Friday, 22 April 2016

My Moby :)

Whoop! Whhoop! I am so excited about this great initiative.. Omo no jokes oh! aYam Turning Ghost on Blogger **Cleans lone tear.. EEz Obodo Onyibo that cause it :).. But FIa not my people **Shines Teeth! lemme Romanticize you with Hope and aFFecShion! and say that aYam still hia!!! I am just justing just  hehehe.. 

So my Friend and Geh friend for days opened a Beauty Parlour.. and aYam hexScited.. You see ehn YnC Gang.. Eezz not a joking something's' to go from Blogging to beautifying.. So MobyKOKO is definitely a lady of many hats.. And so bam!! Feast ya eyes on her Store of Life.. Dear Future geh Friend... Fia not! Our Wedding make up go be free.. :) Considering that is Moby.. me sef wihh Rub Dustin Powder that day.. as long as she Touches my face :)

P.S: Eheeenn I went to London to see a geh! Did i gist you?! Hmmnn.. I used my Fathers money to goan come and see geh and she gave me Ella.. Inshort.. I give up.. I kissed Dating Good Bye **Cleans lone tear :(


As dawn gave way for daylight, the rays pierced through the window curtain and landed on my face, bringing an end to what was a mixture of a rather pleasant but somewhat uncomfortable sleep (Nepa was asleep all night too...LOL).We all know there’s never a Saturday that doesn’t come with at least 5 owanbe’s for a regular person.

Hmmmn ..Do you all know the price of every makeup product in the market has increased? (No thanks to this dollar wahala) I did not know oo (as I ain't a make-up artist). As in, I opened my make-up purse and it was crying for help. Now that ordinary foundation is competing with Nepa bill, how would I buy? My purse had nothing but a smelly lip-gloss that hadn’t been touched since my friend dashed me last year Christmas and I had less than two hours to get ready for a wedding and also for a movie premiere at Oriental Hotel that evening. I had to look my best (age is no longer on our side and oluwa needs to provide a boo ASAP).

So, I called my makeup artist friend to ask if I could come for a free makeover but she had hustled off....Shuu!. I then Decided to drive round Ikeja to see if I could get a good bargain for makeup items or a miracle ....As I veered off Awolowo road in Ikeja on to Fadeyi street, just after one Holy Trinity Hospital, I saw a huge sign board with a very pretty lady pristinely made up. Immediately, I was sold!, I had to look like that lady.

On the banner, there it was, in bold... Moby Impressionz make-up studio.. I parked in the compound, made my way upstairs and as I walked in, behold a haven for make-up artistry. I did not only get my make up immaculately done, I registered for their regular make-up classes so I don’t have to get stuck again.........

....That’s the story......

The Fact...
Moby Impressionz make-up studio is now open and running at No. 1 Fadeyi Street (beside holy trinity Hospital), off Awolowo road, Ikeja. Everything make-up is available just for you and to your taste.

Our services include;
·         Bridal / bridal party Make-up
·         Instant make –over
·         Regular / daily look
·         Gele
·         Traditional make-up
·         Movie / cinema make-up

We also have regular classes / training in make-up artistry, helping interested persons become professional make-up artists.

For enquiries:
Call +234-8087646638, +234-7011209592
IG @mz_moby

Congratulations Moby-Koko.. My BAe is baDDest :)

#Udo #ItcanonlybeGOD


  1. Oh wow!! Congratulations Moby - God bless your hustle real good!!

  2. Wow...drama queen turned beauty pro! Everything is extraordinary. Congrats girl! And Duru, this place smells really nice...I have missed alottt (sobbing)

  3. These beautiful girls are your friends?! Lucky you lol :)
    Such a glam cake!

    Hugs from Athens :)