Monday, 21 March 2016

The other side of Time.

Good Morning Great young minds.. Whats good YnC Gang of Destiny?! You Alright?! How are we?! How was the friGGing weekend?! Isn't it funny how fast the weekends go now a days.. I mean when we were younger ehnn.. the weekend would last and last and last.. I remember that I used to sleep like 3 Times on Saturdays back in Surulere.. that time ehnn.. You wioll sleep and sleep and sleep and still have time to goan stroll barefoot :).. But nowAdays.. Viamm!!! Sunday e haf reach.. You attempt to do laundry and.. bam! Sunday e haf go :( they literally move at the speed of light  now. :( Oh well.. Life don’t wait for no one I guess.

So Insha Allah yeah.. Life has been mega fun for me.. Okay! More like peppermint kinda sweet.. cause  its involved me learning a loottt. You know I am learning daily how to become a better man.. Taking Baby steps into becoming the man GOD created me to be.. and learning to focus on what counts and ignore what don’t.. learning to decipher whats true from whats a lie.. learning to know GOD and understand me! Shey be that’s what growing up eez all about nah.. abi nor be so?!

Last week made it a month since **inTimi Dakolo’s Voice yeah.. I packed my bags.. and I was leaving Home..  Like Darey.. I went in search of a better life. more money.. more like “the GOLDEN Fleece” like my Fathers Generation would call it.. and since then ehn.. suffice me to say that I have seen and learnt a whole lota things. Never ever have I felt so like a man before like I have in the passing weeks..  having to think for my self and be myself. To put it sincerely yeah Gang.. eez not a joking things oh! I have had to be my own Banker.. cook my own food.. Which I totally hate (Thank GOD I have food oh).. But of all the things I admire about this New found life is my Freedom of thoughts..

Yesterday was 20th of march Beginning of spring.. yyaaayy :).. and looking back at the events surrounding 20th of March 2015 (exactly 1 year ago yeah) I could only say “Baba na You oh” because as at this time last year ehhnn.. Hmmnn!! my life was going through a spiral of mistakes, disgrace, pain and reject.. yes there was a little cash so I wont say I lacked.. but then there was so much disappointment, so much I had hoped for that was yet to come, so much promises that were yet to be fulfilled as I saw it then. I remember some days leading to the 20th March last year.. I remember getting really Drunk at Enugu and DAD who I love with my whole heart telling me that GOD had plans for me which I just couldn’t see yet then. And you know what Gang.. like Always.. Dad is right.

You see Gang.. I am but 24 and full of questions and confusions, and for as long as I can remember ehnnn.. I have always wanted something or someone… So I know what it is to crave.. to hope for, to have hopes shattered, to want something Now! Now! Like a 7 year old child.. How it feels to look up to the heavens and ask why me?! To not be willing to wait.. To be unable to understand… To want to be RICH and GREAT and Popular and successful sharp sharp like Indomie instant Noodles.. To want that relationship of our dreams, to be hungry for the want of being pregnant with hope.. and giving Birth with Joy and laughter.. to want want and want.. But from last year till now, the Heavens have taught me that at the other side of time, things are greener and things are better.. once we are willing let go and TOTALLY let GOD. At the end yeah.. Maybe we might not get exactly that which we wanted yeah.. but we will DEFINITELY get that which we NEED.. I assure you of that.

So think it through Gang.. is what we want worth wasting our Lives and Times and Energy over, well knowing that in due time we will have all that we need?! Cause I know I am Young and very Confused eh, as well as open to understanding.. but if I will rather wait for the other side of time to enjoy grandly the reward of my better choices of today, than salvage Today just for the pleasures of now and regret my choices in time to come.. Then wait I shall with all pleasure.

If there is any prayer I have learnt to adore with all my heart yeah Gang.. it is the one lord JESUS whom owns me taught theine that goes 

“Let thy will be done Lord” cause trusting GOD has taught me without an iota of doubt.. that at the end of everything yeah.. everything will be alright.. So if everything is not alright now.. at this very moment.. then we are not at the end  GOD Gats You!"

Thank you for the past 7 minutes of your Time Gang.. My prayer for you is that in this new week ehnnn… you will not come and goan do mistake and baff yaself with Cold water when ya inside cold weather. Blessings!

P.S: Guys Whoop whoop!! The great Tolu Falode has visited our Blog twice.. I mean TWICEEEEE!!! and aYam so hexcSCited. If you think I am making a fuss about nada! Then mbok check who she is here :) and be blowwwnn away.. She smart like that eh. Yyaaaayyy Dad.. we are geRRing there :) xx

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  1. Good stuff man, and it only goes to show that keeping a positive attitude no matter what pays off in the end. And the past, will propel you into today's dreams and tomorrow's possibilities. I'm happy that you are growing and striving to become better day by day.

    Best wishes to you and warm greetings -it is spring after all.
    Peace always!

    1. Oshey!! BaDDest King BlogoraTTi ever liveth... **Throws both hands in the air outta respect :) Thank you Brother... i mean i am faaaarrr away from being the ghen ghen man i know GOD Almighty wants me to be yeah... but we dey try sir. **clasps both hands together in prayer.

      Trust me sir.. you can say that again.. last last ehnn... POSITIVITY pays no matter no matter... Thank you for coming by Bruv.. you do us a ghen ghen Honour...

      Blessings Boss... and Happy Holidays.

  2. This is gold! Your Dad is BAE jare, he rocks.
    I will read this again and again!

    1. Awwwggghhh...Thank you Otunne... he sure is 3 men in 1 man... he is my everything :)

      Thank you for the love and support always Ada of Destiny... Blessings.

  3. When we look up to God, we will always get that which we need.
    Please, turn all those obstacles to stepping stones and make your dad proud. He is indeed an epitome of what a father should be.

    1. Yyyyaaaayyy... Janyl Came through Ladies and Gentlemen... Omo ayam all smiles right about now eh! Yeah.... I have no other option Nne... Dad has put in too much in me for me to not make him happy and super proud.. I just pray tO GOD Almighty for the grace to do so.

      Thank you for always Janyl.


  4. If there is something I truly admire about you is your energy. You are full of life and always fun to be with. Never a dull moment with you.. You also have this spark of positivity in going through your veins...I want you to hold on to that... Don't let the devil take away your joy..
    Please kindly visit my blog-

  5. Your background photo is doped. :)
    This is another wonderful read. God is so good that it needs to be known. We can't just keep it to ourselves, can't we? He's too amazing not to share.