Monday, 4 April 2016

#MyBachelorsDiary: Samson or Delilah?!

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**Adjust Sit.. Turn up! Turn uP! Ladies and Gentlemen.. **Singing in Bebe Bexa’s and G Easy’s voice... WoooHooo Its just me myself and I, Solo Riding till I die.. Cause I.. Got me for life.. :) How are you Gang?! How was the weekend?! What’s the frigging 411 Team?! What gwan Fam?!! Its spring Break Babayyy!! So as you see me so ehnn.. The plan for this Monday toh ghen ghen ju Friday lo is; Sleep.. Sleep and more Sleep.. I mean this is the life Baby :p.. Hope you guys had madt weekend fun oh! **Rubs Chin! I am thinking of Getting married once I am done with this degree.. I mean **Rubs Lower lip.. It is about time nah.. plus.. whats more to wait for.. A ti ri gbo gbo kini to wa ni aye yi! **That’s Yoruba #Decipher :)

So.. I am sorry for being AWOL in a while.. 2 reasons.. 1. I went Holidaying in Royston.. 2. I am getting less Confused (Which is good news for me and Bad news for my Blog :( ) and 3. (yeah yeah.. I know I said 2.. But is it your concern ni?! iKid )… I had to defend my Dissertation… Don’t ask me how come.. Just know that Insha Allah yeah.. My Defense was the friGGing Bomb! I mean it was an #ItcanonlybeGOD moment seeing Onyibo people of different races clap for small me.. I had that “Daddy..Daddy.. We made ittttt” feeling. **Cleans lip.

So.. Samson and Delilah! Not the perfect Love Story.. not the best Sex Story either… but one of the most detailed Love Sex Stories ever. You know.. it is a bit of our Typical “Boy Meets girl.. Boy Likes Girl.. Boy Toasts Girl.. Girl Blushes.. Girl Agrees.. Boy MUMU’S for girl.. Boy Sleeps with Girl… Boy MUMU’s for girl again.. Boy Loses super Power".. Case closed. Samson and Delilah! A tale of Lust.. Mushy MushyNess and deception.

As I wrote the above paragraph.. I am tempted to ask how Samson can Mumu 2 times for the same woman and not see Whats up! and then it hits me like trailer that Time and Time again I have done even worse.. So if I saw Samson’s case as strange.. Then I would have to see me.. myself and I as same. 

All my life In Nigeria.. I have chased after women.. More like all my life after Uni i.e 20-24+… and now.. Here! In a strange man’s country with no rules as to Love and Mushy Mushyness (Apart from the Don’t do Under 18 rule) I am tempted to seem like a shark in the midst of Titus Fishes.. but thinking deeper on the subject of Samson and Delilah keeps me with many many thoughts in my head. Who was right and who was wrong?! Who was the reason Samson lost his strength and fell from his Height of Excellence and respect?! Who was Victim and who was Victor?! Who was Super Hero and Who was Villain?!

Growing up to the tale of Samson and Delilah.. I was always mad at Delilah! "Aha! See as the babe just came and went and destroyed my guys destiny" I always thought to myself hehehe, but considering that I am in a case of many many Delilah’s now.. it has me realizing that it wasn’t Delilah who was really wrong.. It was Samson.. “Boy TOASTS Girl” remember?

In our world.. Many atimes; the female folk are usually at the receiving et abusive end of a tale of Lust gone Bad.. many atimes.. the guy is given the “He is just a guy Pass” when there are Sexual Escapades gone wrong. When Pregnancies occur.. the Woman has to bear the blunt and all.. But I have in this strange land of Sojourn and in the past weeks learnt otherwise. I have learnt that although it takes 2 to dance kokoma.. it takes 1 to initiate the dance :).. So as I sit here.. wondering what I am going to do with the next Pages of my Bachelor's diary.. I am forced to take note of the fact that… If I fall from the height from which i have so Gracefully and #ItcanonlybeGOD’ly climbed in all the years.. then it would not be the fault of the Fallee or Delilah.. but that of I the faller AKA the Samson.

Hheheheh I know this post must be absolutely confusing for someone new on here.. But just remember the name of the Blog and in **Toin’s Voice.. Wa wa alright.

Thank you for the past 7 minutes of your time Gang.. You do us a great Honor with it! My prayer for you in this new week is that You will shine Bright like a Diamond.. and that people will look at you and go..  OBO baDDest! Blessings!

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  1. I love this piece bro..... And u better go an bring back our confusion.... And wedding I am so in support of that, what's the colour if the tuxedo... Blue is cool oooo.... And u haven't started using that stuff I made you.

    1. heheheheheheh You already know that it has gotta come and goan be BLUE now! I mean they dont call us #TeamBLUE for calling sake nah **Winks! hehehe thanks Bruv! aYam amazed at how you can connect to my confusions.. but you na MAN! Chukwu gozie gi nwanna..

      Mehn King Ice.. No matter how i try to fake it yeah.. I cannot deny that i feel the confusions fading.. I guess the time to be a MAN is fast approaching **Cleans Lone tear :( And yep! Dont worry nah Nna.. **In Phyno's voice.. Calm down nunu.. aYam saving that thing for a ghen ghen time.. **Shines teeth!

      Thank you for always King Ice.. E bu Dachiii!!! I am Much obliged Brother.

  2. Waiting for the R.S.V.P card for the soars, hehe!
    And to the post, Yes i concur, and so we won't at the fall say, it's the devil's fault. Stay safe sir, wishing you success!

    1. hehehehehehe nor be small "Its the devil's fault" oh! Abi oh Ma Guy! We gast to wise up by ourself for ourself :)

      No worry Baba! Insha Allah yeah.. the wedding will occur once the babe shows.. **Winks.. Thank you Brother.. Mbok when are you coming back on blogger nah?! Its been too Long sir.. Too long. We miss you Sir :(

  3. Awwww boy you are an absolute joy..... Good luck with your boy meet girl journey ... please always ask the girls how old they really are before them go cry rape for your head oo.

    1. hehehehehehehehhehehehehe i caNNot stop laughing at your comment shaaa.. Lmao! you ehn Sharon! Nor be small "Cry Rape" oh! I should probably start screening their I'D's first like they do at the Club! **Winks..

      Thank you for always Nne.. it was an Absolute delight speaking to you on the phone.. It definitely has been a minute :(

      Thank you for your kind advice Nne.. I definitely will keep it close to heart.. **Wears Mr. Nigeria smile.. :)

  4. Manning up and taking responsibility for your fall as a man is the complete Un-Nigerian way and I LOVE IT! Yes I will use Nigeria because I have a huge problem with that country... In a society like Nigeria anytime something fails, even relationship wise it is the woman's fault. This is why our men grow up with that entitled feeling of "it can never be my fault, I am God's gift to women, it is the woman's fault". You eat your wife, "it is her fault", you cheat on her "it is her fault", you don't have money to take care of your families needs, "it is her fault", ya'll are having a hard time conceiving, "it is her fault", and so on.They do not realize that you can never be a useful person if you do not know how to blame yourself, and take responsible actions. I know the post is not exactly about this, but I am just extremely happy that a young Nigerian man has beat the norm and is not a product of his immediate society. Take responsibility and be the great man you are!

    Lady G

    1. No Lady Gee of Destiny.. Your comment is hacSHualy in line.. I mean i love your comment! To speak the truth yeah.. It is one of the most ghen ghen comments we have had on the Blog of Aye all year.. **covers face and **Blushes .. Thanks for sharing.

      This line hit me like a Thunder Bolt though.. It gave me that Hmmnn Moment :).. You know nah.. The line where you came and went and said;

      "that you can never be a useful person if you do not know how to blame yourself, and take responsible actions"

      and that my Darling is what I think is wrong with me, Nigeria and more like Humanity as a whole! Our Failure to accept our flaws and mistakes.

      This post was kinda inspired cause I had made a big mistake.. one i knew that i needed to take full responsibility for and not blame another. Thank you sooo much for sharing your thoughts on this.. You have the mind of a goddess shaaa.. I be Tripping for ye for yearsss.. **Winks. :)

      Saw your Tags on Instagram eh! **Rubs Palms.. CaNNot wait to go make unprotected love to your Blog :) You go gurl.. Thank you for always Nne.. Chukwu gozie gi Lady G.. xx

  5. I see some kain ghe ghen growth oozing everywhere. Congrats on your defense dear. Stay safe.

  6. Young, enlightened and soon to be married. You're the man.
    And congrats on the things you've accomplished while you were away.

  7. Lol @I have learnt that although it takes 2 to dance kokoma.. it takes 1 to initiate the dance.

    Big lesson ooo but I believe you still swallowed alot. My olofofo nose is risen, I really want to do the gbeborun, where the Delilahs come from sef and why do you think they are about to fall your Samson afterall Delilah did it too for a reason.