Monday, 14 March 2016

Dear Daddy,

Dear Daddy,

How are you sir?! Oh Dad.. I miss you so.. Your Advice, your yelling at me and all.. I cant wait to come home and be with you Dad. I am tempted to start this letter with the words “Forgive me Father for I have sinned” but then I know that you will not be mad at me for trying to grow up.. I know that you will not be mad at me for trying to experience life.. I know you will not be mad at me for trying to overcome my fears, hence I choose not to begin with that.

As I type this post, I just returned from Carter Night Club Coventry, and in my system at this very moment I have  1 Bottle of Carlsberg, 1 Glass of Jack Daniels and Coke, 1 Glass of Vodka and Red Bull and 1 Pint of Beer.. so Dad, I am almost Drunk.. But I chose to write this post to you still.. cause from the Abundance of the Heart the mouth speaketh.. so whatever I say at this Near Drunk moment will definitely be true. I love you Dad.

Yesterday I clocked 4 Sundays in this New Country father, and things are strange here.. People walk so fast you would think that a mami water is chasing them, people stop to kiss on the main road.. Nepa NEVER takes Light, and the weather is freaking cold sotey.. it feels like aYam in a FREEZER :( sotey some nights yeah.. its like I am going to come and goan Turn to Ice Block.. I guess Dad.. this is the cost for the life of Wealth and success..a nd I will not let you down.. I Promise..

How are things back home?! I am very sorry about the Fuel scarcity Dad.. Seems you were right all along.. we are actually in DEEP trouble in Nigeria. I hear there is a Fuel Scarcity so bad people bring their Generator Tanks to buy.. Nne tells me there is no power too, and I shake my head in dismay. I have been in this country and I am awed at how things work.. at how the cars wait for us to cross the road when we simply walk on the Zebra Crossing line.. If na Nigeria.. I piRRy the person.. as when Trailer Jam am finish on Top Zebra Crossing ehnnn.. him hand go dey one side.. him ear go dey another side :(... at how NEPA never takes light.. at How there is no noise of generatior ore ridiculious Horn Honkiing or Neighbours fighting. To be sincere Dad.. all my 1 month here, 1 Car has not Honked a Horn. :( True!

I miss home Dad.. Its not easy to describe, but I really do miss home.. heheh You needed to see me tooday father.. I was pale.. sad and near Depression. I really do miss home, and I miss Dr Duru’s very important line

“Junior, Food is ready, I didn’t cover it oh”

As you know Dad, I can Hustle for Africa, but I cannot cook sam sam.. and all this NANSense I am cooking is starting to Taya your son.

Apart from missing home, I feel alone Dad.. I feel somewhat like alone in a crowded hall.. like there is so much Noise but yet still so much silence.. and in return I have resolved that it is due to my not having a geh friend.. and hence I am working on myself to bring you a fine wife for Blessing ASAP Onyibo or Not.. iKid

Money has been a very interesting case here.. 1 Pound 1 Pound 1 Pound..a nd Vam! All your money e haf come and goan finish..  I remember all the money you gave me.. all the hardship we went through to get the forex at crazy rates.. and how you painfully bought Pounds for Naira 520 per Pound. I am sorry Dad.. for squandering money a little.. But I promise to make you proud sir, I promise..

All through the clubbing session tonight.. I was thinking of you.. Wondering if you would be proud of what I was doing.. Thinking if you would approve…  and planning how I can rush home and strike a Balance with my course work..

I miss you Dad, and I write this letter so you will know that I am sticking good to my promise of making you proud even though I know you wont read it :(.

I have to end my Letter here Dad, I am getting really drowsy plus I have lectures by 9AM in the morning. Thank you Dad for believing me and giving your Boy a fresh lease at life.. I promise Father.. just as I look on your pictiure and that of the entire Family daily.. I promise to make you proud.

Signed: Junior.

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  1. Awwwww I feel you kid bro.It can get really LONELY!!!! I remember my days in the UK too hmmmm nor b beans oo. People walk really fast and that's soles because of the cold. Don't worry you will feed your eyes during the summer. Don't get carried away with all them parties oo cos them sabi party!!! What you are experiencing right now is all culture shock.... you will be alright just make new friends and enjoy.

    1. Yyyyaaayyy! Thank you so very plenRRy Sharon of Destiny! To be sincere yeah Nne ehhnn.. aNefer hexspeRRed any single boRRy to read this post talkless of Comment sef **Covers face.. It was just my heart speaking.. Thank you so much for being such an Awesome someboRRy.. you Rock in 5 Different Flavours Mbok.. Inshort After You na You oh!!! Mwaaahh!!

      I hear you oh! I promise to stay as focused as focused gets Nne.. Thank you for always... and I still owe you that call eh... **Winks.. aYam waiting for the picture perfect Time :) Blessings! expeRReeett :)

  2. And OH!!! that Okra soup of life!!! hmmmmm make you nor come and go and purge oo

    1. heheheheheheh I survived Dont worry.. On the long run yeah.. It wasnt as Bad as it looked :)

  3. Dear Daddyy...... hmmmnnnnnn...... Ya papa send you go school na club u dey report daily?

    Woman wrapper - who's d babe beside you?

    1. hhehehehehheheehheh You shaaa.. You dont have chill sam sam.. Shey you diNNor read Sharon's Message above ni?! **Wears Straight face.. Eezz called Culture Shock biko :) heheheheh How are you Calabar Gal of Destiny?!

  4. Awwww. This really touched me.i hope your dad knows how much you love and admire him
    How the weather? Has the cold let up a little?
    Cheer up, summer is on the way.
    Abeg parry small small oh.

    And if you like go and be like my brother and have Oyibo fiancée. Na book we send am go read oh. I know no how he no see any Nigerian, or African in the whole of that UK. Lol.
    But it's all good.She is actually a nice girl.

    In fact knowing you I won't be surprised if you do so.

  5. Hey Duru! Love this post-and with regards to feeling lonely-its a phase you need to go through because those that are elevated are separated! It means you're facing the right direction because you are walking your own path-remember that-and it becomes easier with time! I enjoyed this post-God Bless!

  6. Awww darlin i know your pops would be proud of ya...just keep your head straight and on the right track

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  7. Aw. You are making him proud every day.
    This is touching. I'm sorry to hear about the troubles in Nigeria though. Hope your fam is holding up well.

  8. Ahhhh Duru you are the bombest. This is super touching. It was engaging and I loved it. For some weird reason, I was waiting for the part you'd say 'Daddy I have impregnated an oyinbo girl here o. Hope you will still be proud of me'..Hehehe. I miss you bubba and I'm sure your dad is very proud of you. Nna abeg send me your papa number so I can forward the link to him. Expecting.