Monday, 18 July 2016

The End...

Hiya Fam.. 

As we mark the 4th Year anniversary of the Young and Confused Blog today yeah.. I kindly draw a close to the activities on here. Its been 4 great years of Happ'Y'ness together.. Thank you! Thank you for letting me into your hearts and into your lives... you do me an undeserved honor.

As we kindly drop the pen on here yeah.. we have done a very brief Thank you Play play video. Thank you!!! for the past 4 years of your life Gang.. You guys ROCK!!! You made me the man I will become.. I will not forget.

Till we see again Fam! Mamba out! Thank you Janyl.. Thank you everyone.

#Udo #ItcanonlybeGOD

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Lets go back to the Beginning.


What has gone wrong with the world?! Suffice to say that this is a question I have absolutely no answer to :(. I look at the world today and to say I am amazed at how technology has advanced is to put it mildly.. but also yeah.. to say I am dismayed as to how morality and decorum has plunged and has nearly disappeared is to say the very sincere truth. What is wrong with the world fam?! What is going on? Where did we lose it? Our Humanity.. Our Rationality.. our decency.. Whats wring with the world? I asked this question to a colleague at my student job days ago and she replied.. You and I.. We are what is wrong with the world. **Deep sigh.. Lets go back to the beginning.

Permit me to talk about this issue of Gays, Lesbianism, Bisexuality, Transgenderism and its lots. Dear Reader.. Lets call a spade a spade and not a digging instrument shall we? Lets say it for what it is; THIS IS WRONG!! Be you Christian or Muslim or open minded as some of us like to see ourselves.. doesn’t this feel wrong.. for a man to have sexual interactions with a man and same as women.. for a man to change his gender and have sex with other unknowing humans.. Its wrong! And its sad.. its sad because this is spreading like a virus all over the world.


See.. let me tell you something.. to have an inclination towards the same sex is a phase that many a few teenagers go through while growing up. Its more or less the confused phase of growing up.. but that doesn’t make you gay or the sorts. It is however your willingness to adopt the gay life and indulge in same that makes you one. Lets deal with the root cause in our lives.. and in our hearts please. Please make the choice.. its yours to make.. you can change! Ignore the media and their lies for a bit.. and make your OWN conscious choice. You know how it all began.. You alone knows you can end it and how. You weren't born so.. Lets go back to the beginning.

Now lets talk about Terrorism.. There was a time in our lives as humans.. when acts of terror terrified us. But now yeah.. in 2016.. acts of terror have sadly become a way of life. I mean Nigeria, Iraq, Turkey, Brussels.. How long.. Why?! What has gone wrong with the world? When did killing a human become a good thing? How can you be promised 7 virgins in the after life? Do you not think 1 virgin on earth isn't hard enough? (Pun intended) **Deep sigh.. Wake up and smell the coffee.. please.. These are humans with flesh and blood.. just like you.. Please.. no more Blood.. please. And also yeah.. We need to stop killing Babies.. I need to stop.. we need to stop.. Please. Lets go Back to the beginning.


Racism, Tribalism and Stereotyping.. this one just hits me bad… why! Why!! Why!!! Why will a human look down or fragment and oust his fellow human? What makes you better?! We are all human.. flesh and Blood.. It doesn’t matter what the color of your skin is, or my religion.. we are all one. Lets live as one. White, Black, Brown or Red, be I Muslim, Christian or open minded.. we are humans.

See.. permit me to tell you something real quick.. There are bad people in this world.. there will always be bad people. But because a Bad Christian or Muslim does 1 thing.. does that make us all bad? No! and no Again i iterate! That simply means 1 (ONE) bad person out of billions practicing that religion or of that race did something. So be you Igbo, Hausa, or Yoruba.. Caucasian, Asian, Arabic, English, African, Welsh, American, Polish, Canadian or European.. Love unites us all.. Lets wake up.. lets smell the coffee.. Lets go back to the beginning.


Thank you for the past 4 years of your life dear fam.. for dedicating Mondays by Mondays to this blog and for being here.. you guys rock. 1 more post and this blog officially shuts down.. Thank you.. for making me the man I will become. I will not forget. Thank you Ms J.B. Blessings!

#Udo #ItcanonlybeGOD

Sunday, 10 July 2016



Hiya Fam.. How you guys been? I must confess that its been a minute eh :(.. trust lines are falling for you in favorable places dear Friends? So as I draw to a close the life of this Blog.. I sought to write about very special topics I have always had in mind.. and without an iota of doubt yeah… this is one of them.

So lets Dance shall we?

GOD! I don’t think we can ever understand the supremacy that is GOD. I mean the awesomeness.. the immense greatness.. the power that was, is and will be.. but yet still- the same power that was generated from nothing.. and by nothing.. Absolutely NOTHING! I don’t think man can ever be able to phantom or grasp this greatness appropriately.

As a young child.. I remember always wondering stuff about the universe.. I would question stuff non stop in my head.. I guess I have been confused for quite a while..  as i would question the Universe and its vastness and glory. You know all those “Who made GOD?” kinda questions ba? Well.. suffice to say that I had a lot of them in my head growing up.. and as I have grown and I am gradually attaining adulthood.. if I told you I know or have gotten the answers to all of those questions yeah.. I am lying.


Permit me to ask a question here; Have you ever had moments that you question the existence of GOD? Moments that you wonder if there is really GOD and if its all true.. all of this? Well I have. A couple of months ago yeah... I remember facing one of such moments.. and I immediately reached out to the awesome Tolu Falode who I dare to say is the greatest 20 something year old Teacher of the Gospel I know.. and my she did help me with very insightful lines.. but still I found out that those were not enough. I needed to find the answers myself regardless how much and how well Tolu guided me.. and hence I got a Hard copy Bible Forget about Technology and phones, Ipads and Tablets for a bit.. there is power in a hard copy printed Bible… and reading it from then till now has taught me so much about the supreme being that is GOD.


If you know me very well.. asin deeply.. you will know I am a very very filthy sinner. You will know that behind my smiles and  hashtags and enthusiasm and potential.. there is a monster.. roaring and craving to be set free.. and I know this too. But of a truth.. this unworthy being has seen so much favor and grace from GOD... that I am lost in words and that It baffles me... This is the main reason for the #ItcanonlybeGOD hashtag.

Truth is.. we can never truly understand the ways of GOD unless we seek him.. I am not born again.. but in my unworthiness.. I try to speak to him still.. I remind me of the fact that I love him.. and hence strive to know him directly.

So if you are like me. With so much questions.. hence constantly seeking clarification.. I urge you to seek him personally and directly.. both in the Bible and in your hearts and spirits.. Cause GOD does not need us to love him or understand him.. but we NEED GOD to love us… we NEED to understand GOD in our own personal way.

Filthy like me.. or cleaner than me.. GOD loves us all…  Yep! “While we were yet sinners.. Christ died for us”- Romans 5 vs 8

The awesomeness that is GOD! Cheers.

#Udo #ItcanonlybeGOD