Wednesday, 8 June 2016

#MyBachelorsDiary: This thing called love.


Love they say is a beautiful thing.. Hard to understand or express… difficult to find, attain, nor explain.. tough to retain et maintain. Love is one of the most hard to assimilate feelings in the world.. But yet they say.. "Love is worth waiting for or searching for"... and in response JdB ask's; How can you wait for something you are uncertain if you will ever feel? I mean its different waiting for the grades of a Licensing exam to pull through.. or for the millions of Naira owed to you to eventually be paid… but Love is uncertain.. Love is not substantial..  Hence I have similarised waiting for love like waiting for rain to fall on a summer hot Lagos day.


Since coming to this country yeah.. I have taken it upon myself to maximize my and use it to the best of my abilities.. visiting as many English cities and towns as life can carry me.. and low key keeping track of all my escapades, shenanigans, moves and actions.. hence a couple of days ago.. when the opportunity came to go to London.. I dived at it.. and it was then that I like to think "Love found me".

Heheheh I know you would think I mean I met a girl.. Naahh! Far from that.. Instead I mean that I learnt what love means again.. Prior to that moment.. it had been tooooo long. I finally understood what love meant to someone else. While I waited for my Coach to pull up at the London Victoria.. I met a young Onyibo man who struck a conversation out of the BLUES and ended up telling me about how he had gone to Chesterfield for no other reason than to find love. I mean He had met a girl on Keek 2 years ago and they had gotten talking.. found out they liked the best and same of things.. and he had (when the time was right) braved the storm and gone to see her there regardless the crazy distance. P.S: He took a 6 Hours coach to find love.

In my head I was like *Yimu! You never Jamm! By the time Woman do you strong thing ehn.. BoRRy go tell you.. but then I saw it!! I saw the fire in his eyes as he spoke about her.. I saw how his face went from fair to shiny as he described their interactions all weekend.. I saw how he smiled as he described how they both liked snakes, dogs and all.. and just as I interjected him to say How money was more of MY priority.. his phone Rang! It was her! He smirked.. Hinted me and was away for the next 12 minutes ish saying utterly sweet Nonsense to his love.

From my Interaction of last weekend.. I have learnt that love is the most important feeling in the world.. and when it gets you.. it gets you! I have learnt that for us guys.. Love is when a girl glows to us on every picture or date.. love is when thinking of a girl makes us smile sheepishly for reasons we don’t quite know.. love is when we make decisions like going on very long trips just to see her glow and smile and so we can say to her how happy she makes us feel.. love is letting go of our fears and insecurities and taking a leap of faith.. love is sacrificing money and time just to look into her eyes and mutter "I Love You"

And behold... just before I was set to depart the station.. he went off the phone and I told him how Money was my priority and not woman.. and he said “Bruv.. I wish you good love and good Money”.. I smiled and sharpaLLy reversed the statement.. wishing my self “Good MONEY and then Good love” But as I departed.. it hit me.. that that’s what we all miss out.. the final piece of the puzzle… LOVE.. and this Gang.. is greater than the Quid in all her glory.


#UDO #ItcanonlybeGOD

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