Wednesday, 22 June 2016

'In PURSEsuit of HappYness'

I often forget.. the power of the mind and the value of confusions. I often forget.. the strength in wanting to know.. to understand.. to learn.. grow and discern.. I often forget.

It is interesting how my life is turning out. Of late yeah.. it seems I am somewhat in search of myself. I look in the mirror and I don't see the me I am.. Instead I see the I am becoming. I am searching for myself.. not externally.. but internally.. Where am I?! Who am I?! Who will be?! Where will I be? Hmmnnn. Nawa oh! even me sef I don't understand myself anymore.

All my life Dear Reader.. I have wanted to come to this country.. to see how the Onyibo man lives.. learns.. thrives and does the "Onyibo Magic" that is called Technology.. and my have I seen. For I have seen cars charge up electrically, heard tales of self driving cars, seen NEPA not take light for 6 months straight.. and transmitted electricity without wires.. To say the least yeah.. now that I am here.. I am some what immersed in what i want to become.. that I am forgetting how it feels to be young again.

Gradually but surely.. FB and Instagram are becoming Bores.. I have no more need for LinkdeIn.. at least not for now.. and whatsapp.. **deep sigh.. Whatsapp has become an avenue to propagate my shenanigans. lol... Duru Duru!!

A couple of weeks ago.. I had to go to Birmingham for a job.. and when I signed out at close to midnight.. I found myself running to catch the 900. It was a cold night.. but yet still sweat dripped from my entire body like i was in the shower. There I was.. in pursuit of happiness! there I was.. a 24 year old chasing the things only a 30 year old would chase. There i was.. not in pursuit of comfort nor my today.. but in pursuit of my tomorrow.. in PURSEsuit of HappYness.. #Life.

These are more or less the final moments of this Blog.. I say this not cause I have little time to carry on.. Trust me.. There is ALWAYS enough time for something or someone you Love #tata.. but because the purpose seems to have been almost achieved.. You guys have helped me grow from a Boy to a man.. I sincerely Thank you.

P.S: I joined Tinder, Baddoo, Singles Around Me, NearBy Live, Sex Only (deleted this one.. it wasn't free), and Choice of love... and yeah.. I followed Make up or Break up and joroolumofin on Instagram :)

P.P.S: I tried to type in the URL of my Blog.. and realized for the first 7 seconds .. that I had forgotten it!**deep sigh... 

Current Location: Lanchester Library Cov. 
Current most listened to song: Lost Boy by Ruth B.
Current obseesion; tata.

#Udo #ItcanonlybeGOD


  1. There i was.. not in pursuit of comfort nor my today.. but in pursuit of my tomorrow.. in PURSEsuit of HappYness.. #Life.

    I feel you bro. Put first things first as there will always be time for other things.

  2. Awww, my baby all "growed" up

  3. All grown up. This is sooo awesome. I'm glad I'm here to read the final moments.