nice though.. it had an Awwggh feel to it. :)  But wait oh! Holl uP!! Holl uP First!!!! just Holl up!! How come everyone’s Mum is AUTOMATICALLY  the best?! Oya pray do tell oh! I mean no boRRy wihh talk nah.. about how their Mama’s gave them ABARA at their backs and sent her home when she saw a Boy Toasting her under Mango tree oh, or how their mum told them to shut up and goan wash plate when "BIG BOY" wanted to go out :) or went all gangster on them when they erred! Make una talk true oh! Heheheh Cause if everybodies Mum is perfect huh.. then hmmnn.. It is well oh! **FULL Pun intended. Oh Well.. It’s a great thing to be able to show Mothers so much love and totally adore them on their special day.. So yeah… Happy Mothers Day to all our Mum’s and to all the ghen ghen Mums that read our BLOG low-key and just shake their head at me saying this BOY IS CONFUSED! Kai!! In response I say Happy Mothers day to you too.. I llooovve youuuuu!

So last week Saturday yeah.. The Hunger hit me bad bad!!! So I just vexed and enter vexing mode and bam!! Went to the food Market and did Egusi soup… So for the length of this post i shall teach you how i did it.. **Shouts.. Call me Chef Duru with a ghen ghen British Accent Today will ya?! Cause.. Omolomo shall be showcasing his BaddAss cooking ability down below **Pops Collar.. Yep! I am “marry Him now” Material like that oh! So toast me or beRRa stil sev.. propose to me in the comment secSHIon and do so sharpaLLy mbok.. **In Franks voice.. Your time starts noW! Hey have you heard about the “John Carpenter” guy who won 1 Million USD  at “Who wants to be a Millionaire”.. Choi!! Nonso see your life?! See your life?! Some people have sense in this life shaaa... I mean when the Almighty Father and creator of the Universe was sharing extra brain.. I must have been lusting after 1 woman under a tree eh! Cause choi!!! I need more.

Oya lemme act like my life is arranged.

Oh! If I was Rich… I would fall in love, travel the world, find a good girl, see the world in her eyes, and make my world revolve around her. Why do I need to be Rich to love you might ask?! Cause I like to believe that "love is hugely dependent on Comfort", and I want who ever I end up with to have all that she needs; to be able to sneeze and I get her Fresh Red Roses from Paris at Spring, to have a function and I would take her shopping in Dubai and get her freshly mined Diamonds from DRC, to have a flu and I would take her to the USA for check up, and to need to Charge her phone and I would bring her to the UK. If I was Rich.. I would be in love with a woman I make sure will never suffer. Oh If I was RICH!

If I was RICH… I would buy Dad the world.. take him to places of interest that are only shown on the CNN Documentaries as fun and ghen ghen- you know the exotic places he reads about on Sunday Allure! Yeah.. Those! Insha Allah yeah.. We would travel the seven wonders of the world together, and I would buy him an entire street in the UK. If I was Rich.. I would make sure my family would never ever be in need of anything.. Never lacking, never Hurting and get what they want  at just an imagination and me knowing.. If I was Rich we would live in the best places in the world.. New York, Abuja, Abu-Dhabi, Paris, Berlin, Manchester.. We would own homes in cities to many to count all in my Fathers name… and be 1 family with love forever flowing. Oh If I was Rich!
heheheh I didnt know the Garri was floating.. and I tried to turn it! Kai! What a mess i made :(

If I was Rich.. there would be no hunger around me, GOD willing, through #BLUEAfrica the pain I would fight to stop, the scourge of illnesses we would fight to cure, the homelessness we would aim to solve! I mean I would buy Coffee and Burger and put at the feet of that man sleeping in the cold by Poundland, I would go to an entire internally Displaced persons home and show them love that would make them cry for joy, I would take that child living in abject poverty and show him- just like my Father has.. that there is Hope at the end of Despair.. I would teach him.. that LIFE CAN INDEED BE BETTER. Oh! If I was Rich.

But I am not Rich.. (I like to attach “Not YET” to that sentence just for posterity sake **Winks.. Cause I Know OLUWA gats me..).. but when I do get Rich, I hope I don’t forget how it feels to want and help another wanting, how much it means to me to fall in Love now and hence find a Girl worthy enough then, and how much my Family means to me and make them Happy beyond their dreams… Oh How I cannot wait to be RICH.


Thank you for the past 7 minutes of your time Gang.. You do us a great ghen ghen Honor with it eh.. My prayer for you this week is that Somone wihh not come and goan splash mud water on your white after y’aff Baff up and finish :) xx

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